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hot, but do not let it boil; then mix it in almost every instance, produce gradually with the beaten Buys and acidity in the stomach. If possible, bugar, toes it to and fro from the store your whiskey in the wood, not in saucepan into a jug two or three bottles, as keeping it in the cask meltimes, grato a liule mitmey on the top lows it, and dissipates the coarser parand serve, A wineglassful of spirits vieles, may be added illikoil.

Mulled Wine, - INGBEDIENTS, To Keep Cider sweet. -- In thirty i pint of wine, 4 pint of water, I byg, gallons of sider pub two quarts of suyar, nutmeg: malt, or, instead of malu, put in two Mix the wine and water together, pounds of raisins, and quarter of a

and let it boil; beat the eggs in a part, pound of mustard abous. Instead of pour them into the wine, then quickly driving the bung in, paste a piece of pour the whole from one vessel into brown paper over the hole.

another five or six times; add sugar Cider Wine - To ten gallons of and nutmeg to taste, good new vider, put twenty pounds of Mulled Cider, INGREDIENTS. sugar, two pounds of raisins, ent in hall, 1 pint of sider, 2 eggs, sugar and nutmeg and nve ounces of isingluss. But it into Boil the sider, have the eggs well a len-yallon pusk, let it stand, filling beaten, pour thein into the sider, then it up at the bung daily: After nins quickly pour the whole from one vem daya, put the bung in the barrel; in sel to another five or six times; add four months bottle it for use. It will sugar and muimey to taste, De so good, you will wish you had made Economy of Tea, -- A given quanmore of it.

tity of tea is similar to malt -- only Raspberry Vinegar.--'ut a pound imparting strength to a given quantity of very nine ripe raspberries in a bowl, of water, therefore any additional bruin them well

, and pour upon them a quantity is waste, Two small teaquart of the best white wine vinegar Spoonfuls of good black tea, and one next day strain the liquor on a pound three parts full of green, is suficient la of fresli ripe raspberries; bruise them make three tencuplus agreeable, the also, and the following lay do the water being put in, in a boiling state, same, but do not squeeze the fruit, or it at once; a second addition of water will make it ferment; only drain the gives a vapid Havor to tea. liquor as dry as you can from it, In Preparing Tea a good economist Finally, paas it through a canvas lag, will be careful to have the best watør, previously well with the vineyar, to that is, the softest and least imprego prevent waste,

Put the juice into a nated with foreign mixture; for it toalie slune jar, willi a pount of sugar, broken infined in hand and in soft water, the into lumps, to every pint of juice; stir, latter will always yield this greatest and when melted, put the jar into a quantity of the tannin matter, and will pan of water; let it simmer, and skim strike the deepest black witli sulphate it let it cool, then bottle it when of iron in solution, cold it will be fine and thick, like Tea-Making: -- Dr, Kitehiner re: strained honey, newly prepared commend that all the water necessary

Bootoh Punch, or Whiskey Toddy should be jured in at once, as the --(The Duke of Athol's Recipe), second drawing is bad. When musta l'our about a wineglassful of boiling tea is wanted, it is better to have two wator into a ball pint tumbler, and teapots instead of two drawings, sweeten according to taste. Hur well Another Method. -- The water up, then put in a wineglasstul of should be tresli boiled (not oxbanatuit whiskey, and add a wineglotul and a boy long boiling). Moald the teapol and half more boiling water to sure the empty it; then put in as much water water in boiling Never put lemon as necessary for the first pups put the into toddy, The two in combination, I loa on it as in brewing, and close the

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lid as quickly as possible. Let it stand to spoil it; and Europeans, after a three minutes and a half, or, if the little practice (longer, however, than quantity be large, four minutes, then we had), are said to prefer it to the fill the cups. This is greatly superior clear infusion drunk in France. In to the ordinary method, the aroma ' every hut these coffee boilers may be being preserved instead of escaping seen suspended, and the means for with the steam, as it dues when the pounding the roasted berry are always water is poured on the tea.

ready at hand. Substitute for Cream in Tea or For a long time we used the coffee Coffee. – Beat the white of an egg to' ground as coarsely as it is usually sold a froth, put to il a very small lump of : in the stores. Although procuring the butter, and mix well.' Then stir it in best berries possible, we did not unigradually, so that it may not curdle. formly succeed in obtaining at the Ii perfectly mixed, it will be an excel i breakfast table a first rate beverage. ient substitute for cream.

