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103-105 Mlami Avenue


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Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis, 30.
Chemistry of Digestion, 81.
Chineso Obstetrics, 240.
Cholecystectomy, 160.
Cholecystitis and Chronic Pancreatitis, 160.
Clinic, Metcalf's, 88, 123, 157, 198.
Clinical Reports, 20, 25.
Co nic Dilator, 6.
Complete Inversion and Prolapse of the Uterus, 21.
Contagious Disease Hospital, Detroit, 129, 133.
Correspondence, 28.
Cotton Reservoir and Waste Box, 214.
County Health Officers, Should We Have, 48.
Cruickshank, Dr. G. L., 162.
Cystic Duct, Obstruction of, 158.
Cystic Cvaries, 237.
Cystocele, Lacerated Perineum with, 238.
Damp Detector, 142.
Deaths, 28, 61, 171, 249, 290.
Defects of the Agglutination Test, 61.
Dermoid Cyst of the Ovary, Without Adhesions,

90, 123.
Detroit Academy of Medicine, 22, 54, 287, 313.
Diabetes. Etiology of, 150.
Dickerson, Dr. Spenser C., 150.
Dickinson, Dr. Wm. L., 120.
Diabetes Insipidus, 155, 166.
Digestion, Chemistry of, 81.
Digestive Disturbances, Gall-Stone Disease and, 275.
Diagnosis of Aseptic Foreign Bodies in the Orbit,

Difficulties Attending, 253.
Of Gall-Stone Disease, 104.

Of Preumonia, X-Ray in, 255.
Differential Diagnosis


Treatment of the
Chronic Non-Tubercular Joint Diseases, 13.
Dionin, 29.
Diphtheritic Serum, Local Action of, 251,
Douche Point, Expanding, 178.
Duty of the State in the Care of Crippled and De-

Aaron, Chas. D., M. D., 81.
Abdominal Section, Immediate Mortality in, 253.
Academy of Medicine, Detroit, 22, 54, 287.
Accessory Sinus Disease, Some cases of Uveitus

Due to, 174.
Acme Triturator, 213.
Actinomycosis, 137.
Additions to staff of Detroit College of Medicine,

Agglutination Test, Defects of the, 61.
Alumni Clinic Week, 60.
American Climatological Society, 94.
American Journal of Tuberculosis, 167.
Amoebic Dysentery, 127.
Aneurysm from Bullet Wound, 162.
Ankylosis of the Wrist, Treatment of Gonorrheal,

Announcement of change of volume, 311.
Annual Address, Wayne County Medical Soc., 243.
Anti-Tuberculosis Society, 28.
Anus, Congenital, Partial Ati of, 160.
Anzinger, Dr. F. P., 191.
Apoplexy, The Prevention of, 250.
Appendicitis, 123.

And Progress, 24.

Mortality of, 139.
Appendix, Nail in, 239.
Ascariasis and Typhoid Fever, 191.
Association of Military Surgeons, 205, 207, 242.

New Devices Exhibited Before, 282.
Atresia, of the Anus, Congenital, Partial, 160.
Ballin, Dr. M., 20, 228.
Beaumont, Wm., Inferences of, Concerning Gastric

Digestion, 83.
Behring, Emii Adolph, 148.
Biddle, Dr. Andrew P., 312.
Bilateral Hysterical Amaurosis, 64.
Biliary Colic, 93.
Bladder Neoplasms, primary, 308.
Blodgett, Dr. Wm. E., 13.
Blood Pressure in Disease, 63.
Bloodless Hip Operation, 66.
Book Reviews, 33, 69, 105, 142, 179, 215, 258, 290,
Border Line Between Ophthalmology and General

Medicine, 39.
Breisacher, Dr. Lu, 276.
Breslau and Its Surgical Clinic, 209.
Brown, Philip King, M. D., 73.
Bunion Shield, 256.
Cabot, Dr. Richard C., 6, 73.
Cancer, 320.
Cancer of the Bowels; resection of over 3 feet of

intestine; cure, 306.
Cancer and Sarcoma, Final Results in the X-Ray

Treatment of, 255.
Capsule Forceps, 67.
Carcinoma of Cervix Uteri, Inoperable except as

a palliative treatment, 229.
Carpal Scaphoid and Semilunar, 175.
Case-History. Clinic, 6.

formed Children, 195.
Dysmenorrhoea, 91.
Education in the United States, Medical, 255.
Effect of Tobacco, 254.
Electrotherm, 67.
Endocarditis, 226.
Epilepsy, Prognosis of, 30.

Treatment of, 252.
Eternal Anti-Vaccinationists, 242.
Ether and Chloroform Dropper, 68.
Etiology of Diabetes, 150.
Exomphalos, 209.

