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Mare Island, Cal., sand-bars and deposits near
Metals, report of the board on testing iron, steel, and other
Military posts on northern lakes....
Militia force of the United States
Mining débris in Sacramento River..
Mississippi River commission, report of.
Mississippi, Saint Croix, Chippewa, and Wisconsin Rivers, sur-

veys on
Mobile Bay, survey of
Mobile Harbor, survey of .
Money refunded on customs duties for the year ended June 30,

1879; statement of the Secretary of the Treasury.. Monitors, double-turreted..

Nantucket Harbor, letter from Secretary of War transmitting sur-

vey of......
National debt, refunding of, and specie resumption, letter from

Secretary of Treasury transmitting letters and documents
relative to ...
National Board of Health, annual report of the.
Naval vessels, rules for.
Navy, Secretary of the, annual report of.

Embracing: Condition of the vessels of the Navy; squad

rons and vessels on special service; expenditures; esti-
mates; Navy pension fund; pay of the Navy and small
stores; Naval Academy; navy-yards; training system;
sanitary regulations; the rules of the sea; Naval Observa-
tory; construction of ships and necessities of a navy; pur-
chase of timber; operations of the bureaus. Supplement:
Detailed movements of vessels. Appendix: No. 1. Estimates
for Secretary's office, &c. No. 2. Naval Academy: Report
of superintendent; report of board of visitors; report of
cruise of Constellation; report of cruise of practice-tugs;
estimates for the Academy. No. 3. Bureau of Ordnance:
Report of chief of bureau; estimates, &c. No. 4. Bureau
of Equipment and Recruiting: Report of chief of bureau;
estimates. No.5. Bureau of Navigation: Report of chief
of bureau; report of superintendent of compasses; report
of chief hydrographer; report of superintendent Naval Ob-
servatory; report of superintendent of Nautical Almanac;
estimates of the bureau. No. 6. Bureau of Yards and Docks:
Report of chief of bureau; estimates. No. 7. Bureau of Pro-
visions and Clothing: Report of chief of bureau; estimates.
No. 8. Bureau of Steam-Engineering: Report of chief of bu-
reau; estimates. No. 9. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery:
Report of chief of bureau; estimates; statistics of health,
&c. No. 10. Bureau of Construction and Repair: Report
of chief of bureau; estimates. No. 11. Marine Corps : Re-
port of commandant; report of quartermaster; estimates
for quartermaster's department; abstract of offers for sup-
plies, &c.; estimates for paymaster's department. No. 12.
Survey of the Amazon. No. 13. Action between Huascar

and Chilian fleet.
Letter from, relating to a survey of an Interoceanic Canal...
Letter relative to sand-bars and deposits near Mare Island,..
Letter from, transmitting rules for naval vessels..

Relating to double-turreted monitors...
New York clearing-house and United States Treasury.
Newfoundland, alleged ontrage at Fortune Bay.
Noxubee River, report of survey of the ....

Oconto and Wolf Rivers, and Waukegan Harbor, surveys of ..
Offers for carrying the mails ....
Ohio, Rocky River Harbor, improvement of



No. Part.


[blocks in formation]

Pacific and Atlantic coasts, shipping between
Pacific and Atlantic coasts, trade between
Petersburg, Va., improvement of harbor at.
Pleuro-pneumonia in neat cattle...
Population, statistical abstract of.
Postal laws and regulations, relating to section 232 of the.
Postal service, statistical abstract of .
Postmaster-General, report of the...
Embracing: Receipts and expenditures; amount drawn from

