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Adams, Alton D., electrical engineer, Boston, Mass...

Adams, Charles Francis, former chairman Massachusetts railroad
commission, Boston, Mass

Adams, Henry C., statistician Interstate Commerce Commission, Ann
Arbor, Mich.

Anderson, George H., secretary Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburg, Pa
Bacon, M. R., freight manager Michigan Alkali Company, Wyandotte,

Barter, Henry C., secretary-treasurer International Longshoremen's
Association, Detroit, Mich.

Bemis, Prof. Edward Webster, of the Bureau of Economic Research,
Mount Vernon, N. Y.

Bethell, U. N., general manager New York Telephone Company, New
York City.

Bryant, John W., secretary Steamboat Captains and Owners' Exchange,
New Orleans, La

Chandler, Albert B., chairman of the board of directors Postal Tele-
graph Company, New York.

Childs, James E., general manager New York, Ontario and Western
Railroad, New York City
Clark, Thomas F., vice-president Western Union Telegraph Company,
New York

Davant, James S., commissioner of the Memphis Freight Bureau, Mem-
phis, Tenn....

Dunlap, Samuel C., general manager Cornelia and Tellulah Falls Railroad, Gainesville, Ga

Fitzpatrick, Val, third vice-grand master Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, United States and Canada, Columbus, Ohio..

Hitchcock, Romyn, civil engineer, New York City

Howes, Osborne, secretary Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, Boston,


Jackson, James F., of the Massachusetts State Board of Railroad Commissioners, Fall River.

Langley, James Mcrion, representing the Merchants' Association of
New York, New York City.

Page. 275-285


373-387 636-652









Fleming, Henry S., secretary-treasurer Anthracite Coal Operators' Association, New York City.

Foote, Allen Ripley, editor Public Policy, Chicago

Fuller, H. R., national representative of National Brotherhood of Rail-
road Employees, Fifty-sixth Congress, Beaverfalls, Pa
Greene, Thomas L., vice-president Audit Company of New York, New
York City


Griffith, Charles D., representative Denver Chamber of Commerce.
Griswold, B. H., general freight and passenger agent Western Maryland
Railroad, Baltimore, Md.
Guillaudeu, William Leggett, president Old Dominion Steamship Com-
pany, New York City.



Haddock, John C., independent anthracite coal operator, New York City. 521-534
Hall, Edward J., vice-president and general manager of the American
Telephone and Telegraph Company
Harris, Joseph S., former president Reading Company, Reading Termi-
nal, Philadelphia, Pa



Hayne, Daniel H., general solicitor Merchants and Miners' Transportation Company, Baltimore, Md.

413-425 890-896







535-542 103-123


Lindenberger, F. T., chairman committee on hostile legislation Ameri-
can Ticket Brokers' Association, Detroit, Mich
McGovern, P. J., chairman Southern Classification Committee, Atlanta,






Parsons, Prof. Frank, president National Public Ownership League,
Back Bay post-office, Boston, Mass..
123-193, 883–890

Penje, William, secretary Lake Seamen's Union, Chicago, Ill.
Randall, A. L., chairman International Typographical Union committee
on Government control and ownership of the telegraph, Washington,
D. C.

McLeod, Archibald A., former president of the Reading Railroad, New
York City

Markham, M. C., assistant traffic manager Illinois Central Railroad and
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad, Chicago, Ill..
Nicholson, William, manager Central Railway Clearing House, Buffalo,
N. Y...






Saward, Frederick E., editor The Coal Trade Journal, New York City.. 508-520
Schiff, Jacob H., of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., bankers, New York City
Stearns, Irving A., president Coxe Bros. & Co., incorporated, Wilkes-
barre, Pa.


Stubbs, J. C., third vice-president of the Southern Pacific Company, San
Francisco, Cal


Talcott, T. M. R., assistant to the president Seaboard Air Line, Richmond, Va


360-373 548-560





Rice, Isaac Leopold, president Consolidated Rubber Tire Company,
New York City..

Ripley, Prof. William Z., professor of economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass

Roberts, F. C., member International Typographical Union telegraph committee, Washington, D. C...

Teisberg, A. K., secretary State Railroad and Warehouse Commission
of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minn.

Thomas, E. B., president Erie Railroad Company, New York City
Walter, Alfred, president Lehigh Valley Railroad Company, South
Bethlehem, Pa

Wheeler, William R., representing Pacific Coast Jobbers' Association,
San Francisco, Cal

Wilson, Edward P., secretary various Ohio commercial organizations,
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Woodlock, Thomas F., railroad editor Wall Street Journal, New York



(References give names of witnesses and pages of testimony-not in digest. For
index of digest see p. CCLXXXIX.)

