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office an official roster of the classified civil one year before the commencement of the ac- with the right to such employe or appointeo service of the State and of each of the civil tion, has paid a tax therein. All moneys. re- to a review by a writ of certiorari. In cities divisions thereof for which rules have been covered in any action brought under the pro- of the first class, if the position so held by prescribed pursuant to this act, except cities, visions of this section must, when collected, any such honorably discharged soldier, sailor and shall enter thereon the name of each be paid into the treasury of the State or such or marine, or volunteer fireman shall become and every person who has been appointed to, civil division thereos, except that the plaintiff unnecessary or be abolished for reasons of econemployed, promoted or reinstated in any posi- in any such action shall be entitled to re- omy or otherwise, the said honorably distion in such service, upon such evidence asceive for his own use the taxable costs of such | charged soldier, sailor or marine or volunteer it may require or deem satisfactory that such action.

fireman holding the same shall not be disperson was appointed to, promoted or rein- Sec. 20. Preferences allowed honorably dis- charged from the public service, but shall be stated in the service in conformity with the charged soldiers, sailors and marines-In ev- transferred to any branch of the said service provisions of law and the rules prescribed ery public department and upon all public for duty in such position as he may be fitted pursuant to this act. The official roster shall

works of the State of New York and of the to fill, receiving the same compensation show opposite or in connection with each cities, counties, towns and villages thereof, therefor. The burden of proving incompeten. name the date of appointment, employment,

honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and cy or misconduct shall be upon the party allega promotion or reinstatement, the compensation

marines from the Army and Navy of the ing the same. Nothing in this section shall be of the position, the date of commencement | United States in the late Civil War, who are

| construed to apply to the position of private of service and date of transfer in or separa

citizens and residents of this State, shall be secretary or deputy of any official or departtion from service by dismissal, resignation, l entitled to preference in appointment and

ment, or to any other person holding a strictcancellation of appointment or death. In like

promotion without regard to their standing ly confidential relation to the appointing offi. manner the municipal commission of each

on any list from which such appointment cer. A person serving under a probationary city shall keep in its office an official roster

or promotion may be made, provided their or provisional appointment shall not be of the classified civil service of such city,

qualifications and fitness shall have been deemed to be holding a position within the and shall enter thereon the name of each and

ascertained as provided in this act and the meaning of this section. every person who has been appointed to, em

| Sec. 22. Misdemeanor to obstruct right of rules and regulations in pursuance thereof; ployed, promoted or reinstated in any posi

examination; false representation; impersonaand the persons preferred shall not be tion in such service, upon such evidence as it

tion in examination-Any commissioner, or disqualified from holding any positior in the may require or deem satisfactory that such civil service on account of his age or by rea

examiner, or any other person who shall wilperson was appointed to, or employed, proson of any physical disability, provided such

fully by himself or in co-operation with one moted or reinstated in the service in confor

or more persons, defeat, deceive or obstruct age or disability does not render him incommity with the provisions of law and of the

any person in respect of his or her right of rules, and it shall be the duty of each appetent to perform the duties of the position

examination, or registration, according to any applied for. Whenever any list of eligible perpointing officer of such city to report to

+ rules or regulations prescribed pursuant to

sons, prepared under authority of this act, such municipal commission in like manner shall contain the names of honorably discharg

the provisions of this act, or who shall wilfully as is hereinbefore provided for reports from

and falsely mark, grade, estimate or report ed soldiers, sailors and marines, entitled to appointing officers to the State commission.

upon the examination or proper standing I preference as aforesaid, any reference in this Sec. 19. Disbursing officers-It shall be un-lant or in rules and regulations in pursuance

of any person examined, registered or certilawful for the Comptroller or other fiscal

fied, pursuant to the provisions of this act, thereof to the persons standing highest on officer of the State or any city or civil divi

or aid in so doing, or who shall wilfully make such list, shall be deemed to indicate those sion thereof for which civil service rules have

any false representations concerning the same, standing highest of those entitled to preferbeen prescribed pursuant to this act, to draw,

or concerning the person examined, or wio ence by the provisions of this section, and sign or issue; or authorize the drawing, sign

shall wilfully furnish to any person any special such persons shall be given preference on any ing or issuing of any warrant on the treas- |

or secret information for the purpose of either | list of registered applicants for employment urer or other disbursing officer of the State

improving or injuring the prospects or chances in the labor service, in accordance with the or such city or civil division thereof, for the

