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eŭt' ter, a small, one-horse sleigh. stăn' hõpe, a light carriage without a dog' eart, a light, one-horse carriage, top. commonly two-wheeled.

súr' rey, a two-seated pleasure carhăck, a public coach with two seats riage. inside facing each other.

tă1' lý hồ, a pleasure coach. hăn' som, a light, two-wheeled cov- thills, the shafts of wagon or other

ered carriage with driver's seat ele- carriage. vated behind.

trúek, a wagon for heavy draying. om' nỉ bằs, a large four-wheeled vỉe tõ' ri á, a kind of low, fourvehicle for conveying passengers.

wheeled pleasure carriage for two phā' e ton, an open four-wheeled car

persons. riage.

wăg on ětte', a pleasure wagon with rắn' à bout, a light uncovered wagon. seats extended along the sides. shăft, thill of a carriage.

whif' fle-tree, bar to which the traces sleigh, a vehicle for traveling on snow. of a carriage are fastened.



NOTE—The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first. pog' i tive, affirmative; definite. åp ‘pēage', to quiet; to soothe. něg' å tive, indirect; denying. in çěnse', to enrage; to irritate. dís hón' or a ble, shameful; base. flór' id, having a bright color. rěp' u tả ble, estimable; honorable. păl' lid, pale; wan; lacking color.

' u ; . im' i tā tion, a copy; a likeness. pe nū' rỉ ous, sordid; parsimonious. o riġ' i nal, genuine; not copied. i

lib' er al, free; ample; generous. ex ist' ence, being; life.

in flūěn' tial, having influence. non ěn' ti tỹ, non-existence. in éf féet' ive, futile; useless. pre ěm' i nent, superior.

så gā' cious, shrewd; wise; sage. súb ôr' di nate, subject; inferior. stū' pỉd, dull; sluggish. pre lịm' i na ry, introductory. îm měnse', huge; very large. súb' se quent, following; succeeding. în fin î těs' i mal, very small.

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Write a word nearly synonymous with:




earth learning



bā' sin, a hollow vessel, dish or pool. năp' py, a round dish with flat botbowl, a concave vessel to hold liquids. tom and sloping sides. eå råfe', a glass water bottle.. pitch' er, a water-pot; a vessel for cåst' er, a stand for cruets.

holding liquids. crēam' er, a small pitcher for hold- pláque (plák), any flat, thin piece of ing cream.

clay, metal, china, or wood used crock' er ý, earthenware, especially for ornament. the coarser kinds.

plăt' ter, a large shallow dish. 'erụ' et, a small glass bottle for hold- pôr' ce lain, a translucent kind of ing condiments for the table.

pottery of a fine grade. de eăn' ter, a vessel for liquor. quõens' wâre, glazed English earthendrěs' den, a superior kind of deco- ware of a cream color. rated porcelain-ware.

sąu' çer, a small dish for holding a glāzed, made smooth or glasslike by cup. baking.

tēa' pot, a vessel in which tea is made. göb' let, a drinking vessel having a těr rå-eðt' tå, a kind of pottery made standard.

of baked clay. hăv' i land, a kind of chinaware. tắm' bler, a drinking glass. jar di niere', (zhår de nyâr'), an or- tu rēen', a large, deep v'essel for namental jar for holding plants,

soups, etc. flowers, etc.

wědg' wood, a kind of fine pottery.

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“If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodi. gality.”-Ben. Franklin.

eăn' non, a large gun.

quärd' i an, one who has the care of eón sist' ent, harmonious; uniform. another. ěf fāçe', to erase; to blot out. hąul, to drag; to pull. găr' ri son, a fortified place; to man hěm' i sphére, a half-sphere. with troops.

mēte, to measure. gnăsh (năsh), to strike or grind to- měl' ti ple, manifold; repeated more gether, as the teeth.

than once.

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ôr' phăn, a child bereft of father and rēěn forçe' ment, fresh assistance. mother.

să ne' tion, to support; to approve. os těn' sỉ ble, avowed; professed. seine (sāne), a fishing net. pěn în' su lå, land almost surrounded singe' ing, burning slightly. by water.

tå bleau' (-blo'), a picture-like reprepie' nie, an outdoor pleasure party. sentation. prěç' e dent, an instance serving as a tăx' i dēr mỹ, the art of preserving guide; custom.

and mounting the skins of animals. pre çēd' ent, former; preceding. tēr rěs' tri al, earthly. re cū' pērāte, to regain; to convalesce. this' tle, a prickly plant.


