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THE SAME. Burn's reprint. 12mo, handsomely bound in full green
morocco, gilt leaves. $2 75.
London, 1657. Reprint, 1820.

Only 100 copies.

THE SAME. Another copy of Burn's reprint, 12mo, hf. red morocco, uncut. $175.

London (1657), 1820.


THE SAME. Another copy 12mo. hf. green mor.

$1.50. London (1657), 1820.

27 BAUDRILLART, M. DICTIONNAIRE DES PECHES, contenant L'Histoire Naturelle des Poissons et des autres Animaux Aquatiques qui font l'objet de la Pêche des Européens. 4to, hf. red morocco, gilt, $7 50.

Paris, 1827.

Forms the fourth part of the "Traité Générale des Eaux et Forêts, Chasses et Pêches " 28 BEALE, THOMAS. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SPERM WHALE: its anatomy and physiology-food-spermaceti--ambergris-Rise and Progress of the Fishery, Chase and Capture, "Cutting in," and "Trying out," &c., &c., to which is added a sketch of a South-Sea Whaling Voyage, fine illustrations on wood. Post 8vo, new hf. green levant mor. ant., gilt top. $5 00. Lond., 1839.



29 BERNER'S (BARNER'S or BARNES) LADY JULIANA. BOOK containing the TREATISES OF HAWKING; HUNTING; COAT-ARMOUR; FISHING; and BLASING OF ARMS: as printed by Wynken de Worde, 1486; with Bibliographical Notes, by Joseph Haslewood. Sm. folio. Black Letter. Most beautifully printed in black and red, numerous wood cuts, worked off in various colors. Handsomely bound in pale russia, extra, full gilt, red edges. $85 00. Reprinted, Lond., 1810.

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ONLY 150 COPIES of this very handsome reprint of the "Book of St. Albans" were struck off, which were published at £10 10s. each, in boards, but the price has been for some years past continually rising.

The present copy has an autograph letter of Haslewood and a transcript from Dibdin's "Reminiscences" by Mr. Westwood inserted. Mr. Haslewood's Literary Researches into the History of the "Book of St. Albans," with a Bibliographical account of the various editions of it, are particularly curious and interesting.

30 BERNER'S DAME JULIANA. THE TREATYSE OF FYSSHYNGE WYTH AN ANGLE. Front., &c., cr. 8vo, paper, pp. 41. $5 00.

ONLY A FEW COPIES; printed with the types of John Baskerville.

Pickering, Lond., 1827.

31 BEST, THOMAS. A CONCISE TREATISE ON THE ART OF ANGLING, confirmed by actual experience, and minute observations; with the proper Methods for Breeding, and Feeding Fish, &c., &c. Front., 12mo, hf. cf. extra. $200. Lond., 1787.


32 BEST, THOMAS. A CONCISE TREATISE ON THE ART OF ANGLING, confirmed by actual experience, several new and recent discoveries, &c. Front., new edn. (7th), 12mo, hf. cf. neat. $1 50.

Lond., 1807.

Front. 2 vols.

33 [BELTON.] THE ANGLER IN IRELAND: or an Englishman's Ramble through Connaught and Munster, during the summer of 1833. in one. 12mo, hf, green morocco, extra. $275.

London, 1834.

34 BELLONII PETRI. DE AQUATILIBUS, Libri duo, cum eiconibus ad vivam ipsorum effigiem, quoadeius fieri potuit, expressis. Ad amplissimum Cardinalem Castillionoeum. Several hundred very interesting cuts on wood of various species of Fish (including the Sea Serpent). Oblong 12mo, old cf. $7 50. Parisiis, apud Carolum Stephanum, 1553,

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35 [BINNELL, ROBERT.] DESCRIPTION OF THE RIVER THAMES, &c., with the City of London Jurisdiction and Conservancy thereof; to which is added a brief description of those Fish, with their seasons, spawning times, &c., that are caught in the Thames, or sold in London, &c., &c. (By Robert Binnell, Water-Bailiff.) 8vo, hf. cf. gilt. $3 00. Lond., 1758.

Originally published in 1746 under the title of "Essays to prove that the Jurisdiction and Conservancy of the Thames is committed to the Lord Mayor," &c. See GRIFFITH.