of any person so examined, registered or cerdates of their several applications, as though payment of, or for the treasurer or other dis

tified, or to be examined, registered or certisuch applications had been filed prior to those bursing officer of the State or of such city or

fied, or who shall personate any other person, of any persons on such lists not entitled to civil division thereof, to pay any salary or

or permit or aid in any manner any other the preference provided by this section. A compensation to any officer, clerk or other

person to personate him, in connection with any | refusal to allow the preference provided for in person in the classified service of the State

examination or registration, or application or this and the next succeeding section to any or of such city or civil division thereof unless

request to be examined or registered, shall honorably discharged soldier, sailor or marine, an estimate, payroll or account for such sal

for each offense be deemed guilty of a misdeor a reduction of his compensation intended ary or compensation, containing the names

meanor. to bring about his resignation, shall be deemof the persons to be paid, shall bear the cer-led a misdemeanor, and such honorably dis

Sec. 23. Recommendations for appointment tificate of the State civil service commission, charged soldier, sailor or Darine shall have

or promotion-No recommendation or quesor in case of the service of a city, the cer-la right of action therefor in any court of com

tion under the authority of this act shall retificate of the municipal civil service com

| late to the political opinions or affiliations of

petent jurisdiction for damages and also a mission of such city, that the persons named

any person whatever; and no appointment or remedy by mandamus for righting the wrong. in such estimate, payroll or account have

selection to or removal from an office or em

Sec. 21. Power of removal limited Every been appointed or employed or promoted in

ployment within the scope of the rules estabperson whose rights may be in any way pre

lished as aforesaid, shall be in any manner pursuance of law and of the rules made in w and of the rules made in judiced contrary to any of the provisions of

affected or influenced by such opinions or pursuance of law. Any officer, clerk or other this section shall be entitled to a writ of

affliations. No person in the civil service person entitled to be certified by said com- mandamus to remedy the wrong. No person of the State or of any city or civil division mission, or either of them, to the comptrol- holding a position by appointment or employ thereof, is for that reason under any obligaler, treasurer or other fiscal or disbursing of- ment in the State of New York or in the sey tion to contribute to any political fund or to Acer of the State or any city or civil division eral cities, counties, towns or villages there

render any political service, and no person thereof, as having been appointed or em of, who is an honorably discharged soldier,

shall be removed or otherwise prejudiced for ployed in pursuance of law and of the rules sallor or marine, having served as such in refusing so to do. No person in said civil made in pursuance of law, and refused such the Union Army or Navy during the War of service shall discharge or promote or reduce certificate, may maintain a proceeding by the Rebellion, and who is an honorably dis or in any manner change the official rank or mandamus to compel such commission or charged soldier, sailor or marine, having serv compensation of any other person in said commissions to issue such certificate. Any ed as such in the volunteer army or navy service, or promise to threaten so to do for sums paid contrary to the provisions of this of the United States during the Spanish war, giving or withholding or neglecting to make section may be recovered from any officer or or is an honorably discharged soldier, sailor or any contribution of money or service or any officers making such appointment in contra- marine of the regular army or navy of the other valuable thing for any political purpose. vention of the provisions of law and of the United States, or who shall have served the No person in said service shall use his offlrules made in pursuance of law, or any offi-term required by law in the volunteer fire cial authority or influence to coerce the pocer signing or countersigning, or authoriz- department of any city, town or village in the litical action of any person or body, or to ining the signing or countersigning of any State, or who shall have been a member there-terfere with any election. warrant for the payment of the same, and of at the time of disbandment of said volun Sec. 24. Political assessments prohibitedfrom the sureties on his official bond, in an teer fire department, shall be removed from No officer, agent, clerk or employe under the action in the Supreme Court of the State, such position or employment, except for in- government of the State of New York or any maintained by a citizen resident therein, who competency or misconduct shown after a hear- civil division or city thereof shall, directly is assessed for and is liable to pay, or within ing, upon due notice, upon stated charges and or indirectly, use his authority or oficial 10

