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ē las tiçi i ty, springiness.

pre die' à ment, plight; a trying pogăl' lant, brave; showy.

sition. găl lănt', courteous to women. rī' val, to strive to excel; an opponent. in vỉn' çi ble, unconquerable.

săn' guine, hopeful; deep red. knēad (nēd), to work or mix, as sěm' i-çîr ele, a half-circle. dough.

trăns grėss' or, a sinner; one who měs' eu lar, strong; relating to the breaks a law. muscles.

ūs' aġe, custom; uniform practice. ā bē' di ent, compliant; obeying will- ví' cious, wicked; unruly; addicted ingly.

to vice. po těn' tial, possible but not actual; vỉn' di cāte, to clear; to justify; to mighty.




bāle, a bundle.

mär' ket å ble, fit for sale; current băr' rel, a round vessel having flat in market. heads.

mēr' chan dige, goods for sale; combås' ket, a vessel made of twigs, in- modities. terwoven.

pěr' ish á ble, subject to decay, deeärt' age, charge for carting.

struction, etc. com mis' sion, allowance made for pro' çēeds, sum accruing from a sale, transacting business.

etc. con sign' ment, merchandise con- prod' ūçe, proceeds; yield; farm prosigned to an agent to be sold.

ducts. con sign ēe', one to whom goods are pûr' chas er, a buyer. shipped.

shịp' ment, the act of shipping; that con sīgn' ôr, one who ships goods to which is shipped. another.

shịp' per, one who sends goods. coop' ēr age, price for cooper's work; stāte' ment, account of particulars; the work of a cooper.

recital. crāte, a box or case of wooden slats stěn' çil, a thin plate with pattern for transportation of goods.

cut therein, for marking letters, etc. drāy' age, charges for use of a dray. stor' age, pay for storing. in spěe' tion, examination; to view. wâre' house, a storehouse for wares joint'ly, together; in a joint manner. or goods.



“Do all the good you can and make as little fuss about it as possible."-Dickens.

åe' tu al, genuine; existing.

lěġ' i ble, capable of being easily au' thỏr ize, to warrant; to'empower. read. au to măt' ie, not voluntary; mechan- prē de' cū py, to occupy first; to enical; self-acting.

gross the mind. åv å ri' cious, stingy; greedy of gain. pûr' port, meaning; to intend. co' ġěnt, forcible; powerful; per- ra pid' i ty, swiftness. suasive.

re çip' ro cal, acting in return; given eon vē' nient (-yent), handy; condu- and received. cive to comfort.

rép' tile, a creeping a nimal, as a dim i nū' tion, making or growing snake. less.

réf' fian (-yăn), a brutal fellow. hõ' ping, expectantly desirous. săe' rỉ lēģe, profaning things sacred. im pēr' vi ous, not to be penetrated. shēaf, a bundle of grain. in dom' i tå ble, invincibl ::

spě' cial, particular; appropriate. ir rėg' u lar, not according to rule or stitch, to sew. custom

sús' te nançe, food; support. lăŋ' guid, weary; faint; feeble.

wąr' rior, a brave soldier.

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NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first. tréach' er y, perfidy; treason. quěr' u lous, fretful; discontented. fi děl' i ty,

integrity; faithfulness. con těnt' ěd, satisfied; quiet. coarse, rough; rude; indelicate. ăn ni' hi late, to destroy utterly. dāin' ty, nice; refined.

pre gērve', to save; to secure. dět' i nite, clear; specified.

con sçi ěn' tious (-shủs), scrupulous. vāgue, indefinite; obscure.

un sery' pu lous, unprincipled.

de sçěnd', to move down.
as çěnd', to rise; to move upward.
dis pěl', to banish; to disperse.
con' gre gāte, to gather; assemble.
ěx' em plâ ry, commendable.
ob jěc' tion å ble, offensive.

ex těn' sive, large; of great extent.
rē striet' ed, limited; confined.
in trep' id, fearless; bold.
cow' ard ly (-ērd-), lacking courage.
măg nîf' i cent, grand; majestic.
pal' try, mean; insignificant.



“Knowledge is proud that he knows so much,
Wisdom is humble that he knows no more.