Accidents (see also Employers' liability; Relief department; Safety appli-

Appliances, defective, as cause

Comparison of railways, in different countries.
Interstate Commerce Commission, reports to
Accounts of corporations:

Audit and examination, difference between

Balance sheets, proper items to be published, discussed
Depreciation, method of accounting for
Methods of auditing discussed.

Accounts of public and quasi public corporations (see also Uniform
public accounting) auditing, in England.
Accounts, public:

Greene, 481
Greene, 492, 493
Greene, 493
Greene, 479-482. 483, 489-494

Fuller, 41
Parsons, 153
Fuller, 41

Bemis, 93

Bemis, 93; Foote, 104
Bemis, 93; Foote, 107; Schiff, 773

Bemis. 91

Examination of, in Wyoming

Public regulation, importance of
Publicity of municipal, advoated
Uniform system of, for public and quasi public corporations advo-
Bemis, 91; Foote, 103-123

Accounts of railroads:

Confusion by operation of subsidiary companies
Auditing, suggested plan of..

Expert auditors, examination by, advocated
Improvements, accounts to which charged
Inspection of, desirability of

by Interstate Commerce Commission, discussed.


Uniformity of, reasons for

advantage of requirement by Interstate Commerce Commis-


Age limit, Railroad employees, injustice of

Agreements of employers and employees (see also Arbitration):

Rice, 739, 740

Foote, 122
Greene, 479
Talcott, 635
Rice, 739, 741
Greene. 479, 480;
Woodlock, 464
Adams, 382-386


Railways, extent and advantage of system
Agreements of railroads (see also Community of interest; Pooling):

Denver rates fixed by

American Federation of Labor:

Anti-scalping laws, attitude toward.
Government ownership of telegraph, favored by
Lake Seamen's Union, connected with....

Greene, 480
Fuller, 10

Barter, 309-317
Fuller, 10

Transcontinental freight rates, nature of

Agreements between telegraph companies, effect on rates
Alabama, telegraph service in
Alabama Great Southern Junction Railway Co., relation to South-
western Investment Security Co
Alkali products:

Classification in different districts.
Freight rates on, discussed.

Methods and conditons of business, discussed

Griffith, 856
Wheeler, 749; Stubbs, 764

Chandler, 195, 198

Clark, 207

Wilson, 693

Bacon, 81
Bacon, 72-76, 80, 81
Bacon, 72, 80, 85
Bacon, 80, 85
Bemis, 98

Tariff on

Allegheny, Pa., cost of electric light in
American and Hawaiian Steamship Company, description of business
Wheeler, 750; Stubbs, 763
American Economic Association, resolutions as to public accounting

Bemis, 86, 94; Foote, 103

Lindenberger, 329
Randall, 242; Roberts, 274

Penje, 400

American Merchant Marine. (See Merchant Marine, American.)
American ships:

Relative cost of building

Short-sighted policy of builders
American Telegraph Company absorbed by Western Union Telegraph


American Telephone and Telegraph Company. (See also Telephones.)
General system described..
Accommodations of..
Growth of ...

[blocks in formation]


Howes, 705, 707, 708

Howes, 705

Roberts, 272

Wages paid.

Western Union Telegraph Company, relations to
American Ticket Brokers' Association, membership, constitution, etc.

Desire of railroads to increase their proportions.
New York, Ontario and Western
Pennsylvania Railroad, attitude toward
Reasons for existing proportions

Result of gradual development, not of agreement
Slight variations between railroads in recent years.
Bituminous coal, competition of

Lindenberger, 320–325

American Union Telegraph Company, absorption of, by Western Union
Telegraph Company
Clark, 220-221; Roberts, 272
Amsterdam, Holland:

Telephone service and rates in, comparison of
Wages of telephone operators.

Anthracite Coal:

Allotment of tonnage between railroads discussed..

Coke, competition of
Colorado, deposits in

Hall, 820-823
Bethell, 784
Hall, 819
Hall, 823
Bethell, 810-811

Reading's purchases forced by competition
Reason for holding in reserve..

Hall, 819
Hall, 819

Bethell, 783
Bethell, 783
Hall, 819
Bethell, 784, 785
Bethell. 779-780
Hall, 817
Bethell, 782,783
Hall, 820-823
Bethell, 786-803
Hall, 819, 821
Bethell, 783, 784
Bethell, 812

Woodlock, p. 451;

Childs, 500; Saward, 514, 515; Haddock, 527;
Walter, 545, 547: Thomas, 550, 554; Stearns,
581-583; Harris, 598, 601, 602; Rice, 748

Stearns, 590
Childs. 496, 500
Haddock, 532

Harris, 602
Thomas, 550, 554
Harris, 601, 602
Greene, 469, 470;
Childs, 501, 502; Saward, 510, 512; Haddock, 528-530;
Fleming, 537, 541; Walter, 543, 548: Thomas, 555,
McLeod, 562, 567, 569; Stearns, 583, 585; Harris, 602
Fleming, 536, 537;
Walter, 545; Stearns, 588; Harris, 600, 601
Central Railroad of New Jersey, purchase by Reading Company
Woodlock, 454, 455; Greene, 471, 475; McLeod, 572; Harris, 607-609
Children, employment at mines..
Coal lands, accumulation of fund to cover exhaustion

Cars, discrimination in supply of, discussed

Control by railroads.