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fluence to compel or induce any other officer, promise, or threaten to use any such author- Sec. 28. Saving clause-All rules, regulaclark, agent or employe under said govern- ity or influence, directly or indirectly, in tions and classifications for appointment or ment, or any civil division or city thereof, order to coerce or persuade the vote or politi promotion in the civil service of the State to pay or promise to pay any political as cal action of any citizen or the removal, dis or any city or civil division thereof, not insessment, subscription or contribution. Every charge or promotion of any officer or public consistent with the provisions of this act, said officer, agent, clerk or employee who may employee, or upon any other corrupt consid | established with the approval of the governor have charge or control in any building, ol-eration, shall also be guilty of bribery or of or the State commission under authority of fice or room occupied for any purpose of said an attempt at bribery. Every person found | law prior to the passage of this 'act, shall government, or any said division or city guilty of such bribery, or an attempt to com continue in full force and effect until an

authorized to prohibit the mit the same, as aforesaid, shall, upon convic- | nulled or amended pursuant to the provisions entry of any person, and he shall not know- tion thereof, be liable to be punished by a of this act; and the State civil service comingly permit any person to enter the same for fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor missioners and the municipal civil service the purpose of therein making, collecting, re more than three thousand dollars, or to be commissioners of any city, now in office, apceiving or giving notice of any political as imprisoned not less than ten days nor pointed or designated under the provisions sessment, subscription or contribution; and no more than two years, or to both said of law prior to the passage of this act, shall person shall enter or remain in any said of- fine and said imprisonment in the continue in office until their successors are ice, building or room, or send or direct any discretion of the court. The phrase "public appointed and qualify, and shall have the letter or other writing thereto, for the pur- officer" shall be held to include all public same tenure and all the powers and duties pose of giving notice of, demanding or col- officials in this State, whether paid directly or which they would have if appointed under the lecting a political assessment, nor shall any indirectly from the public treasury of the provisions of this act. All merit and eligible person therein give notice of, demand, collect State, or from that of any civil division there lists of persons examined prior to the pasor receive any such assessment, subscription | of, or by fees or otherwise; and the phrase sage of this act, under the civil service rules or contribution; and no person shall prepare “public employee" shall be held to include and regulations in force at the time of such cr make out, or take any part in preparing or every person not being an officer who is paid examination, shall be continued in full force making out, any political assessment, sub from any said treasury.

and effect as it formed under the provisions scription or contribution with the intent that Sec. 26. Attendance of witnesses; fees

of this act, subject, however, to such reathe same shall be sent or presented to or colWitnesses and officers to subpena and secure

sonable regulation and revision as the rules lected of any officer, agent or employee, sub the attendance of witnesses before said com

shall prescribe. dect to the provisions of this act, under the mission, shall be entitled to the same fees as

Sec. 29. Repeal of the laws enumerated in government of the State of New York, or are allowed witnesses in civil cases in courts

the schedule hereto aanexed, that portion that of any civil division or city thereof, and of record. Such fees need not be prepaid, but

specified in the last column is repealed. All no person shall knowingly send or present any the comptroller shall draw his warrant for the

other acts or parts of acts, whether general, political assessment, subscription or contripayment of the amount thereof, when the

special or local, and all rules, regulations and bution to or request its payment of any said same shall have been certified to by the presi

classifications for appointment or promotion officer, agent or employee. Any person who dent of the commission, and duly proved by

in the civil service of the State or any civil shall be guilty of violating any provision of affidavit or otherwise to the satisfaction of

division thereof, inconsistent with the prothis section shall be deemed guilty of a mis the said comptroller; and all State, county,

visions of this act are hereby repealed; prodemeanor. town, municipal and other officers and their

vided, however, that any act done or right Sec. 25. Officers or candidates not to promise deputies, clerks, subordinates and employes

accruing, accrued or acquired, or liability, influence, et cetera; “public officer" and "pub- | shall afford, the said board all reasonable

penalty or punishment incurred prior to the

passage of this act shall not be affected or lic employee" defined.-Whoever, while hold- | facilities in conducting the inquiries specified

impaired; but the same may be asserted, ening any public office, or in nomination for, or in this act, and give inspection to said board

forced, prosecuted or inflicted as fully, and to while seeking a nomination or appointment of all books, papers and documents belonging,

the same extent, as if the several acts herein for any public office, shall corruptly use or or in any way appertaining to the respective offices, and shall also produce said books and

referred to had not been amended or repromise to use, whether directly or indirectly, | any official authority or influence (whether papers, and shall attend and testify when re


Sec. 30. When to take effect-This act shall then possessed or merely anticipated) in the quired to do so by said commission.

take effect immediately. way of conferring upon any person; or in Sec. 27. Taxpayer's action-The right of any order to secure or aid any person in secur taxpayer to bring an action to restrain the

Schedule of Laws Repealed. ing any office or public employment, or any payment of compensation to any person ap

Laws of. Chapter.

