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which meat in an advanced degree of and gaseous bodies, but especially, decomposition had been kept for some when in contact with atmompheric air, time, was instantly deprived of all oxidizes and destroys many of the smell on an open coffee-roaster being easily alterable oncs, by resolving carried through it, containing a pound them into the simplest combinations of coffee newly roasted. In another they are capable of forming, which are room, exposed to the effluvium occa- chiefly water and carbonic acid. sioned by the clearing out of the ma- It is on this oxidizing property of nure-pit, so that sulphuretted hydrogen charcoal, as well as on it's absorbent and ammonia in great quantities could power, that its efficacy as a deodor. be chemically detected, the Atench was izing and disinfecting agent chicfly completely removed in half a minute, depends. on the employment of three ounces of Enlluvia and miasmata are usually fresh-roasted coffee, while the other regarded as highly organized, nitrogeparts of the house were permanently nous, easily alterable bodies. When cleared of the same smell by being these are absorbed by charcoal, they simply traversed with the coffee- come in contact with highly conroaster, although the cleansing of the densed oxygen gas, which exists pit continued for several hours after. within the pores of all charcoal which The best mode of using the coffee as a has been exposed to the air, even for a disinfectant is to dry the raw bean, few minutes; in this way they are pound it in a mortar, and then roast oxidized and destroyed. the powder on a moderately heated Drinking and Head Protection iron plate, until it ammumes a dark in Warm Weather. Green leaves brown tint, when it is fit for use. Then placed in the hat is very beneficial, but sprinkle it in sinks or ceaspools, or lay still more necessary is it to protect the ii on a plate in the room which you eyes from the rays or reflection of the wish to have purified. Coffee acid or rays of the fun. It is very probable that coffee oil acts more readily in minute the affection of the brain called "sunquantities.

stroke" is caused by the sun reaching Charcoal as a Disinfectant. - The the brain through the eyes rather than great efficacy of wood and animal from the top of the head. charcoal in absorbing effluvia, and the Those who have a strong desire to greater number of games and vapors, drink cold water in great quantities in has long been known.

summer should take the twig of a birch, Charcoal powder has also, during or elm, or other tree having a pleasant many centuries, been advantageously taste, cut it in short pieces, and place employed as a filter for putrid water, one in the mouth, changing it occathe object in view being to deprive sionally; this will to a great extent prethe water of pumerous organic im-vent the desire to drink. Another plan purities diffused through it

, which is to frequently wet the pulso (the exert injurious effects on the animal wrists) with cold water; this will not economy.

only prevent thirst, but will be found It is somewhat remarkable that the very refreshing when wilting in the very obvious application of a perfectly dog-days. wirrilar operation to the still rarer Ground ginger or Cayenne pepper, a fluid in which we live --- namely, the little of it put into ice water, will preair, which not unfrequently contains vent much of its injurious effects. even more noxious organic impurities The Turn of Life. — Between the floating in it than those present in years of forty and sixty, a man who water -- should have for so long a has properly regulated himself may be period been no unaccountably over- considered in the prime of life. 'His looked.

matured strength of constitution renCharcoal not only absorbs effluvia ders him almost impervious to the attacks of disease, and experience has | tilation than in summer, and the nongiven soundness to his judgment. His observance of this fact will readily mind is resoluto, firm, and equal ; account for the awful diseases to wbich all his functions are in the highest frail humanity is subject. order. He assumes mastery over busi- We wonder if many of our readers ness, builds up a competence on the are aware of the poisonous exbalations foundation he has formed in early man- incident to a congregation of their hood, and passes through a period of "fellow citizens," in ball - rooms, life attended by many gratifications. churches, and lecture-halls. If they Having gone a year or two past sixty, have not fully considered the vast imhe arrives at a standstill. But athiwart portance of thorough ventilation, let this is a viaduct, called the “Turn of them take these undeniable facts home Life,” which is a turn either into a pro- to their serious thought. A person longed walk or into the grave.

in health has eighteen breathing per system and powers, having reached minute, and thirty-five hogsheads of their utmost expansion, now begin to

air pass through the lungs in twentyeither close in like flowers at sunset, or four hours. Of this, from three to break down at once. One injudicious five per cent., or about two and a half stimulant, a single excitement, may hogsheads, is exhaled as carbonic acid force it beyond its strength; while a gas; and thus one person would careful supply of props, and the with render two or three hogsheads of air drawal of all that tends to force a plant, unfit for breathing again. Let every will sustain it in beauty and vigor un- person anxious for the preservation til night has entirely net in.

of his health take care that the winTo Keep Cool in Hot Weather. dows of the dormitories are dropped a Keep a clean conscience as well as clean little, even during the winter nights. body and clean clothing, and don't get There is far less danger of taking cold excited. If uncomfortably warm at any than there is of inhaling the noxious time, immerse the hands, or feet, or atmosphere, which was the health, both, in cold water for a short time, or undermines the constitution, and emlet a stream of cold water run upon the bitters life with suffering and disease wrists and ankles. This will cool the that might have been avoided. whole body in a short time.

