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“Good attention is the secret of good memory. It is like focusing a camera. When you have a good focus you have a good picture. A poor focus means a dim and indistinct picture."

åg' gre ğāte, whole amount. ěn' tēr prise, an undertaking. åv oir du pois' (-ēr-), a system of |ěq' us tá bly, justly; impartially.

weights for coarse commodities. för' ger y, act of counterfeiting; thing bo năn' cả, a mine of wealth; any- counterfeited; fraudulently making

thing yielding a large income. or altering a writing. elěr' ic al, of or relating to a clerk or in i ti å to ry (-ish'-e-a-), introduccopyist, or to writing.

tory. com' mērçe, extended trade or traffic. jús' tỉçe, just treatment; impartiality. con stỉt' u en çy, a following; a clien- lū' ere (-kēr), profit; riches; gain in tele.

money or goods. erē děn' tials, that which gives nū mer ā' tion, act or art of numbercredit; testimonials.

ing. děf' al cā tor, a defaulter or embez- pěn' ni less, destitute of money; poor. zler.

prép á rā' tion, readiness; act of predrąw' er, one who draws a bill of paring exchange.

půnet' u al, precise; prompt. ē eðn' mize, to use frugally. quạn' từ ty, bulk; amount. e lěv' en, the sum of ten and one. rée' ti fy, to make right; to correct. ěm băr' rass ment, financial diffi- wạr' rant, to make secure; to indemculty; perplexity.

nify in case of loss.



Words frequently misspelled.


be liēve', to credit; to accept by faith. en core' (än kore'), once more; again; eěn' dór, frankness; sincerity.

a call for a repetition. çel' lar, a room under a house. ex çěl', to surpass in good deeds; to com pěl', to drive by force.

outdo. dis miss', to send away.

ex erěs' çençe, a protuberance; an ěd' ï ble, fit to be eaten.

unnatural growth.

ex pěl', to eject; to drive out.

re liēve', to aid ; to lessen; to display fiērçe, furious; violent.

by contrast. in eón sist' ent, contradictory; fickle. sērv' içe å ble, beneficial. in dĩ vìs' i ble, that cannot be divided. shoe' ing, act of putting on shoes. mis spěll', to spell incorrectly. shriēk, to scream; to cry shrilly. mov' å ble, that which may be moved; sim plic' i ty, plainness; artlessness. not fixed or stationary.

un păr' al lěled (lěld), unequaled; piērçe, to penetrate; to perforate. matchless. prae' ti eå ble, that which can be wēird, unearthly; unnatural. done; feasible.

whěth' er, if; which of two; in case.



å dėl ter a' tion, the act of mixing | ex pē' rỉ ěnçe, knowledge obtained by

spurious articles with a genuine trial; test. commodity.

fif' tēenth, next after fourteenth. åp' po site, very applicable; fit. făn då měnt' al, elementary; imbůs' tle, agitation; to be very active. portant. eóm' pe tent, answering all require- in dôrs' er, the person who indorses. ments.

in důs' tri oŭs, busy; not slothful or com pe ti' tion, rivalry; strife for idle.

superiority; common endeavor for in văl' id, void; null. the same object.

măm' mon, wealth; riches; also, the eón tről', to govern; authority.

god of riches. eðn vērt' i ble, capable of being niek' el, a coin; a bright silver-like changed.

metal. coun' ter sign, to sign as a subordi- pe cūn' ia ry (-yā-), relating to money nate officer; a watchword.

matters. dāi' ly, happening every day. re māin' der, balance; part left over. dís erěp' an çy, disagreement; vari- stā' ple, a commodity for which there

is a steady demand. di vi' sion, a partition ; separation. sỹs' těm å tize, to regulate; to reduce ē lèe' tive, exerting the power of to a system.

choice; dependent on choice. un dēr rāte', to undervalue.

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Consult your dictionary for meaning of words.






