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world; and with greater particularity than hath yet been used, I have insisted on the persons of Moses, and the prophets, our Saviour and his Apostles, and in every of them manifested the rational evidences on which they were to be believed, not only by the men of their own age, but by those of succeeding generations. In the third book I have insisted on the matters themselves, which are either supposed by, or revealed in the Scriptures; and have therein not only manifested the certainty of the foundations of all religion, which lie in the being of God and immortality of the soul, but the undoubted truth of those particular accounts concerning the origin of the universe, of evil, and of nations, which were most liable to the Atheist’s exceptions, and have therein considered all the pretences of philosophy ancient or modern, which have seemed to contradict any of them ; to which (mantissæ loco) I have added the evidence of Scripturehistory in the remainders of it in Heathen mythology, and concluded all with a discourse of the excellency of the Scriptures. Thus having given a brief view of the design and method of the whole, I submit it to every free and unprejudiced judgment. All the favour then I shall request of thee is, to read seriously, and judge impartially; and then I doubt not but thou wilt see as much reason for religion as I do.




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