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reach at some part of the day is unfit for be the most commodious, lightest, and a human being to sleep in.

brightest apartments in his dwelling, A New York merchant noticed, in Feather Beds are going out of fashthe progress of years, that each suc- ion. This is a step in the right direccenníve bookkeeper gradually lost his tion, for they are enervating and posi. heulth, and finally died of consump- tively unhealthy. The best bed, and tion, however vigorous and robust he the most healthy, is a curled hair matwas on entering his service. At length tress. For additional warmth, it is w it occurred to him that the little rear- to spread a comforter, or a blanket room where the books were kept open doubled, upon the mattress, under the ed into a back yard, so surrounded by sheet. Good hair mattresses are rather high walls that no sunshine came into expensive; thirty pounds weight make it from one year's end to another, An a fair one, thirty-five pounds a better, upper room, well lighted, was immedi- and forty pounds quite a good one. ately prepared, and his clerks had uni- Husk from corn makes a good matform good health ever after.

tress. It requires to be well picked A familiar case to general readers is before using. Dried leaves from the derived from medical works, where an maple or beech make a clean, healthy entire English family became ill, and bed for the poor. all remedies seemed to fail of their If a spring bottom is placed under usual results, when, accidentally, a the mattress, and a good conscience window-glass of the family room was on top of it, good and refreshing sleep broken, in cold weather. It was not may be expected. repaired, and forth with there was a Position for Sleep. - It is a good marked improvement in the health of plan on first getting into bed to lie on the inmates. The physician at once the left side, and after to change to the traced the connection, discontinued his right side, which is the most natural medicines, and ordered that the win-position; sleeping with the arms exdow-pane should not be replaced. tended above the head, or with the

A French lady became ill. The mouth open, generally causes disturbmost eminent physicians of her time od sleep, even if it is not absolutely were called in, but failed to restore her. injurious, At length Dupeytren, the Napoleon of Night Dress. -- A long, easy-fitting physic, was consulted, le noticed that night dress should always be worn to she lived in a dim room, into which the sleep in, first removing the garmentas sun never shone; the house being sit- worn during the day, uated in one of the narrow streets, or Dr. Winslow wisely says, there is no rather lanes, of Paris. He at once or- fact more clearly established in the dered more airy and cheerful apartments, and all her complaints vanished, brain expends its energies and itself

Physiology of man than this

, that the From these facts, which cannot bedin- during the hours of wakefulness, and puted, the most common mind should that these are recuperated during sleep. conclude that cellars, and rooms on the If the recuperation does not equal the northern side of buildings, or apart- expenditure, the brain withers this is ments into which the sun does not im-insanity. Thus it is that, in early Engmediately shine, should never be occu- lish history, persons who were conpied as family rooms or chambers, or demned to death by being prevented as libraries or studies. Such apart from sleeping, always died raving maments are only fit for stowage, or pur- niacs ; thus it is also that those who poses which never require persons to are starved to death become insane remain in them over a few minutes at the brain is not nourished, and they a time. And every intelligent and cannot sleep. The practical inferences humane parent will arrange that the are three : -Ist. Those who think family room and the chambers shall | most, who do most brain work, require most sleep. 2d. That time "saved ” physiologist. The muscles of the lega from necessary sleep is infallibly de- and arms lose their power before those structive to mind, body, and estate, which support the head, and these last Give yourself, your children, your ser- sooner than the muscles which support vants - give all that are under you, the back; and he illustrates this by the the fullest amount of sleep they will cases of persons who sleep on horseback take, by compelling them to go to bed or while they are standing or walking. at some regular hour, and to rise in the He conceives that sense of light sleeps morning the moment they awake; and first, then the sense of taste, next smell, within a fortnight Nature, with almost and lastly, that of touch. the regularity of the rising sun, will Dr. J. Č. Jackson, celebrated as a unloose the bonds of sleep the moment water cure practitioner in Western enough repose has been secured for the New York, says: "As a habit and wants of the system. This is the only fashion with our people we sleep too safe and sufficient rule; and as to the little. It is admitted by all those who question how much sleep any one re- are competent to speak on the subject, quires, each must be a rule for himself that the people of the United States, -great Nature will never fail to write from day to day, not only do not get it out to the observer under the regu- sufficient sleep, but they do not get lations just given,

