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Q Assisted at times by Solomon, Shake-
speare, Benjamin Franklin, Ruskin,
Walt Whitman, Ali Baba, Walt Mason
and other Liteary Lallapaloosas se

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Copyright 1920 by The Roycrofters

AL 1786,3,28.5





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YE build on the thoughts: we think ! Over

Beethoven's writing-table there was a framed motto which he kept ever before him:

I am that which is: I am all that is, that
was, and that shall be. No mortal man
hath lifted my veil. He proceeds from
Himself alone, and to Him alone do all
things owe their existence seu sou sou seu son

Those who knew him best said that his life was molded and shaped by the sentiments of this motto. Above William Morris' desk these words were carved:

He that continueth unto the end,
the same shall be saved see you soon

No one needs to explain that William Morris persevered and conquered. Possibly the motto helped! On the wall of Ruskin's Library were the words:

The waste places shall be made green;
and the desert shall blossom like the rose.

And above Elbert Hubbard's desk there swung by handwrought iron chains, a half-log of oak on which was carved:

"Blessed is the man who has found his work."


these MOTTOES being

microscopic, we can not even afford bookkeeping, and so we ask our friends to Remit with Orders.

Q If ordered in quantities special prices given on request.

( Postage paid any place in the United States.

THE ROYCROFTERS EAST AURORA, NEW YORK mottoes are printed is, for the most part, handmade so Three


different grades are used, namely: Charcoal Cover, Italian Handmade, and the Imperial Japan Vellum. Sometimes these mottoes are on English Boxmoor. Some mottoes are illuminated for the elect. The prices of mottoes vary according to the paper on which they are printed and the amount of hand-illumination:







On Italian Handmade, illumined .

Size, 11%2x 1572 inches
On Italian Handmade, illumined initial

Size, 11% x 1572 inches
On Italian Handmade, plain

Size, 11% x 1572 inches
On Charcoal Cover, illumined

Size, 103/8 x 738 inches
On Charcoal Cover, plain

Size, 1038 x 73/8 inches
On Italian Handmade, illumined initial

Size, 73/8 x 1038 inches
On Italian Handmade, plain

Size, 738 x 1038 inches
On Alexandra Japan, illumined

Size, 634 x 634 inches
On Alexandra Japan, plain

Size, 634 x 634 inches






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