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Consult your dictionary for meaning of words.




I knew I she had a new ? hat.
Many minors : are among the miners.'
You need 5 not knead 6 the bread.
The main reason was on account of the horse's mane. 8
The troops were allowed to see the opera troupe. 10
The most beautiful beech " grows on the beach.12
The boy was arrested for stealing 18 a piece of steel. 14
Such idle 15 talk about the idol 16 is not mentioned in the “Idyls 17 of the King.”
Let us meet 18 and mete 19 out to each person his share of the meat.20
After the marriage rite ? was performed the millwright 22 said it was right 23

to write 24 with the right 25 hand.


Homophonous words,-what do they mean?
ore, oar, o'er
air, heir, ere

feign, fain, fane
rain, reign, rein sight, site, cite

rode, road, rowed raise, rays, raze sent, cent, scent

to, too, two



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lạwn, a fine linen or cotton fabric ôr' gan die, a kind of transparent, with open texture.

light muslin. lĩn' en, cloth made of flax.

per eåle', a fine, cotton fabric, often măck' în tosh, a waterproof outer printed on one side. garment; a rain-coat.

pil' low, a cushion to support the mēr' çēr ized, treated to produce a head when reposing.

kind of silky appearance; as, mer- plăid, checkered cloth or pattern. cerized cotton.

rěm' nant, a fragment; an unsold mõ' hair, a fabric made from the hair part.

or wool of the Angora goat; or, an sătch' el, a handbag for clothing, etc. imitation of such fabric.

săt' in, a silk cloth with a glossy surnēed' le, a slender, pointed instru- face. ment used in sewing.

săt i nět', thin kind of satin.


seärf, an article of dress worn loosely tow' el, a cloth for drying the person

about the neck, shoulders or waist. after a bath. skein, a knot of yarn.

veil, a covering of transparent mater. Skirt (skērt), the part of a dress be- ial for the face. low the waist.

wool' en, made of wool; pertaining tăf' fe tå, a fine smooth stuff of silk. to woolen cloths. tär' lå tan, a thin muslin.

worst' ed (wust'-), a lightly twisted thread, a small twist of silk, cotton, flax, etc.

zěph' yr (źěf' er), a kind of yarn.

woolen yarn.



This test in spelling was given to the different grades in the schools of one of our large cities: “There were two boys at their home. Their mother said it was two o'clock and too late to go to school.”

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ae çēde', to assent; to agree.

prě' cious (prěsh' us), highly prized ; dodge, to evade; an artifice.

dear. dón' key, an ass.

pre pon' der ance, superiority in inex těn' u áte, to lessen; to mitigate. fluence, weight, etc. friv' o loňs, trifling; petty.

pre gămp' tu ous, unduly confidentor gôr' ģeous (-jùs), magnificent; very bold. showy.

re çıp' ro eate, to give and take mugri māçe', a made-up face.

tually. in åd' e quate, insufficient.

shặt' tle, a sliding thread-holder. in jŭs' tice, wrong; injury.

sphēre, a globe; round of duty. in stăn tā' ne ous, immediate; occur- stu pěn' dous, wonderful; of prodiring instantly.

gious size. ir re sist' i ble, resistless.

thē o rět' ie al, not practical; specunois’ ý, boisterous; loud.

lative. or' å tõr, an eloquent speaker. tour' nå ment (toor- or târ-), a test pól y sýl' là ble, a word of several y

of skill with several competitors. syllables.

un con' scious (-shủs), not conscious; pomp' oủs, stately.


industrious courageous religious

For “eye' training. famous

partial hideous

facial courteous


politician malicious seditious


SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first. flim' sy, limp; thin; fragile. plěn' te oŭs, copious; abundant. sub stăn' tial, solid; true.

ex hậust' ed, consumed; drained. fôr' mi då ble, alarming; tremendous. wil' ý, subtle; artful; sly. în sig nìf' i eant, unimportant. un so phis' ti cat ed, pure; artless. grå tū' i tous, free; given voluntarily. pit' i fäl, merciful; calling forth pity. ob' li gå to ry, imposing obligation. ery' el, merciless; hard-hearted. in' sti gāte, to stir up; to provoke. pi' ous, religious; devout. rē préss', to restrain; to curb. îm' pi ous, profane; irreligious. ir re proach' å ble, above reproach. ěn' mi ty, hatred; hostility. guilt' y, criminal; wicked.

côr dial' i ty (-jăl'-), sincerity. op' u lent, rich; affluent.

re pěl', to repulse; to drive back. in' dí ģent, needy; poor.

pro pěl', to drive forward; urge.

