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2. Our mother was writing a long letter and Caius was

coming 3. The terrible dragons will come and frighten your

sisters. 4. Caius's good brothers were conquering the beautiful

queen's enemies. 5. My sisters will walk, but your brothers will run. 6. The happy boys do not hear the great dragon's

terrible voice. 7. The master's sons were coming and were frightening

the fox. 8. The terrible lion does not hear the girl's foolish


7. G.

1. My brother's sad daughter was hearing and praising

your voice.

2. The good king's beautiful sister will

come and conquer the Gauls. 3. The bad robbers hear the good judge's terrible voice. 4. Our sister is writing a letter, but your brothers are

running 5. The sad Gauls were running and avoiding their

enemies. 6. The good king is coming and is conquering the sad

Gauls. 7. The black dragons were coming and the wretched

robber was running. 8. Your sisters' happy sons will hear the black dragons'


7 H.

1. The bad robbers are running and avoiding the good

judge. 2. The good judge's brothers will frighten and conquer

the robbers. 3. My sister's son was coming and frightening his

enemies. 4. The wretched husbandmen's sisters do not hear your

dragon's voice. 5. Your sisters will hear and fear my lions' terrible

voices. 6. The slave's beautiful sisters were running and avoid

ing my lion. 7. Our mothers are writing letters, but our fathers are

conquering Caius. 8. The judge's beautiful daughter will come and hear

your voice.

7. 1.

1. My sisters were not hearing your lion's voice. 2. The wretched slave's daughters will come and write

letters. 3. Our enemies are conquering Caius and the Gauls. 4. Our enemies' sons will conquer you and your

brother, 5. My brother is buying Balbus's birds and dragons. 6. Foolish Portia was buying your sister's black horse. 7. Your sister does not hear the brave Gauls' voices. 8. Many Gauls will come and buy our horses.

7. J.

1. Our sister was coming and laughing at Caius's birds. 2. The beautiful girls hear the great lions' voices. 3. My brother's daughters were buying the husband

man's birds, but were avoiding Balbus's dragons. 4. The wretched husbandmen will see and hear and

fear and avoid our lions. 5. My brothers' enemies are not conquering the sad

Gauls. 6. The good judges will come and see you and buy

your nightingales. 7. The bad robbers are running, but Balbus and the

good dragon are walking. 8. The wretched nightingale will hear and blame the

terrible lions' great voices.

7. K.




Balbus was afraid of the bad robbers and was

running. My sister will come and buy your horse and Portia's

beautiful nightingales.
The husbandman's bad enemies are conquering the

They will see and hear Caius and buy our horses.
Portia's terrible birds were coming and frightening

my brother's wretched daughter.
Our enemies were frightening and conquering the

good kings' brothers.

4. 5.


7. Portia is writing a beautiful letter, but Balbus is

buying a large horse and a bird. 8. Many enemies will hear and fear the brave Gauls'

terrible voices.

7. L.

1. Balbus was buying birds and holding dragons. 2. My sisters hear, fear, and blame the lions' voices. 3. Our mother will run and buy your brothers' horses. 4. Balbus and Portia do not hear their enemy's voice. 5. Our brothers' sons will come and write long letters. The good husbandmen are running and avoiding

their enemies' dragons. 7. My sister was coming and avoiding the brave queens'

terrible enemies. 8. Caius's foolish sisters hear and fear the happy boy's



8. A. 1. Balbus held his dragon. 2. The boy's sister would have seen a lion. 3. They heard my daughter's voice. 4. The girls saw a judge. 5. Caius had written a letter. 6. They will have written their letters. 7. The boys praised the judge's sister. 8. The good king's brother heard your voice.

8. B. 1. The good husbandman's daughter saw a great fox. 2. The brave queen conquered her enemies. 3. My sisters had feared the great lion's voice. 4. Balbus would have held great dragons. 5. The girls will have heard my voice. 6. The brave king's sisters do not fear the lion's great

voice. 7. My sister's good sons saw Balbus's dragons. 8. The husbandman's happy son heard my voice.

8. C. 1. The sad judge's good daughters heard the great

lions' voices. 2. The bad sons of the good husbandmen will write

long letters.

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