Exophthalmos. Pulsating, 20.
Experience with staining the skin with argyro], 119
Exstrophy of the Bladder, 233.
Fallopian Tube, Primary Carcinoma of the, F1
Fecal Fistula, 161.

Perforating Distal End of Appendix, 229.
Fechheimer, Dr., M. A., 155.
Feeding Hungry School Children, 175.


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Fibro-lipoma, Surrounding the Rectum and Sis-

moid Flexure, Extensive Obstructing, 157.

Polyp, 127.

Fibroid of Uterus, 90, 157, 199.

Ficker's Diagnostikum for Typhoid Fever, 62.

Final Results in the X-Ray Treatment of Cancer

and Sarcoma, 255.

F'insen, Neils R., 183, 184.

Flintermann, Dr. Johann. 226.

Foreign Bodies in the Eye, 176, 253.

Frank, Dr. Mortimer, 217.

Gall-Stones, 104, 276.

Ganglion, 251.

Garber, Frank W., 1.

General Medicine, Border Line Between Ophth-

almology and, 39.

General Practitioner, Nose and Throat Work for

the, 42.

Gonorrhoeal Peritonitis, 198.

Rheumatism to Seminal Vesiculitis and Its Cure

by Seminal Vesiculotomy, Relation of, 209.

Salpingitis, Acute, 238.

Gorgas, Col. W. C., 37.

Grand Rapids Medical Library, 314.

Graves' Diseases, Treatment of, 253.

Hackett, Dr. W. A., 46.

Hackley Hospital, 1.

Hartz, J. F., 232.

Head Lamp, 33.

Heart Massage, Resuscitation by, 252.

Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis, 226.

Hickey, P. M., M. D., 162.

Hirschman, Dr. L. J., 118.

Hospitals for Small Cities, 25.

Hygiene, Individual Factor in, 73.

Progress of School, 109.
Hysterectomy. Abdominal, 126.

Last Resort, to Relieve Local Pain and Reflex
Disturbances. 201.

On the Sexual Function, The Effect of, 103 .

Illuminating Outfit, 32.

"Imprisonment at Hard Labor and Typhoid

Fever," 95.

Individual Factor in Hygiene, 73.

Inferences of Wm. Beaumont Concerning Gastric

Digestion, 83.

Ingiis, Davia, M. D., 132.

Injuries to the Eye, 64,

Instruction in Hygiene at West Point, 311.

International Medical Congress, 172.

Intestinal Stenosis, 226.

Intra-Uterine Applicator, 257.

Intussusception, 320.

Invalid Elevator, 178.

Inversion of the Uterus, 124.

Isthmus of Panama, Sanitation on, 37.

Japanese Army, 23.

Jennings, Dr. Charles Godwin, 109.

Joint Diseases, 13.

Kennedy, J. B., M. D., 306.

Kiefer, Dr. Guy L., 148, 243.

Kidney, Stone in the, 62.

Kitzmiller, Dr. F. E., 48.

Lacerated Perineum with Cystocele, 238.

Legislature, The, 96.

Leucocytosis in Purulent Affections, 193.
Ligation of Carotid, Successful, 20.
Local Action of Diphtheritic Serum, 251.
Local Anesthetic, The Use of Sterile Water as a,


Luxations at the Shoulder in Childhood, Treat-

ment of Congenital and Acquired, 252.
Lyons, Dr. A. B., 221.
MacMillan, Dr. J. A., 21.
Mann, Dr. Fred'k. W., 181.
Marriages, 171, 249, 290.
Mayo Robson-Cammidge Test, 160.
Medicine in the Philippines, 251.
Medical Acts of the 1905 Legislature, Notes on, 131.

Diagnosis, 34.
Education of the Public, 203.

Literature, 286.

Metcalf, Dr. Wm. F., 53.

Clinic, 88, 123, 157, 198, 229.

Metritis. 157.

Chronic, 126.

Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery, 246.

Alumni Clinic, 97.

Michigan State Board of Registration in Medi.

cine, 314.

Michigan State Medical Society, 98, 131.

Miculicz, Nothnagel and, 166.

Mikulicz, Prof. 210.

Milk Ordinance, Detroit's New, 55.

Morse, Dr. John L., 211.

Mortality, Disability, and Permanancy of Cure in

Surgery, 175.

In Abdominal Section, Immediate, 253.

Of Appendicitis, 139.

On the Isthmus, 57.
Multiple Abscesses of Spleen, 226.
Museum in Medical Teaching, 29.
Myoclonus Multiplex (Paramyoclonus-Convulsive

Tremor). 163.
Nail in Appenõix, 239.
Nasal Septum, 30.
Naval War, '04-05, Notes on Experiences During the

Russo-Japanese, 261.
Neglected Perforating Appendicitis, 230.
Neuralgia, Operation for, 65.
New Devices Exhibited Before the Association of

Military Surgeons, 282.

