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13. All names of the Deity should begin with capitals. The pronouns which refer to Deity should begin with a capital if there is any possible danger of a misunderstanding of their reference, but not otherwise.

14. All personified words should begin with capitals.

15. The pronoun I and the interjection O should always be capitals, and Oh should always begin with one.

16. All abbreviations, used in place of words which require capitals, should also begin with capitals.

17. In all resolutions the word That, following the word Resolved, should begin with a capital.

18. Every broken line, as in the address and signature of letters, should begin with capitals, as should the chief words of such lines.

19. Every direct quotation should begin with a capital. 20. Every line of poetry should begin with a capital.

SOME MODERN SPELLINGS At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Educational Association, held in Washington, D. C., July 7, 1898, the following list of words with simplified spelling was approved, and their use ordered for all the publications of that association. These spellings are in accordance with the rules adopted by the American Philological Association in 1883. program for programme

thruout for throughout thoro thorough

catalog catalogue altho " although

prolog prologue tho though

decalog decalogue
thorofare thoroughfare

demagog demagogue

pedagog pedagogue



ā, long, as in.....
āpe, hāte ā, long, as in.


õde ă, short, as in. .båt, căt ö, short, as in.

.pot, oda â, as in.. .share, beår , as in.....

work, wõrm ä, Italian, as in. .härm, pälmö, like short ŭ, as in..... Óther, some å, as in...... .gråss, brånch 9, like long oo, as in.... prove, tomb ą, broad, as in.. .drąw, həll 9, like short oo, as in.... wolf, bosom ạ, like short o, as in.. . whạt, was ô, like broad ą, as in. .. Ôrb, hôrse ē, long, as in...

.booty, noon ě, short, as in.

. brook, good ê, like â, as in.. hêir, thêre ū, long, as in..

tūbe, pūre e, like long ā, as in... ..obey, grey ů, short, as in.. .mp, bắt, rút ē, as in..

.fērn, hēr y, preceded by r, as in.. rụmor, erụde ēe, as in

.zel ụ, like short oo, as in.. pụll, fìlly i, long, as in.

.mīne, mire
û, as in..

târn, ûrn i, short, as in.... .ît, pity ý, long, as in.

..skỹ, trỹ i, like long ē, as in..ravïne, machine y, short, as in..

.içý, pitý ī, like ē, as in. .fīr, bīrds, as in.

mỹrrh, mỹrtle

mēte, sēat 00, as in....
mět, égg oo, as in..

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Ç, soft, like s sharp, as in........çell th, sharp, as in.... ..tooth, thin e, hard, like k, as in.

.eart (th, flat or vocal, as in.. . loathe ch, soft, like sh, as in. .chagrin ng, as in.

.mingle ch, hard, like k, as in. .chasm n, as in.....

mink, linger g, hard, as in...

·ğate, ğo x, like gz, as in. ..exalt, exact ġ, soft, like j, as in..

-ġerm ph, like f, as in.. phrase, photo 8, sharp, as in.

this, test qu, like kw, as in. queen, quill s, like z, as in. wisdom, eggs / wh, like hw, as in. wheat, whip


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Kimball's Business Speller

“There is no credit in being a good speller,

but very much discredit in being a poor one.







i ty, talent; power to perform., lī' brā ry, a collection of, or a place åe qui ésçe' (-wỉ éss'), to comply; to for, books. accept tacitly.

păl' å tå ble, agreeable to the taste. a nål' oġġ, resemblance.

pol' i tỉes, science of government; är' ehỉ těet, one whose occupation is party intrigues.

to form plans and designs of build- põr' ti co, a colonnade at the entrance ings.

of a building căr'ol, a song of joy; to sing.

pū sîl lăn' i mous, cowardly; mean; eðm' mis sā ry, an officer who pro- timid. vides food for troops.

răb' bet, groove in edge of a board. eón fěs' sion, act of confessing; rés' ēr voir (-vwor), a receptacle avowa).

for liquid or gas. d[na mite, a highly explosive com- | sol' văn, forest-like. pound.

tăç' it, implied; inferred. frol' ie, a prank; a merrymaking. thor' õugh (thur' o), searching; perhón' or (on'-ēr), veneration; a nice fect.

sense of right; mark of respect. tre měn' doŭs, dreadful; awe-inin dif' fēr ent, having no interest. spiring. in hěr' it, to receive as an heir. wom' an (woom'an), an adult female in těr' ro gāte, to put questions to. person (pl. women).



