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å çět' lēne, an illuminating gas fěnd' er, a screen for an open firemaking a very brilliant light.

place. ănd' i ron, iron support for burning fire'-dog, an andiron. logs.

flūe, passage for a current of air. ås běs' tos, a kind of mineral unaf- fā' el, wood or any substance that fected by fire.

feeds fire. căn de lā' brum (pl., -brå), a candle- før' naçe, an enclosed fire-place. stick with branches.

găs' o lïne, a highly volatile mixture. chăn de liēr', a frame or support for grāte, a frame for holding fuel while lights.

burning chịm' ney, a passage for smoke; a heärth, floor of a fire-place. flue.

kěr' o sēne, an oil used for illuminatelīņk' er, slag which forms in stoves

ing purposes. or furnaces.

pe tro' le ům, an inflammable liquid coal, a combustible mineral substance exuding from the earth. used for fuel.

rā' di ā tor, that which radiates heat. eõm bůs' ti ble, easily inflammable. rānġe, a kind of cooking stove. ěl' bow, any turn or bend like that of réġ' is ter, a damper for regulating the arm joint.

ventilation. e lëe tro liēr', a frame for supporting trăn' sóm, a swinging window over a electric lamps.




The power to acquire, retain, and use information properly, is education in its broad

“He who can confine his entire attention to a point for ten minutes,” some one says, “is educated.” Do you believe it?


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å põs' tle (-pos' l), one of the twelve eŭl' prít, a guilty person.

chosen by Christ; a zealous advo- dăz' zle, to blind temporarily with cate of any doctrine.

brilliance. eăs' ti gāte, to chastise.

děx' tēr ous, expert; skilful. eon fi děn' tial, trusted; intimate. di vis' ble, capable of being divided. con' so nant, in harmony with; any gnạw (nạw), to bite or tear with the

letter of the alphabet not a vowel. teeth.

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hål lě lū' iảh (-yåh), a song of praise seăn' dal, slander; malicious defamato God.

tion. hõe' ing, cutting with a hoe.

spónġe, an absorbent, elastic subi děn' tie al, the same.

stance; to clean. mis'ēr å ble, wretched; forlorn. súf' fo eāte, to stifle; to choke. på rěn' the sís, the marks (); an ex- tăe' ties, system of procedure; the planatory clause.

science of military and naval evopląu' si ble, apparently right.

lutions. Prěs bỹ tē' rỉ an, a religious sect. těp'id, lukewarm. prim' i tive, first; primeval; earliest. un ērr' ing, exact; unfailing; makpýr o těch' nies, pertaining to fire- ing no mistake. works.

wrìn' kle, to crease; a crease.

For "eye" training. voluminous sufficient palatial

patient righteous facetious musician

ancient patience conscience





NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first. ăd' vēr tīse, to publish; to disclose. in vēi' gle, to ensnare; to lead astray. súp préss', to withhold; to repress. ěx' tri eāte, to free; disentangle. re plěn' ish, to stock anew.

per çēive', to discern; to see. im pov' er ish, to make poor.

mís con çēive', to misapprehend. rěs' o lūte, firm; determined. com mū' ni eate, to impart; to share. văç' il lāt ing, wavering.

se erēte', to hide; conceal. ex åġ' ġer āte, to overstate; enlarge. con tăm' i nāte, to corrupt by contact. un der és: tỉ mate, undervalue. eléanse, to clean; to purify. prěd' e çěs sõr, one who precedes. ěph ěm' ēr al, short-lived. súe çěs' sõr, one who follows. pēr pět' u al, everlasting; eternal. dís păr' aġe, to undervalue; to decry. vi vā' cious, full of life. ex tol', to praise highly.

in ăn'i māte, dead; dull. Write a word nearly synonymous with: flesh tendency decrease

imminent familiar


extant specimen assay








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vegetable reverence cutlery economical impracticable sieve. negligent convertible confidential perceive

corps levee

Illustrate the use of the following words in sentences:



pedal corpse



băŋ' quět, a feast.

fire'-es cāpe, a contrivance, generally bouil lon' (bool yôn'), broth or clear on the outside of a building, for soup.

affording quick egress in case of brěak' făst, the morning meal.

fire. eå fe', a restaurant; room for serving frie as sēe', a kind of meat stew. liquors.