New Instruments and Devices, 31, 67, 141, 171, 213, 256.

New Names in the Pharmacopoeia, 241.

Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, Recip-

ients of the. 145, 181.

Nobel, Alfred Bernard, (photograph), 183.

Nose and Throat Work for the General Prac-

titioner, 42

Notes on Experiences During the Russo-Japan-

ese Naval War, 1904-1905, 261.

Nothnagel and Miculicz, 166.

Obstetric and Surgical Bag, 141.

Obstruction of Cystic Duct, 158.

Ocrtel's Stethoscope, 31.

Ohlmacher, Dr. A. P., 172.

Operative treatment of Myopia, 310.

Opportune Epidemic, An, 164.

Orr, Dr. H. Winnett, 195.

Osler's Farewell Address, 174.

Our duty to the child from a dental standpoint, 319.

Pancreatitis, Cholecystitis and Chronic, 160.

Pawlow Ivan Petrovitch, (Pavloff), 186.


Peritonitis, Gonorrhoeal, 198.

Personal Experience in the Employment of Me-

chanical Vibration in the Treatment of Rectal

Diseases, 120.

Pfeiffer's Glandular Fever, 209.

Pharmacopoeia of 1900, 221.

New Names in, 241.


Phimosis, 160.
Pneumonia, X-Ray in the Diagnosis of, 255.
Poisoning Case, 141.
Post-graduate School, 26.
Prevention of Apoplexy, 250.
Prinary Bladder Neoplasms, 308.
Primary Carcinoma of the Fallopian Tube, 51.
Prognosis of Epilepsy, 30.
Prolapse of the Uterus, Extreme, 233.
Prostatic Sound, 142.
Prostitution, 176.
Public playgrounds, 312.
Public Schools and Medicine, 165.
Puerperal Infection, 126.

Sepsis, 202.
Pulsating Exopthalmos, 20.
Pyelitis, 92, 138.
Pyosalpinx, Double, 126, 237.
Read, Sir William, 217.
Real Triumph of Japan, 297.
Kecent Epidemics in Michigan, 204.
Recipients of the Nobel Frize in Physiology and

Medicine, 145.
Records of the Medical Service of the Japanese

Army, 23.
Rectal Applicator, 257.
Rectal Diseases, Personal Experience in the Em-

of Mechanical Vibration in the
Treatment of, 120.
Red Cross, Reorganization of the, 286.
Kenal Tuberculosis, Surgical Treatment for, 138.
Reorganization of the Red Cross, 286.
Repair of Cervical and Perineal Lacerations, 206.

Vesico-Vaginal Fistula Through an Incision in

the Anterior Bladder-Wall, 53.
Request for Site for Tuberculosis Sanatorium, 243.

For Volunteer Physicians and Nurses, 288.
Resection of Nasal Septum, 30.
Resolutions of the Wayne County Medical So-

ciety, 250.
Retention of Urine, Some Points on, 46.
Responsibilities of Surgery, 284.
Retirement of Dr. Biddle, 312.
Rich, Dr. Herbert M., 83.
Robbins, Fred'k. W., M, D., 308.
Ross, Major Ronald, 181.
Russo-Japanese Naval War, 1904-1905, Notes on

Experiences During, 261.
Safford, Dr. Homer E., 186.
Sanitation on the Isthmus of Panama, 37.
Sanatorium, Request for Site for Tuberculosis, 245.
Schenck, Dr. B. R., 24, 51.
Schools and the Progress of School Hygiene, Medi-

ical Supervision of, 109.
Seaman, Louis L., 297.
Seminal Vesiculitis and Its Cure by Seminal Vesi-

culotomy, The Relation of Gonorrheal Rheu-

matism to, 209.
Sepsis, Puerperal, 202.
Sexual Function, The Effect of Hysterectomy on

the, 103.
Sherrill, Dr. Edwin S., 145.
Snurly, Dr. B. R, 42.
Should We Have County Health Officers? 48.
Siderosis Bulbi. 240.
Sill, Dr. Joseph, 193.
Sinegma Bacillus in Genito-Urinary Tuberculosis,

Sphygmomanometer, portable, 321.
Spirillum in Syphilitic Lesions, 284.
Spirochaeta Pallida, Staining of the, 320.
Spirometer, 213.
Splenumedullary Leukemia, 175.
Sponge in the Abdomen, 161.
Slapleton, Dr. W. J., 163.
State Journal Movement, 130.

