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The Kodak. The board of editors, mentioned in a previous issue of the MONTHLY, has surprised everybody by issuing one of the handsomest annuals ever published by a normal school or college in the West. It embraces everything that they promised in the prospectus and much more. The cuts are most superior in every way. There are about seven or eight hundred faces of alumni, faculty, seniors, and present students in the book, in addition to a fund of humorous sketches appropriate to the

The editors have been most fortunate in securing for their publishers Messrs. Perrin & Smith, of St. Louis, Missouri. This firm is one of the best in that enterprising city, and has taken great pains to make the Kodak a model of typographical art. The designs by J. W. Mayberry, C. L. Kelson, Ada Hogle, Kittie Fisher, Webb Long, and other well known Normal artists add greatly to the interest and value of the book. The sketches of the institution, of the alumni, and of the various organizations are happily written. A good judge assures us that the literary folio of thirty-five pages is not surpassed in any of the annuals issued elsewhere. We are pleased to see the names of D. S. Landis, Hattie Horner Louthan, D. A. Ellsworth, and other prominent Normal contributors in the list. The little gem by Frances Gillette, “Sleep, Baby, Sleep,” is most beautifully illustrated by Kittie M. Fisher. Some think it the artistic page of the entire book.

Nearly eight hundred copies of the Kodak have already been sold, but the editors ordered a sufficient number to meet the demands of those who may send in orders within a limited time. It is the most beautiful souvenir ever issued from the institution, and every copy ought to be sold by September 1. Send names, enclosing money order or draft for $1.25 to W. A. LaBar, Mankato, or direct to the office of the State Normal School.

IF ANY of our subscribers do not receive the supplement containing the rest of the minutes of the April meeting of the Child-Study Society and will write us, it will be sent by return mail.

At the Congress of Mothers in Washington, D. C., last spring, a resolution was unanimously adopted supporting the establishment of chairs of “Paidology,” or the "Science of the Child," in all universities and normal schools. Mrs. Bourland writes that these women believe, with Spencer, that “Whether as bearing upon the happiness of parents themselves, or whether as affecting the character and lives of their children and remote descendants, we must admit that a knowledge of the right methods of juvenile culture, physical, mental, is a knowledge second to none other in importance.”

We are in receipt of a number of handsome high school pro. grams. TI ks, one and all, -riends. Among them are pro. grams from Osborne, Wichita, Chapman, Marysville, Pleasanton, Emporia, Hutchinson, Caldwell, Ness City, Howard, Winfield, Nortonville, and Topeka. We also received class cards and programs from the State Agricultural College, the Oklahoma University, the Oklahoma Normal school, the high school at Muncie, Indiana, Howard University, Kansas Blind Institute, Kansas City, Kansas, Thomas County hig! school, Lawrence high school, Wallace, Idaho, Haskell Institute, and other institutions of learning in different parts of the country.

Professor SadIE L. MONTGOMERY closes her work with us at this commencement. She announces her intention of spending the coming year in advanced studies in some higher institution of learning. During the four years she has served as kindergartner, she has made hosts of friends among the little people as well as among the pupil teachers who have sat under her instruction. She possesses rare skill in her specialty and has exercised a wholesome influence over the primary work in many parts of our state. We regret to lose her from our number and trust that the change in work will result in the return of perfect health as well as in the realization of her long cherished plans.

The following named members of the class of 1898 report engagements at this office:

J. E. Boyer principal schools, Solomon City:
Laura M. Edwards, teacher city schools, Billings, Montana.
W. B. Hall, principal schools, Cherokee,
Adela Humphrey, teacher schools, Belleville.
James. W. Lakin, superintendent schools, Valley Falls.
C. G. Messerley, superintendent schools, Osage City.

Hattie Cochran, assistant English department, State Normal School.

Mina Clark, teacher city schools, Enterprise.
Charles M. Rose, principal schools, Waverly.
Frank U. Agrelius, principal ward school, Argentine.
Cora M. Ellis, teacher city schools, Argentine.

Hubert C. Griswold, private company H, twenty-second regiment, Kansas volunteers, in the service of Uncle Sam.

