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A GENUINE WALTONIAN LIBRARY, of which the following Catalogue presents an unrivalled example, has got to be a designation as distinctive and intelligible as that of a grand "Shakspeare Collection." It is a singular fortune which the neat diminutive volume entitled "The Compleat Angler; or, The Comtemplative Man's Recreation," first published by Richard Mariot in 1653, shares with its simple companion in moral beauty, the "Vicar of Wakefield," in drawing to itself a school of admirers and imitators. As the novelette of Goldsmith is universally received as the purest idyl of English domestic life; so the little "Discourse of Fish and Fishing," by Izaak Walton, is accepted as another picture as perfect of the out-door rural delights so happily associated with the engaging sport which is its theme. The secret of this is both in the writer and the subject. The gentle, amiable, kindly nature of Walton breathes in every page of his work, which treats of an occupation the most conducive to the simpler harmonies of life and character. The associations of the fisherman in every walk of his varied calling are with scenes of grandeur and beauty, whether he tempts the stormy main or carries his pursuit into the sequestered rural landscape. The angler is of necessity a patient, meditative man, in intimate communion with nature, inhaling her freshest influences, and partaking insensibly of her unaffected graces. Good health, which implies so much of practical virtue, we are told is a characteristic of those who under severe hardships follow the calling for a subsistence. How much may this generous effect be enhanced when the charms of literature and religion are added to its recreations, the book of Izaak Walton, “ of heavenly memory," has demonstrated to its world of admirers. To enter fully into the philosophy of this would lead us into a long dissertation, when our purpose is at present only to invite attention to the array of volumes set before the reader in our catalogue.

First, as is fitting, of the grand centre, the nucleus of the whole, the editions of Walton's own work. Here are no less than the best specimens of fifty-six editions, simple reprints or annotated copies of "The Compleat Angler," a unique collection. There were five in the author's lifetime, varying between the years 1653 and 1676, the last having for its companion the inseparable twin work of Cotton. This series and their successors are all here, from the original little pocket volume with its clear-cut plates of silver transparency, from the graver of Lombart or Faithorne, along through the era of revival in the numerous editions of Moses Brown of "Piscatory Eclogue" fame; of Sir John Hawkins, the "unclubable" friend of Dr. Johnson, first biographer of Waltonprecursors these of a long line of commentators, including our own Bethune, and not yet exhausted, for the subject grows with the development of science, and Agassiz is busy to-day with researches which will unquestionably find their way into future annotations. A whole world of bibliography gathers about this modest little volume and its


numerous progeny, as it seems to share, on the booksellers' shelves, the fecundity of the fish it describes. Its "chronicle" has indeed been written by a true worshipper of the art, Thomas Westwood; and much may the reader learn from his elegantly-printed quarto of its texts, its growth, its manipulations by scribes of all sorts, the wise and the unwise; of the luxury of paper, print, and artistical work, heaped upon it by successive publishers till it culminates, in the hands of Major and Pickering, in the splendid octavos so richly adorned by the drawings of Stothard, Inskipp, and Absolon. The extra "illustrators," of whom America numbers not a few, are still busy upon it, led on by such brilliant examples as that of Mr. Symond Higgs' quarto copy of Bagster's first edition, amplified with nearly three hundred additional prints and drawings, rare portraits, proof impressions, monuments, etc., bound by Gosden, "the bands of the book being made of wood from the door of Cotton's fishing-house, taken off by Mr. Higgs near the lock, where he was sure Old Izaak must have touched it."

But Walton, ample as is the stock of books on the gentle science bearing his honored name, is but one of a huge host covering the pages of our Catalogue. To say nothing of materials drawn from the ancients, the list ascends in England and on the continent to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. That early noble female writer, parent of the stock of lady authors of Great Britain, Dame Juliana Berners, immortal in her "Treatyse of Fysshinge with an Angle," in the typography of Wynkyn de Worde, is represented in a copy of Haselwood's almost as rare annotated reprint. Of another age we have the learned works of the natural historians, Conrad Gesner and Aldrovandus, with the strong and quaint woodcuts of the sixteenth century; choice copies to be treasured along with the rare Salvianus, and with the later scientific works in the collection of Duhamel, Daniel and Yarrell. The Catalogue is, in fact, studded with the costly antiquities of the theme and its modern philosophical exhibitions. Curiosities in minor works, of equal rarity with those already mentioned, abound in the list, naturalists and sportsmen of every grade bringing their contributions from all lands and climates. Of these, what offerings could be richer than such a treasure of art as that presented in the sumptuous work of Mrs. Bowditch, with the drawings from her own pencil of the fishes of the rivers of England, "heightened with silver and gold "?

It is an honest company, and they consort well together, with a spice of the fraternal rivalry so delightfully witnessed in their prototypes in Walton's loving dialogue. Pity that an entertainment of such guests should ever be broken up. In passing down the long tables, and looking at the numerous array, and listening to the instructive and delightful talk bubbling up on the Fisherman's art, beloved of all men, nature and science wedded to literature and art, will not the reader join us in the wish that such a sitting may be rendered perpetual,-not an author or his book of them all separated from the rest, but the whole gathered where the public of succeeding generations may admire the group within the walls of some one hospitable Library?

