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stăm pede', to run away in a panic. sûrge, to swell; a large wave or billow. súe çēed', to come after; to prosper. . trăns fēr' å ble, capable of being sü per sēde', to replace.


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găl và năm' e ter, an instrument for po lăr' i ty, the quality of a body by

measuring intensity of an electric virtue of which it exhibits opposite current.

properties. ġěn' er ā tor, an apparatus which gen- re sist' ance, opposition to the passage erates or produces.

of an electric current. hē' lix, a spiral line, as of wire in 'a rhē' o stăt, a contrivance for regulatcoil.

ing the strength of electrical curįg nīte', to kindle.

rents. in ean děs' çent, glowing with intense stăt' ie, name applied to frictional heat; an electric lamp.

electricity. in dŭe' tion, electrical influence. switch, a device for shifting an elecîn' su lāte, to prevent the transfer of trical current.

electricity by using non-conductors. těl' e grăm, a message by telegraph. i' öns, elements of a body undergoing těl' e gråph, an apparatus for transdecomposition by electricity.

mitting messages; to announce by kỉ nět' ie, motory; moving or causing telegraph. motion.

těl' e phone, an instrument to convey măg' net ism, the power of attraction. sound; to send a communication by mõ' tõr, a moving power.

telephone. õhm, the unit of electrical resistance. thēr' mal, pertaining to heat. plăt' i num, a silver-colored, non-trăns mis' sion, the act of sending.

corrosive metal, possessing great trăns mịt' ter, that which transmits. weight and density.

võlt, a unit of electro-motive force.


MISCELLANEOUS “Be not simply good, be good for something."-Thoreau. ăb scónd', to secrete one's self, or | ăn te çēd'ent, going before. steal off in secret.

au' to graph, one's own signature. ăf få bil' i ty, courtesy; ease of man- bąu' ble, a cheap, showy plaything; ner; sociability.

a gewgaw.

çěr' e mō ny, outward rite.

hăb' it å ble, that which may be inelăn děs' tỉne, secret; concealed. habited. elïque (klēk), a faction; a' coterie. lăb' y rỉnth, a maze; a place full of de ġěn' er ate, to become worse; de- windings. teriorate.

me trop' o lis, a chief city. děl e tē' ri ous, hurtful; noxious; de- nāt' å ble, memorable; noted or dis-, structive.

tinguished. e lĕe tion ēer', to canvass for votes, of fi' ci āte (-fish' i-), to act as an ofor make interest for office.

ficer or leader. Es' ki mo, a Greenlander.

quạr' rel, to dispute; an angry confa çil' i ty, easiness in performing. test. fal' ter, to hesitate; to waver. rē' gión, district. fôr' tu nate, lucky; favored.

spī' ral, winding, like a screw. ģī' ant, a man of large size.

viv' id, intense; bright.

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båss, a game fish of which there are pīke, a large fresh-water fish.
many species.

a small


bird. căn' vas-băck', a species of wild duck. răb' bit, a small game animal, often chỉek'en, a young bird or fowl.

kept as a pet. eod' fish, an edible fish especially sär dĩne', a species of herring.

abundant on the Grand Banks. seal' lóp, a marine bivalve mollusk, dove, a kind of pigeon.

the large muscle of which is used goose (pl. geese), a web-footed bird.

as a food. grouse, a game bird highly prized for shăd, an important market fish of food.

which there are many varieties. quin'Za-fowl, a fowl of a dark gray snīpe, a species of game bird found in color.

meadows or near the water. hâre, a small, rodent animal.

squír' rel, a small animal with a bushy măek' ēr el, one of the most impor

tail. tant oceanic fishes used for food. sword' fish (sord-), a very large edioys' tēr, a bivalvular mollusk.

ble sea fish with sword-like beak. pär' tridge, a species of quail-like, trout, an especially desirable game

fish, generally found in brooks. phěas' ant, a wild fowl.

tûr' key, a large fowl, either wild or pi' ġeon, a small dove-like bird. domesticated.

game bird.



Hope nothing from luck, and the probability is that you will be so prepared, forewarned and forearmed that all shallow observers will call you lucky.”-Bulwer Lytton.