Luella Hutchinson, teacher city schools, Seneca.
Laura Murray, teacher city schools, Atchison.
Anna Monteith, teacher city schools, Topeka.
Kate S. Schiller, teacher city schools, Coffeyville.

G. W. Stevens, principal high school, Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory.

Mrs. G. W. Stevens, asssistant principal high school, Guthrie, Oklahoma, Territory.

Carrie B. Stittsworth, teacher city schools, Junction City.
Helen Austin, teacher city schools, Argentine.
F. A. Ellsworth, principal schools, Effingham.

George C. Lucas, in service of Uncle Sam, company H, twenty-second Kansas regiment.

Mr. Stroup and Mr. Oveson will take advanced work in the State Normal School next year. Miss Myrtie B. Howe will teach music. Miss Agnes Good will rusticate at home. Mr. Lenker will attend the State University. Alfred Bailey will attend Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut.

Wedding Bells. The wedding bells have been ringing very merrily during the past month.

Pearl Mary Hancock '94, was married to Dr. M. A. Finley, '94, on Wednesday evening, June 1. They will make their home at Cherryvale, Kansas.

'96. Bertha L. Elkins became Mrs. Martin C. Sargent on the afternoon of June 1. She will make her home at Riley, Kansas.

'94. Jessie M. Craig will be at home in North Kartright, New York, as Mrs Charles E. Newcomb after August 1.

'95. F. D. Eggleston ran into Emporia, June 16, and took with him Miss Matie Salisbury as Mrs. Eggleston.

He is engaged in the drug business at Kingman, Kansas.

Miss Ivy Gladys Loar announces her marriage to Elmer Ellsworth Corfman, on Wednesday, June 8, at Salt Lake City. Mrs. Corfman will be at home to her friends at Provo City hereafter.

Miss Lena A. Russel, '94, announces her marriage to Mr. Harry W. Lewis, on Monday evening, May 16. Their future home will be Santa Ana, California.

IF You are thinking of attending school next year, be sure to write for catalogues and circulars to President A. R. Taylor, State Normal School, Emporia, Kansas.

If you are thinking of attending school next year,

be sure to write for catalogues and circulars to President A. R. Taylor, State Normal School, Emporia, Kansas.

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I and 3, marble pieces, First Lessons,” in Albert Taylor Hall; 2, ivory relief panel in east corridor.

A High Compliment. Our friends abroad are discovering the excellency of the State NORMAL MONTHLY, as well as the friends at home. Recently we published a paper on Hegel's Philosophy of History, by Miss Mary S. Taylor, of our faculty. Doctor Chrisman wrote to Commissioner Harris calling his attention to it, and was gratified to receive the following reply:

Your very kind letter of March 22nd came to hand duly. I had already read the article on Hegel's “Philosophy of History' by Miss Taylor, and had admired it very much. I think it is a very remarkable production and I am glad to know that the young lady undertook the work at your instigation. If she will work over Hegel's “Philosophy of History" once in two years, or once a year, (as I have done eighteen or twenty times,) I am sure she will agree with me in saying that the book has more ideas in it than any other book she has ever seen.

Very truly yours,

W. T. Harris, Commissioner.

Phllomathian Society. Success, hope, patriotism, and good cheer in society are doing much to make blue and white the popular spring colors. Many new students are finding a permanent home in the hall where these colors reign supreme, and old students are rallying around as if they had heard the bugle call. Miss Daisy Ott, better known as Parthenia, Messrs. Lockhart, Burnap, Griswold and Stewart are among those welcomed back.

The officers who will see that the high standing of society work is kept up during the next four weeks are Margret Turney, Z. E. Wyant, C. T. Rhinehart, C. W. Jones, Metta Johannes and Roy Rankin.

Mr. W. L. Dunbar and Miss Blanche Neiman have been chosen to take first and second place in the next oratorical contest. Mr. Thoroman has again received merited honor in being selected as the best parliamentarian of the school for the position of president of the interstate association.

He was formally elected at the executive meeting at Normal, Illinois. The Philomathians all will join in yelling, “Hurrah for St. Clair," and

"Rah! rah! rah! rip! rah! ren!
Unfold old gold, K. S. N.”

The following reports from the alumni show where “Old Gold” will wave: W. S. Picken, '87, superintendent city schools, Burlingame; A. C. Wheeler, '97, superintendent schools, Garden City; Miss Nettie Barber, '98, teacher city schools, Halstead, Kansas.

