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the same. Ladies promenade, turning


Erntiment off to the right down the room,

('armation............ Pride, and

Aiare, back to pluces, while kentlemen do Criar Irener..., Mpiritual strength. the name, turning to the lett; top couple Cherry treou... ritual bounty,

Chius Antet ......... Your mutuouis meet with remain at bolloin ; repeat to the end of dance,

Chrysanthemum , A heart luft i desolatius,

Lam,countant but lelete, LA POLKA COUNTRY DANCES.-All form two linea, ladies on the right, gen. Columbine ........., I eminot kive thee up, tlemen on the left. Figure: Top lady


... Native krune, and second gentlemani beel and we Corepin............. Always ebeerful,

Curimiter ............, Cweklud merit, (polka mtep) scrown to each other'm

Cypros.............., Dieuprinted hop, place-econd lay and up gentleman

Liepunes and dignity,
the same.
Top lwly and second gen.

Beunity wwiDimas,

Comhairy, tleman retire back to place - scoind

Dew-plant lady and top gentleman the same.


Two couple polka step down the mid-

1.vertaling dle and back again two first couples Brorsow...........

........ Alwuys remembered,

Poverty and worth, polka waltz. First couple repeat with

Vir ........

Wwwering bed,.. Comouce in beaves, ihe third couple, then with fourth, and

Vorgetue-bot ....

True love, so on to the end of dance.


I am bot ambitious for inyoell THE HIGHLAND KEEL.--This dance

Puchala............. Iluntle love, in performed by the company arranged Gentinn, Viikin pride, in parties of three, along the room, in Geranium, Kumar, Prolerince,

Burlet, Thou art changed. the following manner: a lay between

(ak ..... True friendship two gentlemen, in double rows. All

Lemon, Tranquillity of tuind.

** Bilver leaved Recal. advance and retire -- each lady then

Billy Vlower,........ lasting beauty, performs the reel with the gentleman Clien Hud Viscouragement, on her right hand, and retires with the Grupe ................., Charity,

Pubtnimeion, opposite gentleman to place -- hands

llawiborat..........., Ilope, three round and back again all mix


Keconciliation, advance and retire--then lead through Heliotrop

Benuty in vain. to the next trio, and continue the figure illyhawk Ambitiua, to the end of the room. Adopt the Honeysuckler..., Iwelity, Ilighland step, and music of three-part Hommin .... Quiet linppines, tune,


lleartless like,
Jee Plant

Your loks freeze ine,
Language of Flowers.


I have found one true heart,

Amaranth ........... Tumortality,

***........... Afection returned, A 114 DON ,1...!!! Ximilly

Kingen, ............

I wieh I was rich, Aster ................. Bwanny in retirement,


Pensive beauty,
Pune love,

Ladyslipper....., Capricious beauty,
Apple-blam ..... Wamme penks you great and good, Larkmpur Iconlabey,

Vintu in true beauty,
Alyhi...... Worth lyond Beauty,


Acknowledgment, Bachelor': Butun, lepe in Minery,

Dieretui, Balui .......... wests of social intercourse,

Letnice n

Collbeart, Bain of Onam. I am cured,

line ...........

Virut-tution of love, Baleain ................ Impatience,


Purity, Barbary ............... Pululance,

Lily of the Valley, Heart withering in secret, Bay laat....... 1 change but in dying. 1

Allwetion beyond the grave, Birch .............. Grwetu nee

Tapine,...... Dejection,
Bindweud ............ lluinility,

La Pride,...., Wrivolity,
Blue Bell,

Malluwe .......11

want disposition. Maple

Benerve, aroma, Non te

Mury old

Contempt, doek Importunity

Mignotte ,........ Mural banuty, barn Veininine modesty.

Minna ............. Peumitivene POLuile ......... Kergy in midvernity,

".._...... Muterual love, take hor",

Myrtiu ***********... lave in strenue. wef... Distinction,

Nasturtium ........... Putrition,

Ivy ...







dered if she could – the milk became Nightmade.......... Dark thought. Ok lluspitality.

putrid ! A little of the mixture should Oleauder.... Beware,

have been prepared over night with Orange Flowers.... Woman's worth.

evening milk, and used the next mornManny

Tender and plunsaut thoughts. Passion Flower..... Religious for vor,

ing, but not afterwards. About a winePeva, Kverlasting... Wilt thou go?

glassful made for each occasion would l'ea, Sweet ............ Departure.

suttice. Prach-blosson....... I am your captive. Potunia............. Thou art les proud than they EYELASHES.---The mode adopted derni thee,

by the beauties of the East to increase Peony

Our souls are united,

the length and strength of their eyePrue Time ind faith.

