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åb' jeet, worthless; degraded. eðl' lēague, an associate; assistant. îl lăs' tri oŭs, eminent; splendid. com pět' i tõr, a rival; opponent. åb sûrd', ridiculous; senseless. mo měn' toús (-ės), important. sěn' si ble, wise; reasonable.

fū' tile, unimportant; useless. ăe çěpt' å ble, pleasant; welcome. o bē' diençe, dutifulness; compliance. dís å grēe' å ble, unpleasant. trans grěs' sion, sin; offense. dil' i ġençe, industry; care.

boor' ish, uncultivated. něg' li ġençe, carelessness.

ġen tēel', polite; well-bred.

Give the opposite of :
healthful dependent appearance






con vá lěs' çent, recovering from dis- |ěr ý sịp' e las, a febrile disease of the ease; improving in health.

skin. erē' o sõte, wood-tar oil used as an ē' ther, a drug used to produce insenantiseptic and deodorizer.

sibility. eroup, a disease of the throat, espe- flū' id, not solid; capable of flowing.

cially prevalent among children. fôr' çěps, surgical tongs or pincers. eữ' běb, small spicy berry used medic- fôr' mu là, a recipe for the preparainally.

tion of medicine; a prescription. dăn' drůff, a scurf on the head. frăe' ture, the breaking of a bone. di áğ no'sis, determining disease by glýc' er ine, a softening, healing symptoms.

liquid. dịz' zỉ ness, giddiness; vertigo. hěad' āehe, pain in the head. drop' sý, an abnormal collection of hěm' or rhaġe (-rěj), discharge of

serous fluid in the tissues of the blood. body.

ho me op' à thy, a school of medical dýs pěp' si å, indigestion.

practice. ē lix' ir, a cordial; a compound tinc hợ' drogen, a gaseous element withture of medicine.

out color, odor or taste. ē mā' çi āte (-shỉ-), to waste away in hỹ' ġi ēne, science of preservation and flesh.

improvement of health. ěp děm' ie, any wide - spread dis- hỹ po dêr' mie, application of medi

cine under the skin.



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MISCELLANEOUS ". There is always a best way of doing everything, even if it be to boil an egg.Emerson. ae eli' mate, to adapt to a different däw' dle, to trifle; to saunter. climate.

in' få mous, base; disreputable. ae eŭs' tom, to make familiar by use; in vol' èn tâ rî ly, not intentionally to inure.

or willingly. ăr is tõe' ra çy, nobility; government ir ră' tion al, void of reason; absurd. of nobles; chief persons.

mo not' o noús, wearisome; without ąu'to erat, a despot; a supreme change or variety. ruler.

mýr' i ad, very many. Băp' tist, a member of the Baptist non com mặt' tal, forbearance or rechurch.

fusal to commit one's self. beau (bo), a lover; a fop.

ob lïque' (-leek'), slanting. carte blanche', unlimited authority; fôr' de al, a severe trial or test. with no restrictions.

pär tỉe' û lar ly, in a particular maneðn'ffiet, strife; contest; struggle. ner; distinctly. eðn' ju gal, relating to marriage. pěn' e trāte, to pierce; to discern. còn nū bi al, pertaining to marri- quē' ry, a question; to inquire about. age.

rée' re āte, to divert; to create anew. coun' te nançe, the face; to approve. sôught, did seek.



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"The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it."-Emerson. ān' ġěl, a celestial being.

děs' ti tute, entirely lacking. ås çěnd' an çy, power; paramount ēa' ger, zealous.

ās çěnd' ency, ) influence. ěn' ēr ġy, inherent force. • bēach, shore; strand.

ë nún' ci ate (-shì-), to utter with the be něv' o lěnçe, charity; love to man- organs of speech. kind.

e pis' tle, a letter; written communicòn' scious (-shủs), having the power cation.

of knowing one's own thoughts. hos' tile, unfriendly. děg rå dā' tion, baseness; the act of im pos' tõr, one who deceives by false being lowered in rank.


in ěf fi' cient, not competent. phe nom' e non, a prodigy; an unlū' çid, clear; easily understood. usual occurrence. măe ad' am ize, to pave with small scēn' er y, a landscape view. broken stone.

Seine (sāne), a river in France. õ' å sis, fertile spot in the desert. sew' er (sü'-), à drain. ob liv' i ous, lost in thought; ab- sew' er (sõ'-), one who stitches. stracted; forgetful.

un prỉn' çi pled, wicked; destitute of păl' pi tāte, to pulsate or beat quickly. conscientious scruples.

