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etymology, and radical, transferred and tropical meanings of words, as found in the best general lexicons.

3. Notes, sufficiently copious for a full understanding of the author, but far less abundant than those of the editions now in common use. The grammatical references, however, are much more nunerous than those of any other cdition.

4. Numerous ilustrations, small, but very carefully engraved, and of a higher order than those of any school edition now in use; these to be placed partly under the text, with the notes, and partly in the Dictionary.

5. A carefully engraved and colored Map of the Mediterranean and adjacent countries, prepared from Keipert, expressly for this edition.

6. An Appendis, containing Dr. S. II. Taylor's Questions on the first thirty-three lines of the neil," a Metrical Index, and a few pages of explanations of the chief peculiaritics of the poetical style.

7. The text to be a literal reprint of Jahn's German edition, with the exception of the division into paragraphs, which will be according to Ladewig,—the paragraplis in the latter being more numerous and more pleasing to the eye.

8. The mechanical execution of the volume to be of a very high and attractive character.

There is no doubt in cur mind but that this edition will meet, at once, with universal favor. It has been a great objection to the study of Virgil that a dictionary was indispensable, and the poorer classes were unable to provide it. With this ciition the objection is removed. In our own esperience we have oftentimes been obliged to introduce some other Latin work in the place of Virgil, for the reason that the whole class couill not purchase dictiorarios. Prof. Searing has given a great many years to the study of Latin, and for a long time almost his entire attention to this work. Before seeing the wuok, we are prepared to speak unqualifiedly in its favor.


LITTELL'S LIVING ACE-This excellent magazine still continues to improve, and in saying that we give the highest possible praise.

NICHOLAS NICKELBY—The fourth number of Ticknor and Fields' Diamond Dickens is received and is just as nice as any of its prede

We are proud to place these excellent books in our library. The illustrations of this number are particularly fine. Address TickQor.& Fields, Boston, Mass.


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