ā' ere, 160 square rods of land. feign (fāne), to pretend. åg' ri eŭl ture, the art of cultivating fe liç' i tỹ, bliss; well-founded hapthe ground; farming.

piness. år' å ble, fit for plowing or tillage. hỹmn, a song of praise. băr' răcks, a set of buildings for id' i ot, a fool; a term of reproach. lodging soldiers.

in çi děn' tal ly, casually. bör' õugh (bůr'o), an incorporated in těl lệe' tu al, mental; characterized village or town.

by intelligence. eăv' i ty, a hollow place.

lý' ing, reclining; telling a falsehood. dis coûr' te ous (-kûr-), impolite; māize, Indian corn. rude.

re çīte', to tell over; narrate. dis erě' tion, prudence; liberty to act. sew (so), to stitch. dis sěn' sion, angry disagreement. ve răn' då, an open portico adjoining ex çěp' tion, an objection; the act of

outer door. excluding.

věs' ti būle, an antechamber next the ex eūs' å ble, pardonable.

entrance of a building. făm' îne, general dearth.

wỉg' wam, an Indian hut or cabin.



Remember that everywhere the business man is seeking for efficient and reliable workmen, and they are the ones who are quickly advanced in place and salary.


ăe count'ant, one who is skilled in, / căp' i tal, money or property emkeeps or adjusts, accounts.

ployed in trade, manufactures, etc. åp prāis' er, one who fixes the value çēr tỉf' i eate, a written voucher atof goods or estates.

testing to some fact. ås'sets, entire property belonging or count' ing-house, office of a

due to a person, corporation, or es- chant, or business house, where tate.

accounts are kept. au' dît, to examine and adjust ac- erěd' it õr, one to whom a debt is due.

counts; as, to audit the accounts of děb' it, to charge with debt; an entry a treasurer.

on the debtor side of an account.


any kind.

děbt'or, one who owes a debt. re çēipt' (-sēet'), acknowledgment děf' i çīt, a falling short; a lack. of money paid. in' ven to ry, an itemized list of re source', funds; available means of

goods or valuables. in' voice, a written list of goods rěv' e nūe, return from an investshipped or received.

ment; income. joûr' nal, an account book containing set' tle ment, adjusting of accounts.

a condensation of daily entries, etc. sol' ven çý, ability to pay all debts. lědġ' er, the final book of entry in sům' ma ry, an abridged account; business transactions.

brief. li å bil' i ties, debts; the sum of one's sûr' plus, excess; more than enough. pecuniary obligations.

vouch' er, a document which vouches món' eys, the lawful currency of a to the truth of an account, etc.; one nation.

who vouches.



The forming of the dictionary habit in a student is one of the most valuable things that a school can do for him."

är' chives, a depository for public fúne' tion, specific power; the perrecords, documents, etc.

forming of any duty, office or calling. åt' ti tüde, posture; position. il lès' trāte, to make clear by means blúdġ' eon, a short, thick club. of figures, examples, etc. eå thē' dral, the head church in a măl' içe, ill-will; active malevolence. diocese.

niche (nich), a shell-like recess in a colli' sion, coming together violently. wall for a statue, bust, etc. de lir'i um, a wandering of the mind. pär quet' (-kay'), the main floor of a dịph' thong, a union of two vowels in

theater. one syllable.

pho nóg' rå phy, shorthand writing. făl' low, uncultivated; plowed but pro trăet', to lengthen; to prolong. not sown.

růs' ti cāte, to live or dwell in the för beâr' ance,, patient toleration of country. offences.

súb mērģe', to flood; to put under fôr' ti fy, to strengthen; to confirm. water.


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