lashes, is simply to clip the split enda Pink, White...... Lovely and pure affection, Pink, Rod. Woman's love.

with a pair of scissors about once a Polyanthus Contidence.

month. 'Mother's perform the operal'otuto ...*** Beneficence.

tion on their children, both male and Papris

Modent wortlı,

female, when they are mere infants, Primiruse, Evening I am more inithful than thou.

watching the opportunity while they Rone-bud ..... Coufnsion of love.

sleep. The practice never fails to proRide, Bridal......... Happy love, Rose, Burgundy... Sinplicity and beauty.

duco the desired effect. We recomRuse, Dunask...... Bashful love.

mend it to the attention of our fair Rose, Mo........... Superior Diorit. Nuse, Multiflora... Grace.

readers, as a safe and innocent means Ruse, White......... Too young to love.

of enhancing the charms which so Ruse, Red-leaved .. Diffidence, Sage Domestic virtues.

many of theu, no doubt, already posSnapdragon .......... Daxxling, but dangerous. Snowball ... Thoughts of heaven.

The Teeth. - Dissolve two ounces Snowdrop.. I am not a summer friend. Star of Bethlehena Let ua follow Jesna.

of borax in three pints of water; before Strawberry Perfect excellence,

quite cold, add thereto one teaspoonful Sumach

Splonilid misery:
Sunile on me still.

of tincture of myrrh, and one tableSweet William...... Gallantry,

spoonful of spirits of camphor: bottle Syringa............... Memory Never forget.

the mixture for use. Thistle

One wine-glassTulip .......... Beautiful eyes.

ful of the solution, added to halt a pint Verbina Bonsibility,

of tepid water, is sutlicient for each Violet.... ......... Faithnulness, Vornul Grass.. ..... l'oor, but happy.

application. This solution, applied Waliflower .......... Fidelity iu nuisfortuno.

daily, preserves and beautifies the Water Lily ........... Eloquence,

teeth, extirpates tartarous adhesion, Willow.. ... Forsaken, Witch Hazel......... A spell,

produces a pearl-like whiteness, arrests Woodbine ........... Fraternal love.

decay, and induces a healthy action in Yarrow .............. A care for the heartache. Ziauia I mouru your absence.

the gums,

Our Teeth. --They decay. Hence To Soften the skin and Improve feet mastication. Everybody regrets

unseemly mouths, bad breath, imperthe Complexion. -- If flowers of sul it. What is the cause? 'I reply, want phur be mixed in a little milk, and, of cleanliness. A clean tooth never after standing an hour or two, the milk decays. The mouth is a warm place (without disturbing the sulphur) be - 98°, Particles of meat between the rubbed into the skin, it will keep it teeth soon decompose, Gums and teeth soft, and make the complexion clear. must suffer, Perfect cleanliness will It is to be used before washing. A lady preserve the teeth to old age. How of our acquaintance, being exceedingly shall it be secured? Use a quill pick, anxious about her complexion, adopted and rinse the mouth after eating. the above suggestion. In about a fort- Brush and castile soap every morning; night she wrote to us to say that the the brush and simple water on going mixture became so disagreeable after to bed. Bestow this trifling care upon it had been made a few days, that she your precious teeth, and you will keep could not use it. We should have won

them and ruin the dentista. Neglect, it, and you will be worry all your water, two ounces, Dissolved and lives. Children forget. Watch them, labelled No, 2. Tlie first teeth deterinine the character Directions Ilow to Apply. -The rolu. of the wecond sel. Give them equal tion No. 1 in tirut applied to the hair cure. Huyur, acium, malerutus, and hot with a tooth-brush, and the application things, are nothing when compared continued for fifeen or twenty minutes, with food decomposing between the | The solution No. 2 is then brushed teeth, Mercurialization may loosen over, a comb being used to separate the the teeth, long use may wear them out, hairs, and allow the liquid to come in but keep them clean and they will contact with every part, Care must be nover decay. This advice is worth taken that the liquid does not much more than thousands of dollars to the skin, is the solution No, 2 pro every boy and girl,

duces a permanent dark stain on all Camphorated Dentifrice. Pre substances with which it comes in pared chalk, one pound; cummphor, one contact. If the whole is not suitaiently or two drams, The camphor must be deep, the operation may be

repeated, tinely powdered by moistening it with | The hair should be cleansed from a little spirit of wine, and then inti- grense before using the dye, mately mixing it with chalk,