36 [BLAKEY, ROBERT.] HINTS ON ANGLING, with suggestions for Angling Excursions in France and Belgium; to which are appended some brief notices of the English, Scottish and Irish Waters, by Palmer Hackle. 8vo, new hf. red morocco, gilt. $275.

[blocks in formation]

Lond., 1846.
Lond., 1846.

Portions of this work were reproduced in " Angling, or how to angle and where to go." 38 BLAKEY, ROBERT THE ANGLER'S GUIDE TO THE RIVERS AND LOCHS OF Front. 12mo, hf. mor. extra. $2 00.


Glasgow, 1855. 39 BLAKEY, ROBERT (Author of "The History of the Philosophy of the Mind"). THE ANGLER'S SONG BOOK. 12mo, hf. green mor. $1.50. Lond., 1855.

40 BLOCH, M. E. ICHTHYOLOGIE, ou HISTOIRE NATURELLE, GÉNÉRALE et PARTICULIERE des POISSONS, 6 vols. in 3, royal folio, with 432 beautifully colored engravings of Fish, an original copy, the plates elaborately colored and heightened with silver, a fine copy in full green morocco, gilt edges. $55 00. Berlin, 1785, &c.

Still the best work on Fishes as far as the plates are concerned. "One only regrets that a work so essential to every ichthyologist should be so expensive."-Swainson.

41 BLOME, RICHARD. GENTLEMAN'S RECREATION, in two parts. The first being an Enclycopedia of the Arts and Sciences; the second treats of Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Fowling, Fishing, and Agriculture, with a short Treatise on Cock-Fighting. Profusely illustrated with large engravings on copper, &c., &c. Folio, new hf. cf. $40 00. Lond., 1686.


42 BOAZ, HERMAN. THE ANGLER'S PROGRESS; a Poem developing the pleasures the Angler receives from the dawn of the propensity in Infancy, till the period of his becoming a complete Angler. Post 8vo, pp. 8, hf. cf. neat. Rare. $1 25.

Vignette by Bewick.
Newcastle, 1820.

First published as a broadside, July 4th, 1789. It was the forerunner of the Newcastle Fisher's Garlands.

43 BONVALOT, ED. CHASSE et PECHE dans Le Rosemont. 8vo, hf. morocco.


Originally published "The Revue Catholique de l'Alsace."

Strasbourg, 1866.


depingebat, Philip Galleus, exgudebat. 40 curious old etchings on copper, illustrating various sports, Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing, &c. Neatly mounted on drawing paper. Oblong 4to, new hf. cf. gilt. $500.

N. D.

45 [BOOSEY, THOS.] PISCATORIAL REMINISCENCES and Gleanings, by an old Angler and Bibliopolist, to which is added a CATALOGUE OF Books ON ANGLING. (By Wm. Pickering.) Front. and Vignettes. 12mo, Pickering, Lond., 1835.


hf. cf. extra.


46 BOUSSUETI, FRANCISCI, DE NATURA AQUATALIUM Carmen, &c. Numerous curious old wood-cuts. Sml. 4to, vellum. $15 00.


Lugduni. Apud Matthiam
Bonhome. MDLVIII.

"This is a rare book. It forms a pictorial History of Fishes, each engraving being explained by short Latin verses epigrammatical in form. The wood-cuts are from Rondelius."-T. W. 47 BOWLKER, RICHARD (of Ludlow). The ART OF ANGLING Improved in

all its parts, especially Fly-Fishing: Containing a particular account of the several sorts of Freshwater Fish, with their most proper baits. Also the names, colors, and seasons of all the most useful Flies, &c., &c. By Richard Bowlker. 12mo., 2 pl. pp. 95. Handsomely bound in brown morocco, broad inside borders, and gilt leaves. $12 00. Worcester (1746 ?).


Another copy.


ORIGINAL EDITION. 12mo, cf. neat. $9 00.
Worcester (1746).

- The same. 5th Edition, by CHARLES BOWLKER, of Ludlow.
front., p. 8v. hf. cf. neat. $2 00.


The same.

New edition, plate of colored flies, vignettes on wood, &c. 12mo, hf. green morocco. $2 00. Ludlow, 1833.