The next school year begins September 6.


A REQUEST: Please mention the State NORMAL MONTHLY when ordering

any of the following.named books.

AT THE BOARDING HOUSE. “There's one thing sure, McKinley"

“Will you pass the bread?” “Knows what to do"-"Excuse me.

I prefer the rye instead." "Well, then, why don't he do it?"

He doesn't”-Pepper, please!', “Spain knows we'll make her rue it,”

“Can you reach the peas?" Far as war, why"_“Excuse me?”

“I said the vinegar." “But McKin"-"Pass the hominy !"

-"Ley, he won't rush into war”"Perhaps Marc Han”-“The syrup !"

“Na has his say''_“A spoon!" "I'll thank you for a tea-cup!"

“Not any!” “Have war soon!" “Cuba," "biscuits," "Maine," "the gravy,"-

“Spain and"- "cookies," "England knows"'War,” “tea," "beans,” “Peace," "shame,"

“coffee." So three times a day it goes! ! ! !

D. A. E.

PERSONALS. Herman H. Gerardy has been appointed principal of schools at Jewell City.

Everett Sadler, son of Professor Sadler and formerly a model school boy, was in the battle of Manila.

'82. Lillian Dudley has rented 1127 Congress street, and, with her mother's family, will remove to Emporia about August 1.

'86. Alfred Docking writes Captain Stevenson from Man hattan that he feels the war spirit in his veins, and we would not be surprised to see him lining up aginst the Spaniards


'95. Emma E. Glossup writes us that she has accepted the principalship of the Lexington, Illinois, high school for next year.

'97. George R. Chrisman has been appointed superintendent of the Minneapolis schools.

'97. Clara Lindamood goes to Mexico at once to teach in the city schools for the coming year.

'99. Wycliffe J. Hull has been elected superintendent city schools, Iola.

The Study of the Child. A Brief Treatise on the Psychology of the

Child, with Suggestions for Teachers, Students and Parents. By
President A. R. Taylor, of the State Normal School of Kansas.

The manuscript has been examined by Dr. W. T. Harris, com: missioner of education, and he pronounces it so "pertinent and judicious" that he asks D. Appleton & Co. to publish it in the International Series. The principal part of the book is devoted to the discussion of the psychology of the chi'd, the object being to make it serve as an introduction to the study of the child and to general psychology as well. Boston: D. Appleton & Co.

1 25 The Age of Fables, or Beauties of Mythology... By Thomas Bulfinch. A

new, revised, and enlarged edition. Edited by Bev. J. Longhran Scott, D.D. With a classical index and dictionary, and nearly two hundred illustrations. Philadelphia: David Mckay. Cloth. 1 25

The book is not for the learned, nor for the theologian, nor the philosopher, but for the reader of English literature who wishes to comprehend the allusions so frequently made by public speakers, lecturers, essayists and poets, and those which occur in polite

society. The Child's First Study in Music. By Samuel W. Cole. Boston: Silver, Burdett & Co.

This book contains songs, accompaniments and illustrations for kindergarten, primary school and the home. The songs are written for those who know nothing of music, as well as for those who have good musical ears. It teaches the how as well as the why to

teach little folks music. The Water Babies. By Charles Kingsley. 29, 31 and 33 East Nineteenth street, New York: Maynard, Merrill & Co

24 The chaiming story, "Water Babies," was the fulfillment of Charles Kinsley's promise to "make a book" for his little son Arthur. It is a beautifully written story for little children, espec

ially adapted to kindergarten work. Norse Mythology, or The Religion of Our Forefathers. Containing all the

myths of the Eddas systematized and interpreted. With an introduction, vocabulary and index. By R. B. Anderson, A. M. Chicago: Scott, Foresman & Co. Cloth, 450 pages ....

