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“Good attention is the secret of good memory. It is like focusing a camera. When you have a good focus you have a good picture. A poor focus means a dim and indistinct picture.”

åğ' gre ğāte, whole amount.

ěn' tēr prise, an undertaking. åv oir du pois' (-ēr-), a system of q' us tá bly, justly; impartially.

weights for coarse commodities. för' ger y, act of counterfeiting; thing bo năn' zi, a mine of wealth; any- counterfeited; fraudulently making thing yielding a large income.

or altering a writing. elěr' ie al, of or relating to a clerk or în î' ti å to ry (-ish'-e-a-), introduccopyist, or to writing.

tory. com' mērçe, extended trade or traffic. jús' tiçe, just treatment; impartiality. con stỉt' u en cy, a following; a clien- lū' ere (-kēr), profit; riches; gain in tele.

money or goods. erē děn' tials, that which gives nū mer ā' tion, act or art of numbercredit; testimonials.

ing. děf' al tā tor, a defaulter or embez- pěn' ni less, destitute of money ; poor. zler.

prėp å rā' tion, readiness; act of predrąw' er, one who draws a bill of paring. exchange.

půnet' u al, precise; prompt. ē eðn' o mize, to use frugally. quạn' từ ty, bulk; amount. e lěv' en, the sum of ten and one. rée' ti fý, to make right; to correct. ěm băr' rass ment, financial diffi- wạr' rant, to make secure; to indemculty; perplexity.

nify in case of loss.



Words frequently misspelled.

be liēve', to credit; to accept by faith. en core' (än kore'), once more; again; căn' dór, frankness; sincerity.

a call for a repetition. çel' lar, a room under a house. ex çěl', to surpass in good deeds; to com pěl', to drive by force.

outdo. dis miss', to send away.

ex erěs' çençe, a protuberance; an ěd' ï ble, fit to be eaten.

unnatural growth.

ex pěl', to eject; to drive out.

re liēve', to aid ; to lessen; to display fiērçe, furious ; violent.

by contrast. in eón sist' ent, contradictory; fickle. sēry' içe å ble, beneficial. in di vîs' i ble, that cannot be divided. shge' ing, act of putting on shoes. mis spěll', to spell incorrectly. shriēk, to scream; to cry shrilly. mov' å ble, that which may be moved; sỉm plịc' i ty, plainness; artlessness. not fixed or stationary.

un păr' al léled (lěld), unequaled; piērçe, to penetrate; to perforate. matchless. prae' ti eå ble, that which can be wēird, unearthly; unnatural. done; feasible.

whěth' er, if; which of two; in case.



å dėl ter a' tion, the act of mixing | ex pē' rỉ ěnçe, knowledge obtained by

spurious articles with a genuine trial; test. commodity,

fif' tēenth, next after fourteenth. åp' po site, very applicable; fit. fún då měnt' al, elementary; imbůs' tle, agitation; to be very active. portant. eom' pe tent, answ swering all require- in dôrs' er, the


who indorses. ments.

in důs' tri oŭs, busy; not slothful or eðm pe ti' tion, rivalry; strife for idle.

superiority; common endeavor for in văl' id, void; null. the same object.

măm' mon, wealth; riches; also, the eðn tről', to govern; authority. god of riches. còn vērt' i ble, capable of being niek' el, a coin; a bright silver-like changed.

metal. coun' ter sign, to sign as a subordi- pe eūn' ia ry (-yā-), relating to money nate officer; a watchword.

matters. dāi' ly, happening every day. re māin' der, balance; part left over. dís erěp' an çy, disagreement; vari- stā' ple, a commodity for which there

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is a steady demand. di vř' sion, a partition; separation. sys' těm å tize, to regulate; to reduce ē lèe' tive, exerting the power of to a system.

choice; dependent on choice. un dēr rāte', to undervalue.




Consult your dictionary for meaning of words.

