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until that time school officers must rely upon the code of 1863, circulars issued last summer, and this one, for the law to guide them in the perforinance of their responsible duties.

JNO. G. MCMYNN, Superintendent of Public Instruction:


AN ACT To amend certain sections of Chapter 155 of the General Laws of

1863, entitled "An Act to codify the laws of this State relating to

Common Schools." The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Senate and As

sembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. Section 1 of chapter 155 of the General Laws of 1863 is hereby amended, so as to read as follows :

“ Section 1. The board of supervisors in each town in this state shall have power

to form and alter school districts in the manner hereinafter set forth: provided, that no school district shall embrace more than one township of land, and no part of any district shall be more than five miles from the center of said district."

SECTION 2. Section 42 of chapter 156 as aforesaid is hereby amended so as to read as follows :

" Section 42. The clerk sliall contract with and hire duly qualified teachers for and in the name of the district, which contract shall be in writing, and shall have the consent of the director, or treasurer, or both, indorsed thereon, and shall specify the wages per week, month or year, as agreed upon by the parties; and said contract so compieted shall be filed in the oilice of the district clerk, with the certificate of the teacher so employed attached thereto, and a copy of such contract shall be furnished by the clerk to the teacher : provided, that a majority of the board may by an order filed with tlie clerk, or a memorandum in the district record book, said order or memorandum being subscribed by them, fix the time when the several terms of the school, or any of said terms, shall open ; and if the clerk shall fail to hire a suitable teacher before the term so fixed, then the district board shall hire and contract with a qualified teacher, and a majority of the board shall constitúto a quorun for the transaction of business.”

SECTION 3. Section 43 of chapter 165 aforesaid, is hereby amended, so as to read as follows:

“Section 43. It shall be the duty of the clerk, between the first and tenth days of September, in each year, to make and transmit to the town, city or village clerk a written report, dated on the first day of September of the year in which it shall be transmitted, signed by the said district clerk and verified by his affidavit, showing:

First. The number of children, male and female designated separately, over the age of four and under the age of twenty years, residing in the district on the last day of August previous to the making of such report, and the name of the parents or other person with whom such children did respectively reside on the 31st of August preceding

such report.

Second. The whole number of children, male and female, each designated separately, taught in the district school daring the year for which such report is made, by teachers duly qualified, and the sum of the days' attendance of all such children upon the school.

Third. The number attending school (male and female being designated separately) during the year, under the age of four, and the number over the age of twenty years, and the sum of the days' attend: ance of all such children upok the school.

Fourth. The whole time in days any common school has been taught in the district, including holidays, and the whole number of days, including holidays, such school has been taught by teachers qualified according to law, during the year ending on the thirty-first day of August preceding the making of such report.

" Fifth. The names of all teachers employed during the year covered by the report, the number of days taught by each, including holidays, and the monthly wages paid to each.

- Sixth. The amount of money received from the town treasurer, the amount received from district taxes, and the amount received from 'all sources during the year ending on the thirty-first day of August preceding the date of the report, and the manner in which the same has been expended. " Seventh. The kind of books used in the schools.

Eighth. Such other facts and statistics in relation to the schools,

public or private, in such district as the Superintendent of Public Ipa struction may from time to time require."

SECTŤON 4. Section 44 of chapter 155 as aforesaid is hereby amended, so as to read as follows:

“ Section 44. The clerk of each joint school-district shall report to the town clerk of each town a part of which is embraced in such district, the number of childrer residing in such part, in the manner set forth in the preceding section, and the number of days a school has been taught in the district by a qualified teacher, and the remainder of the items specified in the preceding sectior shall be embraced in the report made to the clerk of the town in which the school-house is situated:!'

SECTION 5. Section 45 of chapter 155 as aforesaid, is hereby amended, so as to read as follows:

“ Section 45. The clerk of each school districo ghialt furnish, at the expense of the district, a schoof register, in the form prescribed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction; in which every teacher employed by the district board shall be required to enter the names, ages and studies of all scholars attending school, and daily their attendance and absence, and such other facts as the county superintendent or state superintendent may require, which register the teacher shall deliver to the clerk at the time he shall cease to be employed by such district, or ait any other time when the same may be required for the use of the district board; and the teacher shall make in writing and transmit to the district board, or the county superintendent, a report concerning any matter relating to his school, in such furm and manner as said board or superintendent may prescribe."

