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The sad boys would have seen and heard my sister's


4. The foolish king had seen and avoided the bad

robber. 5. The bad robber's voice frightened the foolish queen's

brother. 6. My sisters and your brothers will have come. 7. Your brother's daughters saw and heard my



8. My brothers were buying horses and holding dragons.

8. D.

1. He saw and feared the great dragons. 2. The dragons had seen and frightened my sisters. 3. They will see and hear and avoid the king's lion. 4. The queen’s dragons saw and heard and feared you. 5. He would have seen and heard and avoided your

fox. 6. Your brothers see and hear and avoid the bad

husbandman. 7. The great lion's voice frightened the little girl's

brother. 8. The good judge's little sisters saw the girls' good


8. E.


They will have seen and heard and avoided your

My father and your brother are writing letters,


3. My sister and your brothers had written long letters. 4. My sister's sons wrote the good husbandman's letters. 5. They were hearing and fearing your sisters' voices. 6. They heard and feared and avoided my

sister's dragon. 7. He is running and avoiding the boys' foxes. 8. Our brothers would have seen and heard your sister.

.8. F.

1. Balbus's good son conquered the king. 2. They had written long letters. 3. He will hear the bad dragon's voice. 4. He would have feared the bad dragons' voices. 5. The sad girls do not hear my voice. 6. The good lions will run. 7. The queen’s bad brothers ran, and conquered Caius. 8. He saw the happy boy's good sister.

8. G.

1. They had seen the good husbandman's sons.
2. The good husbandmen came and saw you.
3. The father of the sad girls laughed at me.
4. They had built the king's walls.
5. They saw the sad girl's bad brothers.
6. My sisters would have feared and avoided

you. 7. Your brother will have come and seen the king. 8. The beautiful girls praised our mother's voice.

8. H.

1. The good king heard my voice. 2. The bad boy had avoided my

sisters. 3. The girls praised your son. 4. The slaves had seen the king. 5. The judge would have feared the lions. 6. The robbers will have seen Balbus. 7. The girl had seen the good kings. 8. The judges would have seen Caius.

8. I.

1. My sister had run and bought Caius's horses. 2. Our brothers came and saw their enemies and con

quered Balbus. 3. Balbus would have seen and feared


lions. 4. Caius's wretched sisters will come and buy your

son's birds. 5. My enemies have not conquered the brave queen. 6. Your sisters' sons saw and praised my daughter. 7. My sons' enemy came and saw and frightened Portia. 8. Portia's foolish brother had not avoided the bad king.

8. J.

1. My sisters had seen you and heard their sons' voices. 2. Portia and Balbus came and bought my nightingales. 3. Our brothers would have bought your birds and

praised your nightingale's beautiful voice,

4. The robbers are buying horses, but they do not hear

the judge's terrible voice. 5. My sister came and saw Balbus and blamed and

frightened the dragon. 6. They will have come and seen and heard and

praised you. 7. They will run and see and hear and praise your

brother. 8. Our enemies have seen and heard the brave queen,

but they have not conquered us.

8. K.

1. The good judge had seen my gardens and bought

my roses. 2. Your brothers would have laughed at the girls'

voices and blamed Caius. 3. Our enemies will have come and conquered the

Gauls. 4. The brave king's daughter praised her slaves' sisters. 5. My sister has come and has bought your horses. 6. Our mothers would have seen, heard, and praised

you. 7. My brother's daughters are building long walls, but

my sisters are writing letters and laughing at

Portia. 8. The wretched husbandmen's foolish brothers came

and saw Balbus and held the sad queen's dragons,

8. L.

1. My brothers have come and seen your sisters' sons. 2. The bad boys had not praised the good husband

man's garden. 3. Your sister would not have been afraid of our

dragon's voice. 4. Caius's brave sister held my lion and laughed at the

Gauls. 5. The robbers had heard us and avoided our horses. 6. The sad queen's brother would have taught you and

blamed the judges' bad sons. 7. Our enemies are coming and conquering the brave

Gauls. 8. The good husbandman will come and buy your

horses and frighten Balbus's birds and dragons.

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