Medicine and surgery, Volume 2, Issue 1

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Page 53 - Four exophthalmic patients were pregnant two to four months. Relief from hyperthyroidism followed the injection and they went to term without recurrence and had normal deliveries. The number of patients cured is highest in the group of those who came for treatment early in the disease; the benefit received by those who came later was in proportion to the degree of damage done the circulatory and nervous systems. A goiter that has once disappeared has never recurred.
Page 118 - International Clinics. A Quarterly of Illustrated Clinical Lectures and especially prepared Original Articles, by leading members of the medical profession throughout the world.
Page 54 - By Alexander Lee, AM, MD, vol. iii, p. 140, 1843. are much less susceptible of the lues venerea than others ; and not only so, but many parts, as far as we know, are not susceptible of it at all. For we have not yet had every part of the body affected ; we have not seen the brain affected, the heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, nor other viscera, although such cases are described in authors...
Page 117 - Orthopedic surgery In the college of physicians and surgeons of Columbia University, New York: associate surgeon to the Hospital for ruptured and crippled; orthopedic surgeon to the Hospital of St.
Page 80 - Kimball have undertaken a study of goiter prevalence and its prevention by administration of iodin at the request of the Committee on Therapeutic Research of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry. In a complete census of the condition of the thyroid gland in girls from the fifth to the twelfth grades of a school population of a large community at the southern edge of the Great Lakes goiter district, they found that 2,184 or 56 per cent., had enlarged thyroids, 13 per cent, having well defined persistent...
Page 117 - DISEASES OF THE SKIN, Their Pathology and Treatment. By Milton B. Hartzell, AM, MD, LL.
Page iii - English, was announced by the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis. The editorial policy of the new journal will be determined by a staff of seven experts appointed by the board of directors of the association, consisting of Dr. Edward R. Baldwin, Saranac Lake, Editor-in-Chief; Dr. Lawrason Brown, Saranac Lake; Dr. HRM Landis, Philadelphia; Dr. Paul Lewis, Philadelphia; Dr. MJ Rosenau, Boston; Dr. Henry Sewall, Denver; Dr. BS Veeder, St. Louis. Dr. Allen K. Krause of...
Page 78 - There is a considerable mass of clinical evidence that tumors of the adrenal cortex are frequently associated with sex abnormalities.

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