the Treasury on appropriations; estimates for 1881; deficien-
ey appropriations; liabilities issues of postago-stamps,
stamped envelopes, and postal cards; increase in issues of
postage-stamps, &c.; increase of postage collected on news-
papers and periodicals; dead letters and other mail-matter;
statistics of registration; improvement of the registry sys-
tem; statistics of transportation of the mails; cost of railway
service; increase of railway post-office lines in the South;
the special appropriation for proper facilities; transfer of
mails from depots to post-offices; failure to obtain statis-
tics from railroad companies; transcontinental Australian
mails; extension of star service; a deficiency created; com-
pensation for increased speed and increased frequency of
star service; increase of star service in the Southern States;
fast mails to Havana and South America; fines and deduc-
tions from mail-contractors' pay; mail-bags and catchers;
mail-locks and keys; readjustnient of compensation to rail-
roads; railway post-office lines; classification of employés
of the railway mail-service; post-route maps; operations
of special agents; special agents should be styled inspectors
of posts; arrests and convictions of offenders against the
postal laws; cases acted upon by special agents; post-offices
established and postmasters appointed; nunber of special
agents and employés of the railway mail-service; employés
in the Post-Office Department; clerks in post-offices; the
free-delivery system; postage on local matter; an insuffi-
cient appropriation for letter-carriers; statistics of the free-
delivery post-offices; pumber of domestic money-order offi-
ces; issues and payments of domestic money-orders; in-
crease in the money-order business; revenues and expenses
of the money-order system; remittances of surplus funds;
lost remittances; transfer of money-order funds and drafts;
money-orders erroneously paid; duplicate money-orders;
international money-order business; revenues and ex-
penses; exchange of money-orders with Switzerland; ex-
change of money-orders with Great Britain; exchango of
money-orders with Germany; exchange of money-orders
with Canada; exchange of money-orders with Italy; gen-
eral financial results of the money-order business; foreign
mails; cost of ocean mail-service; uniform rates of postage
to all countries of the Universal Postal Union; admissions
to the Universal Postal Union; indemnity for lost registered
articles; collection of customs duties upon foreign books
received by mail; treatment of other dutiable articles in
the mails; foreign mail statistics; protection to postmas-
ters in person and property; the new classification of mail-
matter; lottery letters; our postal service compared with
that of England and France; disposal of valueless papers
on file; the new edition of the postal laws and regulations;
the Postal Guide; the Washington City post-office; the
Philadelphia post-office; results of a count of all matter

mailed during the first seven days of November, 1879.
Report of the First Assistant Postmaster-General:
Btatistics of free delivery; operations of the appointment

division; increase and decrease of post-offices.



No. Part.

Postmaster-General, report of the-Continued.
Roport of the Second Assistant Postmaster-General:
Annual cost of inland transportation; contracts; railroad

service; estimates for 1881; the special fund for proper
facilities; delivery of mails by railroad companies from
stations to post-offices; pay for carrying the mails on rail-
road routes; Australian mails; adjustment of railway pay;
the chief clerk; star service; defects in present laws rogu-
lating increased payment for increased service; increase in
star service; deficiencies; fast mail to Havana; mail-bags,
mail-catchers, &c.; fines and deductions; cost of inland
transportation; explanation of tables.
Tablo A. Showing the character of the mail service, length of

mail-routes, number of miles of transportation, and the cost

thereof, at the close of the contract year. Table B. Exhibiting, by States, the railroad service in oper

ation June 30, 1870, with the cost per mile of annual transportation. Table C. Exhibiting the steamboat service in operation June

30, 1879.
Table D. Showing the increase and decrease in the amount
and cost of mail transportation in the several States and

Territories during the year ended June 30, 1879.
Table E. Showing the weight of the mails, the speed with

which they are carried, the accommodations for mails and
agents, the trips per week, and the rates of pay per mile
per annum on railroad routes in States in which the con-
tract term expired June 30, 1879, and also in other States
and Territories; the returns having been obtained with a
view to the readjustment of pay in accordance with the act
of March 3, 1873, and used also in accordance with the acts
of July 12, 1876, and of June 17, 1878, in the case of read-
justments taking effect on and after July 1, 1876. This
table is accompanied with an alphabetical index of the

titles of the companies carrying the mails.
Table F. Showing the readjustment of the rates of pay per

mile ou railroad routes in States and Territories in which
the contract term expired June 30, 1879, and also in other
States and on certain new routes, the adjustment of the
rates based on returns of the weight of the mails, the speed
with which they are conveyed, the accommodations for
mails and agents, and the number of trips per week, in ac-
cordance with the act of March 3, 1873, and with the acts
of July 12, 1876, and of June 17, 1878, in the case of read-
justments taking effect on and after July 1, 1876. This
table also is accompanied with an alphabetical index of the
titles of the companies carrying the mails.

Index to Table E.

Index to Table F.
Table G. Stating purchases of mail-bags, locks, keys, catch-
Tablé H. Statement of contracts for mail-bags, catchers, &c.
Tablo I. List of railway post-office lines in the United States

June 30, 1879, showing the increase and decrease in the serv

ice since June 30, 1878.
Table K. Description of the railway post-office lines con-

tained in Table I, and also of all route-agent and inail-
route-messenger línes, giving the contract designations of
the routes, the corporate titles of the railway companies,
the railway mail-service designations of the railway post-
offices, the distances between termini, and number of miles
of annual service, the number of round trips per week, the
number and dimensions of the railway post-office cars in
use on each railroad, and the amount of the service per-
formed by day and by night, being a consolidation of tables
K and L of the report for 1878.

ers, &c.


