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times extending to the larynx and / agency of the poison in some measure trachea, as well as to the intestinal passes away. When the patient is not canal, causing croup, vomiting, and killed by the violence of the first con. purging. The poisonous secretion en- tagion, the system is reinoculated with ters into the circulation and vitiates the poisonous secretions from the the blood; sometimes the sense of throat; Wine and Bark must be dili. hearing, as well as of smelling, is en- gently and watchfully given, the throat tirely destroyed by the acrid matter injected or gargled (as above directed), coming in contact with, and inflam- and the most vigilant care observed for ing, the mucous membrane. With some time, should convalescence fortuthis form of the disease it is extremely nately ensue. difficult to deal, and the patient often A dropsical affection is one of the sinks beneath it in spite of the best most frequent results of Scarlet Fever. medical advice and assistance.

This seldom occurs, if the warm bath Treatment. — At first, mild aperients is daily used as soon as the skin beonly should be given, with diluted gins to peel off. After the dropsy has drinks and a spare diet; the patient set in, give the warm bath twice a should have plenty of fresh air; the head week, and encourage perspiration by should be kept cool by means of ice in the Compound Tincture of Virginia a bladder, the hair being cut off or Snake-root, from 10 to 20 drops (acshaved. The following is a good febri- cording to the age of the child), in a fuge mixture: - Carbonate of Ammo- little warm herb tea. nia, 1 dram ; solution of Acetate of QUINSY.-This kind of inflammaAmmonia, 2 ounces; Water of Camphor tory sore throat generally commences Mixture, 6 ounces : a dessertspoonful with cold chills, and other febrile to be taken every four hours, for a child, symptoms; there is fulness, heat, and (a tablespoonful for an adult.) dryness of the throat, with a hoarse

If the throat swells much externally, voice, difficulty of swallowing, and and there are headaches, apply from 2 shooting pains towards the ear. When to 4 leeches; should the weakness be examined, the throat is found of a florid great, a Blister or a hot Bran Poultice red color, deeper over the tonsils, which must suffice. To gargle the throat, are swollen and covered with mucus. dissolve 1 dram of common salt int a As the disease progresses, the tonsils pint of water ; with children who can become more and more swollen, the not gargle, this may be injected against swallowing becomes more painful and the fauces, or up the nostrils, by means difficult, until liquids return through of a syringe or elastic gum bottle. When the nose, and the viscid saliva is disthe inflammatory action has ceased, charged from the mouth; very comand the skin is peeling off, it is neces- monly the fever increases also, and sary to take good stimulant and nutri- there is acute pain of the back and tious food, with tonics, such as Iron limbs. Sometimes, when the inflamand Quinine, unless they cause bad head mation has reached a certain height, symptoms, in which case they must be it gradually subsides, and the tonsils discontinued, and the diet chiefly de- diminish with it, although they compended on. With regard to the more monly remain for a considerable time malignant form, but little more is to unnaturally large; at others, there is be done; the depressing effect of the a formation of abscess in one or both contagious poison upon the whole body, tonsils, and the patient suffers the and upon the nervous system especially, greatest agony and distress, appearing is so great as to defy all active treat- often upon the point of suffocation; ment. If we can save such patients at and this continues to be the case until all, it must be by the liberal adminis- the abscess bursts, or is opened to altrations of Wine and Bark to sustain low the matter to escape. the flagging powers until the deadly Treatment. - When the case is not