åb o riġ' i nēs, first inhabitants. il lib' ēr al, stingy; niggardly; narå pol' o ģy, an excuse.

row-minded. á sý' lum, a retreat; a refuge; a char- im mēr' sion, putting into a fluid; a itable institution.

dipping; engaging deeply. bär bā'ri an, a savage; uncivilized. im păss' å ble, that can not be passed. bliz' zard, a furious snow and wind in děf' i nite, not precise; vague. storm.

jog gle, to shake slightly. brụ nětte', a woman with dark com- mŭs tåche', growth of hair on the plexion.

upper lip of man. Chěs' a pēake, a large bay in Mary-ôr' tho dòx, approved; sound in docland.

trine. de spond' en çy, discouragement. pär' ti ele, an atom; a minute part. e elät' (-klä'), brilliant show; strik- plāgue, that which smites or troubles; ing effect; applause.

to vex. ex pi rā' tion, end; termination. re it' ēr ate, to repeat. fron tiēr', the border of a country. shăe' kles, fetters. gặt' tå-pēr' chå, hardened juice of a un rīght' eous (-ri' chus), evil; sinful. tree.

û sûrp', to seize and hold wrongfully.



eăn çěl lā' tion, act of cancelling or dĩs trib' u ting, assorting. defacing.

în' cóm ing, coming in; arriving. căr' rỉ ēr, a messenger; one who car- în spěet' õr, one who supervises; an

ries or delivers goods; as, a mail official examiner. carrier.

māil, letters, papers, etc., received còl lee' tion, a gathering; act of col- through a post office; to post. lecting; an accumulation.

měs' sěn ģēr, carrier; a bearer of de liv' ēr y, giving or transferring; messages. act of delivering over.

out' go ing, going out; departing. dē pärt měn' tal, pertaining to a di- | post' aġe, amount paid for conveyvision or department.

ance of mail.

a course.

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põst' al, pertaining to the post office / route (root), the road or way traveled;

service; a post card. põst' märk, the official stamp on a rụ' ral, pertaining to the country.

letter giving date and place received sehěd' ule (skěd-), a formal list. or mailed.

ůn elāimed', not called for; not põst' más tēr, one in charge of a post claimed. office.

ŭn māil' å ble, not allowed in the post' pāid, having postage prepaid. mails. pouch, a bag.

ůn sēaled', opened; not sealed; perréġ' is tēred, formally recorded; par- mitting inspection without destroy

ticularly listed or attended to; as, a ing wrapper. registered letter.

wrăp' pēr (răp'-), covering.

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NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first. erook' ěd, distorted; twisted.

à droit', skilful; clever. strāight, not crooked; direct. awk' ward, clumsy; not graceful. mis lēad', to deceive; to delude. åġ' ile, active; nimble. un de çēive', to free from deception. elům' sy, awkward; uncouth. măs' eu lĩne, manly or manlike. al lī' ance, a union; a league. fěm' i nine, womanly; effeminate. di vorçe', separation. ree' ti tūde, integrity; uprightness. ěm' a nāte, originate; spring; rise. in iq'ui ty, sin; crime; injustice. tēr' mi nāte, to finish; complete. de tē' ri o rāte, to impair.

eăn' se eräte, to set apart as sacred. å mēl' io rāte (-yo-), to improve. děs' e erāte, to profane; misuse. sús pěnse', doubt; cessation.

de fôrm' i ty, distortion; misshapen. de tēr mi nā' tion, purpose; decision. I beaū' ty, grace; comeliness.



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“Discipline aims at the removal of bad habits and the substitution of good ones.” ab hõr' rençe, extreme loathing; utter ef fi' cien çy, effectiveness. disgust.

e liç' it, to draw out; to bring to light. ad jā' çent, contiguous.

friġ' id, cold; of low temperature. à něm' o ne, the wind flower. fūçh' si å (-shỉ-), a beautiful floweranx i' e ty, solicitude; distress of ing plant. mind.

grā' tỉs, freely; without cost. äre' tie, frigid; far northern.

HỈ mä' la yå (-mäh'-), a range of be něf' i çent, benevolent; bounte- mountains between India and

Thibet. că prïçe' (-prēs'), a whim; a sudden is' o lāte, to place by itself or alone.

change of mood, opinion, etc. múl' ti tūde, a great number. căs' u al tŷ, accident; misfortune. oe eŭr' rençe, happening. çěl' e brāte, to observe duly.

pēr suāde', to influence by argument. ehăsm, a deep opening or breach. shriv' el, to shrink. con' se quence, that which is pro- stånd' ard, a test; a banner; an upduced by a cause; effect.

right support. dîs çěrn', to see; to perceive; to judge. I tôr' toise (or -tus), a kind of turtle.


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Consult your dictionary for meaning of words. The froward 1 youth went forward ? contrary to orders. My ivory 3 headed cane is lying amid the green ivy.* The glazier5 tells of a glacier 6 of ice which destroyed his father's house. The laver? is full of pieces of lava8 from the volcano. Do not touch the least' of it lest

you be poisoned. Since the last flash of lightning 11 the sky is lightening i? in the east. I loathe 13 such conduct but was loath 14 to tell her so.



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