sufficient rest. By the preponderance In his remarks to invalids on this im- of the nervous over the vital temperaportant subject, Dr. Hall says: “The ment, they need all the recuperating more you can sleep, the sooner you will benefits which sleep can offer during get well. Sleeping in the daytime, if each night as it passes. A far better before noon, will enable you to sleep rule would be to get at least eight better the following night. Go to bed hours' sleep, and, including sleep, ten at regular hours with an empty stomach. | hours of incumbent rest. It is a sad Get up as soon as you wake of your mistake that some make, who suppose self, but do not be waked.

themselves qualified to speak on the "The great regulator of sleep is exer- subject, in affirming that persons of a cise; it is the best anodyne in the uni- highly-wrought, nervous temperament verse, and the only one that is always need -as compared with those of a safe, always efficient, and always whole- more lymphatic or stolid organization some and natural. If you cannot tako-loss sleep. The truth is, that where much exercise, take a little, and from power is expended with great rapidity, day to day gradually increase the by a constitutional law, it is regatheramount."

ed slowly; the reaction, after a while, Being waked up early, and allowed demanding much more time for the to engage in difficult or any studies gathering up of new force, than the late and just before retiring, has given direct effort demands in expending many a beautiful and promising child that force. Thus, a man of the nerthe brain fever, or determined ordinary vous temperament, after he has estabailments to the production of water on lished a habit of overdoing, recovers the brain,

from the effect of such overaction Let parents make every possible effort much more slowly than a man of difto have their children go to sleep in a ferent temperament would, if the balpleasant humor. Never scold or give ance between his power to do and his lectures, or in any way wound a child's power to rest is destroyed. As befeelings as it goes to bed. Let all ban-tween the nervous and the lymphatic ish business and every worldly care at temperaments, therefore, where excess bedtime, and let sleep come to a mind of work is demanded, it will always at peace with God and all the world, be seen that, at the close of the day's

The human body falls asleep by do- labor, whether it has been of muscle grees, according to M. Cabinis, a French or thought, the man of nervous tem


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perament, who is tired, finds it diffi- | persons would take a simple remedy cult to fall asleep, sleeps perturbedly, immediately, if they only knew what wakes up excitedly, and is more apt that remedy was, But they will not than otherwise to resort to stimulants send for a physician until they are to place himself in conditions of plens- nearly prostrated by the disease; and urable activity. While the man of again there are numerous little aillymphatio temperament, when tired, ments causing great annoyance and falls asleep, sleeps soundly and unin much suffering. -- little "pains and terruptedly, and wakes up in the morn- aches" that do not actually require ing a new man. The facts are against the services of a doctor, --- the remedy the theory that nervous temperaments for which is generally known, but just recuperate quickly from the fatigues to at the moment it is needed the exact which their possessors are subjected. name of it, the proportion, or how it Three-fourths of our drunkards are should be taken, is forgotten, and from the ranks of the men of nervous though not knowing where to turn to temperaments. Almost all opium-eat- for the information, the disturbance is ers in our country - and their name allowed to run on until it becomes sois legion ---- are persons of the nervous rious, and perhaps quite difficult to or nervous - sanguine temperaments, Almost all the men in the country who It frequently happens in country become the victims of narcotic drug- places, that persons, in sudden attacks medication, are of the nervous or ner- of illness, find themselves beyond the Vous-wanguine temperamenta.

early reach of a physician. To all Dr. Cornell, of Philadelphia, in the thus situated, the following pages are Educator, gives the following opinion submitted, not claiming for the remecorroborative of the above as an ex- dies presented that they are sure planation of the frequency of insanity. cures, or possess“