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Nevere, it

may . be treated, in the early The specific cause of the disease in stagem, like Ontarrh ; but when it in, atmospherie, an in cholera, influenza, more active mensures will be required typhus, and potuto rot. Debility, cena An emetio, followed by a strong pur- pools, malarin, and all nuisances pregative; a blister outside the throat, lipose to it; and all irregularities of and warm bran or linseed poultices; a regimen, cold driuk when liented, sud. cooling regimen with acid water, or dou changes of temperature, and overpieces of rough ice put into the mouth exertion, are exciting causes. and allowed to dissolve ; loeches at the The principles of treatment are antiside of the throat if it swells much; septic and tonic, stimulant and nutriInhaling the wteam of hot water tious. The capillary wystem should through an inhaler or an inverted funnot be engorged with fluids, neither nel; and the continuation, every four should anything evaporating be aphours or so), of a maline aperient; these plied to the skin. Blisters intlame will be the proper monstres to adopt. and ulcerate; leeches debilitate and When the abacom han burnt, and the their bites slough; and strong purgainflammatory symptoms have subidel, tives cannot be borne. Temperate, a generous liet will be necessary, with dry, and well-ventilated bed-rooms are tonio medicinos. If the tonsils con- a desideratum; a Calomel purgative, tinue swollen, they should be rubbed varying in strength with the age of outside twice a day with stimulating the pulient. In children, where there liniments ; Turpentine and podeldoc, are symptoms of laryngitis, # rapid equalquantities, will be as good as any exhibition of the Chloride of Mercury, and the throat gurgled with salt and such as a grain or two every hour until water, a teaspoonful of the former put the brenthing in casier; then every into á tumblerful of the latter. When three or four hours until the false there in chronio soreness of the thront, membrane in loosened, and the bowels with hograeness and cough, there is evacuato green stools, or vomiting commonly also a relaxed and elongated commencem. It has been found that uvula, which closes the pamago when children who are teething have the the patient lies down, and unch a most inflammatory symptoms. Dehonation of choking: In this case a coction of Bark, with llydrochloric gargle made with Halt and Cuyonne Acid, varying the dose of the latter Pepper (about a tablespoonful of the from one minim to ten every four former, and a tenspoonful of the latter, hours, in from a teaspoonful to two in a pint of boiling water) should be tablespoonful of the former.(Harglo tried; the throat should be kept un- with Ohloride of Hodium and Vinegar, covered, and sponged with Vinegar tablespoonful of each in a tencupful twice a day. If these menns are un. of hot water; also inject this up the Hucceful, it may be necesary to have nostrils when they become obstructed ; part of the uvula out ofl: this must be this relieves the breathing, destroy done by a murgoon, ng must also the the fetor, and allows the ulcers to application of' onustio, sometimes to heal. be made when the throat has a granu. Apply a stick of Nitrate of Hilver to lated appearances

every part where the falne membrane DIPHTHERIA comes on, in many or exlidation can be moon; when the instances, vory suddenly, like cholera, dinonno Aprende beyond the caustic influenza, and erysipelus, without any case, a probang and a clean spongo warning symptoms; in others, there is anturated with strong solution of Horeness of the thront, like tonsillitin, Nitrate of Hilver will answer. or of the narin, like catarrh; or there Rub the external fauces with Comis pain in the deglutition, like pharyn-pound lodine Ointment night and gitin, or cynanche maligna; shiveringe inorning, and, where erysipelna may are very irregular.

appear, apply the stick Caustic, and

lay on a plaster of strong Mercurial | all ages, but the young are most liable Ointment.

to it. At no particular season of the Keep all about the patient sweet and year is it more prevalent than at any clean, and give a nutritious diet-such other, nor does climate appear to be as mutton, milk, rich gruels, and beef- influential in averting or modifying tea; and a warm Negus-compound of its visitations. When it occurs natPort Wine and Water, equal quanti- urally, the premonitory symptoms are ties, with Sugar and Lemon. All the those of other fevers of its class ; there drinks should be taken warm.

are usually cold chills, pains in the The following treatment is said to back and loins, loss of appetite, prostrabe very effectual in croup: - Take a tion of strength, nausea, and sometimes common tobacco - pipe, place a live vomiting; with young children, there coal in the bowl, drop a little tar upon are sometimes convulsions. About the coal, draw the smoke into the forty-eight hours after these symptoms mouth, and discharge it through the set in, an eruption of hard, red pimples nostrils.