Sections, nomination, confirmation, promotion or in- pointed to or holding any office, or place or



........... All.

1884 crease of salary, upon the consideration or

... All. employment in violation of any of the provis


... All condition that the vote or political influence ions of this act, shall not be limited or denied 1884

All. or action of the last named person, or any by reason of the fact that said office, or place 1886

..... 29...

... All. other, shall be given or used in behalf of any or employment shall have been classified as, 1887


.. All. candidate, officer or party, or upon any other or determined to be, not subject to competi


... All. corrupt condition or consideration, shall be tive examination; provided, however, that any 1892


.. All.

.. All. deemed guilty of bribery or an attempt at judgment or injunction granted or made in


....681... bribery. And whoever, being a public officer, I any such action shall be prospective only, | 1894

....716... or having or claiming to have any authority and shall not affect payments already made 1894


All. or influence for or affecting the nomination, or due to such persons by the proper dis


All. public employment, confirmation, promotion, bursing officers, in accordance with the civil



All. removal or increase or decrease of salary of service rules in force at the time of such 1898

All. any public officer, shall corruptly use, or payments.




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The following statement showing the scope , sis. All existing merit lists may be recog-, "classificd;" the former to include all elecof the white civil service law was prepared nized as eligible lists, and appointments, tion officers, heads of departments, legisla. by Mr. George McAneny, secretary of the where necessary, made from them.

tive employes and principals and teachers in Civil Service Reform Association:

The State Civil Service Commission is con- | the public schools. The classified service is The State Service.

tinued as at present constituted, with the to embrace (a) the exempt, (b) the competiThe act of 1897 (the “Black act”) is repealed same tenure, powers and duties as though tive, and (c) the non-competitive classes. and the operation of such of the rules de appointed under the new act.

In the exempt schedules are to be placed pending on that act for their effect is sus The commission, with the approval of the deputies and secretaries authorized by law, pended.

Governor, is to promulgate new rules, cover- unskilled laborers and "other subordinate The present rules, in so far as they are ing the entire State service, within thirty officers for the filling of which competitive consistent with the new act, are continued days.

or non-competitive examinations may be In force until other rules are promulgated, the civil service is to be divided into two found to be not practicable.” The designa. affording a sufficient temporary working ba- ' branches, the "unclassifica" service and the tion of such offices is left to the commission,

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subject both to the Governor's approval, and, perform this function also. They may by or promoted in full conformity with the law where the constitutional rule is not followed, unanimous vote and with the written ap- and rules. to correction by the courts.

proval of the Governor remove any munieipal

any municipall (11) Provision is made for minority repreThe competitive class is to include the great commissioners, for cause, and after a hearing, mission by requiring that not more than two

sentation in the Municipal Civil Service Combulk of the subordinate offices and positions and they may, by like unanimous vote, alter thirds of its members shall be members of the excepting only those that are exempt and or amend any rule that does not conform to same political party. those of the class next above the grade of la the requirements of the general law. The

General Features. borers who will be subject to non-competitive State Board is directed to investigate from

The new act, in so far as its general strucexamination. time to time the operations of local boards,

| ture is concerned, is a complete codification The methods of examination and appoint-and the acts of public officers generally with

of existing laws. It repeals and supersedes ment are to be substantially the same as respect to the execution of the act. For the

seventeen previous statutes relating to prior to the passage of the "Black act” with

the es of such investigat ion it is given all

civil service enacted within the period from the-following changes or original features: of the powers of a legislative committee.

1883 to 1898. It takes effect immediately and (1.) The appointing officer is required to select the person standing highest on the ap

The Municipal Service.

revokes "all rules and regulations and classipropriate eligible list, instead of choosing !

fications" in the cities as well as in the State, The s

he cities is required to 1 from among three, as heretofore. The ap

that are inconsistent with as far as practicable uniform with that of the

its provisions. pointee, if unsatisfactory, may be dismissed

State. In cities outside of New York, where at any time during a prescribed probationary

Where the city rules are not consistent they the "Black act" ceased to have effect a year

can be made so sufficiently for temporary purterm. (2.) Appointments to positions the duties of ago, the only important changes will be those

poses by a few changes of detail, subject to which are confined to a locality outside of occurring in the case of the State service, as

the State Board's approval. In New York City, Albany are to be made, so far as practicable, above specified.