To TNT HAIR DYR, --- To try the Myrrh Dentifrice, -- I'owdered out effect of hair dye upon hair of any tletih, one pound; powdered myrrh, color, cut off a lock and apply the two ounce,

dye thoroughly as directed above. This American Tooth Powder, - Coral, will be a guarantee of success, or will cuttletish bone, dragon's blood, of each at least guard uyninst failure, eight drams; burnt alum and red san- The PKOPER APPLICATION OF ILAIR dera, of ench four drams; orris root, DYLA, The efficacy of hair dyes de elylit drums; cloves and cinnamon, pends as much upon their proper of each ball a dram; vanilla, eleven application is upon their chemical grains ;, rosewood, half a dram; rose composition, If not evenly and pita pink, cight drams. All to be finely tiently applied, they give rise to a prow.cred and mixed,

mottled and dirty condition of the Quinine Tooth Powder. - Rose hair, A lady, for instance, attempted pink, two drama; precipitated chulk, to use the lime and litharge dye,' and iwelve drams; carbonate of magnezia,

was horrified on the following mornone dram; quinine (mulphates, six ing to find her hair sputter red and grains. All to be well 'mixed w black, almost like the skin of a lenpard, ther,

Mhe wrote to us in great excitinent The chlorate of potasli has now and implored our aid." But what could come into extensive use for the re- we do? The mixture had not been moval of Retid, breath. It is chiefly properly applied, Our own hair is umid, diluted with water and alcohol, reciming gray, and we don't mind wellto rinse the mouth, It may be made ing the reader what we intend to do: by condensing, chlorine gas in a solu we have resulved to let it remain s, tion of potash. A solution of woda and bear" our gray hairs to the grave, will answer nearly as well,

deeming them to be no dishonor, Hair Dye, CAUALLY WTYLLD CO' Compounds to Promote the Growth IAMBIAN, A BUENTIN, ETC,, ETC, of Hair, When the hair fall off, Solution No. 1, Ilydrosulphuret of from diminished action of the wealp, ammonia, one ounces wlution of preparations of cantharides often prove potish, three drams, distilled or rain weful; they are sold under the tunne Watak, one ounce (all by measure), of Depuytren's Pomade, Oazanan: Mix and put into small bottles, label. Ponuda, cu, The following directions ling it Nil, 1.-Holution No. 2, Nitrate are as good as any of the more com of silver, one drain; distilland or ruin iplicawi recipem

POMADE AGAINST BALDNESS. ---Beef one pint of water, and adding thereto marrow, soaked in several waters, one ounce of glycerine, three pints New melted and strained, half a pound; England rum, and one pint of bay tincture of cantharides (made by soak- rum. The hair having been moistened ing for a week one dram of powdered with this liquor, it is to be shampooed cantharides in one ounce of proof with the hands, until a slight lather is spirit), one ounce; oil of bergamot, formed ; and the latter, boing washed twelve drops.

out with clean water, leaves the head ERASMUS Wilson's LOTION clean, and the hair moist and glossy. AGAINST BALDNESS. --- Eau-de-Cologne, Camphorated Chalk. -- Tooth Powotwo punces; tincture of cantharides, der.--- A quarter pound propared chalk, two drams; oil of lavender or rosemary, one pound powdered orris root, one of either ten drops. These applications ounce powered camphor. Reduce the must be used once or twice a day for camphor to fine powder by triturating a considerable time; but if the scalp it in a mortar with a little alcohol; become soro, they must be discontinued then add the other ingredients

, and for a time, or used at longer intervals. when the mixture is complete, wift

Glycerine Cream. - This superior through the finest wisting cloth. cosmetic is the well-known cold cream, Violet Mouth-Wash. Tincture with glycerine substituted for rose of orris, ossence of rose, and aluohol, water. Melt together three ounces each four ounces, attar of almonds, spermaceti, and half an ouneo white three drops; mix. wax, in half a pint of sweet almond- Violet Powder. - Three pounds oil. Then remove from the fire, and wheat starch, half pound powdered stir in two ounces of glycerine; and orris; mix together, and add one dram when congealing, perfume withi ten attar of lemon, and half ounce each of drops of attar of roses, or other attar attar of bergamot and cloves. that may be chosen.

