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3. Is not the appearance of the fourth division beautiful ? 4. Caius said his armies had been conquered by my

cavalry. 5. Give beautiful arms, Titus and Portia, to my cavalry! 6. The generals of my armies had been conquered by

the fourth division of the Gauls. 7. Come here, Portia, avoid the ugly bodies of the

dragons, and promise to give standards to my

armies ! 8. Caius and I were brought here to say that we ex

pected our armies and the fourth division would be conquered.

[blocks in formation]

1. We shall have been brought to the city to be seen

and heard by the king. 2. Balbus's good sisters said that the birds would be

brought here to be sold. 3. Do ye think that Cæsar will come here to be

conquered by Balbus? 4. My horse will be brought to Rome to be sold. 5. My brothers had promised to give me their dragons. 6. I understood that Balbus's big dragons were being

brought here to be held. 7. The girls would have been advised to sell their birds. 8. We shall be seen, heard, and praised by Balbus.

20. B.

1. The foolish husbandmen thought that we were being

conquered. 2. Caius says that his daughter was frightened at your

dragons. 3. We believe that the dragon was brought here to be

seen by us. 4. The judge's bad son was expecting that we should

be conquered. 5. I was saying that the husbandman's daughter had

been seen.

6. Do you think that my dragon is being held by the

bad robber? 7. The sad boys do not think that they will be praised. 8. The happy girls said they had been advised to

return home.

[blocks in formation]

1. The robber's daughters will think that we are being

conquered. 2. Balbus would have said that your letter had been

written. 3. You and Caius do not think that our armies were

conquered by Cæsar. 4. My daughter says she has been advised to buy your

horses. 5. Your son said that his horse had been given to

Balbus. 6. Balbus -and I do not think that your sisters will be

praised. 7. We were saying that our sons had been praised by

your sister.


Do you think that the queen's gardens have been

seen by Caius ?

20. D.

1. My son's friend said that Caius had been conquered

by your army. 2. Caius thinks that the queen's horses have been

given to my sister.

3. The good judge's daughter hopes that her voice will

be praised. 4. You and I were saying that the letter was being

written. 5. The foolish sailor's bad son says the letter was

written by Caius. 6. My brothers will say that they were advised not to

return home. 7. My sister's sad sons had expected to be conquered. 8. Did you think that Portia and I had been advised to

buy a horse ?

20. E.

1. Do you think that the armies of the brave Gauls

will be conquered ? 2. Balbus's good sisters thought I had been advised to

come here. 3. Your sisters will say that we were conquered by

Cæsar's army.

4. The bad judge's daughters think that the letters are

being written. 5. You and I believed that our dragon was being held

by Balbus. 6. We should have thought that your sister had been

frightened by a lion. 7. You and Balbus were brought here to be seen by

my army. 8. The robber's daughters had promised to give me

their horse.

[blocks in formation]

1. Balbus and my sister said they had been seen by

the robber. 2. Caius and I think that the Gauls will be conquered. 3. My sisters had hoped to see you


brothers. 4. We believed that the soldiers of your army were

being conquered by Caius. 5. My brothers will think that you and Caius have

been conquered by my army. 6. I believe that Balbus said he had conquered the

Gauls. 7. Do you think that the Gauls expected to be

conquered ? 8. My sisters are said to have been heard by the queen's


20. G.

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1. We all expected that you and your brothers would

be conquered. 2. My sister says she was seen and heard by the

robbers. Did you

think that Balbus and I were conquering the Gauls ? 4. I believe that Portia hoped that the Gauls would be

conquered. 5. Caius was saying that your sisters had been seen

by us. 6. Balbus and my sister said that the great dragons

were being held by Caius.

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