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DR. CALEB LYON an old Bellevue

practitioner sends us the following: "I reiterate my assertion regarding Antikamnia & Codeine Tablets, made nearly a year ago, and am daily prescribing them with happies! effects.

'In my practice they accompany the maid from her virgin conch to her lying-in chamber, assuaging the perplexities ot maidenhood and easing the trials of maternity with most gratitying results.

"I earnestly hope that the proprietors of this valuable remedial agent will keep it up to its present standard of purity and excellence."

It is a work of inestimable value for Reference; highly recommended by the press. Superfine paper; large type; octavo, 346 pages. Second edition; cloth, $1.00, or Paper covers, 50 cents, Postpaid.




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(434 gr. Antikamnia. 14 gr. Sulph. Codeine) ANTIKAMNIA & HEROIN TABLETS

15 gr. Antikamnia. 1-12 gr. Heroin Hydrochlor.) ANTIKAMNIA & QUININE TABLETS

(2%2gr. Antikamnia, 2% gr. Bisulph. Quinine) ANTIKAMNIA & SALOL TABLETS

(27 gr. Antikamnia. 2% gr. Salol) ANTIKAMNIA, QUIN. & SALOL TABLETS

(2 gr. Antikam., 2 gr. Bisulph. Quin., 1 gr. Salol) LAXATIVE ANTIKAMNIA TABLETS

(Laxative-Analgesic-Antipyretic) LAXATIVE ANTI KAMNIA & QUIN. TABLETS (Tonic-Laxative-Analgesic-Antipyretic)


The latitannia Chnuicat Company

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The management of the Central Railroad of New Jersey has made another step of advancement through the recent installation of a system of car cleaning which has the universal approval of the health authorities along its line, and as it is practically the first transportation company to adopt it, the method may be of interest to our readers.

The old method of car cleaning with a whisk here and a dash there with a broom or duster was not only unsanitary, but unsatisfactory, for the reason that it had the effect largely of removing dust and dirt from one section and depositing it elsewhere; but under the new method, which is termed the "Vacuum Sweeping System,” the dirt and dust is drawn from the car by suction through a pipe and is gone forever. The New Jersey Central has erected an immense vacuum plant in its Jersey City yards, and for a distance of 3,600 feet has laid pipe varying from two to five inches in diameter, covering in all about three miles. At short intervals this pipe is tapped, and from these cocks is run the flexible hose, which may be taken in the car either by door or window. At the foot of the hose is a metal l'ipe with a flat triangular end, along the base of which is an opening, and through which the dust and dirt is drawn by the Vacuum, or "drawing-in machine," located a distance away. The operator runs the slot opening over the cushions, carpets, curtains, wood-work, etc., and without any commotion or dust raising every loose particle of germ is whisked away, everything being left clean and wholesome. The dust thus removed, before reaching the great "drawing-in machine." must pass through two dust separators, the first of which clears the air of 90 per cent. of the grit, dust and germs; the second separator or cylinder draws the air through water in which corrosive sublimate is used, and completes perfectly the purification. The New Jersey Central management has for a long time felt the necessity for a more sanitary method of car cleaning, and the Vacuum System, while reducing disease liabilities to a minimum, at the same time reduces the cost of cleaning and time consumed. Two cars can be thoroughly cleaned under the new system at the same expense of time and money as was formerly consumed in cleaning one, and this in connection with the increased sanitary value is sure to cause its general introduction within a short time, not only by other transportation companies, but by theaters, hotels, places of resort, and even the home.

TRI-IODIDES (AENRY'8.) Liquor Sal-Iodides.
Colchicin, 1-20 grain. Phytolaccin, 1-10

A powerful alterative and resolvent, glandular ind hepatie

stimulant, and succedaneum to the lodiden. Indicated in all grain. Solanin, 1-3 grain. Soda Sali

conditions dependent upon perverted tissue metabollom in lypooylate, 10 grains. lodic Acid, equal to pbatic engorgements and functional visceral disturbances; b 7-32 grains Iodine. Aromatic Cordial.

ilogering rheumatic palns which are worse at night." Bone Dove 1 to 2 dr. in water. 8-oz. bottle $1.

perlostea and visceral symptoms of late sypbills; for the remov

al of all Inflammatory, plastic and gooty deposits. A remedy in sciatica, megrim, neuralglas, lumbago and muscular palns; the gouty and rheo. Datle dlathesis; acute and chronic rheumatism and gout; chroulc eczema and psoriasis, and all Cormic disorders in which there is underlying blood talnt.

An hepatic stimulant increasing the quantity and Quidity of the blle. Relleves hepatic and IDtestinal torpor; does not cause the unpleasant gastric symptoms of potassium iodide.

