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"Resolved, That a political union in any form between a slaveholding and a free community, must necessarily involve the latter in the gulph of slavery. Therefore,

ResoLVED, That secession from the present United States Government is the duty of every abolitionist, since no one can take office, or deposite a vote under its constitution without violating his antislavery principles, and vendering himself an abettor of the slave holder in his sin.

RESOLVED, That fourteen years of warfare against the slave power, have convinced us that every act done in support of the American Union rivets the chains of the slave —that the only exodus of the slave to freedom, unless it be one of blood, must be over the ruins of the present American church, and the grave of the present Union.

Resolved, That the abolitionists of this country, should make it one of the primary

objects of their agitation, to dissolve the American Union" (Resolutions adopted by the American Antislavery Soc. See N. Y. Obs. May 25, 1844,)

The above is the latest developement of the amiable spirit of modern abolition. This may be regarded as a proclamation of war by the vanguard of the abolition army against heaven, and earth. The different platoons in the rear are advancing bravely on. Soon they will all be in file with the front rank. Then look for deeds of daring from their combined puissance.

The author foreseeing this result deemed it proper to instruct the respected people of his charge on the subject, that they might be able to take Bible ground in the approaching conflict. Hence, the following lectures. They were prepared without any idea, in the first instance, of publication. As they were delivered, a strong desire was manifested, by individuals, for whose judgment he has a high regard, to have them given to the public. It is in compliance with this desire that they now appear before the reader.

It is not pretended that the whole subject is exhausted in the course of these lectures

on the contrary many questions both incidenLal, and direct, for the sake of brevity, have been passed over in silence. The simple object aimed at, is to present a biblical view of some leading points pertaining to the matter under discussion. The preceding resolution adopted by the American Antislavery Society at their recent anniversary in the city of New York, are in evidence that the time has come, when the friends of truth and order should speak out, and be heard. Their too great forbearance, and almost entire silence hitherto, have but emboldened fanaticism, and distracted the minds of many persons, who have had neither time, nor opportunity to give the subject a thorough investigation. The great body of the people, he is fully satisfied, will go with the Bible, if they can clearly ascertain what the Bible teaches in relation to slavery. The following lectures are a small contribution on the subject, designed to aid the candid inquirer after truth and duty. That their tendency may be the promotion of this object, is the earnest wish and prayer of the author. Ovid June. 29, 1844.

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