for instance, the present rules were disapfrom among residents of the judicial district,

In New York City, however, the changes

proved by the State Board on March 21, and it including such locality.

from the existing systems will be of the most (3.) Appointments to positions in the ex

is doubtful whether they have had any legal el. empt class are to be limited to one under radical character. They may be summarized

fect since that date. Certain amendments were each title, unless otherwise specifically pro | as follows:

proposed, however, at the time and the acvided. Subordinates who handle money are (1) The excepted class, in which 350 ap.

ceptance, of these, which would be folno longer to be exempted on that ground, the pointments were made in 1898, will be ma- lowed by the necessary approval, would furlaw permitting the appointing officer in such terially reduced. Only one appointment will be nish a working basis at once. The new act not cases to exact an adequate bond, in addition

permitted under each title, so classified, and to the passage of an examination.

only abrogates inconsistent provisions, but the reasons for each exception must be stated (4.) Persons appointed temporarily, in the in writing in the annual reports of the com

provides in terms that all existing regulaabsence of an eligible list, must pass a non mission.

tions, “whether prescribed under the author. competitive examination, and cannot bold (2) The labor registration system, set aside | ity of a general law or of any special or local their positions for a longer period than sixty by the present administration, is re-establish-l law" (such as the Greater

by the present administration, is re-establish- law" (such as the Greater New York charter) days.

ed. All applicants for positions in this class shall be valid and take or continue in effect (5.) Positions in the higher grades are to be must be examined as to their capacity for lafilled, wherever practicable, by promotions, bor and skill in the use of their tools, and ap- only upon the approval of the State Commisbased on merit and competition, and upon the pointments must be made from the registered sion. superior qualifications of the person promot lists in the order of original application. The A new commission must be appointed in ed, as shown by his previous service. employment of any person under the title of

New York City within sixty days, for the rea(6.) The provisions of the act o! 1898, re- "laborer," to perform clerical or other work,

son that the present commission does not conquiring the statement of reasons in cases of is

ons in cases of is made a misdemeanor. removal from competitive positions and the (3) Appointments in the competitive class tain a minority member. Complete new rules granting of an opportunity for an explana- are to be made in the order of standing, with must be promulgated at least within sixty tion, are omitted. It is provided, however, I proper provision for a probationary term as in

days more, though this is merely the limit that no removal within the scope of the rules the State service.

fixed, and the rules may be recast as soon as adopted "shall be in any manner affected or (4) Selections are to be made from the

the Mayor desires. influenced by polltical opinions or amlia- | "most appropriate" list, instead of permitting tions.” In order to enforce this important la new examination under any title the ap- ! Two other general features may be noted olause the commission will have power to re-l pointing officer may designate, and new lists as of especial importance: The right of a tax. quire that the true reasons shall be stated as will be formed only when it appears that the

payer to bring an action to restrain the payheretofore. Under the terms of the act any existing lists contain the names of none who

ment of salary to persons holding positions rule that may be prescribed to give effect are properly qualified.

in contravention of the law, is extended so as to any of its provisions is to have the force (5) Temporary appointments in the abof law.

sence of proper lists may be made only after to bring in the question of the exception of The State Commission, after recasting its period not to exceed thirty days. Successive non-competitive examination, and then for a theme

the position held from competitive examinageneral system, is to prescribe and enforce

tion by any Commission. The validity of clastemporary appointments to the same position rules for the larger counties, as rapidly as are forbidden.

sifications in the exempt schedule may thus may prove practicable. The entire force of l (6) All examinations must be advertised be made at any time a matter of judicial rethe county offices in New York and Kings. / publicly.

view, overcoming the difficulty encountered for instance/including those of the Register, les in the State service; and, "for the purposes

(7) Promotions are to be on the same basis

in the case of Chittenden. County Clerk, Sheriff, District Attorney, Sur of the act," all increases of salary are to be

It is further provided that any person aprogate and Coroners-will be classified. Ap-l considered as promotions.

pointed contrary to the provisions of the act pointments in each of these will thereafter 1 (8) No person may be transferred to a clas- |

or rules shall be paid, by the officer appointbe under the supervision of the Commission, sified position unless he shall have previously

! ing him, the compensation agreed upon, or,

passed an examination equivalent to that reand after examinations, "wherever practi quired for such position, or unless he shall | In case there is no agreement, the actual cable."

have served with fidelity for at least three | value of his services, and that he shall have The State Commission is to have supervis.) years in a similar position.

