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Very interesting and lovely thanks

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ako te hvana nyakude 6te sksam ot ebane

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i hate this book do not read it at all

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Rohan shah
Period 2
Mr. Smith
In the book “Europe: a history “written by Norman Davies takes us through the journey of Europe. This book is extremely informative and is a good choice to recommend to someone who is doing a history report on Europe. It is narrated by Norman Davies and focuses on the happenings of the middle ages.
The book tells the reader a great deal about the middle ages. This includes the lifestyle, the people, their activities, their duties and the church and its conflicts. It also tells you about every single hill and crater in Europe and its inhabitants, which included the Saxons, the Germans, the Turks, the franks and the British. This book informs us on all the battles of these tribes and their uprising and their decline.
Overall, it is a book that tells you almost everything there is you need to know about Europe. Also, it is a great source of knowledge to find information on the daily life of Europeans.

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At first I thought this would be very slow and detailed given the book's length but then very quickly realised this will have to fly through history at lightspeed - before reading this book I never ... Read full review

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