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Dr. C. B. Smith, of Eagle Creek, brought his little boy, who was suffering from an attack of diphtheria to Portland to try the antitoxin treatment. The experiment gave perfect satisfaction to the doctor, as he returned to his home with his child restored to health.

As a result of the state medical examinations of Montana the following were granted licenses: Dr. Thomas D. Tuttle, of Helena; Dr. H. E. Armstrong and Dr. Harriet Foxton Clark, of Billings; Dr. Samuel E. Schwartz, Dr. Clarence M. Haviland and Dr. Louis F. Mollem, of Butte; Dr. John G. Veldhuis, Dr. Thomas J. Slack and Dr. Richard C. Hill, of Great Falls; Dr. Thomas B. Marquis, of Ennis; Dr. George H. Putney, of Missoula; and Dr. D. McH. Mckay, Jr., of White Sulpher Springs.

Dr. H. J. Whitney and his wife, Dr. H. Josephine Whitney, will leave for the east about December 15th, to spend the winter in post graduate work. They intend to make a short stay in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and then will go to New York and remain some eight weeks. Dr. Whitney built a fine brick block the past year at a cost of about about ten thousand and occupies the corner storeroom for a drug store. He carries a large stock and has the finest store in Eastern Washington.

The little winged boy with his sheaf of arrows has been very active among the members of the medical profession:

Dr. J. Newton Alexander, hospital surgeon at St. James hospital, Anaconda, Montana, was married to Miss Mary Kelley of the same place.

Dr. T. L. Cotterson, one of the first physicians of Spokane, was married to Mrs. Annie E. Goodner, November 1st, by Rev. William Pelan.

Dr. Edgar H. Thornton, of Portland, was married to Miss Lou Emma Nelson, the only daughter of Hon. D. R. Nelson, of the law firm of Blackburn, Nelson & Magus.

Dispensing Physicians can save money by dealing direct with the manufacturers. Why don't you make the profit now paid the middlemen? Try us once and see what you can save. We are the base of supply. We not only sell but manufacture everything in the pharmaceutical line. We give physicians 40 per cent. discount from the usual list. Other houses give you 25 per cent. We deliver freight orders for pharmaceuticals free of charge. Goods guaranteed. Catalogue on request. The Mercer Chemical Co.. Omaha, Nebraska.

It is claimed that the fly has been the principle means of disseminating the germs of typhoid in the army, showing the necessity of earth closets, which could easily be extemporized for camp life. Of course everything about the camp becomes infected and changing of site is of no use.-[The Medical Times.

It is said that New York shows an decrease in the number o: medical students this year, and that Chicago is first. Nothing is said about the quality though. Decrease in number means increase in literary attainments, which is desirable. This condition is the first evidence of the usefulness of our present laws respecting entrance examinations—fewer numbers, but better educated men!-[The Medical Times.

Antitoxin for the treatment of diphtheria and “sore throat," is being appreciated by the laity at least, says the Western Medical Review. A Jersey City druggist recently received an order for some. The order being couched in the following language: "Please give barer five cents worth of Aunty Toxin for to gargle babi's trote an obleage."

'n Germany woman medical practitioners, wherever graduated, are not officially recognized, and so their certificates have no legal status. The influence of prominent women, however, is being used to bring about an alteration, and it is probable that the end of the century will see in Germany, as well as in Austria, women legally allowed to practice med

Advices from Simla, dated August 29th, announce that there were 2,300 deaths last week from bubonic plague in the Bombay presidency. The epidemic is spreading, and there has been a fresh outbreak in the province of Hyderabad.

may 1898 be pleasant and prosper

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We beg to call the attention of Physicians to the fact that the makers of


Sulfonal-Bayer, and Trional

are supplying these products in

Dosed Powders of 10 grains each

as well as in ounce cartons, as formerly. These powders are put up in ounce cartons containing 44 ten grain powders, each powder having the seal of the makers on the cutting line. In many instances it will be found advantageous to prescribe these remedies in these original powders, thereby insuring the genuine character of the products. When you desire these powders dispensed be sure and specify them in your prescriptions.

Full descriptive pamphlets mailed by

Schieffelin & Co., New York,

Sole Agents for Pharmaceutical Products of Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co., Elberfeld, Germany.

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Tannigen, or acetyl tannin, is an ideal intestinal astringent, which passes unchanged through the stomach and is decomposed gradually in the intestine, exerting its specific action upon the entire intestinal canal. It is odorless, tasteless, agreeable of administration, and perfectly innocuous and unirritating. In acute and chronic diarrhoeal troubles, both of children and adults, dysentery, the diarrhoea of phthisis, Tannigen has been successfully employed.


Piperazine-Bayer, Somatose, Sulfonal-Bayer, Phenacetine-Bayer,
Lycetol, Salophen, lodothyrine, Aristol, Trional, and Losophan.

Write for pamphlets to

Schieffelin & Co., New York,

Sole Agents for Products of

Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co., Elberfeld, Germany.




While Caroid will readily digest food of every nature and kind whatsoever, its greatest value is due to its action upon the digestive organs themselves. It cleanses the stomach walls, leaving them in an absorptive condition; removes the excess mucus from the alimentary tract and promotes the generation of the natural digestive fluids. It is thus a remedial agent in the true sense.

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