a cause of action against the officer personion over all Municipal Commissions, and has

(9) The Municipal Commission is required

ally for the recovery of the amount involved, to keep a permanent roster of all persons in power to compel compliance on the part of the the classified service, giving the title and

with costs. cities with its own standards of classification character of the office held, the date of com The new law is the best conceived and and examination. Where a mayor fails to ap- mencement of service, the amount of salary most generally satisfactory piece of civil point commissioners the State Board may apand and other pertinent data.

service legislation as yet secured in this 1 (10) Every city pay roll, before acceptance point them, and where the commissioners faili by the controler, most bear the certificate of

country. It is capable, moreover, of strict within sixty days following their appointment' the commission to the cfect that the persons enforcement, and should have a most imto establish proper rules, the State Board in?; namelthazain izitzen ?!.pintet, employed 'portant effect.


As Approved by

JULY 11, 1899.


to act generally for and in place of their , board of examiners for all positions in Appointments and promotions in the Civil principals, and all places not subject to ex Schedules A, Part II, B, C, D, E and F. Service of the City of New York shall be amination or registration.

This board shall be composed of a Chief made according to merit and fitness, to be as

Non-Competitive Class.

Examiner, to be appointed by the Municipal certained, so far as practicable, by examina

Commissioners, and as many citizens desigtions which, so far as practicable, shall be

Schedule A, Part II, shall comprise the non- nated by the said Commissioners as they competitive. competitive class and include such positions as

may deem necessary. None of such examRULE 2. are not in the exempt class (A, Part I), or in

iners, however shall be a public officer or No officer or officers having the power of apthe labor class (Schedule G), and which it

employed in any other department of the pointment or employment shall select or ap

is impracticable to include in the competi municipal government. point any person for appointment, employtive class (B, C, D, E and F).

There shall be a Chief Examiner, who ment, promotion, transfer, or reinstatement,

Competitive Class.

sball devote his whole time to the business of except in accordance with the provisions of Schedule B shall comprise all clerical po

his office, who shall preside at meetings of the Civil Service Law and the rules and regu-l sitions.

the Board of Examiners, hear appeals from lations prescribed thereunder.

the decision of any of the examiners and

Office boys (or girls) shall be employes acNo person shall be appointed or employed tually employed as such in the offices of the

have the general supervision of the work of under any title not appropriate to the duties departments of public service, who are paid

the examiners. The rate of compensation of to be performed, and no person shall be trans- at a rate not exceeding $25 per month and Axed by the Municipal Commissioners, who

the officers mentioned in this rule shall be ferred to, or assigned to perform the duties of who shall not be over 18 years of age at any position subject to competitive examina- the time of examination.

will employ assistants, procure suitable oftion, except in accordance with Rule 40. Office boys (or girls) who have served as

fices and incur such other expenses as may The violation of any of the provisions of such for one year, may, at the request of the

be required for the efficient performance of the Civil Service Law, or of these ruies, by head of the department in which they have

the duties imposeí upon them by the laws of any person in the Civil Service of the city, served, be examined

the State of New York.

for the position of shall be considered a good cause for the junior clerk, provided they are over 18 years

It shall be the duty of such Board of Exdismissal of such person from the service. of age.

aminers, by such of its members as the Chief

Examiner shall designate, to conduct all ex-
Junior clerks shall consist of employes who

aminations called for under these rules, exreceive a compensation not exceeding $600 The Municipal Civil Service Commission

cept as herein otherwise provided, and to per annum. Junior clerks shall not be eligiBhall have authority to prescribe such regu

ascertain the fitness of candidates for the serble to the position of clerk except after the lations in pursuance of and for the execution

vice of the city with regard to character, competitive examination prescribed for origof the provisions of these rules and of the | inal appointment to said position.

knowledge and ability for the branch of the Civil Service Law, as may not be inconsistent

Schedule C shall comprise the uniformed

service into which they seek to enter, and to therewith, and may prescribe blank forms for forces of the Police and Fire Departments.

determine the relative excellence or standall applications, certificates, reports, records

Schedule D shall comprise all positions re

ing of the persons examined and to certify and returns required under these rules and

the same as herein prescribed. . quiring special expert knowledge, and which the regulations made in pursuance thereof. are not included in Schedule E.