begin to overspread the face and neck, Sore Throat. - This is commonly a gradually extending downward over symptom of inflammatory fever, and the trunk and extremities. Each is often the result of a simple cold; pimple is surrounded by the peculiar some persons are peculiarly liable to dull® red margin termed areola, and it, and experience great difficulty of has a central depression on the top, swallowing from relaxed Uvula. Some- containing lymph; at this period the times in Sore Throat there is simply eruption is decidedly vesicular, but inflammation of the mucous mem- | it becomes afterwards pustular; this brane, and when this is the case it change takes place on about the fifth will, probably, pass away in a day or day of its appearance, when the two, with a little careful nursing and central depression disappears, supaperient medicines. Should it extend puration takes place, and the vessels into the air-passages, causing cough are filled with matter, which shortly and catarrhal symptoms, it becomes a after oozes out and dries into a scab. more serious business, and medical In about ten days this falls off, and advice should at once be sought. In leaves a pale purple stain like a blotch, the meantime a Saltpetre gargle should which gradually fades, unless the disbe used, or Sal Prunella balls, one ease has penetrated so deeply as to being put into the mouth occasionally destroy the true skin, in which case and allowed to dissolve; hot bran a pit, or, as it is usually called, a poultices may also be placed about the pock-mark,” remains for life. throat, which, at a later stage, may be The primary fever of this disease rubbed with a liniment of Oil and lessens as soon as the eruption apHartshorn.

pears; but after this has left the face, There is an erysipelatous form of and travelled downward, attacking sucSore Throat which is highly danger- cessively the lower parts of the body, ous, and requires very active treat- a secondary fever sets in, which is ment: a strong gargle of Lunar Caus- more severe than the first, and not tic must be used in this case, or the unfrequently assumes a typhoid charinflamed part must be pencilled with acter. the Caustic in the stick; if it extends Small-pox may be either distinct, to the larynx and air-passages, this sometimes called discreet

, or confluent : frequently proves fatal. This is a dis- in the former case, the pustules are tinct form of disease from Diphtheria, perfectly distinct from each other; in which has proved so fatal.

the latter, they run into each other. Small-Pox.-This, like Scarlet Fever This latter is the most dangerous form and Measles, belongs to the class of of the disease, the fever being more eruptive fevers; it attacks persons of | intense and rapid, and having no intermission; it goes on increasing from Chalk Mixtore, with 5 drops of Landathe first, and freqnently, by its violence, num in each dose; if perspirations in nine or ten days so exhausts the are too copious when the eruptive fever system, that coma, delirium, and death has subsided, take acidulated drinks. ensue, preceded by convulsions, hem. Smearing the eruptions with Mercurial orrhages, bloody stools, dysentery, and Ointment, or puncturing each pustule, all the train of symptoms which in- and absorbing the pus with wool or dicate that a virulent and fatal poison cotton, has been recommended to prebas entered into the circulation, vent the deep pitting which is so

By all this it will be evident that great a disfigurement to the face. Small-pox is not a disease to be trifled There is no disease more certainly with. As soon as the premonitory and decidedly contagious than this; fever comes on an emetic should be after im bibing the poison, a period of administered, and followed by a pur- twelve days generally elapses before the gative of a tolerably active nature; commencement of the fever, and durthen keep the patient on spare diet ing this time no inconvenience may (certainly no meat), and give plenty be experienced. Besides breathing the of warm diluent drinks; keep the effluvia arising from a person attacked,

a bowels moderately open by means of Small-pox may be communicated by saline aperients ; let the patient have inoculation with the matter of its pusplenty of fresh air, and sponge the tules, and the resulting disease being skin with cool or tepid water, as may of a milder character, this method was be most agreeable, to diminish the formerly much practised to guard perheat of the body. Sometimes there sons from a spontaneous attack; since, is not energy in the system to develop however, the introduction of Vaccinathe pustules with sufficient rapidity; tion by Dr. Jenner, this practice has in this case, nourishment and stimu- been abandoned. This disease is frelants should be given in the form of quently epidemic, and the statistics of broths, wine, whey, etc. ; warm its different visitations show that the mustard foot-baths should also be re- mortality of those attacked who have sorted to, and to allay irritability, a not been vaccinated is 1 in 4, whilst 10 grain Dover's Powder may be of those who have, it is not 1 in 450 : administered at bedtime, or a 1 of a a strong argument this for vaccination. grain of Morphine, in Camphor Mix- To Prevent "Pitting" in Smallture. A good nourishing diet will be Pox.-The application consists of a required in the secondary stage of the solution of india-rubber in chlorofever, and if it assumes a typhoid form, which is painted over the face character, the treatment should be and neck when the eruption has become the same as that of typhus fever. fully developed. When the chloroFrequently the face is much swelled, form has evaporated, which it very and the eyelids closed; in this case, readily does, there is left a thin elastic rub the latter with Olive Oil, and bathe film of india-rubber over the face. the whole with Poppy fomentation. This the patient feels to be rather If the throat is sore, uso a gargle of comfortable than otherwise, inasmuch Honey and Vinegar, 1 tablespoonful as the disagreeable itchiness, so generof the former, 2 of the latter, added to ally complained of, is almost entirely at pint of Water or Sage Tea. If removed, and, what is more important, there is much headache, cut the hair "pitting," once so common, and even close, apply, mustard poultices to now far from rare, is thoroughly prethe feet, and a spirit lotion to the vented wherever the solution has been head; to reduce itching, apply to applied. the eruptions a liniment composed of If the above remedy is not at hand, Lime water and Linseed oil, equal paint the face twice a day with glycerquantities; to check diarrhwa, give | ine, this will likewise prevent pitting.