THREE CHLORIDES (HENRY*8.) Liquor Ferrisente.

back drachm contains Proto-Chlor. An oxygen-carrying ferruginous preparation, suitable for fron, 1-4 gr.; Bi-Chlor. Mercury, 1-128

prolonged treatment of children, adults and the aged. Indicated

in anemia and bodily weakness, convalescence from acute dio gr.; Chloride Arsenic, 1-280 gr.; Cali- eases and surgical operations; boys and girls at the age of po saya Cordial. Dne, 1 to 2 dr. 12-oz. berty, and the climacteric period in women. in children with ottle, $1.

chorea, rickets, or who are backward lo development, or la whom there exists an aversion to meats and fati. Prolonged

administration never causes "ron headache." As an adjuvant for potasslum iodide the undesirable manifestations known as lodism can be ma Iwod. Stimolant for the peptic and hydrochloric glandular system of the stomach, especially ser viceab che Impaired appetite, nausea vomiting and other gastric symptoms of alcoholic sobjects.

MAIZO-LITHIUM Liquor Litblum Malsenate.

Nascent Chemic Union of Maizenie

genito-urinary sedative, an active diuretic; solvent and Aoid - from Green Corn Silk - with

dush indicated for the relief and prevention of renal collc:

sedative in the acute stages of gonorrheal cystitis and epididy: Lithium, forming Mnizenate-Lithium. mltis; in dropsical effusions due to enfeebled heart or to renal Thoo grains to drachm. Dose, I to 2

diseases. As a solvent in the varied manifestations of foot, drachens. 8-oz. bottle, $1.

goutiness and neurotic litbemla, periodical migrainous bed

ache, epigastric oppression, cardiac palpitation, Irregular, weak or Intermittent palse; Irritability, moodiness, Insomnia and other nervous symptoms of uric acidemia, Docidedly BETTER, more economical, extensive in action and defolte in results TBAN MINERAL WATIRA.

Those cases of Irritable beart, Irregular or intermittent pulse so frequently met with by lampr uce number and found to be due to excess of uric acid, are special Indication for Malen Lithion

HENRY PHARMACAL CO., Louisville, Ky.


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Marks' Patents of 1854, 1863, 1865, 1881, 1886, 1887, 1892, 1893, 1895, cover all the accredited improvements in artificial legs and arms, and make the Marks Artificial Limbs peerless. Rubber frei remove jar and make the stump-bearings easy. Rubber hands extend the limits of accommodation.

Light, Durable, Practical. Do not get out of order, and are inexpensive to wear. Appreciated by over twenty-seven thousand wearers and thousands of surgeons of prominence.

The Limits of the utility of Marks' Artificial Limbs are unbounded. Persons wearing them engage in every occupation and profession.

This cut is from a photograph of John J. Winn, Signal Quartermaster on “U. S. S. Oneida," who lost his leg above the knee, and arm above the elbow, by the explosion of a shell while the steamer was engaged in the attack of Foris Jackson and St. Philip. under the command of Admiral Farragut, April 22, 1862. The following letter tells what the old warrior knows about Artificial Legs and Arms: Mr. A. A. MARKS.

DEAR SIR:-! write you this simply to say that my experience with your Artificial Limbs, together with considerable experience with other kinds, induces me to prefer yours by all odds. The special point I desire to mention is the simplicity of construction in your leg, whereby I can take it apart, lubricate and adjust with my one (natural) hand. and put together again without any help My gnod solid weight of 240 pounds gives the leg a good trial, nnd yet I feel a confidence in it that I never had in any other kind.

Yours sincerely

Porty highest awards. JOHN J. WINN Eadorsed and purchased by the Unitod States and several other govermonts.

Send for Marks' Treatise on Artificial Limbs, and become acquainted with particulars. The book contains 500 pages, illustrated by 800 cuts, and a thousand testimonials. Instructions are given how to take measurements and obtain artificial limbs without leaving home.

A. A. MARKS, 701 Broadway, New York City

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Boulogne-sur-Mer London 31-2 Hours Boulogne-sur-Mer Paris 31-2 Hours New York - Rotterdam via

Rotterdam via Boulogne-sur-Mer


For General Information HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE, 39 Broadway, New York

Apply to




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Artificial Vichy, Solters, Carbonic, Lithia and, Lithia Vichy. Double Carlsbad Marienbad Kissingen, Ems, Schwalbach, Pyrmont, Etc.

Analyzed by the principal professors of hemistry in 1862, and endorsed as absclutely pure

and of correct composition; prescribed by the medical profes



sion; used by over 900 C-P

physicians and their

families; by hospitals,
clubs, hotels, first-class
public places, and thou-

sands of private families. The Only Pure and Corroct Artificial Minoral Wators Sold in Now York

City Today

ADDRESS ORDERS 430 to 444 FIRST AVE., NEW YORK Telephone 142 Madison Square.



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