Cover them over with beautiful flowers ;
Deck them with garlands, these brothers of ours;
Lying? so silent by night and by day,
Sleeping 3 the years of their manhood 4 away,-
Years they had marked for the joys of the brave;
Years they must waste 6 in the sloth? of the grave.8
All the bright laurelso they fought 10 to make bloom 11
Fell to the earth when they went to the tomb.12
Give them the meed 13 they have won! in the past;
Give them the honors their merits lå forecast;
Give them the chaplets 17 they won in the strife;
Give them the laurels 19 they lost with their life.
Cover them over,-yes, cover them over,
Parent 20 and husbandai and brother 22 and lover;
Crown in your heart these dead heroes 24 of ours,
And cover them over with beautiful 25 flowers.

What is the difference between:
immigrant and emigrant

export and import reputation and character

druggist and apothecary talent and genius

art and science




NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first.

rĕe' on çile, to reunite; to appease. dis săt' is făe' tion, displeasure. āl' ien ate, to estrange; to separate. con těnt' ment, content; satisfaction.

ră' tion al, sensible; reasonable. dis sěm' i nāte, to diffuse; to scatter. un rēa' son å ble, exorbitant; absurd. ås sěm' ble, to bring together. erěd' u loňs, ready to believe. hěs' i tāte, to falter; to waver. skěp' tie al, doubting of everything. I ăd vånçe', to proceed; to progress.


in fā' ri āte, to enrage.

nov' içe, a beginner; a tyro. păç' i fý, to calm,; to quiet.

å děpt', one skilled; expert. stúd' ied, designed; planned. in dif' fēr ence, apathy; unconcern. ex těm po rā' ne ous, unpremeditated. pär ti ål' tý (-shăl-), special liking. pro lòng', to lengthen; to draw out. eðr rõde', to eat away, as with rust. eúr tāil', to lessen; to contract. re new', to restore; to make new.

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A person might know the size of the largest city, the length of the longest river, etc., and yet not be educated. Education is a developing of the mind, and not a stuffing of the memory.


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bụl' le tỉn, a public announcement of pe ti' tion, a formal written request,

addressed to those who have power eăn' vass, to solicit; to discuss.

to grant it; an entreaty. con çērn', to interest; a firm and its pos sěss', to have as one's own; to business.

hold; to control. dăm' age, injury; loss.

pri' or, preceding in order of time; do' nõr, one who gives or bestows. before. eighth, next after seventh.

pûr' chase, to buy for a price. false' ly, erroneously.

săm -ăn nu al, half-yearly. fif' ti eth, next after forty-ninth. sig' nå ture, one's name written by frăn' chise, a certain right or privi- himself.

lege granted by a government to in- spěc' u lāte, to buy expecting gain; dividuals or corporations.

to consider. măn u făe' ture, to make from raw sū pēr scribe', to inscribe with a

material; to work into suitable name or address. forms for use.

sýn' di cate, an association of capimå tūre', ripe; full-grown; perfected, talists formed for business purposes. as a mature plan.

trăn seribe', to copy. món' e ta ry, pertaining to money. ŭl' ti mo, the last month preceding öwn' ēr ship, exclusive right of pos- the present; as, on the 2d ult. session; proprietorship.

văl' id, good; having legal force.



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à cous' tie (or -koos'-), relating to hắck' neỹed (-nỉd), worn out; thread-hea or sound.

bare. ăp pro' pri ate, to take as one's own; hûr räh', a shout of joy or encourageto set apart; suitable.

ment. browse (brouz), to feed upon twigs, in hả lā' tion, an inhaling; what is, grass, etc.; to nibble.

inhaled. Cháu tạu' qua (shå taw'-), a lake and im mov' å ble, that cannot be moved.

resort in western New York. in ěl' e gant, not elegant. çir eü' i tous, roundabout.

měl ti plic' i ty, many; a large numeðn erēte', to form into a mass.

ber. cón' erēte, a compound of gravel, non' sěnse, that which is without cement, etc.; specific.

sense; senseless behavior. dîf' fi dent, timid.

prěç' i piçe, a high, steep cliff. dis erim' i nāte, to distinguish. pre dom' i nāte, to rule; to have su-e mēr' ġen çy, a sudden occurrence or perior power.

condition, calling for immediate ac- rå vïne' (-vēn'), a deep gorge. tion.

re lì' ġion, a system of faith and worgăl' lows, a frame for hanging crimi- ship. nals.

squēal, to cry shrilly. ğrăn' deur (-yūr), imposing dignity un dē' vi ā ting, unvarying; straightor greatness.


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