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Printed and Published by W. ÇOBBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street





Bancroft Library


1.-Proceedings at Preston. (From the

Morning Herald.)
2.-To the Electors of Preston-TO

the Subscribers to tbe Fund for the
election of Mr. Cobbett. -Yorkshire

Meeting of the working classes.
3.-To Money-Hoarders.-Scotch re-

venge.--Poor Man's Friend.-Lying

4.-To Mr. Frederick Robinson, on the

proofs of the prosperity, which has
flowed from his unreformed Parlia-
ment.-To the Weaver Boys of Lan-
cashire.—“Envy and admiration."

-Scotch Banks.-Newspaper lies.
5.-To Mr. Canning, on the present

state of Things.-Poor Forties !
State of Trade.—“Enry and admi.
tation." "The best public in-

structor."-Manchester Affairs.
6.—To the Readers of the Register, on

my Petition to the King. — “No
Popery," or, the purity of lands and
tenements. -“Catholic emancipa-
tion"!!!- Distress. - Good God!
Surely my eyes deceive me !-Na-

tional Debt.
7.-State of the Poor; and projects of

the Scotch and English Landlords.
To Mr. Lawless.—“Best public in-
structor."- Foreign Loans. — Aris-
tocratical encroachment. “ Eng-
land's Glory.” — The Poor Man's

8.-To the Working People of Black-

burn, on the capacity of the Go-
veroment to collect the Revenue
amidst the miseries of the Nation;
and on the projects now on soot for
robbing the people in the middle


ranks of life, in order to keep up
the luxury and the splendour of the
Boroughmongers. — Election Sub-
scription.–To the Readers of the
Register, on the above Subscription.-
-Adams and Jefferson.-The Sum-

mer.-Twelfth of August.
9.-To the Radicals of Manchester, on

the Meeting, held at the Manor
Court-room, in that Town, on
Thursday, the 17th of August, 1826.

-Rural Ride.
10.-To Sir James Graham, Bart., on

his Pamphlet, entitled “Corn and
Currency;" which Pamphlet is ad-
dressed to the “Landowners," and
which Pamphlet contains a propo-
sition for (in fact) robbing the whole
Nation, and the Fundholders in
particular, for the purpose of up-
holding the Aristocracy and the Es-
tablished Clergy. - Rural Ride.
Meeting at Cork, on the subject of
the prevalent distress in Ireland.-

Distresses in the North.
11.–To Sir James Graham, Bart. Letter

Il.-Good Ministers !!!. "Envy
and admiration of the whole world."

--Castlereagh's horrid end.
12.–Rural Ride, down the Valley of the

Avon,ʻin Wiltshire.-Corn Procla.
mation.-Happiness under the Bo-
roughreeve and Constables (From
the Morning Chronicle. — Happy
Sawney.-Greek Affair.—Sir Glory.

13.-Rural Ride, from Salisbury to War-

minster, from Warminster to Frome,
from Frome to De es, and from
Devizes to Highworth.-State of the

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