“ fabulous virtues," He says: "The most frequent and im- but they are those which have been mediate cause of insanity, and one of found most successful in the practice the most important to guard against, of the profession, and have beon espein the want of sleep. Indeed, so rarely cially adapted for family use by an do we nee a recent case of insanity eminent physician. If the directions that is not preceded by want of sleep, given are carefully followed, much sufthat it is regarded as almost a sure fering and anxiety will be avoided. If precursor of mental derangement. Not- the symptoms are severe, or the nature withstanding strong hereditary predis- of them not understood, consult a good position, ill health, loss of kindred or physician at once; remember that deproperty, insanity rarely results unless lays are dangerous, and in nothing the exciting causes are such as to pro- more so than in sickness. And when duce a loss of sleep. A mother loves you consult him, be careful to follow her only child ; a merchant his for his instructions not only in the matter tune; the politician, the scholar, the of medicine, but also in diet, exercise, enthusiast may have their minds pow. etc. If he gives directions on these erfully excited and disturbed; yet, if subjects, he has a reason for it, and they sleep well they will not become they should be complied with. It is insane. No advice is so good, there the experience of all physicians that a fore, to those who have recovered from non-observance of these rules, in many an attack, or to those who are in deli- cases, not only retard, but in some cate health, as that of securing, by all cases actually prevent a recovery from means, sound, regular and refreshing sickness, sleep."

INFANTS.- As ours is a book espeA great deal of sickness may be pre-cially designed for the mother and the vented by knowing just what to do at nurse, the treatment of children is one the tirst premonitory symptoms. Many on which we shall naturally be expected to dwell at considerable length. ored,” we would say, are such customs We shall, therefore, take the first stage in the breach than the observance.". of infantile existence as our starting Mothers ! suckle your infants, if God point, and, in as brief and clear a man- has blessed you with the means of doner as possible, explain the various ing so; if you have health and strength, operations and processes, means and and can by any possibility do it, watch measures, which are, or may be, ne- over your tender nurslings, and bind cessary for bringing a child safely them to you so closely by the cords of through the difficulties and dangers natural affection, that no after change, of babyhood. How great are these or circumstance of life, shall be able to dangers is shown by the well-ascer- loosen those blessed ties. But this is tained fact that nearly half the chil- a digression into which we ought not, dren born in this country die before perhaps, to have been tempted, and they reach the age of five years ; this from which we must return to the is a fenrful rate of mortality, and it more practical part of our subject. would seem to indicate that, notwith- Infant Management.-Directly the standing our high state of civilization, little creature has entered upon the there must be something very defec- stage of existence, and has been washed tive in the general run of our infant and dressed by the experienced hands management: indeed, it has struck us of a careful nurse; after the first feeble as not unlikely that the too common cry has been uttered -- that cry that so practice of mothers in the upper, and thrills the mother's heart -- it will be sometimes in the middle classes of well content to be quiet for a while, society, of delegating to others that wrapped in warm flannel, and placed most tender and delicate of the mo- in the maternal arms, or, if that may ther's duties, viz., suckling the child, not be, between the blankets, or in the may possibly have something to do nurse's lap; there will be a calm breathwith this high rate of mortality among ing, and a flush of life spread over the infants, and we would impress upon tiny face; and the eyes, which have such of our readers as are mothers, or only once yet looked upon the world, likely to become such, that nothing will be closed in sleep. It is probable but the most urgent necessity should that, for many hours, the infant will induce them to forego the performance be thus calmly sleeping, as motionless of this most pleasing and sacred duty: as Chantry's chiselled children ; one Even if the child have all the aids and can only tell it lives by the heaving appliances that wealth can procure -- of the chest and the color in the a healthy wet-nurse, and the most care- slightly-parted lips and small lineaful possible of hired superintendence ments; but at the end of some hours, -- it can never have the same advan-sooner or later, there will be a slight tages, and the same chances of escaping restless motion, as the pulse of life the dangers which beset its early ca- grows stronger in the veins, and the reer, as if it drew nourishment from demands of nature for sustenance are the mother's breast, was nursed in the just beginning to be felt. The mother mother's arms, and watched over by has, ere this, probably, sufficiently rethe anxious carefulness of the mother's covered her strength to be able to take heart. There are cases we know, and the child to her bosom, and holding it many, in which the child must of ne- there in a loving embrace, she counts cessity be deprived of these advan- every tiny pulsation with a delight tages, and confided to the care of those which only a mother can experience. who are not its natural guardians; but But she cannot yet satisfy the want of there are many more cases in which which the infant is but half conscious, there is no real necessity for such de- for unlike the lower animals, which privation -only " the usages of polite can suckle their young directly they society require it." Far more hon- are born, the lacteal fluid will not flow

