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A. 1. We were frightening Balbus's dragons. 2. I shall praise the good king's daughter. 3. I had avoided the robber's bad sons. 4. I was hearing the sad dragons' voices. 5. We said that Balbus was foolish. 6. I thought that you

would 7. I should have written long letters. 8. I am not afraid of the nightingale.


12. B. 1. Do you think that the robbers frighten Caius ? 2. We had thought that Balbus was holding dragons. 3. We think that

have seen


queen. 4. I thought that I should conquer the Gauls. 5. I shall say that the girls are running. 6. We were saying that we should come. 7. I shall have avoided your daughters. 8. You will hear that I have seen the judge.

12. C. 1. We should have heard and seen your sisters. 2. I shall come and see and conquer the Gauls. 3. I think that you will hear Balbus's voice.

4. We thought that your son saw the lion.
5. I thought that you had seen the judges.
6. I had heard that you were conquering Caius.
7. We think that Caius is afraid of the lion.
8. We shall say that you are holding bad dragons.

12. D.

1. I said I had seen your sons and Caius's happy

daughters. 2. We thought your sisters would praise the good

husbandman's sons. 3. Balbus and I were hoping that your sisters would


4. I believe that Caius and your sister saw the queen's

great dragon. 5. Do

you think that the bad boys wrote letters ? 6. You would have said that the judge's sister was sad. 7.

and Caius expect to see me and my sister ? 8. I had thought that you and your brother were

building long walls.

Did you

12. E. 1. We said we had seen your brother's good daughters. 2. Do you think Caius expected to conquer the Gauls ? 3. I had expected that the good judge's sister would


4. Balbus says he thought we were buying horses. 5. Caius and I shall say that you and Balbus are

writing letters.

6. I believe that your sister thinks I expected to see

Caius. 7. My brothers say that your daughter promised to



Did you believe that I had promised to write a


[blocks in formation]

1. Do


think that the girls will see the queen ? 2. I said that I saw a lion. 3. I was saying that Caius had seen a dragon. 4. We thought that your daughters would come. 5. You thought that I had come. 6. We shall hear that the king is conquering the Gauls. 7. Did you say that you should write letters ? 8. We should have thought that you were afraid of the

lion's voice.

12. G.

Did you say

1. We had thought that your sister would come. 2.


you had seen the judge ? 3. Ye think that the king's soldiers will conquer the

Gauls. 4. You will hear that I am writing a letter. 5. We said that the girls were foolish. 6. I don't think that your sisters are afraid of the lion. 7. The kings thought that Balbus had held a dragon. 8. My sister had said that she was writing letters.

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12. H. I thought that Portia was Balbus's sister. 2. Caius and I had expected that you

would come. Were you hoping that I should see your sons ? 4. Do



sister said she would come? 5. Did you say you had heard that we were sad ? 6. I do not believe that you expect to see Portia. 7. We shall


sister will come. 8. My brothers say they heard that you and I had come.

12. I.

1. I have heard that you hope to see my sisters.
2. Shall you say that I think you are sad ?

Caius and I had expected that your brothers would


4. I believe that Balbus said he had conquered the

Gauls. 5. You and Portia had promised to come. 6. I should have said that your daughter was beautiful. 7. My sister's sons said they expected to see you and



8. Do you think Caius and I were afraid of the dragons'

voices ?

12. J.

1. Did you say you had heard I was coming ?
2. Do you think I believed you had come ?
3. I don't think my sister has promised to come.
4. We were saying that our sister had been foolish,

5. The girls will say that their brother is not foolish. 6. I had said that I thought you would not come. 7. Did you hope to see and hear my sister's son ? 8. You and your daughter hoped to see our brothers'


12. K. 1. Balbus and I had avoided Caius and conquered the

queen's enemies. 2. You and your sister would have come here and

bought our horses. 3. I thought you and your son had promised to come. 4. We know that Portia expected to see you. 5. Did I say that I had hoped to conquer my enemies ? 6. We came here and said we had seen Caius's sons. 7. Does the good husbandman think that I saw his

sister's son ? 8. We shall have seen Portia and heard your voice.

12. L.

1. I shall see and hear and praise the good slaves. 2. Have you heard that Portia and Balbus are come ? 3. Balbus and I had not expected to see you. 4. I hope you will praise the good girls' brothers. 5. You and your sister would have said we were foolish. 6. You and I were expecting to avoid the bad robber. 7. I said I was not afraid of nightingales. 8. Did the big robber say he had avoided the judges ?

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