Meeting, 96.
Sterile Water as a Local Anesthetic. Use of, 115.
Sterilization of Cutting Instruments, 61.
Stone in the Kidney, 62.
Subinvolution, 126.
Surgery, Mortality, Disability and Permanency of

Cure of. 175.
Suzuki, Dr. S., Surg. Genl. Imperial Japanes

Navy, 261.
Syphilitic Lesions, Spirillum in, 284.
Syphilis, Origin of. 103.
Tenaculum Forceps. 32.
Tetanus, Fourth of July, 251.
Therapeutic Notes, 167.
Thermometer, Travelers', 68.
Tobacco, Effect of, 254.
Transmanual Ausculation and Ulnar Palpation, 291.
Treatment of Acute Nephritis in Childhood, 211.
Cancer and Sarcoma, Final Results in the X-

Ray. 255.
Congenital and Acquired Luxations at the
Shoulder in Childhood. 252.
Epilepsy, 252.
Gonorrheal Ankylosis of the Wrist, 104.
Graves' Disease, 253.
Rectal Diseases, Personal Experience in the

Employment of Mechanical Vibration in the,

Renal Tuberculosis, Surgical, 138.
Triplets in Uterus Bicornis, 29.
Tubercular Peritonitis, 229.
Tuberculosis, Smegma Bacillus in Genito-Urinary,


And Travel, 130.
Tuberculous Peritonitis, 139.
Typhoid Fever, Ascariasis and, 191.

Commission, 57.
Ficker's Diagnostikum for, 62.

From Personal Contact, An Epidemic of, 252.
Urine Examination, 63.
Urinal, New Male, 214.
Urinary Sugars of the Pregnant, Parturient, and

Lactating Woman, 104.
Uterine Dilator, Richter's Parallel, 257.
Uterus Bicornis, 29.

Coniplete Inversion and Prolapse of, 21.
Uveitis Due to Accessory Sinus Disease, Some

Cases of, 174.
Vaginal Hysterectomy, 157, 233.
Varney, Dr. H. Rockwell, 184.
Vesiculotomy, The Relation of, 209.
Vibration in the Treatment of Rectal Diseas

Personal Experience in the Employment

Mechanical, 120.
Visiting Nurses, 285.
Walker-Gordon Dairy, 60.
Waste Box, 214
Wayne County Medical Society, 22, 54, 97, 206, :

250, 286, 313.
Wheelock, Dr. Kent K, 39.
Wyman, Dr. Hal C.. 239.
X-Ray in the Diagnosis of Pneumonia, 255.

Treatment of Cancer and Sarcoma, Final K.

sul in, 255.
Yellow Fever in Michigan, 206.


Smith, Dr. Eugene, 240.
Some Points on the Retention of Urine, 46.

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One of the first things that strikes the eye on entering the Hackley Hos-. pital is a brass tablet bearing this inscription, “Established May 28th, 1902, by Charles H. Hackley, for the relief and cure of the sick and suffering, and for the promotion of Medical Science." The fact that one of the prime objects of this magnificent institution is the furtherance of medical knowledge makes it of especial interest to physicians. While broad in its charity and true to its purpose to relieve the sick and suffering, it does not seek to do so at the expense of the physician, as so many of these charities do, but has inanifest the most liberal policy toward the profession from the start. Two of the nine trustees are physicians. The staff embraces practically every doctor of medicine in the city, the purpose being that all shall share its advantages and grow with its growth.

Such an institution as this the profession of Muskegon has long desired, and when Mr. Hackley announced in the spring of 1902 that he would build and equip a hospital, the physicians of the city went to him in a body to express their gratitude and to pledge their support. His unstinted liberality to Muskegon in the way of manual training school, library, parks and monuments, to which he had given over one and a quarter million of dollars, led us to expect much and we have not been disappointed. Beside the endowment of $100,000.00, the hospital and grounds have cost over $200,000.00.

Having determined the size of institution demanded by a city of Muskegon's population, the only restriction placed upon the trustees has been, "get the best of everything."

Hackley Hospital is built on the pavilion plan, there being really four buildings in one. It occupies four city blocks, thus giving ample room for expansion and providing recreation and breathing place for convalescents. It has an extreme length from east to west of two hundred and four feet, and is composed of a central administration building which faces the north and connected on either side by wide corridors are the east and west pavilions which are devoted to wards and private rooms for patients. Back of the administration building is the service building in which are the kitchen, dining rooms for help, the laundry, and the power, heating and lighting plant. The buildings are constructed of the best material and are as nearly fire proof as modern construction can make them. The outside walls are of red pressed brick with foundation and trimmings of Bedford stone. The roof is a red tile. The building is so placed that every room has sunshine at some hour of the day.

As one enters the administration building he is ushered into a spacious Detroit, Mich., April 15, 1905.

VOL. 5, NO. 1.

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