706 BROADWAY, New York, May 20th, 1873.




Breeding of Fish, and Construction of Fish-Ponds, by the Hon.
Roger North, with a fine series of plates colored by the Author. Roy.
4to, cloth, $3 50.
London, 1794.

2 ALBERTUS MAGNUS. DE SECRETIS MULIERUM. Item, de Virtutibus Herbarum, Lapidum et Animalium. Thick 16mo, new hf. cf. gilt. $2.00 Amstelodami, 1669.

3 ALDROVANDI, ULYSSIS. OPERA OMNIA: Ornithologia, 3 vols. 1599-16401603 de Insectis, 1602-Animalia exanguia, mollia, crustacea, etc. 1606-Pisces et Cetae, 1612-Quadrupedes solidipedes, 1616—Quadrupedes Bisulci, 1621-Quadrupedes digitati, 1637-Serpentes et Dracones, 1640-Monstrorum historia cum paralip. hist. omnium Animalium, 1642-Musaeum Metallicum, 1648-Dendrologia Naturalis, 1668, together 13 vols. folio, several hundred woodcuts, newly bound in hf. mottled cf., contents lettered, red edges. $50 00. Bononiæ, 1598-1668. FINE COPY of the Best Edition. It was formerly in the monastery of Grimberghe in Belgium.-T. W. No one can read the works of Aldrovandus without perceiving the wonderful amount of scientific knowledge he possessed in all branches of Natural History, while the woodcuts, rough as they seem when compared with the illustrations of modern works, must be considered excellent for the time in which he lived, and the species may easily be recognized.

4 ALDROVANDI, ULYSSIS. DE PISCIBUS, Lib. V. et DE CETIS. Lib. I, beautiful old woodcuts of Fish, etc., folio, old stamped calf, rebacked, fine copy. $6 50. Bononiæ, 1613.

Waltonian Library, No. 2.

Cited by Walton in his "Compleat Angler." Pt. I. Chap. 5, 6, 12 and 13.-T. W.

5 ALEXANDER, W. A JOURNEY TO BERESFORD HALL, the seat of Charles Cotton, Esq., the celebrated author and angler; a lithographic facsimile of the MSS., frontispiece. 4to, new hf. cf. gilt. $2 50. London, 1841. 6 [ANDERDON, J. L.] THE RIVER DOVE; with some quiet thoughts on the happy practice of Angling. Thick 12mo, handsomely bound in green cf. extra, g. 1. $5 00. Lond., Pickering, 1847.

A former edition was printed for private circulation, without date or printer's name.

7 Angler (The). A Poem; by Piscator, see LATHY. T. P. Angler in Ireland. See BELTON.

8 ANGLERS (THE). Eight Dialogues in Verse. p. 8vo, calf gilt. $3 50.

FINE COPY, very scarce.

London. Printed for E. Dill, 1758.

Presentation copy to Yarrell from Jonathan Couch, Esq., author of "Fishes of the Brit. Islands.

4 v.

"Attributed, and apparently on sufficient grounds, to Dr. Scott, a Dissenting Minister of Ipswich, the author, among other works, of a translation of the Book of Job into English Verse. This work was reprinted in Ruddiman's Collection of Scarce, Curious and Valuable Pieces, both in Prose and Verse.' 8vo, Edinburgh, 1773.”—T. W.

9 ANGLER'S COMPANION. Being a description of where to find, and how to fish the various swims in the Horse and Groom, Sea Bridge, and White House Fisheries. Front., folding map, and vignettes. 12mo, hf. cf $1 00. London, Piper. N. D.

Originally issued in 1840 as the "Angler's Guide."

10 ANGLER'S COMPANION, being a Complete Practical Guide to Angling; with the properties, names, and where to be found, of all River Fish, &c., to which is added Nobbs's "Art of Trolling." 12mo, hf. green cf. $0.75c. Lond., N. D.

11 ANGLER'S COMPLETE ASSISTANT; being an Epitome of the whole Art of Angling. Containing at one view the Harbours, Seasons and Depths for catching all sorts of Fish usually angled for; &c., &c. 4th Edition compiled from the best authors. 4to, hf. green mor. neat. $4 50. Lond., N. D.

Very scarce.

"I find no indication in any sale or other catalogue of the earlier editions of this work."-T. WESTWOOD.

The present has numerous paper cuttings from "Field and Farm," &c., inserted.

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12 ANGLER'S POCKET BOOK; or Complete English Angler; containing all that is necessary to be known in that Art. Also NOBBS' CELEBRATED TREATISE on the ART OF TROLLING, with appendix, &c. 3d Edition. 12mo, paper, uncut. $1 00. Lond., 1805.

Angler's Progress: A Poem. See BOAZ,

Angler's Souvenir. See CHATTO.