Postmaster-General, report of the-Continued.
Report of the Superintendent of the Railway Mail Service:
Railway post-office clerks; route-agents-mail-route messen-

gers, local mail-agents; necessity for readjustment of sal-
aries of employés of railway mail service; chief head clerks
should be allowed traveling expenses-reclassification of
employés recommended; number of employés; comparative
statement of mail service; extension of postal-car service
in the South; errors in distribution by employés; errors in
distribution by postmasters; case examinations; list of

casualties; uniforms; conclusion.
Report of Third Assistant Postmaster-General :
Explanation of accompanying tables; operations of finance

division; operations of postage-stamp division; operations of registration division; files, records, and mails; division of dead letters; compensation of postmasters; estimates for appropriations; condition of appropriations; receipts and expenditures; receipts and disbursements at Treasury depositories; receipts and disbursements at depository postoffices; issues of postage-stamps, &c.; statistics of dead

letter office; statistics of registration. Ocean mails, payments for transportation of. Postal service of England and France, report by W. A. Knapp,

chief clerk Post Office Department:
The British postal organization; appointments; salaries ;

uniforms-discipline branch; transportation of mails; reg-
istration; telegraphs-postal savings-banks--dead letters;
the French postal service, administration and appoint-
ments; rules governing appointments; salaries; pensions;
registration; money-orders; post-offices and postmasters-
railway service; dead letters-depredations and special
agents; revenues and expenditures in England and France;
conclusions; safety of registered matter in France and En-

Lottery letters in the mails, opinions and argument of the

Assistant Attorney-General for the Post-Office Department.
Results of an actual count of mail-matter originating at some

of the principal post-offices, and upon all railroad and
steamboat lines, during the first seven days of November,

Report of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post-Office Department:
Collection of post-office revenues; revenue account of the

Post-Office Department; summary of revenues and expend-
itures; deficiency appropriations; mail transportation;
statement of collecting division-accumulation of valueless
files; statement of audited accounts; postal receipts and
expenditures; miscellaneous payments; condition of appro-
priations; revenues and expenses of free-dilivery offices;
money-order business; weight of foreign mails; statement

of receipts and losses by postmasters for 1877–78.
Alphabatical index.
Letter from, relating to section 232 of the postal laws and reg-

ulations ..
Letter from, relative to the use of the mails for lottery purposes.
Letter from, transmitting a report of all allowances made to

contractors during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879.....
Post-Office Department, quarterly accounts of the Treasurer of the
United States on account of the..
President of the United States, annual message of the..
Message from, transmitting a report relative to the consulate

at Hong-Kong.
Message from the transmitting a report from the International

Polar Congress
Message from, transmitting the report of the public land com-



Sacramento River, mining débris...
Saint Croix, Chippewa, Wisconsin, and Mississippi Rivers, sur-

veys on
Saint Croix River, relative to the improvement of.
Sand-bars and deposits near Mare Island, California.
Secretary of the Interior, annual report of the. (3 volumes).

Embracing: Volume 1. Indian Affairs: Agricultural and

herding; Indian freighting and niechanical pursuits; edu-
cation; government of law on the reservations; Indian
police; sale of arms and ammunition to Indians; Indian
Territory; White River Utes; Southern Utes; Victoria and
the Southern Apaches; Chief Moses and his people; Poncas;
general conclusions. Publio Lands: Depredations on the
public timber lands; redwood and big trees of California;
private land claims. Geological Survey: Public lands com
mission. Bureau of Railroad Accounts: Union Pacific Rail-
road; Central Pacific Railroad; Kansas Pacific Railway;
Central Branch Union Pacific Railroad; Sioux City and
Pacific Railroad; Texas and Pacific Railway; Southern
Pacific Railroad; Northern Pacific Railroad; Saint Louis
and San Francisco Railway; Burlington and Missouri River
Railroad, in Nebraska; Denver Pacific Railroad; Oregon
and California Railroad;

Oregon Central Railroad; appen-
dix, recommendations, &c. Pensions. Patents. Education.
Census. Entomological Commission: Hot Springs; Yellow-
stone Park; Capitol building and grounds, hospital for the
insane; institution for the deaf and dumb; Freedman's

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