2 50 This book teaches of Norse mythology, and that it is as equally worthy of attention as the Greek. It is the first complete and systematic presentation of the Norse mythology in the English language, not excepting the works of Dasent, Thorpe, Pigott and Carlyle. The object of the book is to call attention of the Amer. ican public to the wealth stored up in the eddas and sages of Ice

land. This book is most valuable to students of mythology. Manual of Mythology. Greek and Roman, Norse and all German, Hin.

doo and Egyptian mythology. By Alexander S. Murray, department of Greek and Roman antiquities, British Museum. Philadelphia: David McKay. Cloth

1 25 The book contains works of ancient writers, poets, historians, philosophers and others, to whom the religious belief of their coun: try was of great importance. It also contains illustrations of the representations of gods and mythological scenes. It is a book

teaching the belief of the early dwellers of our earth. Dryden's Palamore and Arcite Edited with notes and critical sugges.

tions. By W. H. Cramshaw, A. M., professor of English Litera.
ture in Colgate University. Boston: D. C. Heath & Co.

The poem is followed by fire notes, which are intended to be ex.
planatory of the poem.
Books and Libraries. Democracy and Other Papers. By James Russell
Lowell. With notes. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co,

Lectures, addresses and papers on Keats, Emerson and Don
Quixote. A study of modern languages and other interesting top-

ics are well discussed. Reminescences of an Octogenarian in the fields of Industrial and Social

Reform. By Joshua King Ingalls. New York: M, L. Holbrook

& Co
Four True Stories of Life and Adventure. By Jessie R. Smith. New

York: William Beverly Harrison
Business Handwriting. By A. W Rogers. London and New York:
Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons

35 The Cigarette and the Youth. By R. A. King, president Anti-Cigarette

League. Fitth edition. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Wood-Allen

Publishing Co
To Klondike From Spokane. By J. Whitman Holmes. Spokane, Wash-

ington: D. C. Newman
The Psychology of Suggestion, A Research into the Subconscious Na-

ture of Man and Society. By Baris Sidis, M. A., Ph.D. With an Introduction by Prof. Wm. Jones, Illustrated, 12mo., cloth, Chi cago and New York: D. Appleton & Co

1 76 The Building of the British Empire, 1858 - 1895. The Story of England's

Growth from Elizabeth to Victoria. By Alfred Thomas Story: In two volumes. Nos. 50 and 51 in the "Story of the Nations Series." With over one hundred portraits and illustrations from contemporary prints. Large 12mo., cloth. 27 and 26 West Twenty-third street, New York: G. P. Putman's Sons. Each

1 50 Picturesque Sicily. By William Agnew Paton. Illustrated. 384 pages.

New York: Harper & Brothers Napoleon III and His Court. By Martin, New York: Charles Scrib. ner's Sons.

1 50 Stirpeculgure, or The Improvement of Offspring Through Wiser Generation.

By M. L. Holbrook, M. D. 192 pages. New York: M.L. Hol-
brook & Co

TEACHERS, don't forget the N. E. A. at Washington, D. C., July 7 to 12, 1898. Tickets on sale July) 3, 4 and 5, from all points on the Missouri Pacific railway. One fare for round trip, plus $4.00. For further information see local agents or address, J. H. Lyon, W. P. A., 800 Main street, Kansas City, Missouri; H. C. Townsend, G. P. and T. A., St. Louis, Mis souri; P. C. Lyon, T. P. A., 800 Main street, Kansas City, Missouri.


To Washington, D. C., without Change, via Santa Fe-Pennsylvania

Lines.--- The Official Route. This train will leave various points in Kansas via Santa Fe Route on July 4, 1898. It will leave Emporia at 2:10 p. m. and Kansas City via Santa Fe at 7 p. m. same day, arriving in Chicago next morning. The Pennsylvania lines will take the train east of Chicago. The itinerary is a very attractive one, and embraces a daylight ride through the grandest of Alleghany mountain scenery; around the Horse Shoe Curve; along the Blue Juniata, and the majestic Susquehanna. An unique feature of the trip is the ride in the special train from York to the epoch-making battle-field of Gettysburg. Apply to J. A. Lucas, agent, Emporia, Kansas, for itinerary list of desirable low-rate excursions from Washington, and the time train will pass your station or nearest junction point.

Note.--Tickets may be purchased July 3, 4 and 5, and may be used on any Santa Fe train.