Cover them over with beautiful flowers ;
Deck them with garlands, these brothers of ours;
Lying? so silent by night and by day,
Sleeping the years of their manhood“ away,-
Years they had marked for the joys of the brave;
Years they must waste 6 in the sloth? of the grave.s
All the bright laurels' they fought 10 to make bloom #1
Fell to the earth when they went to the tomb. 12
Give them the meed 13 they have won in the past;
Give them the honors their merits 10 forecast;
Give them the chaplets 17 they won in the strife;
Give them the laurels 19 they lost with their life.
Cover them over,-yes, cover them over,
Parent 20 and husband21 and brother 22 and lover; 23
Crown in your heart these dead heroes 24 of ours,
And cover them over with beautiful 25 flowers.




What is the difference between :

immigrant and emigrant
reputation and character
talent and genius

export and import
druggist and apothecary
art and science



NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first.

rée' on çile, to reunite; to appease. dis săt' is fåe' tion, displeasure. āl' ien ate, to estrange; to separate. con těnt' ment, content; satisfaction. ră' tion al, sensible; reasonable. dis sěm' i nāte, to diffuse; to scatter. un rēa' son å ble, exorbitant; absurd. ăs sěm' ble, to bring together. erěd' u loňs, ready to believe. hěs' i tāte, to falter; to waver. skěp' tie al, doubting of everything. I åd vånçe', to proceed; to progress.

in fü' ri āte, to enrage.

nóv' içe, a beginner; a tyro. păc' i fý, to calm,; to quiet.

å děpt', one skilled; expert. stůd' ied, designed; planned. in dif' fēr ence, apathy; unconcern. ex těm po rā' ne ous, unpremeditated. pär ti ål' ì tý (-shăl-), special liking.

pro lòng', to lengthen; to draw out. cor rõde', to eat away, as with rust. eŭr tāil', to lessen; to contract. re new', to restore; to make new.

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A person might know the size of the largest city, the length of the longest river, etc., and yet not be educated. Education is a developing of the mind, and not a stuffing of the memory.


bằl' le tĩn, a public announcement of pe ti' tion, a formal written request,

addressed to those who have power căn' vass, to solicit; to discuss.

to grant it; an entreaty. con çērn', to interest; a firm and its pos sěss', to have as one's own; to business.

hold; to control. dăm' aġe, injury; loss.

pri' or, preceding in order of time; do' nor, one who gives or bestows. before. eighth, next after seventh.

pûr' chase, to buy for a price. false' ly, erroneously.

sẽm 1-ăn' nu al, half-yearly. fìf' ti eth, next after forty-ninth. sis' nå ture, one's name written by från' chige, a certain right or privi- himself.

lege granted by a government to in- spěc' u lāte, to buy expecting gain; dividuals or corporations.

to consider. măn u făe' ture, to make from raw sū pēr serībe', to inscribe with a

material; to work into suitable name or address. forms for use.

sýn' di cate, an association of capimå tūre', ripe; full-grown; perfected, talists formed for business purposes. as a mature plan.

trăn seribe', món' e ta ry, pertaining to money. ŭl' ti mo, the last month preceding own' ēr ship, exclusive right of pos- the present; as, on the 2d ult. session; proprietorship.

văl' id, good; having legal force.

to copy



à cous' tỉe (or -koos'-), relating to hăck' neỹed (-nid), worn out; threadhearing or sound.

bare. åp pro' pri ate, to take as one's own; hûr räh', a shout of joy or encourageto set apart; suitable.

ment. browse (brouz), to feed upon twigs, in hå lā' tion, an inhaling; what is, grass, etc.; to nibble.

inhaled. Cháu tạu' qua (shå taw'-), a lake and im mov' å ble, that cannot be moved.

resort in western New York. in ěl' e gant, not elegant. çir cū' i tous, roundabout.

můl ti plıç' i ty, many; a large numcòn erēte', to form into a mass.

ber. con' erēte, a compound of gravel, non' sěnse, that which is without cement, etc.; specific.

sense; senseless behavior. dif' ti dent, timid.

prěç' i piçe, a high, steep cliff. dis erim' i nāte, to distinguish. pre dom' i nāte, to rule; to have su-e mēr' ġen çy,

a sudden occurrence or perior power. condition, calling for immediate ac- rå vïne' (-vēn'), a deep gorge. tion.

re li' ġion, a system of faith and worgăl' lows, a frame for hanging crimi- ship. nals.

squēal, to cry shrilly. grăn' deur (-yūr), imposing dignity un dē' vi ā ting, unvarying; straightor greatness.


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