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în grē' di ent, an element; a constit- mås såġe' (må såzh'), to treat by uent part.

rubbing or kneading. in tēr mit' tent, periodic; ceasing for mēa' gles, an eruptive contagious dis

a time; recurring. i' o dīne, an element used in medi- me diç' i nal, healing; having curacine.

tive properties. jäùn' diçe, a disease characterized by měd' i çine, anything that cures; a yellowness of the skin.

remedy. lăç' er āte, to tear; to mangle. měn în ģī' tis, inflammation of the ląu' då num, tincture of opium used membranous covering of the spinal as a sedative.

cord or brain. liq'uõr, any liquid; an intoxicating měn' thõl, an extract of peppermint. drink.

mēr'eu rý, a metallic salt. lõz' ěnġe, a small cake of medicine or môr' phïne, a narcotic. confectionery.

môr' tar, a vessel in which drugs, lymph, pure fluid ; serum.

etc., are crushed. măl' å dy, sickness; a living disor- mỹrrh, a strong oriental perfume. der.

nā' gal, pertaining to the nose. må lā' rỉ ả, miasma; noxious exhala- neū răl ġi á, a disease seated in a

tions giving rise to fever and ague. nerve, accompanied by acute pain. må lis' nant, tending to produce nie' o tine, the essential element of death.


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Good order is the foundation of all good things.-Burke.

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ăn' å lýze, to resolve into its ele- ös' trå çīze, to banish from society; to ments.

exile by popular vote. åp păr' el, garments; dress.

pro trụde', to project or stick out. ěv o lū' tion, development; act of un- qual' ì fied, fitted by accomplishfolding.

ments or endowments ; limited. ěx po' nent, a representative; an ex- rěs' pîte, a putting off; postponepounder.

ment; relief. ěx trăe' tion, the act of drawing out; rē vēre', to regard with respect minlineage.

gled with awe. hei' noús (hā-), atrocious; very ro şětte', a bunch of ribbons. wicked.

rouge (roozh), a cosmetic for the face. im pär' tial, fair; just.

Sehụyl' kill (skool'-), a river in Pennîm' pe tủs, momentum; impulse. sylvania. in' eu bus, oppressive burden. un veil', to disclose; to remove the in tēr spērse', to scatter among.

veil from. în tro důc' to ry, preliminary; serv- ū těn' sil, a tool; a vessel. ing as an introduction.

wrěs' tle (rés'l), to grapple and try neū' tral, not engaged on either side; to throw down. indifferent.

zē' nith, point in celestial sphere dinoise' less, silent; without noise. rectly overhead.



ni' trā ģen, an odorless gas.

på răl' y sis, palsy; the loss of power o běs' i tý, excessive fatness.

of voluntary muscular motion. Ō'pi ate, a narcotic; a medicine in- păr e õõr' ie, a medicine that mitiducing sleep.

gates pain. Ū' pỉ ởm, a powerful, sleep-producing păr' óx ýsm, a convulsion; a fit. drug.

pěp' per mint, a pungent, aromatic os te op' å thỹ, a system of medical herb. practice.

pěr i to nī' tis, inflammation of the Ỗx' ý gen, a gas; vital part of air. peritoneum.

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per spi rā' tion, sweat.

pre serip' tion, a medical recipe given pěs' ti lençe, an infectious, wide- by a physician. spreading disease.

půl' mo nā ry, pertaining to or afphär' må çy, a drug store; prepara- fecting the lungs. tion of medicines.

quạr' an tỉne, to seclude or keep away phỹ gi' cian, one who practices medi- from an infectious disease. cine.

quin' sý, inflammation of the tonpneū mo' ni å, inflammation of the sils. lungs.

qui' nine, a medicine extracted from poi' gòn, a substance tending to cause cinchona bark. death; to corrupt.

rės pỉ rā' tion, breathing. põul' tice, a soft application to reduce rhey' må tigm, a painful inflammapain, etc.

tory disease.



NOTE: The second word in each pair is opposite in meaning to that of the first.

rol' liek ing, frolicksome.

pěr ni' çious, malicious; harmful. se dāte', staid ; calm.

săl' u ta ry, healthful; wholesome. dis' eôrd, clashing; dissonance. vā' ri å ble, inconstant; changeable. här', mo nỹ, concord; melody. un change' á ble, unwavering. ăe ela mā' tion, loud applause. năt' u ral, not acquired; regular. de nŭn çi ā' tion, arraignment. ar ti fi' cial, not real; made by art. çěs sā' tion, a stop; a rest.

in çěs' sant, unceasing; constant. con tỉnu ā' tion, a constant succession. še eā' gion al, casual; incidental. di min' ish, to lessen; to reduce. eðn sol' i date, condense; incorporate. măg' ni fý, to enlarge; to extol. dis sõlve', to sunder; to melt. pēr dĩ' tion, ruin; loss of the soul. in ģēn' ious (-yŭs), skillful; clever. săl vā' tion, deliverance; redemption. un skill' fùl, awkward; bungling.

glutinous loose lineament

Write a word nearly synonymous with:


ineligible plaintive


statue principle intrigue

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