The Psychology of Suggestion. A research into the subconscious nature of man and society. By Boris Sidis, M. A., Ph.D. 12mo.

pp. x, 386. New York. D. Appleton & Co. 1 75 Tre Sub-Conscious Self, and its Relation to

Education and Health. By Louis Wald. stein, M. D. 12mo , 171 pages, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons

1 25 The Crowd. A Study of the Popular Mind.

By Gustave Le Bon. 12 mo., pp. xxii, 218
New York. The Macmillan Co

1 50 Baldwin's School Reading: By Grades, from

First to Eighth Year. New York. Ameri. can B. ok To

The first year is illustrated with colored pictures; both script and print are used. The second year has many illustrations and beautiful little stories. From the first to the eighth is steady progress, the readings becoming longer and more dimcult. The eighth year contains orations, scenes from Shakespeare, poems from the best poets, essays, biographies and historical selections, The series is an excellent one, tull of good

things for young as well as older children. The Genesis of Shakespeare's Art. A Study

of His Sonnets and Poems. By Edwin James Dunning. Boston. Lee & Shepherd, publishers, 10 Milk street

The purpose of this book is to set forth some general considerations, which lead many to regard “Venus and Adonis," the sonnets and A Lover's Complaint" as con. stituting, in that order, a work in which Shakespeare unfolds his scheme of poetic development, or of the natural evolution of the poet. The sonnets show the constantly shitting relation of Shakespeare to the youth. They show the youth as his ideal of

...? 00

a man.

....2 00

480 pages

The Continenta. Dragoon. By Robert Neilson

Stephens. Illustrated by H. C. Edwards.

The Vicar of Wakefield. Edited by Professor

William Henry Hudson, of Leland Stanford
Junior University, who contributes an ad-
mirable introduction and a number of valu-
able notes. D. C. Heath & Co., Publisher,

Talks from Dixie, by Paul Laurence Dunbar.
Dodd, Mead & Co. New York.

1 25 The Development of the Child, by Dr. Nathan Oppenheim, attending physician to the chil. dren's department of Mount Sinai Hospital dispensary, of New York. The McMillan Company

............1 26 A Chila's History of Ireland, by P. W. Joyce,

LL, D., with 160 illus rations and 530 pages.
Messrs. Logmans, Green & Co., New York,
Across the Salt Seax. By John Bloundelle-

Burton. Cloth, 12mo. Herbert S. Stone &
Co., Chicago

.....150 Walt Whitman in Camden. By himself. 28

pages. The Critic Co. 289 Fourth avenue, New York .....

50 The Beautiful Life of Frances E. Willard. By

inna A. Gordon. Cioth. Monarch Book Co., Chicago, Ill. The Fire of Life By Charles Kennett Burrow pages 323

New York. Henry Holt & co. 1 25 The Making of a Prig. By Evelyn Sharp. 409 pages. New York. John Lane.

.....1 50 Two Prisoners. By Thomas Nelson Page. 82 pages. R. H. Russell, New York.

1 00 Paul and His Frier ds. By Louis Albert Banks. 346 pages.

Funk & Wagnalls Co. New York

.....1 50 The Euge, e Field I Knew. By Francis Wilson.

128 pages. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York

1 25 The Hidden Years at Nazareth. By Rev. G.

Campbell Morgan. 48 pages. Fleming H.
Revell Co. New York..

25 Methodist Idylls. By Harry Lindsay. M. F.

Mansfield; New York
India, the Horror Stricken Empre. By George

Elkhart, Indiana.
Mennonite Publishing Co..
Fables and Rhymes. Cloth. Western Pub.
lishing House, Chicago

20 Right Living. By Susan H. Wixon. Th

mp. son, Brown & Co., publishers. Price,

60 Comic Histo y of Greece. By Charles W. Sny.

der. J. B. Lippincott Co, Philadelphia, Tho Age of Fabio; or Beauties of Mythol gy.

By Thomas Bulfinch, with notes, revisions, and additions by William H. Klapp. Hen: ry Altemu , Philadelphia. Price

...1 25 My Lif in Two Hemispheres By Sir Charles

Gavan Duffy. Macmillan & Co. New

Horace Main, the Educator. By A. E. Winship,

editori journal of Education. Cloth. New
England Pub. Co., Chicago. Price.

50 Dau Dreams of a School Master By Darcy W.

Thompson Cloth; 328 pages.