Write a word the opposite of: happy little difficult

industrious full clumsy wholesome



REVIEW accommodate expense

superintendent acknowledgment forty

crucible balance judgment

invariably ninety salary

consignor delineate carbon

statement definite invincible

cordiality authorize

conscientious dispel sustenance hoping

legible assuage flimsy

fabric wily dissuade

juvenile phase accessible

necessity skein recollect

synonymous propel

insignificant Illustrate the use of the following words in sentences: separate


ostensible serene



courteous intelligence commission proceeds protege extempore valiant ruffian gauze physique ornament gorgeous

prey eclat



ăm pere' (-pār'), standard unit of de flée' tion, deviation of a magnetic electrical measurements.

needle; a turning aside. an nůn' ci ā tõr (-shi-), an indicator; dise, any flat, circular surface. that which announces.

dý' nå mo, a machine for producing äre, a very brilliant electric light. electric currents. är må ture, soft iron used in contact Ed' i son, American electrician and

to maintain electrical power undi- inventor. minished.

e lĕe triç' i ty, an invisible agent in åt' om, the smallest particle of matter nature.

that can enter into combination. e lèe' tro eūte, to put to death by băt' ter y, an apparatus for generat- electricity ing voltaic electricity.

e lèe' trõde, ends of an opened elecbob' bin, either of the spool-shaped tric circuit. parts of an electro-magnet.

e lèe' tro-măg' net, a magnetized bar cā' ble grăm, a message sent by a of metal. submarine cable.

e lẽe trom' e ter, an instrument for çěll, a single jar of a voltaic battery. measuring the quantity of electricçîr' euịt (-kit), the path of an electric

ity. current.

e lěe' tro seõpe, an instrument for decoil, a spiral conductor.

tecting the presence of electricity. con dúet' or, any substance which will fil' å ment, a fiber; a thread. transmit electricity.

fūge, to dissolve; to melt; a safety. eŭr' rent, a passage of electricity piece in an electric circuit that fuses through a conductor.

when the current is too strong.




Consult your dictionary for the meaning of words.
A story may be credible and not creditable.?
Dispatch may be spelled with an e.
His assistants 4 did not render him much assistance.5
Have all the attendants 6 in attendance' for instruction.
I have few adherents, but their adherence is strong.
Put away the excess so that the rats cannot have access to it.




The allegation 12 that the teachers cannot work sums in alligation 13 is false.
An irrepressible 14 student is not always an inco: rigible 15 one.
Impetuous 16 people are oftentimes the subject of good-natured raillery,. 17
Winter reigns 18 after spring rains, and so navigation is temporarily 19 sus-

pended. The severe morality, marked charity, elegant 20 manners and thrifty habits

of the Huguenots made them a most desirable acquisitional to the colonists. A male graduate of a college is called an alumnus; more than one, alumni :23

a female graduate is called alumna; and more than one, alumnæ. "There are quiet victories and struggles, great sacrifices 24 of self, and noble

acts of heroism 25 done every day in nooks and corners, and in little households, and in men's and women's hearts.”Charles Dickens.



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What is the difference between: polite and kind

amateur and novice veracity and truth

fetch and bring avocation and vocation

adjacent and adjoining



Words frequently misspelled.

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Only three words in our language end in ceed: they are exceed, proceed, and succeed; one in sede, supersede. ad hēre', to stick fast to, or cleave to. ex cēed', to surpass; to outdo. ad mis' si ble, entitled to be admitted; im pēde', to hinder; to obstruct. allowable.

im pěl', to drive or irge forward. al lėġe', to declare; to bring forward. in tēr çēde', to pass between; to arbērth, an appointment; a place in a bitrate.

ship or railway car in which to sleep. in tēr fēre', to clash; to interpose. birth, the act of coming into life; lin- 7 vēr sē' er, one who oversees; a sueage.

perintendent. eå rēer', general course of action or pre çēde', before. conduct.

pro çēed', to advance; to go on. eðn çēde', to yield; to admit. rěf' er ence, relation ; direction of the de çēive', to delude; to mislead. attention. dom i nēer', to be overbearing; to se çēde', to draw off; to retire. tyrannize.

sin çēre', true; not falsely assumed.

to go

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