We consulted many wiseacres, some A French chemist asserts that if tea of whom said that the water used be ground like cotlee before hot water should be hotter, others that the coffee is poured upon it, it will yield nearly should be tirst soaked in cold water, double the amount of its exhilarating etc., etc. By accident, one day we qualities.

I happened to have the coffee reground Another writer says: “If you put a to the tineness of snuff. Herein lay piece of lump sugar the size of a wal- ; the mystery. We have never since nut into a teapot, you will make the failed to obtain a strong full-flavored tea infuse in ball the time.” Persons beverage, and that too without using who have tried this last experiment so large a quantity of coffee. If not say that the result

is satisfactory. convenient to grind it so tine, use it as In Making Coffee, observe that the sold at the stores, but let the quantity broader the boitom and the sinaller required for breakfast be put in cold the top of the vessel, the better the 'water overnight, in the morning just cufite will be.

boil a minute, and you will have a Turkish Mode of Making Coffee. much better cup of cofee than usual. -The Turkish way of making coffee ; (Try this once.) produces a very different result from in Sweden, they make excellent that to which we are accustomed. A coffee. On inquiring at the little hotel small conical saucepan, with a long : how they made it, the following method handle, and calculated to hold about was given: Take any kind of cotitetwo tablespoonfuls of water, is the ves- pot or urn, and suspend a bag of felt or sel used. The fresh roasted berry is very heavy flannel, so long that it pounded, not ground, and about a reaches the bottom, bound on a wire dessertspoonful is put into the minute I just fitting the top; put in the fresh twiler; it is the nearly tilled with ground pure coffee, and pour on freshly water, and thrust among the embers. boiled water. The tiuid filters through A few seconds sutlice to make it boil, 'the bag and may be used at once; and the decoction, grounds and all, is ' needs no settling and retains all the poured out into a small cup, which tits aroma. The advantage of this over into a brass socket, much like the cup the ordinary filter is its economy, as of an acorn, and holding the china cup the coffee stands and soaks out the as that does the acorn itself. The strength, instead of merely letting the Turks seein to drink this decoction water pass through it. boiling, and swallow the grounds with Beet-Root Coffee. — A very good the liquid. We allow it to remain a coffee can be made of beet-root' in the minute, in order to leave the sediment i following manner: Cut dry beet-root at the bottom. It is always taken into very small pieces, then gradually plain; sugar or cream would be thought, heat it in a close pan over the tire tor

about fifteen minutes. Now introduce liquid, but the allument in the shape 9 little sweet fresh butter, and bring it of the white of the egg milhering tay up to the roasting heat. The bulter the shell, so that a little of the white prevents the evaporation of the sweet of an egg proured into the coffee will 11ess and aroma of the heet-foot, and clear it just as well as the eggshells. when fully roasteel it is taken out, When eggs are source, it is extravet ground, and used like coftise. A bev- gant to use a whole one for clearing erage mule of it is cheap, and a good coffee at one time. Take an egg, take for the human systems collee of hole in the end, and let a leg pottchicory.

full run out, then put a bit of paper Chicory. -- 'This is the dried and liver the hole in the egg and it will tovested tent of a plant allied to the most dry up, but will leat coffee # dandelion, and it is found by almost number of times, and a little is just as unanimous testimony to be an agrees good as a whole the. able llavorer of coffee. It is " diuretio CHOCOLATE

oil one

table. und xperient"-qualities in its favor, spoonful of seraped churcolate in me for it is the prevailing defect of our quart of water for twenty minutes, food that it is too astringent and heat- then pint of new milk, ami ing, and the fact that chicory finds sugar to taste; boil it up for a minute, such general approbation we believe remove it from the fire, and let it gratis rests in these qualities. We knew tle, and it is rewly for tise. respectable grocer who, from conscien- COCOA may be made the same * tious mestives, censed to mix chicury chocolate. with coffee; the immediate effect was Coffee Milk. (For THE SHORthe falling off of his collie traile, his ROOM.) Devil dessertepornful of customers declaring that his coffee was ground coffee, in nearly a pint (of milk, not sui gened as previously i and he was #quarter of an huur, then put into it compelled again to mix chicory with # shaving out two of isingle, and clear it, to meet their taste. Chicory is found it; let it buil a few ininutes, and set it tibe

adulternteil" with carrots, by the side of the fire to clarify: This parsnips, and mangold-wurzel. is very fine breakfast ; but it shema 14 these roots are all of them highly be sweetened with sugar of * gerent] utritious and agreeable, instead of quality detracting from the claims of Chicctv, Ioeland Moss Chocolate. the facts stated rather elevate "chi- THE SIOR

