The Adirondacks

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Century Company, 1917 - 370 pages

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Page 254 - If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he builds his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door.
Page 219 - I am a good captain, I would rather lose the tent and save my dedication. I am at Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks, I suppose for the winter ; it seems a first-rate place ; we have a house in the eye of many winds, with a view of a piece of running water — Highland, all but the dear hue of peat — and of many hills — Highland also, but for the lack of heather.
Page 219 - Now here we are in a kind of wilderness of hills and firwoods and boulders and snow and wooden houses. So far as we have gone the climate is grey and harsh, but hungry and somnolent; and although not charming like that of Davos, essentially bracing and briskening. The country is a kind of insane mixture of Scotland and a touch of Switzerland and a dash of America, and a thought of the British Channel in the skies.
Page 230 - ... extended and picturesque, that the view had always made a deep impression upon me. Many a beautiful afternoon, for the first four winters after I came to Saranac Lake, I had sat for hours alone while hunting, facing the ever-changing phases of light and shade on the imposing mountain panorama at my feet, and dreamed the dreams of youth; dreamed of life and death and God...
Page 220 - California to see her friends; it is rather an anxiety to let her go alone; but the doctor simply forbids it in my case, and she is better anywhere than here — a bleak, blackguard, beggarly climate, of which I can say no good except that it suits me and some others of the same or similar persuasions whom (by all rights) it ought to kill.
Page 194 - ... feet). Each sac is furnished with a single duct that leads into a prominent nipple-like papilla that is capable of being protruded from the anus, and by means of which the direction of the jet is governed.
Page 277 - In this remole place, amid these more than Alpine solitudes, a unique and beautiful monument has been erected whose inscription tells thus its brief but touching story : — " Erected by filial affection to the memory of our dear father, David Henderson, who accidentally lost his life on this spot, by the premature discharge of a pistol, 3d Sept. 1845.
Page 222 - Well I remember you spoke to me formerly of your great possessions in the United States. If you have them still, I should like very much to have some in exchange for a part of that silver I have there in those wagons, and which may be pillaged at any moment. Take four or five hundred thousand francs and give me the equivalent in land.
Page 194 - His chief weapon of defence lies in the secretion of a pair of anal glands, that lie on either side of the rectum, and are imbedded in a dense gizzard-like mass of muscle which serves to compress them so forcibly that the contained fluid may be ejected to the distance of four or five metres (approximately 13 to i6> feet).
Page 342 - The spirit of the Adirondack Park is stated in the law that says that the land 'shall be forever reserved and maintained for the use of the people.' Every such statement, when backed up by enforcement, is a victory for democracy, and every victory for democracy is an advancement of ,the truest civilization. It is strange that we should have to go to the woods for the fulfilment of civilization. But it is very satisfactory and comforting. * * * "Years from now when the Hudson is lined with cities...

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