grill, to broil on a gridiron. eðn fée' tion er y, sweetmeats. guěst, a lodger or boarder; a visitor. côn som me', clear soup or bouillon. lăv' å to ry, a place for washing. eü' lí na ry, relating to cookery. lob' by, the main entrance hall of a en tree' (än trā'), a dish served be- hotel. tween courses.

lènch' eon (-ėn), a light repast beěl e vā' tõr, a cage for conveying per- tween meals. sons to different floors.

me nụ”, a bill of fare.

rés' tau ránt, a place where meals shēr' bět, a flavored water-ice. are served ; a cafe.

sīr'loin, a loin of beef. pās' trý, such articles of food as pies, tå' ble d'hôte (tà' bl’ dot), regular; cakes, etc.

ordinary; the regular meal, as a sąu' saġe, minced meat for food. table d'hote dinner. seŭl' ler y, a place where culinary Itå bäs' co, a sauce made from red utensils are kept.


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Consult your dictionary for meaning of words.







That fine bridle' must have been left by the bridal ? party.
The cork would not buoy : up the boy.
The grounds of this cemetery * are laid out with symmetry.5
I met by chance 6 with a book of chants.
A man with so small a salary 8 cannot afford to buy celery.9
This critic 10 wrote a good critique ll on the book.
The sailors carried my silver cruse on their last cruise. 18
As I jumped across the creek 14 I felt a crick 15 in my neck.
Many correspondents 16 make my daily correspondence 17 very heavy.
I am confident 18 that he will not make you his confidant.19
Seize 20 him if he does not cease from his depredations.
Wreathe 23 a wreath for the victor.
I doubted his veracity 33 but not his voracity. 34
His relict 25 keeps his watch as the only relic of her husband.

What is the difference between :
arduous and difficult

accurate and precise
biased and prejudiced discerning and discriminating
indolent and lazy

happen and transpire


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“The moral grandeur of independent integrity is the sublimest thing in nature." com plā' çen çy, self-satisfaction. deiġn (dāne), to allow; to condescend. con' fis eate, to seize by authority. dís re spěet' f’l, uncivil; discourteeor răpt' i ble, subject to decay. de co' rum, dignity; propriety of důn' ġeon (-jún), a close prison; a speech and behavior.

dark, underground cell.


en çīr' ele, to surround; to enclose by sės çěp' ti ble, sensitive; capable of a circle.

receiving impressions. ex po' gure, the act of laying open; Těn' ný són, English poet laureate. making public.

tēe tõ' tal er, an abstainer from infăl' la çy, mistake; deceptive or false toxicants. appearance.

te nā' cious, tough; unyielding; ad-, fîr' må měnt, the sky; the heavens. hesive; retentive. foi' ble, failing; weakness.

tìn' nel, an underground passage; toi ģým năs' ties, athletic exercises. make a tunnel. hi' bēr nāte, to winter in close quar- un coŭ' ple, to disjoin. ters, as some reptiles, etc.

ún în těl' li ġi ble, obscure; not unin elěm'ent, severe, as applied to derstood. weather; not mild.

un kěmpt', untidy; unpolished; not ser' ġeant (sär-' or sēr-'), a military combed. officer.

võgue, fashion; mode. Homophonous words,-what do they mean? prays, preys, praise

sees, seas,

viol, vial, vile born, bourne, borne bole, boll, bowl

cite, site, sight vain, vane, vein ceil, seal, seel

pear, pare, pair



áe' çi dent, injury not self-inflicted; är' son, the malicious burning of a an unexpected event.

dwelling-house or other property of åe' tu a rý, an officer of a life insur

another person. ance company who computes val- běn e fi' çi å ry (ofish'-), one to whom

ues of contingent liabilities, etc. insurance is paid. ăd jŭst' ment, settlement of fire losses dis å bìl' i ty, helplessness, or claims; disposition.

ěn dow' ment, insurance paid before åf' fix, to subjoin, annex, or add at death at a fixed time.

the close or end; connect; unite. fôr' feỉ ture, the loss of some right, ăn' çes try, birth or honorable de- estate, etc., by an offense, breach scent.

of condition, or other act. än nū' i ty, a sum of money payable frå tēr' ni ty, a company; a brotherannually for a stated period.

hood; men of the same class, etc.

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