VACCINATION. – Whether vac- | mild cases, a sulphureous vapor bath, cination is a protection in all cases, taken twice in twenty-four hours, with and through life, is a question of great soap and warm water washing, will importance. Probably the mild form generally be sufficient. In obstinate of vaccina does not last through life. ones, it may be necessary to resort to Most physicians advise to re-vaccinate alterative aperients, a spare diet, with once in about seven years.

ointment, warm baths, and a lotion, ITCH. – All classes are liable to made as follows: Dissolve 4 ounces of this disease, but it is most common Sulphate of Potash in a quart of among persons who neglect personal water, and add ounce of Sulphuric cleanliness. This little creature (aca Acid; to be applied warm, with & ru sertrei), in its natural size, is so mi- sponge, before the fire. According to Dute as to be scarcely visible to the an announcement made to the French naked eye. The most prominent symp- Academy of Medicine, by M. Bonnet, tom of the disease is a constant and Benzine rubbed on the affected parts intolerable itching; it never comes on will cure Itch in five minutes, the of itself, but is always the result of patient has only to take a warm bath contact with an affected person. It after it, and lo! he is clean. In first shows itself in an eruption of France, also, an ointment composed of small vesicles filled with a clear wa- 2 scruples of Naphthaline to 1 ounce of tery fluid, occurring principally on the Lard has been found an effectual remedy hand and wrist, and in those parts for this troublesome disease; but we most exposed to friction, such as the hold that there is nothing like sulphur. spaces between the fingers, and the RINGWORM has its seat in the roots flexures of the joints, etc. ; after a time of the hair,and is believed to be attended it extends to the legs, arms, and trunk, by the growth of parasitic fungi; its prebut it rarely appears on the face. The disposing causes are any derangement insects are often found in the vesicles, of the general bealth from ill or undue but not always; hence some have feeding, breathing impure air, drinkdoubted whether they are really the ing bad water, uncleanly habits, scrofcause of the disease, although it is ula. Its immediate or exciting cause generally supposed that they are. is generally contact with those affected

The Itch is never got rid of without with it, or using combs or hair-brushes medical treatment; but to that it will which they have used. always yield, provided proper cleanli- Treatment. - Take a piece of white ness be observed. Sulphur is the paper, fold it in the form of a funnel, grand specific for it; it may be applied light the wide end, and hold it so that in the form of ointment, prepared as the smoke coming out of the small follows: Flowers of Sulphur, 2 ounces; end will come against a plate. This Carbonate of Potash, 2 drams; Lard, 4 moist black applied to the Ringworm ounces: to be rubbed well in wher- will cure it, or if this is not convenever the eruption appears, every night ient, apply creosote with a camel's hair and morning; washing it off with pencil. soap and flannel, before each fresh ap- Mr. Erasmus Wilson remarks, “that plication. The most effectual plan is improper food is a frequent predisposto anoint the whole body, from the ing cause, and that he has observed it in nape of the neck to the soles of the children fed too exclusively on vegefeet, and out to the ends of the fingers; table diet,” recommends in the way put on socks, drawers, flannel wrapper, of treatment that as soon as the irritaand gloves, and to remain in bed for tion appears to be subdued by sooththirty-six hours, repeating the anoint- ing means, such as warm poultices, ing operation twice during that time; etc., an ointment composed of 1 dram then take a warm bath, and wash the of Sulphate of Zinc to 1 ounce of Sim. whole person with soap and flannel. In ple Cérate, using also a Sulphate of

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