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6. Balbus and the girls we saw, having promised to

come here to be seen by us, said they should advise the robber not to trust this judge.

25. K.

1. Caius and the boys to whom you promised to give

your horses, having come here to ask my sister what she had to do, said that Cæsar had conquered the Gauls and was returning to Rome

to advise the soldiers not to trust our enemies. 2. What did you say that your sister was going to

advise you and me to write ? 3. Come here, Balbus and Julius, and advise these boys

that you see, not to hold the husbandman's

dragon. 4. Balbus and I said that we were well aware that

Cæsar had been conquered by our cavalry, and was hoping to avoid the soldiers of the fourth

division. 5. My sisters, having promised to give the girls you

saw their horse, were coming here to ask me what I expected Balbus would do?

25. L.

1. The boys, whose voices you and Caius thought you

had heard, say they have come here to advise

Portia not to return home. 2. Having walked to the city of Rome to see the horses

which Caius had bought, I asked my sister to write letters and to give me her flowers.

3. Not having believed that our armies had been

defeated by the cavalry of the Gauls, I sent my brother to ask Cæsar what he had done and what

the soldiers were going to do. 4. Cæsar sent my brother to say that he had conquered

the soldiers of the fourth division and was hoping

to conquer the cavalry. 5. I was expecting that your sisters and their husbands

would be sent here to say that Cæsar was being conquered by our armies.

25. M.

1. Being asked what my sisters' husbands had had to

do, I replied that they had had to walk to the

city of Rome to buy horses. 2, My sister and her son, being advised to give me a

horse, promised to come here to give me their

books. 3. Don't


think that Balbus did not know what you and I had said we should do ? 4. Cæsar, having said that he should not return to his

camp, and that he was hoping to conquer his enemies, sent Balbus to advise me to avoid the

soldiers of the fourth division. 5. My sister and I expect that we shall be asked what

we have to do, and what we are going to say to

this cavalry. 6. Having given my horse to the boys who saw you, I

returned home to advise Portia to say that she would write letters.

25. N. Having heard that Balbus had conquered the Gauls and was returning to our camp, I sent my

soldiers to ask him what he should do. He replied that he had hoped that you and I would walk to Rome to see his brother, and he said that, being advised not to trust Caius, he should soon return to the city and ask him what he had done. Having heard these things, I promised to give Balbus's cavalry the arms I had bought, and I said to the slaves he had sent, that I was not afraid of the forces Caius had collected, but should write letters to the generals of our army and advise them to avoid him. I expected that Balbus, hearing this, would come here and advise me not to write letters ; but he replied that what I had promised to do was difficult, and that he hoped we should soon conquer our enemies.

25. 0. Cæsar, having conquered the cavalry which the

general of the Gauls had sent, and having heard that Caius was collecting great forces and was hoping to avoid our armies, sent a slave to the city of Rome to say that he was returning to his camp, and to ask the judges what he must do. The judges replied that what Cæsar had done was good, and that they expected he would be praised ; but that they advised him not to trust the soldiers Balbus had sent.

They promised to give him the horses bought by Portia, and having asked his slave what Caius and his' cavalry had done, they said he must return to Cæsar,

These things being done, Cæsar blamed the robbers

who had been caught by the husbandman's son, and advised Titus to bring them to our camp to be frightened by Balbus's dragons.

25. P. My sister and I, having finished the difficult work

which Caius and the judges you saw had advised us to do, were hoping that Portia and her husband would come here to see us and praise our work ; but we soon heard that she had returned to the city of Rome to buy the horses which Balbus had promised to sell, and we supposed that she did not know what we had done. We know now that she and her daughter expected to see us on the fourth day, and that they sent a slave to ask Lavinius to give them the nightingale, whose voice we were hoping to hear.

25. Q. Caius says that Balbus never believed that the

Gauls would come here to conquer Cæsar, but expected that their general, having collected his forces, would return to his camp. But Titus and I think that Balbus was foolish. We know that the Gauls had great hope of many victories, and that their general, having heard that Cæsar was in Gaul, where he had sent the fourth division of the Roman army, was well aware that our men were fearing death and hoping to be brought to Rome. And we believe that Cæsar was advised not to trust the fourth division, but to lead the army he had brought into Gaul to the Roman camp.

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25. R. “Give me the horse you bought, Julius !” said Titus

to me. “ I shall not give it to you, Titus," I answered : I promised to give it to my sister, but I know that Caius has bought a beautiful horse, which he expected would be praised : I advise you to ask him to give it to you.” " What do you advise me to say to him?” said Titus. “I advise you to write a letter,” replied I, “and


asked me to give you the horse I had bought; that I replied I had promised to give it to my sister, but that I said I knew Caius had bought a beautiful horse, and that I advised you to ask him to give it to you.”

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25. S.

“I hear that Cæsar has collected his forces, and is returning to Rome," said Titus to me.

" I know he has conquered the Gauls," I replied, “but I

6 do not believe he is returning to Rome. I understand that he has sent a general to ask the Roman judges what they advise him to do.” Having said these words, I walked to the city to see Balbus. Having heard that I had seen Titus, Balbus asked me what he had said. I answered that Titus had heard that Cæsar, having collected his forces, was returning to Rome, and that I had said that I knew Cæsar had conquered the Gauls, but did not believe he was returning to Rome, but understood that he had sent a general to ask the Roman judges what they advised him to do.

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