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as çer tāin', to find out with cer- gā' ble, the vertical, triangular end tainty.

of a building. aye (ī), an affirmative vote; yes; as- grăn' å ry, a store-house for grain. sent.

in erěd' ï ble, beyond or difficult of både, ordered; directed.

belief. be guīle', to mislead; delude. in tēr rūpt', to break in upon; to stop. bou' doir (boo' dwor), a lady's pri- lēague, to unite; an alliance; three vate room.

miles. cąu' tious, prudent; careful.

mýs in tēr' prět, to interpret wrongly. çěn' sus, an official enumeration of re sponse', an answer or reply. inhabitants.

sī mũl tā' ne ous, at the same time. com pre hěn' sĩ ble, that may be eas- sou ve nïr' (soo ve nēr'), a keepsake. ily comprehended.

suf fice' (-fīz'), to be sufficient; to erē' dençe, belief based on other evi- satisfy.

dence than personal knowledge. tăb' er nå ele, a tent; a temporary flā' grant, notorious; enormous.

habitation; a place for worship. fûr' ni ture, movable goods, as chairs, těm' po ral, not spiritual nor lasting; tables, etc.; equipment.

secular; transitory. a groove made in the earth trăn' sient, brief; passing; not reguwith a plow.

lar or permanent.

făr' row,

[blocks in formation]

băl mór' al, a kind of stout walking con' gress, shoes having elastic shoe, laced in front.

sides. blū' eher (-kēr), a kind of half boot, coun' ter, the back leather or heel so named from Gen. Blucher.

part of a boot.

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eğe' let, a small hole for passage of a růb' bers, overshoes made of India lace.

rubber. gāi' ter, a kind of shoe, chiefly of růs' sět, a shoe of a reddish brown cloth, covering the ankle.

or tan color. goat' skin, leather made from the săn' dal, a kind of shoe with the sole skin of a goat.

strapped to the foot. grāin' ing, a process in dressing shănk the part of the sole of a shoe

leather, imitating morocco, etc. beneath the instep. hēel, lower back part of a shoe. sīze, a relative measure of dimension, in' stěp, the arched middle portion as for boots and shoes. of the foot.

slịp' per, a kind of light shoe; a slipkid, a leather made from the skin of shoe. a young goat, etc.

sāle, that part of the shoe upon which lāçe, a string or cord for drawing and the wearer treads.

holding together parts of a shoe. úp' per, the upper leather for a shoe. mo rõe' co, a fine kind of leather gen- vămp, that part of the shoe that is erally made from goatskin.

over the foot in front of the ankle öx' ford, a kind of low shoe, laced on seam. the instep.

wělt, a narrow strip of leather around păt' ent, leather having a finely var- a shoe between the upper leather nished or lacquered surface.

and sole.



Consult your dictionary for meaning of words.




Before honoris humility, and pride goes before a downfall.3

Industryand economy, patience and perseverance,” are the qualities a which insure' success.

Honest or courageous 10 people have very little to say about either their courage or honesty. The sun has no need to boast of his brightness, nor the moon of her effulgence.11

Great talents 12 for conversation 18 should be attended with great politeness.He who eclipses 15 others owes them great civilities; 16 and whatever a mistaken 17 vanity 18 may tell us, it is better to please in conversation than to shine in it.

“If you ask me, says Zimmerman, “which is the real hereditary 19 sin of human nature, do you imagine 20 I shall answer-pride, or luxury, or ambition,22 or egotism? 23 No, I shall say indolence. Who conquers 24 indolence 25 will conquer all the rest."




åp plī' ance, apparatus; act of apply- | in i' ti å tā ry (-ish-e-a-), introducing.

tory. bi og' rå phy, a written account of a jūi' çy, abounding in juice. person's life.

kiln' dry (kil'-), to dry in a kiln. blīnd' föld, to cover the eyes of; to lăt' i tūde, distance north or south of hinder from seeing.

the equator; extent. Căth' o lie, an adherent of the Roman lěġ' ěnd (or lē'-), fable; a motto; a Catholic church.

narrative based on tradition. chăp' làin, a clergyman of the army, nõ' tỉçe å ble, conspicuous; worthy navy, etc.

of notice. Chris tỉ ăn' i ty, the religion of Jesus Prot' es tant, ono who does not beChrist.

long to the Roman Catholic or co in çīde', to agree; to concur.