The examination of all candidates for the The Commissioners shall from their number

Schedule E shall comprise all positions

position of examiner under this commission choose a president to act during their pleascalling for medical services.

shall be conducted by the Municipal Commisure, and they may from time to time appoint

Schedule F shall comprise all positions not

sioners or by experts appointed by them. committees from their own number. included in the other schedules.

The Municipal Commissioners shall employ CLASSIFICATION.

a secretary, who shall keep minutes of all Labor Class.

proceedings and all necessary records of the RULE 4.

examination, standing and certification of apSchedule G shall comprise the Labor SerThe offices and positions in the classified ser

plicants, and a complete record of all persons vice of the city shall be arranged in four | vice.

employed in the several departments to which al Each schedule shall also include the posiclasses, to be designated as the exempt class,

these rules apply, and of all appointments, the non-competitive class, the competitive tions specified under that head in the classiclass and the labor class, as indicated by the fication hereto annexed. marked Appendix 1. promotions, dismissals, resignations and other

changes of any kind therein. The secretary following schedules:


shall have the general executive charge of the Exempt Class.

For the purpose of ascertaining the quali-Civil Service office, shall assign the clerks Schedule A, Part I, shall comprise the ex- Acations of persons seeking or named for po- and employes to their respective positions and empt class and shall include the deputies of sitions in the departments and offices of the superintend them in the discharge of their principal executive officers authorized by law' municipal government, there shall be al respective duties, and sball be secretary of the Examining Board. The secretary shall, after tions in the order of the date of Aling ap Druggist, that the applicant is duly registered conference with the Chief Examiner, order | plication.

according to law, and that any other statutory and ix the dates of examinations, shall see


requirements have been complied with. that they are properly and efficiently adver Vacancies in positions classified in Schedules Third-If the position to be alled is that of tised and shall indicate to the Chief Ex- B, C, D, E and F, not filled by promotion, shall assistant to the Corporation Counsel, that the

mination shall be first rated | be filled by appointment of those graded high-| applicant or proposed appointee is a regularly and otherwise expedited, to the end that eli- est in open competitive examinations, and for

admitted member of the bar of the State of gible lists which are most needed shall be no such position shall any non-competitive New York. first prepared. examination be allowed, except in accordance

In positions where the duties are profes.. SCHEDULE A, PART I. | with the provisions of Rules 6 and 34.

sional, technical or expert, the candidates will

be required to show what preliminary training RULE 6.


or technical education they have undergone to Appointments to positions in Schedule


quality them for such situation, before they A, Part 1, may be made without ex- Applicants must file applications for posi- can be admitted to examination. amination, but the appointing officer tions included in Schedules A, Part II, B, C,

RULE 10. shall file with the secretarywithin five D. E and F, which must be in the handwriting

Detective applications shall be suspended days after making any such appoint- l of the applicant and addressed to the “Secrement, a formal notification thereof, setting

and applicants aotified to amend the same. tary of the Municipal Civil Service Commisforth the full name and address of the ap

| Whenever it appears by the application or sion, New York City," showing: pointee, the date of his birth, the position to

other satisfactory evidence that the applicant

First-His full name, residence and post ofwhich he is appointed, the date of appoint

is not within the prescribed limits of age or fice address, age, the place and date of birth, ment, salary, length of his residence in the

otherwise not qualifed under the rules, the health and physical capacity for the public City of New York, nature of previous em

application shall be rejected. service, right of preference by reason of millployment, whether he has ever been in off

RULE 11. tary or naval service, residence and business cial service before, and if so, when and where,

or employment for at least the previous five Every false statement knowingly made by name of person in whose place appointed and

years, and such other information as may rea- any person in his application for examinasuch other statistical information as the Munisonably be required by regulation.

tion, and every connivance by bim at any cipal Commission may deem proper for regis

Second-A statement whether such applica false statement made in any certificate which tration.

tion is limited to any particular office or of- may accompany his application, shall be No office or position shall be deemed to be | fices in the service.

regarded as good cause for the removal or dis. in the exempt class unless it is specifically

Third-The certificate of four reputable per- charge of such person. named in Schedule A, Part I, of the classi

sons of the City of New York, that they have fication of positions."

