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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1846, by MATTHEW ESTES, in the clerk's office of the Northern District of Mississippi.


THE following pages embrace the views of the author upon the important and deeply interesting subject of Slavery. He has been induced to present them to the public, from a conviction of their truth, and from a desire to contribute something towards removing the errors that exist in the public mind, upon the subject.

The author has enjoyed the advantage of reading most of the works which this fertile theme has produced; and he would here tender his acknowledgements of obligation, to several of the authors, for the assistance he has received from them, in the preparation of the following work. To ex-Governor HAMMOND, of South-Carolina, he, in common with the whole South, feels under special obligations, for the great benefit he has derived from the perusal of his very able and interesting letters to Thomas Clarkson, Esq. Gov.

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