New Modern Illustrative Bookkeeping: Introductory Course

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American Book Company, 1918 - 152 pages

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Page 93 - Received, subject to the classifications and tariffs in effect on the date of the issus of this bill Of lading, at , 191 ... from the property described below, in apparent good order, except as noted (contents and condition of contents of packages unknown...
Page 93 - It is mutually agreed, as to each carrier of all or any of said property over all or any portion of said route to destination, and as to each party at any time interested in all or any of said property, that every service to be performed hereunder shall be subject to all the conditions, whether printed or written, herein contained (including conditions on back hereof) and which are agreed to by the shipper and accepted for himself and his assigns.
Page 102 - ... writing, addressed by one person to another, signed by the person giving it, requiring the person to whom it is addressed to pay in the United States, at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in dollars to the order of a specified person; and a trade acceptance is defined as a draft or bill of exchange, drawn by the seller on the purchaser of goods sold,2 and accepted by such purchaser.
Page 138 - The difference between the sum of the resources and the sum of the liabilities represents the net investment, or net capital, of the business.
Page 93 - ... the property described below, in apparent good order, except as noted (contents and condition of contents of packages unknown), marked, consigned, and destined as indicated below, which said company...
Page 145 - What are the journalizing rules for personal accounts? (2) (b) Mention two kinds of entries that may appear on the debit side of the proprietor's account. (2) (c) What is the difference in meaning between " draw at sight in 10 days " and " draw at 10 days
Page 93 - ... shipment is to be delivered to the consignee without recourse on the consignor, the consignor shall sign the following statement: The carrier shall not make delivery of this shipment without payment of freight and all other lawful charges. (See Section 7 of conditions.) [signature of consignor] If charges are to be prepaid, write or stamp here, "To Be Prepaid.
Page 19 - A promissory note is a promise in writing to pay a certain sum of money at a definite time.
Page 94 - The surrender of this original order bill of lading properly indorsed shall be required before the delivery of the property. Inspection of property covered by this bill of lading will not be permitted unless provided by law or unless permission is indorsed on this original bill of lading or given in writing by the shipper.

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