RM.) --- Icelandd me ha cury" in our estimation, and point to been in the lrighest repute on the (evtra the probability that the route mentionell tinent as a mest efficaine remedy in possess youlitipa hitherto imperfectly 119- incipient pulmonary etimplainte : eot verluineil, cemil worthy of further erumi. bineel with chocolate, it will be found nation and development. ut temarks #intritite article avf diet, en ##y stre pet merely of conjecture, they be taken as # morning and evening are founded upon observation and beverage. Direrliung. - Mix * testa analysis,

Aprenenful of the checulate with # ter pour To Clear Coffee When the offee spefull of heiling water tre milk, has boiled sufficiently remove it from stirring it constantly until it is curtit the fire, and immerlistely clash in half pletely clixstrivell. # teacupful of quite vuld water; let it Alum Whey A print of me stand #mimte, then pour trut, and milk boiled with two draws of #lum, yırt will have clear coffee. This plan until & curd is ferment. Then strmir may be tune simple for some, and they off the litere, and will spirit of niet may prefer to throw an egg-whell in meg, two oras, syrup of olives, ** the coffee to settle it. (We propose to

It is used in diabetes, and in remove the mystery froin this. It is uterine flux, ete, not the shell of the egg that clears the Barley Water, -- l'esti barley, two

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ounces; wash till freed from dust in i beauty of this yeast is that it ferments cold water. Boil in a quart of water spontaneously, not requiring the aid of a few minutes, strain off the liquor, other yeast; and if care be taken to and throw it away. Then boil the let it ferment well in the earthen bowl barley in four pints and a half of wa- in which it is made, you may cork it ter, until it is reduced one half. up tight when bottled. The quantity

Ágreeable Effervescent Drink for above given will fill four seltzer-water Heart-Burn, etc. --Orange-juice (of bottles. one orange), water, and lump sugar to Domestic Yeast.-Ladies who are flavor, and in proportion to acidity of in the habit (and a most laudable and orange, bicarbonate of soda, about half comfortable habit it is) of making a teaspoonful. Mix orange-juice, wa- domestic bread cake, etc., are informed ter, and sugar together in a tumbler, that they can easily manufacture their then put in the soda, stir, and the own yeast by attending to the followeffervescence ensues.

ing directions: -- Boil one pound of Apple Water. - A tart apple well good flour, a quarter of a pound of baked and mashed; on which pour a brown sugar, and a little salt, in two pint of boiling water, Beat up, cool, gallons of water, for one hour. When and strain. Add sugar, if desired. milk-warm, bottle it, and cork it Cooling drink for sick persons.

close. It will be fit for use in twentyTincture of Lemon-Peel.- A very four hours. One pint of this yeast easy and economical way of obtaining will make eighteen pounds of bread. and preserving the flavor of lemon- Potato Yeast, that will Keep in peel, is to fill a wide-mouthed pint | the Hottest Weather.-Grate seven bottle half full of brandy, or proof- medium-size potatoes into a teacupspirit; and when you use a lemon, ful of brown sugar, then boil a handpare the rind off very thin, and put it ful of hops, and two large tablespooninto the brandy, etc.; in a fortnight it fuls of salt, in two quarts of water. will impregnate the spirit with the Strain out the hops, and pour the flavor very strongly.

liquor over the potatoes and sugar, Camomile Tea.-- One ounce of the then put all back into the pot, and flowers to a quart of water boiling. boil for fifteen minutes. Simmer for fifteen minutes and strain. What is Saleratus? - Wood is Emetic when taken warm; tonic when burnt to ashes, these are lixivated, and cold. Dose, from a wineglassful to a lye is the result. Lye is evaporated breakfast-cup.

