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7 I have thought upon thy Name, O Lord, in the night-season : and have kept thy law. 8 This I had: because I kept thy commandments.

Portio mea, Domine.
HOU art my portion, O Lord: I have promised to keep

thy law. 2 I made my humble petition in thy presence with my whole heart: O be merciful unto me according to thy word.

3 I called mine own ways to remembrance: and turned my feet unto thy testimonies.

4 I made hafte, and prolonged not the time: to keep thy commandments.

5 The congregations of the ungodly have robbed me: but I have not forgotten thy law.

6 At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee : because of i thy righteous judgments.

7 I am a companion of all them that fear thee: and keep thy commandments.

8 The earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy: Q teach me thy statutes.

Bonitatem fecifti.
Lord, thou hast dealt graciously with thy servant: accord-

ing unto thy word. 2 O learn me true understanding and knowledge : for I have believed thy commandments. 3

* Before I was troubled, I went wrong: but now have I kept thv word,

4 Thou art good and gracious: O teach me thy statutes.

5 The proud have imagined a lie against me: but I will keep thy commandments with my whole heart. Before I was troubled I went wrong: but now,

&c. are too apt to grow carelets and negligent in their Die It is too well known from common experience that ty, and too readily give way to Temptations. But whilft Men enjoy health and prosperity, and all when the Red or Aliction fall upon thein : it natu. things go well with them in their worldly affairs, they rally leads them to icit ctam.nation, and a reforma

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I have put my trust in thy word.

6 Their heart is as fat as brawn : but my delight hath been in thy law.

7 It is good for me that I have been in trouble : that I may learn thy statutes.

8 The law of thy mouth is dearer unto me: than thousands of gold and silver.


Manus tuæ fecerunt me.
HY liands have inade me and fashioned me: O give me un-

derstanding, that I may learn thy commandments. 2 They that fear thee will be glad when they see me : because


3 I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are right: and that thou of very

faithfulness haft caused me to be troubled. 4. O let thy merciful kindness be my comfort: according to thy word unto thy servant.

5 O let thy loving mercies come unto me, that I may live: for thy law is my delight.

6 Let the proud be confounded, for they go wickedly about to destroy me : but I will be occupied in thy commandments.

7 Let such as fear thee, and have known thy testimonies : be turned unto me.

8 o let my heart be found in thy statutes: that I be not ashamed.

Defecit anima mea. Y soul bath longed for thy falvation : and I have a good hope

because of thy word. 2 Mine eyes long fore for thy word : saying, 0 when wilt thou comfort me?

3 + For I am become like a bottle in the smoke: yet do I not forget thy statutes. sion of their Conduct. Happy are those who are The Antients usually made their Boucles of Goat Skies: careful to make such use of the divine ebaltisements which if they were placed too near the Fire, would

For I am become like a Bottle in the Imoak: vet, a necessarily be apt to be thrivelled, and dried up. Soek

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4 How many are the days of thy fervant: when wile thou be avenged of them that persecute me?

5 The proud have digged pitts for me : which are not after thy law.

6 All thy commandments are true: they perfecute me fallly, O be thou my help.

7 They had almost made an end of me upon earth: but forfook not thy commandments.

8 O quicken me after thy loving kindness: and fo shall I keep the testimonies of thy mouth.

In æternum, Domine.
LORD, thy word: endureth for ever in heaven.

2 Thy truth also remaineth - from one generation to another: thou hast laid the foundation of the earth, and it abideth.

3 They continue this day according to thine ordinance: for all things serve thee.

4 If my delight had not been in thy law: I should have perished in my

trouble. 5 I will never forget thy commandments: for with them thou haft quickned me.

6 I am thine, O save me: for I have fought thy commandments.

7 The ungodly laid wait for me, to destroy me: but I will consider thy teftimonies.

8 I see that all things come to an end: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.

Quamodo dilexi !
ORD, what love have I unto thy law: all tủe day long is my

study in it. 2 Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies : for they are ever with me.

3 I have more understanding than my teachers: for thy testimonies are my study. David represents himself to be through the force of mind he resolves to perfiit in the discharge of his affliction : yet with a becoming piety and steadiness of Duty




4 I am wiser than the aged: because I keep thy commandments.

Ś I have refrained my feet from every evil way: that I may keep: thy word.

6 I have not shrunk from thy judgments: for thou teachest me.

7. 0. how sweet are thy words unto my throat: yea, [weeter than honey unto my mouth.

8 Through thy commandments I get understanding: therefore I hate all evil ways.


Lucerna pedibus meis. "HY word is a lantern unto my feet: and a light unto my

paths. 2 I have sworn, and am stedfastly purposed: to keep thy righteous judgments.

3 I am troubled above measure: quicken me, O Lord, according to thy word.

Let the free-will-offerings of my mouth please thee, O Lord; and teach me thy judgments.

5 My soul is alway in my hand: yet dol not forget thy law.

6 The ungodly have laid a snare for me: but yet I swerved not from thy commandments.

Ź Thy testimonies have I claimed as mine heritage for ever: and why? they are the


heart. 8 I have applied my heart to fulfil thy statutes alway: even unto the end.

Iniquos odio habui.
Hate them that imagine evil things: but thy law do I love.

2 Thou art my defence and shield: and my trust is in thy word. 3 Away from me, ye wicked; I will keep the commandments of my

God. 4 'O stablish me according to thy word, that I may live and let me not be disappointed of my hope.


very joy of

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5 Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe: yea, my delight shall * be ever in thy statutes.

6 Thou hast trodden down all them that depart from thy ftatutes: for they imagine but deceit.

7 Thou putteft away all the ungodly of the earth like dross: therefore I love thy testimonies.

8 My flesh trembleth for fear of thee: and I am afraid of thy judgments.

Feci judicium.
Deal with the thing that is lawful and right: O give me not

over unto mine oppressors.

2 Make thou thy servant to delight in that which is good: that the proud do me no wrong.

3 Mine eyes are wasted away with looking for thy health: and for the word of thy righteousnefs.

4 O deal with thy servant according unto thy loving mercy: and teach' me thy statutes. l


I am thy feryant, grant me understanding: that I may know thy testimonies.

6 It is time for thee, Lord, to lay to thine hand: for they have destroyed thy law.

7 For I love thy commandments: above gold and precious stone.

8 $ 1 herefore hold I straight all thy commandments: and all falfe ways I utterly abhor.

HY testimonies are wonderful: therefore doth my soul keep

them. Ź When thy word goeth forth: it giveth light and understanding unto the fimple.

3 I opened my mouth, and drew in my breath: for my delight was in thy commandments.

Therefore bold I firaight all thy Commandments, distinction as to those which did or did not fuit his &c. This signifies that he paid a steady regard to all own Disposition or Temper of Mind. And this is God's Commandments in general; without making a certain, indeed that they who seject those precepts


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