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Leviticus, ch. 26—27.
26. 18. Further warnings against

transgressing God's laws.
26. 40. Promises of mercy if the

people shall repent.
27. 1. The law of vows.
27. 26. Of things devoted : and of


LECTURE 231-234.
231. The threatenings of God sure

to be fulfilled.
232. Chastisement ought to lead us

to repentance and obedience.
233. Christian devotedness.
234. The duty of giving to holy


NUMBERS, ch. 10—21.

LECTURE 256–278.

10. 1. The use of the silver trum- 256. That our dispensation is one

pets. The journey from Sinai. of faith and not of sense.

10. 14. The order of march. The 257. The help of God a motive for

precaution and prayer of Moses. us to exert ourselves.

11. 1. Taberah. The lusting for 258. That God's power and good-

flesh. Moses disheartened.

ness are unbounded.

11. 24. The seventy elders. The 259. Many die before their time

quails and plague at Kibroth- through indulging their lusts.


12. 1. Miriam and Aaron speak a- 260. That the pardon of sin, for

gainst Moses. Their chastise- Christ's sake is free and full.


13. 1. Twelve rulers commission- 261. The sure report which we

ed to search out the land.

have of heaven.

13. 26. The opposite reports of the 262. Fear and unbelief contrasted

promised land and of its inha-

with faith and courage.


14. 1. The tumult arising from the 263. How we ought to behave

evil report of the land.

when assaulted by the violent.

14. 13. Moses intercedeth. God 264. How we ought to think of

giveth sentence.

God, when we pray.

14. 26. The Israelites sentenced to 265. That we must approach heaven

perish in the wilderness.

by God's way not our own.

15. 1. The proportion of the meat 266. God's goodness does not fail

and drink offerings, to the rest. by reason of man's sin.

15. 22. No atonement for things 267. The peril of persisting in wil-

done presumptuously.

ful sin.

16. 1. The insurrection of Korah, 268. Motives to restrain envy and
Dathan, and Abiram.



16. 16. Korah, Dathan, and Abi- 269. That it is at our peril, if we

ram, and their company, con-

refuse to listen to our Saviour.


16. 36. The hallowed censers. The 270. How God honours his own

plague begins and is stayed. ordinances.

17. 1. Aaron's rod beareth buds, 271. They that are called of God
blossoms, and fruit.

are enabled to bear fruit.

18. 1. The charge and portion of 272. The responsibility of the

the priests.

Christian ministry.

18. 20. Tithes given to the Levites, 273. How they which preach the

and the tenth of them to the Gospel should live of the Gos-



19. 1. The water of separation. 274. The sprinkling of Christ's


20. 1. Moses and Aaron sin at Me- 275. The sinfulness of not believ-

ribah. Their sentence.

ing and not glorifying God.

20. 14. Edom refuseth Israel a pas- 276. The consolations of them that

sage. Aaron dieth.

die in the Lord.

21. 1. Hormahlaid waste. The fiery 277. All invited to look to Christ

serpents. The brazen serpent. lifted up on the cross.

21. 10. The stations and victories 278. The joy of seeing God's mer-

in compassing Edom.

cy in every thing.



NUMBERS, ch. 22-35.

LECTURE 279-301.

22. 1. Balak sendeth for Balaam, 279. The sin of harbouring wishes

who at length hath leave to go. contrary to the will of God.

22. 22. Balaam is rebuked for his 280. That it is our glory to fulfil

iniquity: cometh to Balak.

the pleasure of God.

23. 1. Balak's sacrifice. Balaam's 281. The decline of true religion

first prophecy.

at the time of Balaam.

23. 11. The second prophecy of 282. Spiritual blessings assured to



24. 1. Balaam prophesieth the third 283. Against wishing to earn the

time; and is dismissed.

wages of iniquity.

24. 12. Balaam prophesieth the 284. That Christ is the Conqueror

fourth time ; and departeth.

here chiefly intended.

25. 1. Israel joined to Baal-peor. 285. A warning against presuming

The zeal and reward of Phinehas. to sin wilfully.

26. 1. Moses and Eleazar number 286. A sense of frailty ought to

the people in the plains of Moab. make us lean on God for help.

26. 35. The numbering is complet- 287. That God keeps account of

ed. Of dividing the land.

all men with a view to judg-


27. 1. The plea of Zelophehad's 288. The law by which our inhe-

daughters. The law of heirship. ritance in heaven is adjudged.

27. 12. Moses is summoned to 289. That we must leave our work

mount Abarim. The appoint- cheerfully at the call of death.

ment of Joshua.

28. 1. The law of burnt offerings 290. The due employment of the

for each day throughout the year. sabbath day.

29. 1. The yearly order of the sa- 291. That God would have his

crifices continued.

people to rejoice continually.