SECTION 6. Section 48 of chapter 155 of the gencral laws aforesaid is hereby amended, so as to read as follows:

“ Section 48. The said board shall have the care and keeping of the school-house and other property belonging to the district, except so far as the same shall be especially confided to the care of the clerk, including all books purchased by the district for the use of any children, and the said district board shall have power to purchase a record book, in which the proceedings of the meetings of the district and of the district board shall be recorded, and a book for keeping in proper form the treasurer's accounts, together with such blanks and stationary as are necessary for doing the business of the district in an orderly and business like manner, and the clerk of such district may include the amount of such purchase, including the cost of the school register, in any tax to be collected in such district."

SECTION 7. Section 53 of chąpter 155 aforesaid is hereby amended, so as to read as follows :

“Section-53. The board in school district shall have power, under the advice of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, to determine what school and text-books shall be used in the several branches taught in the schools of such district. They shall make out a list of books to be used in each branch of study pursued in such school, and shall file a copy of such. list with the district clerk, and put up one copy in the school-house of such district; and when said list of books is adopted, it shall not be changed for the term of three

years." SECTION 7. Section 59 of chapter 155 aforesaid is hereby amended, 80 as to read as follows:

“ Section 59. No money shall be apportioned to any district or part of a district, unless it shall appear by the report thereof, verified by the affidavit of the clerk of said district or part of a district, that a school has been taught therein, by a duly qualified teacher for at least five months during the year ending at the date of such report, and that all school moneys received during that year from the income of the sekool fund, have been applied to the payment of the wages of a legally qualified teacher.”

SECTION 9. Section 86 of the chapter aforesaid is hereby amended, so as to read as follows:

“Section 87. The laws regulating the election of and canvassing the votes for other county officers, shall apply to the election of county superintendents. A county superintendent may at any time vacate his office, by filing his resignation with the clerk of the board of supervisors of his county. His removal from the county, or his acceptance of the office of county supervisor, shall vacate his office.”

“Section 10. Section 89 of the chapter aforesaid is hereby amended, 80 as to read as follows:

“Section 89. The clerk of the board of supervisors, as soon as he has official or other notice of the existence of a vacancy in the office of gounty superintendent, shall give notice thereof to the superintendent of public instruction, who shall appoint a county superintendent to fil such vacancy, and the person so appointed shall hold his office until the . first day of January succeeding the general election next occuring after such appointment is made."

Section 11. Section 91 of said chapter is hereby amended, so as to read as follows:

“Section 10. Any person or persons petitioning for the removal from office of any county superintendent of schools, shall cause a certified copy of such petition, together with a full statement of all charges preferred against him, to be served upon such superintendent at least thirty days prior to the hearing before the judge of the circuit court. No county superintendent shall act as an agent for any author, publisher or bookseller, or receive any fee or reward for acting as such. agent, and a violation of this provision by any county superintendent, shall subject him to removal from office.”

SECTION 12. Section 92 of the chapter aforesaid is hereby amended, so as to read as follows:

“Section 92. Every county superintendent shall have power, and it shall be his duty :

"First, To examine and license teachers, and to annul certificates as hereinafter provided.

Second. To visit and examine all the schools and school districts within his jurisdiction as often in each year as shall be practicable; to inquire into all matters relating to the management, the course of study and mode of instruction, and the text books and discipline of such schools, and the condition of the school-houses, sites, outbuildings and appendages, and of the district generally; to advise with and counsel the district board in relation to their duties, and particularly in relation to the construction, warming and ventilation of school houses, and the improving and adorning of the school grounds connected therewith, and to recommend to school officers and teachers the proper studies, discipline and management of the schools.

Third. To direct, after proper examination, the district board to make any alteration and repairs which shall in his opinion be necessary to the health, comfort or progress of the pupils, and to abate nuisance in or upon the premises : providing, the same can be done at an expense not exceeding twenty-five dollars.


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