51 BOWDITCH, MRS. T. E. FRESH-WATER FISHES OF GREAT BRITAIN. Drawn and Described by Mrs. T. Edward Bowditch, 47 DRAWINGS OF FISH, beautifully executed in colors, heightened with SILVER AND GOLD, the names added in мs, by the authoress, with printed text. Impl. 4to, new hf. crimson morocco, extra gilt top, uncut edges. $75 00.

London, printed for the authoress, 1826.

VERY RARE. The present copy is a duplicate from Her Majesty's collection at Windsor. A SUPERB VOLUME.-The authoress says in her preface, "I have been particularly fortunate in securing good specimens. Every drawing has been taken from the living fish immediately it came from the water it inhabited; so that no tint has been lost or deadened, either by changing the quality of that element, or by exposure to the atmosphere. The colors of the Trout change directly after they leave the stream; but I was lucky enough to avail myself of the skill of a friend, who supplied me with a succession of them as I sat on the bank, and by which I secured the tints in all their delicacy and brightness."

The work was published at £12 12s in parts, and limited to 50 impressions.


suggestions for the working of a Fishing Company.
folding plates, 8vo, new hf. morocco, gilt top, $300,

Numerous large
Dublin, 1848.

53 [BOYLE, ROBERT.] OCCASIONAL REFLECTIONS upon several subjects. Whereto is premis'd a Discourse about such kind of Thoughts. Port. inserted. 12mo (8vo), new, hf. cf., extra.


$350. London, for W. Wilson, 1665.

Mr. Westwood, in a note to this work in his "Bibliotheca Piscatoria," says: "I include this work in my list because others have done so before me; but though the 14th section contains frequent allusions to angling, the details of the sport are merely employed as pegs on which to hang moral and religious reflections. 'For,' says the author, 'being really a great lover of angling, and frequently diverting myself at that sport, sometimes alone and sometimes in company, the accidents of that recreation were the true themes on which the following discourses were not the only meditations I had made. Discourse IV. is entitled Upon Fishing with an Angle, Discourse V., Upon a Fishe's struggling after swalow'd the Hook,' Discourse X., "Upon a Fishe's running away with the Bait,' and Discourse XV. Upon catching a store of Fish at a baited place."'

54 BRITISH FISHES. A Familiar History of British Fishes. (Published under the direction of the Committee of General Literature and Education.) Elegantly illustrated with several hundred beautiful engravings on wood. 12mo, handsomely bound in hf. green morocco, antique, gilt top, rough edges, &c. $2 75. London, N. D.

A fine copy. Each page neatly ruled in red.

55 BROOKES, DR. R. THE ART OF ANGLING, Rock and Sea-Fishing; with the Natural History of River, Pond and Sea-Fish.

[blocks in formation]

Illustrated with 133 Jno. Watts, London, 1740.

FIRST EDITION, with the original advertisement from the London Evening Post, July 10, 1750. "In the preface, the author states that he has the assistance of Mr. Chetwood,' a slip of the pen, probably, for Chetham, as I find passages in the work copied textually from the Angler's Vade Mecum.' Dr. Brookes was rector of Ashney in Northamptonshire, and was also the author of a 'Natural History,' in 6 vols. 12 mo, 1763."-T. WESTWOOD.

56 BROOKES, DR. R. THE ART OF ANGLING. Now improved with Additions, and formed into a Dictionary. Illustrated with 135 cuts, the whole forming a Sportsman's Magazine, and comprising all that is curious and valuable in the Art of Angling. Sml. 8vo, cf. gilt. $1 75.

London, T. Lowndes, 1766.

This edition was edited by the Rev. Moses Browne, the author of the "Piscatory Eclogues," and the reviser of Walton's "Angler," 1750, '59, 72.-T. W.


The same. 5th edition with great improvements, front. and cuts, 12mo (8vo), new hf. cf. neat. $2 00. London, 1781.

58 BROUSSONET, AUGUSTE. ICHTHYOLOGIA SISTENS PISCIUM descriptiones et Icones. 11 fine plates of Fish. Roy. 4to, paper. $3.50.

