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4. The husbandmen's mothers fear Portia's brothers. 5. The lions' voices were frightening the master's

daughters 6. The king's daughter loves the husbandman's rose. 7. They were praising the husbandmen’s gardens. . 8. The judges will see you and blame Caius.

5. F. 1. Balbus's sisters are frightening the husbandman's

brother. 2. The girls' brothers were praising the slave's

daughters. 3. The king's daughter praises the judge's sons. 4. The queen's sons will avoid the slave's sisters. 5. The husbandmen's sons fear the boys' voices. 6. The judge's brother does not praise the robber's

daughter. 7. The sons of the robbers will avoid the judges. 8. The girl's brothers are holding Balbus's dragon.

5. G.

1. The queen's brother praises the king's sister.
2. The lions' voices frighten the husbandman's son.

The king's daughters do not fear the lion's voice. 4. Balbus's sons were building the judge's walls. 5. The girls' voices will frighten the queen's dragon. The husbandman's daughter was not avoiding the

slave's sister.

7. Caius's son will not praise the dragon's voice.
8. The judge's brothers laugh at the robber's sons.

5. H. 1. The king's brother was avoiding the robber's sisters. 2. The lions' voices frighten the queen's sons. 3. The judge's sister will fear the lion's voice. 4. The master's daughter is building a wall. 5. The robbers are avoiding the husbandmen's brothers. 6. They were teaching you and Portia's brother. 7. Caius will be afraid of the dragons' voices. 8. The girls were blaming the king's slaves.

5. I. 1. They were praising you and Portia. 2. The kings love the queen's roses. 3. The lions will avoid the judge. 4. The husbandman's sister will blame you. 5. He was fearing and avoiding the master's son. 6. Portia and the judge will see the queen. 7. Caius was building the kings' walls. 8. The queens are blaming and frightening the kings.

5. J.

1. The judges will avoid and fear the fox.
2. The lion was frightening the girls' fathers.
3. The boy's mother does not see the rose,

4. He was praising the queen's garden. 5. The judge's sister will avoid the robber's sons. 6. The slave's brothers were afraid of the lions' voices. 7. The kings blame you

and Portia. 8. Caius's daughters do not teach the husbandman's


5. K. 1. The boys were walking and laughing at Balbus's

dragon. 2. The queen's brothers will see you and blame Caius. 3. Portia's sons are afraid of Balbus and the queen's

dragons. 4. They will build the king's tables and the wall of

the garden. 5. The husbandmen's sisters were praising the robber's

roses and the judge's gardens. 6. The kings and Portia are holding the masters' roses. 7. The boy and the girl will frighten the judges'

daughters. 8. Caius's daughter does not see the slave's mother.

5. L. 1. The boys' mothers were fearing and avoiding

Caius's fox. 2. The foxes' voices will frighten you and the king's


3. Balbus's mother does not see the husbandmen's


4. The judge was praising me and blaming Portia's

brothers. 5. Caius's brother and sister love the master's daughters. 6. The slave's father and mother will see Caius and you. 7. The girls see and fear and blame the queens'

dragons. 8. The queen's slaves build the king's walls and tables.


6. A.

1. The bad king was frightening the good girls. 2. The good boys will see the foolish robber. 3. My sister does not praise the bad husbandmen. 4. Your brother was building my wall. . 5. My brother's daughters will hold the bad dragon. 6. The sad queens were blaming the bad judges. 7. The good king's little sister will laugh at your son. 8. My brothers are not afraid of Portia's big lion.

6. B.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

Your sisters were building Balbus's long wall.
The good judge's brother sees the bad slave's son.
The sad husbandmen's sisters were holding the little

The wretched girl's mother will blame the sad slaves.
The master's good sister is not afraid of the big lions,
My sons were praising the good husbandman's sad

The good slaves' mothers laugh at the bad judge's




The little sons of our sisters were fearing your

brother's black dragons,

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