RULE 12. been personally acquainted with the applicant Not more than one appointment shall be

Applicants shall be admitted to examinafor at least one year, and believe him to be of made to or under the title of any such office

tion upon the production of the official, notigood moral character, of temperate and in. or position unless a different number is speci

fication to appear for that purpose. Each apdustrious habits and in all respects fit for the fically mentioned in the classification of po

plicant shall receive a number, which shall service he wishes to enter, and that each of sitions.

be indorsed upon his notification when prothem is willing that such certificate should be SCHEDULE A, PART II.

duced, and the notification so indorsed shall published for public information, and will, Appointments to positions in Schedule A, upon request, give such further information

be sealed in an envelope. Each applicant Part II, may be made after non-competitive

shall sign bis examination papers with his concerning the applicant as he may possess. examination.

Fourth-The foregoing application shall be

number, omitting bis name and the envelope

shall not be opened until all the examination Exceptions From Competitive Examina. | verified by the oath of the applicant.

papers have been received and the markings The requirements as to citizenship and certion. tificates of character, in case of persons apply.

and gradinge made. . Appointments to positions in Schedules B, ing for positions under Schedules E and F, and

All paper upon which examinations are to C, D, E and F may be made without competi the requirements as to citizenship in case of

be written shall be furnished to the appli. tive examination, as follows: persons applying for positions under Schedule

cants by the Examining Board and shall bear First-To positions in the competitive class D, may be modified or dispensed with in the

some suitable official indorsement, stamp or where peculiar and exceptional qualifications discretion of the commission. All applications

mark for the purpose of identifying the same. of a scientific, professional or educational for examination shall be filed in the office of

RULE 13. character are required upon satisfactory evi

the secretary a reasonable length of time be The Municipal Commission may refuse to dence that for specified reasons competition

fore the date of examination, and all applica- examine an applicant, or, after examination, in such special case is impracticable and that

tions and other blanks shall be kept at his of- to certify an eligible who is found to lack the position can be best filled by the selection

fice, and shall be procurable there only. any of the established preliminary requireof some designated person of high and recog

Registers of all applicants shall be kept by ments for the examination or position for nized attainments in such qualities, and where

the Secretary of the Municipal Commission. which he applies, or who is physically 80 the Municipal Commission, with the approval

When the applicants on a register are in ex disabled as to be rendered unfit for the peror tăe State Civil Service Commission, has sus

cess of such number as can be conveniently formance of the duties of the position to pended the rules requiring competition, but

examined on the same day, the applicants which he seeks appointment, or who is adno such suspension shall be general in its

shall be notified to appear in their order ondicted to the habitual use of intoxicating bev. application to such place and all such cases

the register. Whenever the demands of the erages to excess, or who has been guilty of a of suspension shall be reported to the State Civil Service Commission in the annual re

service may require, the Secretary shall notify crime or of infamous or notoriously disgraceport made to them with the reasons for the

the applicants of record, or such number' as ful conduct, or who has been dismissed from

can conveniently be examined, to appear for the public service for delinquency or misconsame. Second-Whenever there are urgent reasons

examination, giving place, date and bour for duct, or who has intentionally made a falso for Alling a vacancy in any position in the such examination.

statement of any material fact, or practiced

RULE 9. competitive class and there is no list of per

or attempted to practice any deception or sons eligible for appointment after competi

Applicants for the following positions must, fraud in his application, in his examination, tive examination and then only in accord

before being admitted to examination, or be or in securing his eligibility or appointment, ance with the provisions of Rule 34.

fore being appointed, present satisfactory evi- or whose character upon investigation and Third to the position of trained nurse. I dence as to the following facts:

report shall be found not to be satisfactory to when the applicants are graduates of any of

First-If the position to be filled be that the Examining Board. the following named nurses' training schools: of Physician, Surgeon, Medical Oficer, Inspec- No person who has entered any examination Training School of Bellevue Hospital, Metro

tor of Vaccination or Medical Sanitary In- for a position in the classified service and politan Training School, Training School of spector-that the applicant is duly authorized who has failed therein shall be admitted the City Hospital, Training School of the by the laws of the State of New York to prac within nine months from the date thereof Kings County Hospital-the names of such tice medicine and surgery.

to a new examination for the same or & applicants may, upon their own application Second-If the position to be filled be that similar position. and upon presenting proper diploma, be placed of Chemist or Analyzer, that the applicant has

RULE 14. upon the appropriate eligible list with a grad received the degree of Bachelor of Sciences, or The actual conduct of every examination ing of 100, without further examination, un- | its equivalent, from some institution duly au- shall be under the responsible direction of less required by the Municipal Commission, thorized by law to confer such degree. If the the Board of Examiners, or of its designated and shall be certified in response to requisi- | position to be filled be that of Apothecary orl members, free from the loterference or Dar

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