13 ANGLER'S SURE GUIDE; or, ANGLING IMPROVED and Methodically Digested; showing when and how to gather and provide the best materials for Fishing Tackle. The most proper Baits to delude and take all sorts of Fresh-water Fish. Names, Nature, &c., of various Fish, &c., &c., &c., by R(obert) H(owlett), front.: and plates of Fish. 12mo (8vo). Rebacked, cf. gilt, scarce. $450. Lond., 1706.

This book is generally attributed to Robert Howlett. The work would have had greater merit on the score of originality had it preceded Chetham (“Angler's Vade Mecum "), to which it bears a somewhat close resemblance. There is an imitative pedantry, too, in the preface, savoring overmuch of the same type. Howlett carries the praise of Angling to almost the same heights as the writer of the "Pleasures of Princes," styling it "a Kingly, Princely, Noble and I had almost said Divine Science and Exercise."-T. W. Haworth, 20s. Corser, 20s. Angler's Vade Mecum.

See CHETHAM (Jas.).

14 ANNUAIRE Du Sport en FRANCE, guide complet du Sportsman, La Chasse, Vocabulaire de Vénerie et de Chasse. Canotage. La Pêche. Indicateur du sport à Paris. Publié sous la direction de M. Eugène Chapus. 12mo, hf. red cf. gilt. Paris, 1859.


15 AMERICAN ANGLER'S GUIDE, containing the Opinions and Practice of the best English and American Anglers, with the modes usually adopted in all descriptions of Fishing; method of making Artificial Flies, etc. Plates and vignettes on wood. 4th edition, revised. 12mo, handsomely bound in new hf. green morocco, gilt top. $3 00.

FINE COPY, scarce.

American Angler's Guide. See, BROWN, J. J.,

New York, 1849.

16 AMUSEMENS de la CHASSE et de la PECHE, où on enseigne la manière de pren

dre toutes sortes d'oiseaux et animaux à quatre pieds, etc., avec un Dictionnaire de la Chasse et de la Pêche. Cinquième édition augmen

tée. 2 thick vols. 12mo, cf. gilt. $3 50. Amsterdam, etc., 1743.

A pirated Reprint of Liger's "Amusemens de la Campagne," the first edition of which appeared in Paris, 1709.-T. W.

17 ART de TOUTE SORTE de CHASSE et de Pêche, avec celuy de guerir les Chevaux, les Chiens, et les Oiseaux. Et un Dictionnaire de la Chasse, etc. 2 vols. 12mo (8vo), old cf. extra, fine copy. $400.

Original Edition, scarce.

Art of Angling. See INNOCENT EPICURE, 18 ARTEDI.


Lyon, 1719.

PETRI SYNONYMIA PISCIUM, sive Historia Piscium Naturalis et Literaria ab Aristotelis usque aeuo ad seculum XIII. deducta duce Synonomia, etc. Plates, 4to, hf. cf. $400. Lipsiae, 1789.

New Atlantis, etc.
edges. $4 50.

Waltonian Library, Nos. 5 and 6.

Engraved front., sm. fol., new hf., mottled cf. red
London, 1651.

The History of Life and Death is cited by Walton in his "Compleat Angler," Part 1. chaps. 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13. The Sylva Sylvarum, Part I. chaps. 5, 7, & 13.


PROSE HALIEUTICS or Ancient and Modern Fish Tattle. Thick post 8vo, hf. green morocco, extra, red edges. $2 75.

Reprinted in part from Fraser's Magazine.

London. 1854.

21 BARKER, THOMAS (of Bracemeale, Salop). ART of ANGLING; wherein are discovered many rare Secrets, very necessary to be knowne by all that delight in that Recreation. Sm. 4to, pp. 18, hf. red morocco, gilt. $7 50.


London, Printed in the yeare 1653.

The first edition was published in 1651, under the author's name. A reprint of the first edition was published by Burn in 1820, and the above edition was reprinted at Leeds by Inchbold and Gawtress in 1817.

"This is the Barker from whom Walton says (Complete Angler, ch. 5)' he derived his principal knowledge of fly-fishing, in which he himself was no adept."-DR. BETHUNE.


THE SAME. Burn's reprint of the original edition, 1651. 12mo, elegantly bound in full green morocco, extra, gilt edges. $2 75.

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Only 100 copies. 23 BARKER'S DELIGHT: or The ART of ANGLING, wherein are discovered many rare secrets very necessary to be known by all that delight in that Recreation, both for catching the Fish and dressing thereof. The Second Edition, much enlarged, by Thomas Barker, an ancient practicioner of the said Art. 12mo (pp. 52), also in the same vol. BowLKER'S ART of ANGLING (original edition, Worcester, N. D.), 2 vols. 12mo in one, calf gilt. $22 50. London, 1657.

This edition and that of 1653 differ most curiously in the text, and would seem to have been printed from different Mss. The edition of 1657 being called in the title the 2d, it is probable that that of 1653 is a surreptitious one (though the text in some places seems more correct), the first having been printed in 1651. "Barker's Delight" is inserted in the "Young Sportman's Miscellany,' 12mo, 1836. In the Epistle to the Reader, Barker speaks of himself as having practised Angling for half a century. Barker was the first promulgator of the heresy of salmon roe.-T. W.

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