Combination and community of interest among railroads ---

Absolute ownership not sought
Attempted. 1893

Consolidation, desirability of

Legal difficulties encountered by
Control of future supply..

Bethell, 793-795
Bethell, 794-796

Saward, 516
Stearns, 584

Woodlock, 451, 453; Greene. 468;
Childs, 497, 498, 503; Saward, 509; Haddock,
521; Stearns, 588, 589; Harris, 604; Rice, 742
Haddock, p. 523
Harris, 602, 606
Stearns, 585
Saward, 519; Griffith, 857

Woodlock, 452; Walter, 545

Childs, 503; Rice, 737
Greene, 468-471
Greene, 475
Stearns, 587

Anthracite Coal-Continued.

Combination and community of interest, etc.—Continued.
Economies and advantages to public.


Woodlock, 452;

Greene, 468-471; Saward, 517, 519; Haddock, 534; Wal-
ter, 544; Thomas, 556; McLeod, 568, 571, 575; Harris, 598
Competition not destroyed by.
Childs, 502
Middlemen, possible elimination.
McLeod, 568
Effect on prices and general public
Greene, 469, 470, 473;
Haddock, 530-531; Stearns, 586, 587; Harris, 609; Rice, 738
Independent operators, impossibility of driving out of business.

Stearns, 586, 587
Childs, 502, 504;

Proportion of railroads and traffic controlled by

Haddock, 526; Stearns, 586, 589, 594; Harris, 598, 599, 608
Recent movement described.
Woodlock, 451-455;
Saward, 512, 513, 516; Walter, 545
Harris, 605, 606

Conditions of mining in different regions
Cost of mining, different regions.... Walter, 547; Stearns, 584; Harris, 606, 607
Estimation of.
Greene, 472, 474; Saward, 515;
Fleming, 540; McLeod, 565, 566, 567, 570; Harris, 602, 606, 607
Saward, 511; Walter, 544; Harris, 606, 607
Saward, 516
Walter, 544
Stearns, 592-596


Proportion going to wages.

Cost of transportation, proportion of coal output.
Coxe Bro. & Co.. conditions of labor.

Output and tonnage

Prices of coal received by.

Relations to railroads..

Stearns, 581
Stearns, 590-592
Stearns, 577, 581

Suit against Lehigh Valley Railroad

Haddock, 525, 535; McLeod, 573

Western shipments...

Culm piles, utilization of waste.

Delaware and Hudson Railroad, relation to other companies
Delaware, Susquehanna and Schuylkill Railroad.

Stearns, 584
Haddock, 528
Harris, 608
Woodlock, 451,
Stearns. 577, 590
Greene, 470
Thomas, 552, 553
Woodlock, 452;

Electricity, competition of...

Erie Railroad, combination with other companies.

Purchase of Pennsylvania Coal Company

Greene, 475; Haddock, 521; Thomas, 552, 553; McLeod, 572; Stearns, 589
Tonnage, amount and sources
Export trade..
Freight rates:

Thomas, 548
Fleming, 540; McLeod, 567; Rice, 742

Average rates

Compared with bituminous rates..

Decrease in recent years.
Discrimination in, existence denied
Distances to tide water....

Independent operators, no discrimination against

Influences determining.

Interstate Commerce Commission, attempted regulation

Methods of establishing.
New England

McLeod, 565
Woodlock, 454

Haddock, 530-531; Fleming, 539; Stearns, 579, 594
Harris, 599, 600
Stearns, 583, 584

Stearns, 578
Stearns, 580
Harris, 598

Percentage of tide water price. chiefly determined by
Percentage contracts, comparison of tariff rates with.

Number decreasing
Policy of


Haddock, 525, 534
McLeod, 561
McLeod, 561, 562
Saward, 509

Haddock, 523, 532, 534; Thomas, 549
Greene, 470
Woodlock. 453, 454; Fleming. 536, 539
Childs, 496, 497; Saward, 509
Childs, 496
Stearns, 583
McLeod, 570

Relation to prices.
Reasonableness discussed

Ton rates, per mile
Various points
Western shipments.

Gas and other products, competition of
Independent operators, discrimination against, in supply of cars, dis-


Haddock, 524-526, 532; Fleming, 536, 537;
Walter, 545; Stearns, 580, 588; Harris, 600, 601
Different positions of different classes of operators..

Haddock, 521, 522, 527, 532
Stearns, 579, 580
Haddock, 531

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