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24. A.

1. Do


know what Balbus had to do ? 2. I don't know what your sister and this girl have

to do.
3. I was asking you what this judge had to do.
4. We said that we had had to hold dragons.
5. What did

and Caius


had to do? 6. The girls we saw said they had to write letters. 7. These judges that you see did not know what I was

going to do. 8. I believe that these girls, being frightened at the ugly

dragon's voice, did not know who Balbus was.

24. B.

1. Balbus has to write letter and I have to hold a

dragon. 2. You and I had to write letters. What had Caius to

do ? 3. Do you know what I have to do ? Caius


I have to hold a dragon. 4. What do



sister had to do? She said she should build walls. 5. Did you know whose wall we had to build ? I

thought you had to build Balbus's wall. 6. What did you think I was going to say I had to do? 7. Had you letters to write, Lavinius, and walls to

build ? 8. We shall be asked what we had to do ?

24. C.

1. My sister said she had to write a letter. 2. The good judge says he has to blame the bad robber. 3. I should have asked your sister what Portia had

to do. 4. The foolish husbandmen had thought that you

and I had to hold dragons. 5. You and I will be asked what we thought Balbus

had to do. 6. I believe that my sister was advised to say that she

had to write letters. 7. The bad robber, being asked what he had to do,

replied that he had to avoid lions and judges. 8. Caius and I, being asked what we had had to do,

were replying that we had had to build this wall.

24. D.

1. My brother's daughters will think that you have to

walk to the city. 2. We had thought that you and your sister had to

write letters. 3. Balbus was brought here to say that his sister had to

return home. 4. I believe that Caius, being frightened at the big lion's

terrible voice, said he had to walk to Rome.


5. I have been advised to say that I had to build your

walls. 6. Being asked what he had done, the bad husbandman

said that he had advised these robbers to avoid

that judge. 7. I thought that your sister, having heard the terrible

dragons' voices, said she had to return to my

house, to ask me what she must do. 8. The boys, whose voices you say you heard, expected

to be brought to this judge, to be asked what they had to do.

24. E.

1. The girl you saw has been asked what she had to do. 2. Caius says he did not know what my brother had to

write. 3. Having come here, Portia and I asked these boys

what their mother had to do. 4. - Cæsar, having promised to lead his army to Gaul,

was advised by this general to say that he had

to conquer our enemies. 5. Do you suppose that Caius, having promised to buy

my horses, returned to the city to say that he

had had to hold a dragon. 6. Being asked not to walk to Rome, I said I should

return to Balbus's house, to say that Portia had

to write letters. 7. What did you think that my sister said she had

expected that you and I would do ?

24. F. 1. Balbus and the girl who saw us, were saying that

they had asked Portia who she was, and what

she had to do. 2. My sisters, being seen by this robber, said they

hoped the good judges would come. 3. What shall you say that Caius and I have to do ? 4. The boys, whose father you and Portia saw, were

expecting to be asked who they were, and what

they had to do. 5. Balbus, having promised to come here to hold a

dragon, asked me what I had to do. 6. I replied that I had to advise the judges to blame

the bad robber. 7. My sister was saying that she had been advised by

the sad husbandman to ask the robbers what they had to do.


25. A.

1. Balbus said that his sister had walked to the gates

of the camp to ask the soldiers who they were,

and what they were going to do. 2. This robber's sons were saying that they thought

you and Caius would be conquered. 3. What do

you think these girls said they had to do ? 4. Do

know what


says that boy had to write ? 5. These girls

' brother, being asked what he had to do, said that he had to walk to that city to buy

horses. 6. Who did she say that her brother was ? She said

he was a judge. 7. That judge's little sister is come here to ask what we

are going to do. 8. I do not know who built the walls which you say

you saw.

25. B.

1. I believe that Balbus, having held these dragons,

came here to see you. 2. Do you know whose wall Balbus and his sister have

built ? 3. We don't know who that robber is, but we think he

is Balbus.

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