London, &c., N. D. 59 BROWN, J. J. THE AMERICAN ANGLER'S GUIDE; or, Complete Fisher's Manual for the United States; containing the Opinions and Practice of the Experienced Anglers of both Hemispheres, with the various modes adopted in Ocean, River, Lake and Pond Fishing, the usual Tackle and Baits required, &c., &c. 4th edition, containing over 100 pages of useful and instructive information, profusely ilustrated with engravings on steel, stone and wood. 8vo, cloth. $2 75. New York, 1857.

The first edition was published in 1845, 18mo, and subsequent ones in 1846 and 1849.

60 BROWN, WILLIAM. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SALMON, as ascertained by the recent experiments in the artificial spawning and hatching of the Ova and rearing of the Fry at Stormontfield, on the Tay. Front. plans, &c. 12mo, handsomely bound in hf. green levant, ant., gilt top, uncut, by BosQUET. $2 00. Glasgow, 1862.


Another copy, same edition, new hf. cf. extra. $1 75.

Glasgow, 1862.

62 BROWNE, MOSES. ANGLING SPORTS: in nine Piscatory Eclogues. A new attempt to introduce a more pleasing variety and mixture of subjects and characters into Pastoral, &c. 3d edition, corrected. Front., 12mo, old cf. neat. $4 00.


Presentation copy from the author with his autograph.

London, 1773.

THE SAME. 12mo, new hf. red morocco, gilt top. $2 75.

Lond., 1773.


64 Browne's Piscatory Eclogues, another copy. Third edition. 12mo, cf. gilt.



Lond., 1773.

GENERAL VIEW of the FISHERY of GREAT BRITAIN, drawn up for the consideration of the undertakers of the North British Fishery. 8vo, new hf. cf. neat. $3 00. Lond., 1794. 66 BUCKLAND, FRANK T. FISH HATCHING, woodcuts. Post 8vo, new hf. green mor., gilt top. $2 50. Lond., 1863.

H. THE FISHER Boy; a Poem, comprising his several avocations during the four seasons of the year, by H. C., Esq. Engraved front. by Finden. 12mo, cf. extra. $1 25.

Lond., 1709.

68 CARDANUS, HIERONYMUS. LES LIVRES de la SUBTILITÉ, et subtiles inuentions ensemble les causes occultes, et raisons dicelles, traduit de Latin en Francois, par Richard Le Blanc, diagrams, &c. Thick 8vo, old cf. gilt, red edges. $4 00. Paris, par Guillaume le Noir, 1556. Waltonian Library No. XI., cited by Walton in his Compleat Angler, Part i. Chap. vii., with reference to a "raining of frogs.'

"The reputation of Cardanus as a philosopher and physician was so great that in 1552 he was invited to Scotland to attempt the cure of Dr. John Hamilton, Abp. of St. Andrews, brother of the Regent, and succeeded in relieving him of an asthma. On his return home he passed through London, where he cast the horoscope of Edward VI. He is said to have starved himself to death to make his prognostication of his own death come true."

69 CARROLL, W. THE ANGLER'S VADE MECUM, containing an account of the Water Flies, their seasons, the kind of weather that brings them most on the water, the whole represented in twelve colored plates, to which is added a description of the different Baits used in Angling and where found. Post 8vo, mor. gilt. $2 50. Edinburgh, 1818.

70 CATALOGUE [BETHUNE LIBRARY]. A BIBLIOGRAPHICAL CATALOGUE of the WALTONIAN LIBRARY belonging to the estate of ROBERT W. COLEMAN, deceased, late of Cornwall, Lebanon Co., Pa., by Joseph Sabin; handsomely printed on laid paper. 8vo, paper, uncut. $5 00. New York, 1866.

ONLY 75 COPIES PRINTED. "The collection of this Waltonian Library was the life-long labor of the late Rev. G. W. Bethune, from whose estate it was purchased by Mr. Coleman."

It includes 28 different editions of Walton, also numerous works having no direct connection with the subject of Angling, being for the most part authors cited by Walton in his "Compleat Angler."

71 CATALOGUE OF BOOKS ON ANGLING (Sir Henry Ellis'), with some brief notices of several of their authors. 8vo, hf. crimson cf.

$5.00. Lond., Bensley, 1811.

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