New England Pub. Co., Chicago. Price 1 00 Sermone to y ung Men. By Henry Van Dike,

D. D 12mo; gilt top: 253 pages. New York:
Charles Scribner's Sons

1 25 Birds of Village and Field. By Florence A.

Merriam, Boston, Mass. Houghton, Mif. fin & Co.

2 00 Caleb West, Master Diver. By F. Hopkinson

Smi h Boston. Hough on, Mimin & Co 1 50 Through the Gold Fields of Alaska to Behring

Siraits. By Harry de Windi. New York
Harper & Bros

2 50 Horace Mann and the Common Schooi Revival

in the United States, Bv B. A. Hinsdale Ph D. LL. D. New York, Charles Serih.

ner's Sons
Snowy Summits: a collection of western po.
ems. Bv Lyman H. Sprowl. St. Louis, Mo.

A. R. Fleming Printing Co.
The Animal World, Its Romances and Reali.

ties. By Frank Vincent, N. A. New York.
D. Appleton & Co.

60 A Rise and Fall of the United States.

By a
Diplomat. 205 pages. F. Tennyson Neeley

New York.
The Laborer and the Capitalıst. By Freeman

Otis Willey, 311 pages. Equitable Pub. Co. 1 25 Hero Chums By Allen Dromgonle. Ilustrated; 147 pages. Estes & Laur et. Bos.


Current Questions for Thinking. Men. By

Robert MacArthur. Philadelphia. Ameri. can Baptist Publication Scciety

This book contains lectures delivered at different times. It contains many helps and a great many discourses on the church, "Reasons for Being a Baptist,” “Baptist Polity and Historic Creeds," "The Development of the Church," "The true Function

of a Minister." The New Century Speaker for School and Col. lege. By Henry Allyn Frink, Ph.D. Boston.

A collection of extracts from the speeches of Henry Cabot Lodge, Chauncey M. De. pew, Charles H. Parkhurst, Henry w Gra dv, James G. Blaine, James A. Gartield, Henry Ward Beecher, William H. Seward, Wendell Phillips, George William Curtis, and others, selected and adapted for use in declamation hd in the study of American oratory in the latter part of the nineteenth century. The speeches are on all subjects

and are of all lengths.
A Few Words About the Devil. By Charles
Bradlaugh. 28 Lafayette Place, New York.
The Truth - Seeker Company

Another name for this book is, “A Plea for Atheism." Charles Bradlangh's writings are at the front of the free-thought litera.

ture in this century.
Songs of Hoppy Lite. For schools, homes and

Bands of Mercy Compiled by Sarah J.
Eddy. Prov dence. R. I.: Art and Nature
Study Publishing Co.

30 It contains songs for Arbor day, Bird day, Decoration day, Christmas, lullabys and patriotic airs, beautiful melodies of na. ture and animals,

It is an

·xcellent collec. tion of sings, especially to use in the school room. Nature Study in Elementary Schools. A

Manual for Teachers, By Mrs. Lucy Lang. don Williams Wilson, New York and Lon. don. Macmillan & Co

90 The Self-Made Man in American Life. By Grover Cleveland, ex-president of the Uiited States 46 E. Fourteenth street, New

York. 1homas Y. Crowell & Co
Famous and Decisive Battles of the World, or

History from thBattlefield. By Captain

Charles King. Philadelphia. J. C. Mc-
m llan.
Words, Facts and Phrases, A Dictionary of
Curious Quaint nd Out-of-the-Way Mat.
ters, Bi Eliezer Edwards. Philadelphia.
J. B. Lippincott Co
Æsop's Fables. By Mara L. Pratt. New

York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.
Educational Publishing Co. Semi-monthly.


Gilt top

....1 25

299 pages. L C. Page & Co. Boston. 1 50 Letters on Early Education, addressed to J.P.

Greaves, Esq. By Pestalozzi. Translated from the German manuscript. 180 pages. C. W. Bardeen, Syracuse, N. Y..

1 00 A Man-at-Arms. By Clinton Scollard. Il

lustrated by E. W. S. Hamilton. 362 pages Lamson, Wolffe & Co., Boston

1 50 The M. M. C. A Story of the Great Rockies.