ål' ġe brå, a branch of mathematics | ěn ġi nēer' îng, the science of con

employing letters, etc., in its treat- verting mechanical properties of ment and solution of problems.

matter into useful forms or condiå rỉth' me tie, the science of numbers tions; as, civil engineering, etc.

and the art of computing them. ġe og' rå phỹ, the study of the world, és trón' o mỹ, the science which treats its features, products, divisions and of the celestial bodies.

inhabitants. book' kēep ing, the art of keeping ac- ġe ol' o gỹ, the science of the earth's counts.

structure, formation, etc. bot' á ný, the study of plants, plant ge om' e trý, the mathematical study life, etc.

of lines, surfaces, solids and angles. chěm' is trý, a science treating of the grăm' mar (-mēr), the study of the

composition of substances, etc. principles and use of a çiv' yes, the science of civil govern- his' to rý, the systematic, written acment.

count of a nation's life. eðm po si' tion, the writing of arti- ôr thỏğ' rå phỏ, the study of spell

cles, etc., as an aid in the study of ing; the art of spelling words corthe correct use of language.

rectly. cor re spónd' ence, letter-writing. pěn' man shịp, the art of writing; style če o nom' ies, political economy. of writing. ěl o cũ' tion, the art of graceful and phỉ lös' o phỹ, the science of effects

expressive public speaking or read- by their causes; the science of raing

tional principles.

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phys' ies, natural philosophy. stě nóğ' rå phy, the study of shortphòg i ol' o gỹ, the study of the na- hand; shorthand.

ture and functions of the organs and trig o năm' e trợ, the mathematical tissues of the human body.

study treating of the general relarhět' o ríe, the art of elegant prose tions of plane and spherical tricomposition.

angles, arcs,




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ăl' bå tross, a thin woolen material. elõak, a long, loose, outer garment. ăn gõ' rå, a kind of cloth used for comfort er, a wadded bedquilt; a coats and cloaks.

neckscarf. bāize (bāz), a coarse woolen stuff erāpe, a thin, crimped stuff, made of with a long nap.

raw silk. bå tïste' (-tēst'), a cotton texture erăsh, coarse, heavy, narrow, linen similar to cambric.'

cloth. blēached, whitened; made white. dăm' ask, silk, woven with a pattern bóm bá zïne', silk and cotton texture. of flowers. brāid, a narrow fabric used for bind- děn' im, a coarse cotton drilling. ing, trimming, etc.

doi'ly, a small mat-like table napkin. bro eāde', cloth wrought with raised făb' rie, cloth of any kind. flowers, etc.

gauze, thin, transparent cloth. bảek' ram, coarse cloth stiffened with gos' så mer, a waterproof wrap. glue or gum.

gown (goun), the ordinary outer dress chål' lis (shål' ly), a light all-wool of a woman; a dressing-gown. material.

hem' stitched, having a broad hem chěv' i öt, a woolen fabric.

separated from the article by open chintz, a kind of flowered cloth, made work. of cotton.

jåe' o nět, a thin cotton fabric.

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är' se nal, a repository for storing be hooves', necessary for; to belong

as due. as suāģe' (-swāġe'), to calm; to allay. brắnt, the main shock. băn' ni er, a defense; an obstruction.eăno ni bal, an eater of human flesh.

the eye.

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eăt' á raet, a waterfall; a disease of měs' mer ize, to effect by personal

magnetism. căt' e chỉgm, instruction by questions món' o tone, sameness of tone or and answers.

pitch. çõ' elone, a violent wind-storm. nēi' ther, not either. dis suāde' (-swāde'), to persuade or nū tri' tious, nourishing. advise against.

pēr' fo rate, to pierce. húr' ri cāne, a violent gale.

phý sïque' (fi zēk'), the physical ig' no rançe, lack of knowledge. structure of a person. ỉm pē' ri al igm, a policy of territorial pin' nå ele, a lofty peak. extension.

port' å ble, easily transported. jü' ve nile, pertaining or adapted to prey (prā), booty; spoil; to procure youth.

food by violence. măj' es ty, dignity; sublimity; a title prī mē' val, primitive in time. of kings.


MISCELLANEOUS "If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door."-Emerson. ae çěs' si ble, capable of being reached | mis' ere ant, a villain. or entered.

ne çěs' si ty, that which is indispenag' grăn dīze, to make great or sable. greater.

ôr' nå ment, to adorn; an embellisheå pri' cious (-prish' us), fickle ; ment. whimsical.

pěn' ănçe, infliction for sin, or faults. ělse' whêre, in some other place. phāge (fāze), a particular aspect. fiek' le, changeable; inconstant. plū' ral, more than one. hoard, to gather and store away. pre gúmp' tion, overweening confi. i' çý, like ice; frigid.

dence; probability. in' tēr val, a space of time.

prov i děn' tial, by God's providence. žsth' mus (is'-), a neck of land con- pýr' å mid, a solid, tapering to a point necting larger bodies of land.

from any base except a circle. jõ' vi al, merry; jolly.

rěc ol lèet', to recall to mind. júne' ture, a joining; a point of time sąu'çy, insolent; impudent; pert. when conditions meet.

stăg' nănt, motionless; not active or măm' moth, an extinct species of ele- brisk. phant; very large.

sýn on' y mous,


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