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TIME with its rapid flight has brought us near the close of another year—a period which reminds us not only of the mercies and shortcomings of the past, but of the obligations of the future.

The third volume of the JUVENILE INSTRUCTOR is now in the hands of our readers. We hope it is found to be a fit companion for its predecessors, equally calculated to administer instruction, edification, and spiritual profit to our juvenile friends. We have stedfastly aimed at fulfilling the double purpose of imparting light to the understanding and planting right principles in the heart—the unfolding of the works and the Word of God in such an attractive form as might win the affections of the youthful heart to Jesus and his cause. We have been ambitious to stand side by side with the Christian parent and the pious Sabbathschool teacher, assisting their laudable and anxious efforts to sow the fruitful seeds of truth in the immortal minds committed to their charge. How far we have been successful we must leave for the revelations of the Great Day ; yet are we cheered by the hope that amid the solemn disclosures of the great tribunal some will be found whose hearts have been attracted to Christ, and many others whose zeal, fidelity, and usefulness in his cause have been excited and promoted, by the pages of the JUVENILE INSTRUCTOR. The circulation of so many thousand copies every month is a gratifying fact, for where so much precious seed is sown some will prove fruitful to eternal life. This fact cheers us onward in our toils, and renders us solicitous that the coming year may be still more successful. While, therefore, we present our sincere thanks to Ministers, Sunday-school teachers, scholars, and other friends for their zealous support, we earnestly intreat a continuation of their favours.

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