Pearl Powder. - Prepared chalk, Pomade Rosat. --- For the lipe. finely, bolted and perfumed. The Melt together one ounce of white wax, French add oxidos of zinc and bismuth, two ounces oil of sweet almonds, and cach one ounce to the pound of chalk. one and a half drame alkanet. Digest Carmine Rouge.One ounce finely for several hours, strain, and add six bolted talo (French chalk), half dram drops attar of roses.

carmine; mix together with a little Macassar Oil. - One quart oil of warm, thin solution of gum traguben, one pint oil of noisette, half pint canth. For lighter shades, the prostrong alcohol, half dram attar of roses, portion of carinine must be increased, six drams attar of bergamot, five drams For commoner pastes, rose pink reattar of Portugal, and six drams tine-places the carmino de coloring matter. ture of musk. Mix together, digest, It may be made into a pomade. with alkanet root (for color), in a stop- Bloom of Roses. -Half a dram best pered bottle for a week, then strain carmine, digested with one ounce of and bottle.

strong ammonia, in a tightly-stop pered Marfit's Hair Tonio. Scald one bottle, for two days, at the ordinary ounce of black tea with two quarts of temperature of the atmosphere; then boiling water; strain, and add one and add a quarter pint of rose water, and a half ounces glycerine, quarter of an one ounce essence of rose. After a ounce tineture of cantharides, and one week's reposo, the upper stratum of pint of bay rum. Mix well by shaking, clear liquid may be decanted and botand then perfume.

tled. Shampoo Liquor. This excellent Bandoline, or Fixature. --Several wasla for the hair is made by dissolving preparations are used; the following a quarter ounce carbonate of ammo- Are the best: - 1. Mucilage of clean mia, and half an ounce of borax, in picked Irislı mons, made by boiling a quarter of an ounce of the moss in one Hard POMATUM. - Lard and mutquart of water until sufficiently thick, ton suet carefully prepared, of each rectified spirit in the proportion of a one pound; white wax, four ounces ; teaspoonful to each bottle, to prevent essence of bergamot, one ounce. its being mildewed. The quantity of Castor Oil Pomade. - Castor oil, spirit varies according to the time it re- four ounces; prepared lard, two ounces; quires to be kept.---2. Gum tragacanth, white wax, two drams; bergamot, two one drain and a half; water, half a drams; oil of lavender, twenty drops. pint; proof-spirit (made by mixing Melt the fat together, and on cooring equal parts of rectitied spirit and add the scents, and stir till cold. water), three ounces ; attar of roses, ten Hair Curling Liquid. - Take drops; soak for twenty-four hours and borax, two ounces; gum arabic, one strain,

dram; add hot water (not boiling), Excellent Hair Wash. - Take one one quart; stir, and as soon as the inounce of borax, half an ounce of cam gredients are dissolved, add three table phor; powder these ingredients fine, spoonfuls of strong spirits of camphor, and dissolve them in one quart of boil. On retiring to rest wet the hair with ing water; when cool, the solution will the above liquid, and roll it in twists be ready for use; damp the hair fre- of paper, as usual. quently. This wash effectually cleanses, Superfluous Hair. -- Any remedy beautifies, and strengthens the hair, is doubtful; many of those commonly preserves the color, and prevents early used are dangerous. The safest plan baldness. The camphor will form into is as follows: The hairs should be per. lumps after being dissolved, but the severingly plucked up by the roots, water will be sufficiently impregnated. and the skin, having been washed

Hair Oils. --- Rose Oil. --Olive oil, twice a day with warm soft water, one pint; attar of roses, tive to sixteen without soap, should be treated with drops. Essence of bergamot, being the following wash, commonly called much cheaper, is commonly used in- MILK OF ROSES : Beat four ounces of stead of the more expensive attar of sweet almonds in a mortar, and achd roses.

half an ounce of white sugar during Red Rose Oil. — The same. The the process ; reduce the whole to a oil colored before scenting, by steeping paste by pounding; they add, in small in it one dram of alkanet root, with a quantities at a tiine, eight ounces of gentle heat, until the desired tint is pro- rose water. The emulsion thus formed duced.

should be strained through a fine cloth, OIL OF Roses. - Olive oil, two and the residue again pounded, while pints; attar of roses, one dram; oil of the strained fluid should be bottled in rosemary, one dram: mix. It inay be a large stoppered vial. To the pasty colored red by steeping a little alkanet mass in the mortar add half an ounce root in the oil (with heat) before scent- of sugar, and eight ounces of rose ing it.

water, and strain again. POMATUMS. -For making poma- cess must be repeated three times. To tums, the lard, fat, suet, or marrow used the thirty-two ounces of Huid, add must be carefully prepared by being twenty grains of the bichloride of mer melted with as gentle a heat as pos- cury, dissolved in two ounces of alco sible, skimmed, strained, and cleared hol, and shake the mixture for five from the dregs which are deposited on minutes. The fluid should be applied standing

with a towel, immediately after washaCOMMON POMATUM. - Mutton suet, ing, and the skin gently rubbed with a prepared as above, one pound; lard, dry cloth till perfectly dry. Wilson, three pounds; carefully melted together, in his work on Healthy Skin, writes as and stirred constantly as it cools, two follows: "Substances are sold by the ounces of bergamot being added. perfumers called depilatories, which

This pro

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