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4. Whose horse do you think I bought ? 5. Having come here, I asked this girl who she was and

what she was writing. 6. Being frightened at these lions' voices, that girl ran

to the gates of this camp to see the general of my

army. 7. This little judge was asking us who that big robber


8. Balbus and you were asked what you




this army.

23. E. 1. Who do you think the girls whom we saw were ? 2. Balbus and I had asked the general of this army

what he was going to do. 3. Do you know what these soldiers said to that

cavalry ? 4. Being asked what we were doing, we said we were

writing letters. 5. This girl says she did not know who Caius and I




Caius and I heard that you had expected that these

soldiers would be conquered. Do you know whom the Gauls we saw have con

quered ? We believe that your sister does not know what we

have said to the robbers.



23. F. That which Balbus said was bad. We asked him

what he had said,

2. This is the girl who said that. These are the boys

whose brother you saw. 3. Those girls that you saw said they were Caius's

sisters. I had asked who they were. 4. The judge asked me who I was, and what I was

doing, and who my sister was. 5. They will ask

you are,


you are doing, and who


brothers are. 6. Do you know who the girls are and what they have

done ? 7. That girl's brother says he is this boy's father. 8. Who built the wall that you saw ? Who did you

think had built it ?

23. G.

1. What do you think these robbers will do? I don't

know what they have done. 2. I believe that those girls asked Caius whose walls he

had built. 3. This little judge says he shall ask Balbus whose

dragons he is holding. 4. The girl, being seen by that judge, said, “ Who do

you think I am ?5. These soldiers, having caught that robber, said,

“Who are you, and what are you doing?" 6. That robber being caught by these soldiers, was

asked who he was and what he was doing. 7. You and Caius will be asked what you said to this

girl's brother. 8. Did

would be asked what you were going to do?

you think you

23. H.

1. Balbús, having conquered his enemies, returned to

this camp to ask us what we should do. 2. Caius, having heard that I was writing letters, said

he did not know what you would do. 3. I believe that your sister, being asked what she

should do, replied that she should build walls. 4. Caius, having come here, asked me what I had said

to this robber. 5. Balbus says that he knows who you are and what

you have done. 6. You and I were asked what we should say to this

boy's good sister. 7. Caius and you will be asked who you are and what


have done. 8. This judge having said he had conquered Caius,

promised to give me a horse.

23. 1.

1. My sister having advised me not to return to Rome,

came here to ask Caius what he should do. 2. Not having heard who you were, I came here to ask

Portia what she had done. 3. Having asked my brother what he expected the

Gauls would do, I said I would return home. 4. I


sister will be asked who you are, and.what you said to this husbandman. 5. Do you suppose that Balbus knows what we are

doing, and what Caius said to Portia ? 6. I don't know what he expects you and I shall do.

expect that

23. J.

1. What does Portia think I asked Caius to do? 2. Who do you suppose advised me to buy your horse ? 3. Caius, being asked what he expected we should say,

replied that he hoped we should praise him. 4. They say that Portia, being asked who advised her

to come, replied that she had been sent here by


5. What did you say you thought I had done ? 6. Caius and I, n'ot having heard what you had done,

and whose horse you had bought, were hoping that you and Portia would ask us what we should buy.

23. K. 1. Having returned here to buy horses, I asked your

mother what she would say to Portia. 2. Not having heard what Caius had done, I asked my

brother who Portia was and what she was writing. 3. Do you know what she expects we shall say ? 4. Whose son did you think I had hoped to see? 5. Balbus says he did not know who you and Caius


6. Being asked what I had said and whose army I had

conquered, I replied that having conquered the Gauls, I had asked Portia what she would do.

23. L. 1. Did you know who she had said we were ? 2. Caius says he doesn't know what we shall do.

3. Having advised Portia not to trust the army of the

Gauls, I asked my brothers whom they had

conquered. 4. Who do you think built this wall that you see, and

what do you suppose I am doing ? 5. My sister and I, not having heard what you were

writing, came here to say we had been advised

to return to our camp. 6. My brother says he expects to be asked whose wall

he built, and whose horses he hopes to buy.

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