Greek Church. dāi' ry, a place where milk is kept. re lăpse', to return to a former state. de mol' ish, to destroy; to ruin. re món' strate, to urge reasons di ăm' e ter, a straight line through against.

the center of a circle or sphere. rou tïne', a round of duty. en gross', to absorb; to transcribe. spěç i fý' ing, naming; mentioning. ex ploit', a heroic deed; to put to use. I těr' ri to ry, a country; a region. gew'gaw (gū-), a showy trifle. till' å ble, capable of being tilled.

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bow, bough
peel, peal
rice, rise

Homophonous words, what do they mean?
tear, tier

loan, lone
pour, pore

ark, arc pier, peer

seed, cede

medal, meddle stile, style peace, piece



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å måss', to collect; to accumulate. in těg' ri ty, honesty; moral soundbär' gain, agreement; to barter. bā' sís, foundation; the first princi- měth' od, a system; a regular order. ple.

nąught, nothing; the character (0). căl' eu late, to reckon; to compute. nine' ti ěth, next after eighty-ninth. çī' pher, a character (0) which alone op' er ā tör, a speculator; one who expresses nothing.

operates; one in control of, as, a eðm mod' i ty, goods, wares, etc.

mine operator. děm' on strate, to make evident or pär' çel, a part; a package. plain.

pro põr' tion, equal share; symme:ěm ploy' ēe, one in the service of rical arrangement. another.

pro pri' e tór, an owner. ěm po' ri ům, a place of trade; a mar- pros' pēr ous, thriving; making gain ket-place; commercial center.

crincrease. fi nănçe', income; revenue; science pûr' chas å ble, cap a ble of being of managing money affairs.

bought. fin ăn çiēr,' one who is skilled in fi- quad' rų ple, fourfold.

nancial operations; a treasurer. rček' on, to number; to compute; to in děm'ni fy, to secure against loss

suppose. or damage.

sehēme, a system; a project.

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The most difficult thing in the world to contend against is ignorance, and our own is the most troublesome of all.

ąu' di ence, a hearing; assembly of dis com mõde', to disturb; to put to hearers.

trouble. cär' cass, the dead body of an animal. fā' cial(-shal), of or pertaining to the erěv' içe, a fissure; a crack.

face. dąub, to besmear.

fore' hěad, the brow, or upper part de light' ful, pleasing.

of the face. de spâir', loss of hope.

frā' cas, a brawl; a noisy quarrel.

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grey' hound, a tall, slender hunting- Phil' ip pines (-pēns), insular possesdog.

sions of the U.S., southeast of Asia. in ěs' ti må ble, priceless; that can- prāi' rie, a large tract of natural not be estimated.

meadow without trees. in tox' i eāte, to inebriate; to elate pro fi' cien çy (-fish' en-), adeptness. excessively.

re vērse', to invert; to turn back. jū' ni pēr, an evergreen tree or shrub. sěn' nel, a soldier on guard. kitch' ěn, a cook-room.

ůn' dū lāte, to vibrate; to move up knăck (năck), skill; dexterity.

and down as waves. měn ăġ' e ríe, a place where animals un war' rant å ble, unjustifiable; im

are kept and trained; a collection proper.
of animals kept for exhibition. vā' por, fumes; steam; mist.




å bāte' ment, a deduction from a list- |ěx åm' ple, a sample, pattern or copy. price or value.

flúe' tu āte, to waver; to cause to ăe' eū ra çy, exactness; correctness. move as a wave; to be unsteady. å mount', sum total.

frăe' tion, a portion. ås sěss', to fix the taxable value. ma tū' ri ty, a becoming due; arrival as sěss' ment, an allotment of pay- of time fixed for payment. ment; a tax; a sum levied.

Õw' ing, to be indebted; due. as sěss' å ble, liable to be taxed or as- pāy' å ble, suitable to be paid; now sessed.

due. bănk' rèpt çy, financial ruin; insolv- pro-rāte', to divide or distribute proency.

portionately. buşi' ness (bịz' něs), financial deal- sēiz' å ble (sēz' å b'l), that may be ings; constant employment.

taken possession of. con' tra band, unlawful; articles pro- sõl' vent, able or sufficient to pay all

hibited from being bought or sold. just debts. co-pärt' ner, a partner; an associate. vā' ean cy, emptiness; a place or post de fúnet', dead; deceased.

unfilled. de fi' ciěn imperfection; in- věn' ture, an undertaking; a risk; a adequacy; lack.

speculation. doe' ū ment, a manuscript conveying

věr' i fy, to prove to be true; to coninformation; an official paper.

firm; to substantiate.



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