29. 17. The yearly order of the sa- 292. That we are to assemble at

crifices concluded.

the heavenly Jerusalem.

30. 1. The law of vows made by 293. The advantage of paying

daughters or wives.

what we have vowed to God.

31. 1. The Midianites are 294. The righteousness of God's

quered, slain, and spoiled.


31. 25. The spoil of the Midianites 295. That the gifts of God are

divided. The oblation of the liable to be taken away.


32. 1. The request of the tribes of 296. The duty and efficacy of bro-

Reuben and Gad. They are re- therly admonition.


32. 20. Two tribes and a half are 297. That sin though forgiven en-

settled to the east of Jordan.

tails suffering on earth.

33. 1. The journeys of the chil- 298. The use of viewing the stages

dren of Israel.

of our spiritual course.

33. 37. The charge to drive out the 299. The most effectual means of


driving outunbeliefandidolatry.

34. 1. The borders of the land de- 300. That space and time are alike

scribed, and that they should di-

open before God.

vide it.

35. 1. The forty-eight cities of the 301. How that which is at first a

Levites. The six cities of refuge. curse may become a blessing.

NUMBERS ch. 35-36.

LECTURE 302–304.
35. 16. The manslayer distinguish- 302. Christ the Redeemer, the
ed from the murderer.

Spouse, and the Avenger of

his people.
36. 1. Heiresses are forbidden to 303. Of concern for the spiritual

marry out of their respective interest of children.

36. 13. The conclusion of the Book 304. The justice and mercifulness

of God.

1. 22. The unbelief and disobedi- 307. The tidings of God's love our

ence at Kadesh-barnea.

great motive to love Him.

2. 1. The treatment of the Edom- 308. The end of them that delight

ites and of the Moabites.

in war.

2. 16. The Ammonites spared. The 309. That God may justly harden

Amorites destroyed.

the hearts of the reprobate.

3. 1. The defeat of Og king of Ba- 310. The advantages of the gentle

shan; and of his people.

over the violent.

3. 18. Moses is not allowed to go 311. To depart to Christ is better

over Jordan.

than to live on earth.

4. 1. Of God's statutes ; and espe- 312. How we are bound by our

cially of the covenant at Horeb. covenant as Christians.

4, 14. A solemn warning of judg- 313. Of our misdoings, and God's

ment against image worship. readiness to forgive.

1. 32. The end of the exhortation. 314. That God has taught us by
The three cities of refuge.

example as well as by com-


5. 1. The four first of the ten com- 315. The love of God makes plea-

mandments repeated.

sant all our duty to Him.

5. 16. The six last commandments. 316. That our better covenant

The terrors of mount Sinai.

obliges us to better service..

6. 1. An exhortation to fear and 317. The harmony of the Law and

love the Lord God.

the Gospel.

7. 1. The Israelites are commis- 318. God teaches hatred of sin by

sioned to displace the seven employing men to punish sin-


7. 12. God encourageth the people 319. That we are bound to fulfil

by sundry promises.

our part of the better covenant.

8. 1. A rehearsal of some chief 320. The snares to which we are

mercies, chastisements, and exposed by abundance upon



9. 1. Moses warneth the people 321. The advantage of reflecting

against spiritual pride.

on our past transgressions.

9. 13. Moses remindeth the people of 322. The intercession of Christ

his intercession in their behalf. ought to keep us humbleminded.

DEUTERONOMY, ch. 10—23.

10. 1. Moses declareth what it is

that God requirethofhis people.

11. 1. The experience of God's

miracles. The promise of his


11. 18. A blessing and a curse set

before the Israelites.

12. 1. Of the place in which God

would put his name.

12. 17. Of the place of sacrifice.

Against inquiring afteridolatry.

13. 1. Of them that entice, or are

enticed, to the service of false


14. 1. Regulations chiefly concern-

ing food, lawful and unlawful.

14. 22. Of the disposal of the se-

cond tithes and firstlings.

15. 1. Of the release of debts on

the seventh year.

15. 12. Ofthe treatment of Hebrew

bond servants. Of firstlings.

16. 1. The observance of the three

great festivals.

16. 16. Of meeting together at the

three feasts. Of judges. Against


17. 1. Idolators to be put to death.

The appeal to the priests.

17. 14. The choice and duties of a

king of Israel.

18. 1. Of the priests and Levites.

Of divines. Of a Prophet like

unto Moses.

19. 1. Of cities of refuge. Of re-

moving a landmark. Of wit-


20. 1. The people are instructed

in the method of their warfare.

21. 1. Of a man found slain, the

murderer being unknown.

21. 10. Of captive women; of the

firstborn; of a rebellious son ;

of hanging.

22. 1. Of apparel; and of human-

ity to man and beast.

22. 13. Laws relating to sins of


23. 1. Sundry laws, for the most

part now first revealed.

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