from her breast until the end of the should be put aside_that is, if the flow second, or sometimes, even the third of milk is sufficient; if not, the breast day. It is concluded by some that the and the bottle may be used alternately, mouth of the infant should not be ap

for a while. "The mother's milk and plied to the breast until that period; the mother's warmth are the proper but Dr. Marshall Hall says: "Let this sources of nutriment and heat to her application be msulo ss soon ss the f«- own infant, it should lie on no other tigue of labor is perfectly over, if the breast and in no other arms." And mother is doing well, The child's certainly, for the first six or sight mouth is softer than that of the nurse. months of infantile life, no other than The secretion of the milk will be the natural nutriment is required, progreatly excited, and the milk secreted vided the supply of this be good, and will be equally gently removed. There sufficient in quantity; should this not will then be no milk abscess-116 milk be the crise, the question of artificial fever in many cases in which these food will have to be considered, unless must otherwise occur. If the infant

sit, wet-nurse is engaged, against which be not early applied, the breast be there are many objections, both eco. comes swollen, and the nipple drawn nomical and moral. in; and nursing becomes sit once diffi- To every mother, then, is to be com cult and painful to the mother, and a mitted the care of her own infant, in source of fretfulness to the infant." its largest, broadest, sense. She is the

It is very common for a nurse to first to submit herself to all those rules give to an infant, a few hours after it of diet, meclicine, exercise, and quiet is born, very little thin, perfectly which are essential to insure her own smooth' oatmeal gruel; this sffords good health. She is then to supply the necessary nutriment, and excites a her own infant with milk, and with gentle sction of the bowels, and has warmth, and for this latter purpose, the effect of relieving thein of a thick, she should lay it by her own side in dark-colored matter, technically called the night. She should, in the third meconium, which they contain at birth; plsce, become the superintendent of s drop or two of Castor Oil is also its health, detecting the first signs of given, with or without the gruel; this, indisposition, and seeking immediately perhaps, is scarcely necessary, but there for the remedy. is no valid objection to it; therefore, if Nor does the mother's office termiit is the nurse's usual practice, she nate even here. But she will go on to Dead not be interfered with in the mat- superintend the development of its ter, If, at the end of the first day, no mental powers, its dispositions and its sustenance can be obtained from the affections. mother's breast, s little lukewarm fluid, One of the most fruitful sources of composed of cow's milk and water, in disease, in the early days of infantile jual proportions, and slightly sweet life, is improper management in rels snied with lump sugar, should be given tion to diet, and a large proportion of

a in s feeding bottle, with a prepared the suffering and mortality which oc

s call's teat, or a nipple of India-rubber curs during this period, arises from fitted to it; by this the child's mouth this cause alone; and he points out becomes accustomed to the natural Very clearly and forcibly the necessity inode of obtaining nourishment; when there is of nursing upon a regular this kind of food has once been given, plan to insure the present and future it should be continued about every health of the child. two hours or so, a very small quantity “Milk ought to be the diet of inat the time- letting the child, before fants for a certain time, and it alone ench feeding, endeavor to obtain it from will be sufficiently tourishing for the mother's breast first; as soon se it nineteen out of twenty children --percan do this, of course all artificial food | baps ninety-nine out of * hundred.

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