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'HIS book has been written for two classes,—the moral

reformers and the general readers. The former class will welcome the speeches as mines rich in fact and argument, which will be of great service to them.

And as a matter of history, too, it is due to this noble woman that her best thoughts and efforts should be given to the world in some permanent form.

The latter class will, I trust, find enough in the book besides speeches to elicit their deepest interest.

I commend to men, especially, the careful reading of the addresses, which will throw much light on the duties of citizenship, and will be strong meat” for the ablest minds. They will discover before they have read far that "there is no sex in intellect."

I commend the whole to my sisters. This is a woman's book, written about a great woman-an ornament to her sex, by a man. All women can learn from these pages what kind of a female character commands the profoundest respect and homage of ever man whose esteem is worth having

For the uplifting of humanity, and the extension of the kingdom of Him whom my great friend tenderly loved and faithfully served, I send this volume forth on its mission, begging for it the generous favor of a considerate public.

A. M. HILLS. 2186 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O., March 21, 1895.


Early addresses Missionary Address-Sabbath school talks-

Chautauqua course-Studies—Address before Vermont Legis-

lature-President of Ohio W. C. T. U.-Annual address-Com-

mending Bible study—Her opinion of a License Law-Dom-

ination of the Liquor Power . .


The Prohibition Amendment Campaign-Work in Cleveland-

Petitions—Consummate Generalship-Fasting-Headquarters

-Founding a paper, The Amendment Herald-Wonderful

- Enthusiasm Ballot-box knavery -“Crush the

Amendment”-Suppressed reports-Mrs. Woodbridge inter-

viewed— Baiv's opinion of the Campaign-Letter of Sallie F.

Chapin, South Carolina—The result of the ballot-Editorial--

Annual Address


Mrs. Woodbridge as Editor-100,000 subscribers-Half-


copies of editorials-Prolific correspondent-Robert Graham's

insult-Mrs. Woodbridge on “Sweetness "-Another editorial

- "Straws ”- Light on Kansas Politics— Contribution to

“White Ribbon Love Feast"-Bugle call from sick bed-Fran-

ces Willard's letter . .



Joining the Prohibition Party-Causes—Miss Willard's address-

Mrs. Buell's and J. Ellen Foster's—The American Reformer's
editorial- "Who Was to blame?”– Mrs. Woodbridge's edi.
torial-"Dishonor! Disgrace!” Resolutions of National W.C.
T. C.-National Republican Party defeated !-Mrs. Woodbridge
defends her action, Mrs. Woodbridge's mental processes-
Studying on her knees .


Giving up her paper-N. W. C. T. U. going over to Prohibition

Party- Mrs. Woodbridge to Ohio W. C. T. U.-Her address at

Chickering Hall, New York, December, 1884-Boston Herald

interview-Division of Ohio W. C. T. U.-Cleveland W.C.T. U.

-J. Ellen Foster's Protest at National W. C. T. U. and Mrs.

Woodbridge's reply--John B. Finch's comment-Mrs. Wood-

bridge takes Mrs. Foster's place--Her open letter to lowa W.

C.T. U.-Pain and peace . ..



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