By Charlotte M. Vaile. Illustrated by Sears
Gallagher. 232 pages. W. A. Wilde & Co.

A Son of the Revolution in the Days of Burr's

Conspiracy. By Elbridge S. Brooks. Illus-
trated by Frank T. Merrill 301 pages. W
A. Wilde, Boston. ....

1 50 Benjamin Franklin. By Edward Robbins 354 pages. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York

1 50 Indians and Pioneers. An historical reader for

the young. By Blanche E. Hazzard, teacher of history in high school, Concord, Mass. Edited by Samuel T. Dutton, superintend. ent of schools, Brookline, Mass. Illustrated. 96 Fifth Avenue, New York: The Morse Co

80 We are especially pleased with the ar. rangement and subject matter of this histo. reader. No child would lay it down until it was finished, so beautifully is the story told, and so close is the relation of the parts to the whole. The illustrations are abundant

and the best. Victor Serenus. A story of the Pauline Era; By Henry Wood

12mo. Cloth: 500 pages. Lee & Shepard, publishers, Boston

1 50 The scene is located in that very dramatic period of the world's history,the Pauline era, and through graphic character delineation deals with the thought, customs, and relig. ous systems of that time. Its aim is to draw a true and well-proportioned picture of the actual conditions, avoiding an overdrawn and debasing realism, so often employed for the sake of exaggerated contrasts. With un. important exceptions, Paul is the only his. toric character, and those who have been privileged to read the advance sheets are of the opinion that the various dramatic and psychological situations which are depicted during his unique development are remarkable. Victor Serenus, and the other leading personalities that are emploved, are representative creations. While the historic framework is carefully preserved, there is a range of the fancy and imagination in the movenient, and a wealth of mystical, psy. chical, and wierd phenomena deftly woven into the fabric for the story. Love, adventure, romance, idealism, and magic are han. dled in action to combine entertainment, in

struction, and profit. Here and There and Everywhere. Reminis.

cences. By M. E. W. Sherwood. With por. traits. 8vo., gilt top; 301 pages.

H. S. Stone & Co.

2 50 First Explorations of Kentucky; Journals of

Dr. T. Walker, 1750, and christopher Gist 1751. With biographical sketches aud notes by ). Stoddard Johnst n 4to., 256 pages; Louisville : John P. Morton & Co

3 00 'Weh Down Souf, and other Poems. By Dan

iel Webster Danis. Illustrated; 12mo., 136 pages, Helman, Taylor Co

1 00 The War of the Worlds. By H. G. Wells. Il lustrated: 12mo: 291 pages.

New York: Harper & Bros.

1 50 About Children Six Lectures. By Samuel

W. Kelley, M D. 8vo.. 178 pages. Cleve

land; Medical Gazette Publishing Co 1 25 The Meaning of Education, and other Essays

and Addresses, by Nicholas Murray Butler, Professor of Philosophy and Education in Columbia University. Cloth; 230 pages; 12mo. The Macmillan Co., 66 Fifth Ave.,

Ave., New York,

1 00 Birdcraft. A field-book of two hundred song,

game, and water birds. By Mabel (good Wight, author of "The Friendship of Na. ture," "TommyAnne," "Citizen Bird," etc. With eighty full page plates by Louis Agas. siz Fuertes, 1 he Macinllan C.. 66 Fifth Ave., New York, Small

qua tu, Cioth 2 50 The Bible Story Relold for Young People. Th. lOld Testament Story b: W H. Be neti. The New Testament Story by W. F. Ade. ney. with illustrations and Maps Cloth, 16 mo Published by the Macmillan Co., 66 Fifth Avenue, York. Price,

1 00

1 00

Per year

ton. ....




J. S. PARKS, The July Ladies' Home Journal will be

Printer, Binder and Publisher, known as “The President's Number." It

106-108 East Eighth Avenue. will coutain an illustrated anecdotal biography of President McKinley, and a new

TOPEKA, KAN., Jan. 1, 1898. march, “The President's March, also dedicated to the Chief Executive. The Compare sample photos and get my prices be- To Teachers of Bookkeeping: march is by Victor Herbert, who wrote it

fore having photos made. My studio has just been expressly for the Journal to supersede

equipped with modern instruments and scenery.
Pictures remade free of charge if not satisfactoty.

