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13. K. 1. I said I had come here to see you and Portia. 2. We had advised Caius and you not to buy the

horses. 3. Do you expect that Balbus will come here to see

and hear us ? 4. Were you hoping that my sister would come here to

see you and buy your horses ? 5. I believe that Caius is walking to Rome to buy

flowers. 6. Cæsar says he has come here to conquer the Gauls. 7. Our enemies will think we have come to conquer

Caius. 8. I should have advised

you to build my table.

13. L. 1. Shall you walk to the city of Rome to buy a dragon ? 2. Caius says he came here to see and hear the king's

daughters. 3. You and I had walked to Rome to write letters. 4. Have advised


sister's son not to write letters ? 5. I was asking Portia to buy the good husbandmen's



6. Portia and Caius asked me not to frighten their

mother. 7. The girls had asked you and me to praise their

brother. 8. The judges will advise you and Caius to see and

hear their sisters.

[blocks in formation]

1. We should have given Balbus's sister our flowers. 2. Your brother's daughters gave me their roses. 3. The girl said she would give me a flower. 4. Balbus said he had given Caius a horse. 5. You promised to give me your horse. 6. She promised to give me her horses. 7. Your sister said that she believed me. 8. I said that I had not believed



14. B.

1. I had given you and your brother my books. . 2. Balbus came here to give dragons to his son and

daughter. 3. The girls promised to give their brothers birds and

flowers. 4. I think that my sisters gave you and your son their

flowers. 5. Shall


horse ? 6. I thought that you were giving flowers to the happy

girls. 7. We said that we had given the judge our horses. 8. Didn't you promise to give me and my sisters your

roses ?

you give Caius

14. C.

1. Balbus and Caius gave their horses to the judge and

the husbandman. 2. I said that I had given Caius and Balbus my horses. We had thought that you and your brother would

give roses to the king. 4. The girls were promising to give me and my sisters

their flowers. 5. I came here to give the boys my flowers. 6. The girls will come here to give my brother flowers. 7. Don't


think that Balbus is giving his dragons to the judge ? 8. I thought that the good husbandmen would give you

and me their fox.

14. D.

1. I have come here to give you my flowers. 2. We said that Balbus had given Caius a horse. 3. Do you think that Caius's sister will give me her

flowers ? 4. We would have come here to give your son, our

books. 5. My daughters had promised to give the judge their

flowers. 6. Your brother says that I gave Caius a horse and a

dragon. 7. The judge hopes that I shall not give Balbus my

dragons. 8. I believe that Caius asked us to give his sister our


14. E.

1. I asked Balbus to give me his horse.
2. My sister had promised to give you her flowers.
3. Caius says he promised to give you a dragon.

4. Balbus said he did not believe Portia.
5. I have advised Cæsar not to trust the Gauls.
6. Cæsar said he had not trusted his enemies.
7. We have come here to give you our horse's.
8. Has Portia promised to give you her horse ?

14. F.

1. My sister's son was promising to give me a horse. 2. Caius said he would give his sister his horses. 3. I asked you not to give Balbus your dragon. 4. I believe you came here to avoid my dragons. 5. Do you think that Balbus believes Portia ? 6. Portia said she should not trust the Gauls. 7. I shall ask Balbus not to trust our enemies. 8. He has asked Caius and me not to trust his brother.



15. A. 1. You and your daughter had promised to come. 2. Balbus and I were hoping to see your sister. 3. My sisters have advised me not to walk to Rome. 4. Your brothers promised to give me their horse. 5. Balbus was asking us to give his sister a dragon. 6. I should have advised you not to trust the bad robber. 7. Caius says he advised us to come here. 8. Did you think I had asked you to come here ?

15. B.

1. You and I were expecting to see and hear Portia. 2. The good husbandmen say they have come to see us. 3. I have come to see you and hear your voice. 4. We had advised you not to trust the robbers. 5. Caius says the king promised to give us a horse. 6. My son thought I was asking him to come. 7. Did you say that Portia was coming to see us ? 8. I thought your sister would come to see us.

15. C. 1. Did

your brother expect that we should come ? 2. Caius and I have promised to give Balbus a fox. 3. My brother thinks that the judges praised your sister,

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