PHOTOGRAPHY, ENGRAVING, ETC. eåb' i net, usual size of photographs. lith' o gråph, an engraving printed căm' e rå, instrument used in taking from stone. photographs.

mìn' îå tūre, a small painted likeness. cär toon', a drawing; a sketch; a cari- păl' étte (-ět), a thin wood hand tabcature.

let upon which artists lay their ehrõ' mo, a lithographed picture, in colors for painting. colors.

pēr spěe' tive, the relative importětch'ing, a practice of engraving by ance of things from any point of

means of acids; an impression from view. an etched plate.

phõ' to gråph, picture obtained by film, a roll of thin sensitized celluloid light on chemically prepared sur

used as a substitute for photogrphic faces. plates.

pho to gråv' ure, a fine variety of fěr' ro týpe, a tintype, so called. photo-engraving. fõ' eŭs, the point at which the image py róg' rå phỏ, the process of makis formed.

ing designs on wood by means of hälf'-tone, a photo-engraving, in heat.

which a fine net is placed between ree ti lĩn' e al, consisting of straight the object and the camera.

lines. ko' dăk, a portable camera, using a sěn' sỉ tize, to render susceptible to

roll of sensitized film upon which the sun's rays. negatives are made.

sil' hou ětte' (-00-), a profile portrait lēns, a magnifying or reducing glass. in black, like a shadow.

stū' di o, an artist's workshop.
tri' pod, a three-legged stand for sup-

porting a camera.

vign ette'( văn yết'), a style of photo

graphic finish.
vis' u al, relating to sight.



Foreign words and phrases extensively used.


ăd vå lõ' rěm, a duty placed upon nom dě plūme', an assumed or liter

imported goods at a certain rate per ary title; as, Mark Twain is the nom

cent. upon their invoiced value. de plume of S. L. Clemens. ā' li ås, otherwise called; as, Jones på drõ' ne, master; employer; a man

alias Brown; an assumed name. who imports, and controls the earnål' i bī, the plea of being elsewhere ings of, Italian laborers, etc.

than charged at a certain time; as, pär ex' cěl lence, by way of eminence. to prove an alibi.

pässe' pär tout' (päs' pär too'), bo' na fi' de, in good faith; genuine; light picture frame or mat usually as, a bona fide transaction.

put between the picture and the chef (shěf), head cook of a large es- glass. tablishment.

post-môr' těm, after death; as, a en route' (än root'), on the way or post-mortem examination of a body. road; as en route to Canada.

pri' må fā' ciē (-shï-'), at first view; ěx of fi' ci o (-fish'-), by virtue of an as prima facie evidence.

office; as, president ex officio. pro te ge' (-tā zhā'), one under the ěx těm' po re, without preparation; care and protection of another. as, to speak extempore.

re su me' (rā zụ mā'), a summing fåe sim' i le, an exact copy or like- up; a condensed statement; a brief ness; as, a facsimile letter.

capitulation. fi' nis, an end; conclusion.

súb ro'så, secretly; privately. měm o rå bil' i å, things worthy of těr' rå fir' må (fēr-), firm or solid

remembrance or record; also, the earth, as opposed to water. record of them.

ůl ti mā' tắm, the final proposition, mõ' dès õp e răn' di, manner of concession, or condition; as, the operating.

President's ultimatum to Spain. něğ li gee' (-zhā'), an easy, uncere- vi' å, by the way of; as, to ship a monious attire.

package via Adams Express.

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åğ' ate, a small size of type (5'2- e di' tion, whole number of copies point).

produced at the same time. běy' el ing, the act of making the e lẽe' tro tõpe, a metal plate for print

outer edge of a book cover angular. ing, usually a duplicate of type, or a bgur geois' (blir jois'), a size of type metallic copy of a surface.

between brevier and long primer ěm, the unit of type measurement. (9-point).

ěm boss', to ornament the surface brāy' er, a hand roller used for with raised work. spreading ink.

föl' io (-yo), a sheet of paper once bre viēr', medium size type (8-point). folded. bris' tòl board, a kind of fine paste- font, a complete assortment of printboard with a smooth surface.

ing type of one size. bro chụre' (-sure'), a pamphlet; a găl' ley, tray for holding type.

printed and stitched book, contain- gilt, a golden yellow. ing only a few leaves.

įm prěs' sion, a single copy as the recăl' ěn dēred (-der'd), a name given sult of printing.

to paper having a glazed surface. im' print, name; to print or mark. cälf, a bookbinding in calfskin. léad (lěd), a thin sheet of lead placed chāse, a printer's frame for holding against or between lines of type. pages or columns of type.

long prim' er, a size of type larger com pos' i tor, one who sets type. than brevier (10-point). dū o děç' ì mo, consisting of sheets må nil' å, a durable brown or buff folded into twelve leaves.

paper made of Manila hemp.

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ad hē' sive, clinging.

chăn' nel, a groove; course of a stream. af fair', anything done or to be done; elâir voy' ant, one claiming to disconcern; occurrence; object.

cern objects not present to the åt' mos phēre, the air. au' di ble, capable of being heard. còn sẵnt', to concur; compliance. cap' i tol, a state-house.

côr' po ral, a military officer; relating eåv' ern, a large cave.

to the body.


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