The bookkeeping blank books which “Hail to the Chiet.” It is pronounced

518 Commercial street.

we are furnishing for use with Stevenin every way worthy to serve as a patri.

son's Introductory Bookkeeping were otic greeting upon occasions of the pub


prepared especially for use with that lic appearances of the President.

book by the author, who placed upon the BARBERS.

covers many helps by way of suggestions, The American Monthly Review of Re

directions, time-table, principles, etc., views for June is a well-illustrated “war

Work Done to Order.
Hair Cut, 15 Cents.

etc., which add much to their usefulness number.” The magazine opens with the

530 Commercial Street.

to teacher and student, and will lead to editor's review of the first month's cam

uniformity in the work of the school. paigning in our contest with Spain. This It's a Question

We are sure that our blank books, beis followed by the detailed account of the

cause of superior ruling, extra quality of struggle in the “Record of Current of Honor

paper, and a different colored cover for Events” and “Cartoon Comments" on the war, chiefly from foreign journals.

with us to sell a suit for just

each, will please your pupils far better

than common stock blank books, which The contributed articles include a char

what we know it to be. It is and acter sketch of Admiral Dewey by Wins

always has been our way of doing

will eventually bring trouble because of

their unfitness for use with Stevenson's ton Churchill, two articles on the Philbusiness. We allow no compet

Ask for the "STEVEN


itor to undersell us. ippines, and one on “Spain and the Car

We have

SON's BLANK Books." Your bookseller oline Islands” from a missionary point

no fake half-price sales. Rock

can furnish them without one bit of extra of view. The department of “Leading

bottom price on everything and

trouble. Articles of the Month" also deals with that the only price. We stand

Have you provided yourself with a copy many questions growing out of the war. ready at any time to make good

of the Teacher's Reference Book, or Key to Altogether there are more than eighty

any promises concerning our

Stevenson's Introductory Bookkeeping? pictures of subjects related to the present


If not, you should send for one at once. crisis.

JONES & SONS. It has every set worked out in detail for

the special benefit of busy teachers.

Price, 75 cents, sent postage prepaid Ask your Grocer for


upon receipt of price. (This Key can SODEN'S

only be had by sending direct to the

undersigned publisher.)

Yours truly,

J. S. Parks,
Handled by All Grocers.


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Feed, Hay and Grain.


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805 Commercial Street, Opposite New Presbyter.

ian Church, Emporia, Kansas.

(Successors to Wni. Born.) Butchers and Packers. * Keep everything usually kept in a first class market. Your patronage solicited.

609 Commercial Street,



Visit the Great Day-Light
Furniture, Carpet and Complete
House Furnishing Establishment

21-23 West Sixth Avenue.

For Fine Writing, Nos. 303, 170,
604 E.F. For General Writing,
332, 404, 601 E. F., 1044, 1045,
1046. For Broad Writing, 1008,

1009, 1043. For Vertical Writ-
GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878 and 1889. ing. 1045 (Verticular), 1046

(Vertigraph). And others for all


Bread, Cakes
and Pies ..
Emporia Bakery.

All goods first class. None

Cheaper. Our wagons canG. H. POWER & Co. vass the city. Try our Proprietors.

goods--you will buy more.

A Summer School at Home! We teach Latin, German, French, Kindergarten, Primary

Methods, Pedagogy, the Sciences, Mathematics, History,
Literature, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, by mail. Also courses leading to all grades of cerificaie, to reg-

(A Degree Earned Through Correspondence lastruction Will Double Your Salary.)
ular college and post-graduate degrees. Tuition, $3.00 to $5.00 per twelve weeks' term. Specialists in
year. For twenty four page free catalog address National Correspondence Normal,
Agents Wanted—$6 to $10 a day easily made.

llacorporated.) FENTON, MICH.

Write for terins.

A Summer Sehool ..

Denver, Colorado.


625 Commercial Street,
keeps a full line of Staple and Fancy Groceries,

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Candies, Ete.
Club and Steward's Trade Solicited. Prompt
Delivery Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Eleven departments, eighteen instructors. Under the
auspices of the Denver Normal and Preparatory School.

For prospectus, address the principal:

FRED DICK, Ex-State Superintendent.

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