by boiling, black salt is the residuum. Yeast. Boil, say on Monday morn. The salt undergoes purification by fire, ing, two ounces of the best hops in and the potash of commerce is obtained. four quarts of water for half an hour; By another process we change potash strain it, and let the liquor cool to new into pearlash. Now put these in milk warmth; then put in a small hand- sacks and place them over a distillery ful of salt and half a pound of sugar; mash - tub, where the fermentation beat up one pound of the best flour evolves carbonic acid gas, and the with some of the liquor, and then mix pearlash absorbs it and is rendered well all together. On Wednesday add solid; the product being heavier, three pounds of potatoes, boiled, and whiter, and drier than the pearlash. then mashed, to stand till Thursday; It is now saleratus. How much such then strain it and put it into bottles, salts of lye and carbonic acid gas one and it is ready for use. It must be can bear and remain healthy, is a atirred frequently while it is making, and question for a saleratus enter. kept near the fire. Before using, shake Hot Biscuit. — There are the bottle up well. It will keep in a families that must, and will, have warm cool place for two months, and is best biscuit every morning and evening; at the latter part of the time. The all that is necessary is to keep a jar of "bread sponge," made as thick as added. Make a depression on the stiff' batter; a quart of this and one tea- surface of this mixture, and pour into spoonful of baking soda stirred stiff'with it two quarts of yeast, which should be four so as to be moulded, makes excel. thickened to the consistence of creain lent biscuit for breakfast or tea. To re- with some of the flour; let it stand all new the sponge every day, take one night. On the following morning the cupful of hop water or hop tea, three whole should be well kneaded, and cupfuls of Hour, three cuptuls of boil allowed to stand for three hours, then ing water, one teaspoonful of salt, two divide it into loaves, which are better teaspoonfuls of sugar, and three ten-baked in tins, in which they should spoonfuls of butter or lard, and after stand for half an hour, then bake. stirring all together pour into the jar Thirty-two pounds of wholesome, nuto replenish it. The jar should hold tritive, and very agreeable bread will at least twice or three times the quan- be the result. It is of importance that tity that is daily used out of it.


the four of Indian corn should be Home-made Bread. --- To seven procured, as Indian corn meal is that pounds of flour, add two dessertspoon- which is commonly met with at the Tuls of salt, and mix them well; mix shops, and the coarseness of the husk four tablespoonfuls of good fresh yeast in the meal miglit to some persons be with one pint of warm, but not hot prejudicial. water; make a hole with your hand Unfermented Brea d. - Three in the middle of the tlour, but not pounds wheat meal, half an ounce, quite touching the bottom of the pan; avoirdupois, muriatic acid, half an pour the water and yeast into this ounce, avoirdupois, carbonate soda, hole, and stir it with a spoon till you water enough to make it of a proper have made a thin batter ; sprinkle this consistence. For white flour, four over with flour, cover the pan over pounds of flour, half an ounce, 'avoir: with a dry cloth, and let it stand in a dupois, muriatic acid, haif an ounce, warm room for an hour; not near the avoirdupois, carbonate soda, water, fire, except in cold weathing, and then about a quart. The way of making is not too close; then add a pint of as follows: -- First mix the soda and water a little warm, and knead the tour well together by rubbing in a whole well together, till the dough pan; then pour the acid into the water, comes clean through the hand (some and mix well by stirring. Mix all toHour will require a little more water; gether to the required consistence, and but in this, experience must be your bake in a hot oven immediately. The guide), let it stand again for about a gain from this method of baking is quarter of an hour, and then bake at as follows:--Four pounds of whent pleasure.

meal made seven pounds nine ounces Indian Corn Flour and Wheaten of excellent light bread; and four Bread. -The peculiarity of this bread pounds of seconds Hourmade six consists in its being composed in part pounds of excellent light bread. It of Indian corn Hour, which is richer keeps moist longer than bread made in gluten and fatty matter than the with yeast, and is far more sweet and Hour of wheat, to which circumstance digestible. This is especially recomit owes its highly nutritive char- mended to persons who suffer from acter:

indigestion, who will find the brown Take seven pounds of Indian corn bread invaluable. flour, pour upon it four quarts of boil. A great increase on Home-made ing water, stirring it all the time; let Bread, even equal to one-fifth, may be it stand till about new. milk warm, produced by using bran water for then mix it with fourteen pounds of knending the dough. The proportion fine wheaten flour, to whicli a quarter is three pounds of bran for every of a pound of salt has been previously twenty-eight pounds of flour, to be

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