The Power of Hearty Laughter. VENTILATION. The great im- -The New Haven Palladium is responportance of ventilation in our sitting sible for the following :-" The followand sleeping rooms, in our schools and ing incident comes to us thoroughly public halls, is not sufliciently appre- authenticated, although we are not at ciated. It was well set forth in a lec- liberty to publish any names : A short ture by a Cleveland professor. It is time since, two individuals in this city startling to learn the amount of car- were lying in one room very sick, one bonic acid emitted from the lungs of with brain fever, the other with an one person, or from a single gas-burner aggravated case of mumps. They

enough to poison the whole atmos- were so low that watchers were needed phere of a good-sized room in a very every night, and it was thought doubtbrief period of time. How many per- ful if the one sick of fever recovered. sons think that winter temperature de- A gentleman was engaged to watch mands the exclusion of fresh air to make one night, his duty being to wako their apartments warm and comfortable, the nurse whenever it became neceswhen the fact that in the cold season sary to take the medicine. In the we consume more oxygen, and conse- course of the night both watcher and quently exhale a greater quantity of nurse fell asleep. The man with the the poisonous carbonic acid gas, should mumps lay watching the clock, and lead to a directly opposite course. A saw ihat it was time to give the fever bed-room in winter requires more ven- patient his potion. He was unable to

50 *

speak aloud, or to move any portion idiocy. One of his sisters married a of his body except his arms; but, cousin, and she had an idiot among seizing a pillow, he managed to strike her children. the watcher in the face with it. Thus suddenly awakened, the watcher sprang

Strength of Men. from his seat, falling to the floor and With a drawing-knife a man awakening both the nurse and fever exerts a force of..................100 lbs. patient. The incident struck both the With an auger, both hands......100 “ sick men as very ludierous, and they With a screw-driver, one hand.. 84 " laughed most heartily at it for fifteen With a bench-vice handle...... 72" or twenty minutes. When the doctor With a chisel, vertical pressure 72" came in the morning, he found his With a windlass.........

60 « patients vastly improved--said he had With pincers, compression...... 60" never known so sudden a turn for the With a hand-plane........ better; and they are now both out and With a hand-saw...

36 « well. Who says laughter is not the best With a thumb-vice................

45 " of medicine?'

With a brace-bit, revolving...... 16 “ The Effects of Marriage with Twisting by the thumb and Blood Relations.--The consequences fingers only with a small 14 « of intermarriage have been the subject screw-driver........... of much declamation and but little The strength of 5 men is equivalent sober inquiry. Evils of every kind have to 1 animal horse. been depicted by some and totally de- The strength of 71 men is equivalent nied by others. Those who denounce to 1 machinery horse-power. and those who favor within limits the Cautions for the Prevention of practice of intermarriage are both de- Accidents. — The following regulavoid of any large series of observation, tions should be engraved on the or of any perfectly conclusive chain of

memory of all: argument. But it must be said that As many sudden deaths come by the balance of facts is in favor of the water, particular caution is therefore former.

necessary in its vicinity. Although marriage with a relation Stand not near a tree, or any leaden may not, and often does not, show any spout, iron gate, or palisade, in times evil results, yet it is a question if some of lightning: evil may not arise to their descendants Keep loaded guns in safe places, and after two or three generations. (In never imitate firing a gun in jest. the same way that children are afflicted Never sleep near charcoal; if drowsy with scrofula, whose parents had no at any work where charcoal fires are taint of the disease, but whose ances- used, take the fresh air. tors two or three generations back had Carefully rope trees before they are been troubled with syphilis.) It is cut down, that when they fall they generally admitted that if inter- may do no injury. marriage is frequent among relations When benumbed by cold beware of the offspring of such marriages are sleeping out of doors; rub yourself, less healthy

and robust, more liable to if you have it in your power, with weakness of sight and blindness, and snow, and do not hastily approach the a much larger proportion than the fire. average are idiots. Dr. Liebreich, in Beware of damps. citing a case, says the afflicted person's Air vaults, by letting them remain father had married a cousin of his, by open some time before you enter, or whom he had thirteen children; two scattering powdered lime in them. of these died early, two became blind Where a lighted candle will not burn, owing to pigmentary retinitis, and a animal life cannot exist; it will be fifth was both blind and afflicted with an excellent caution, therefore, before

entering damp and confined places, to bathing in dangerous places, or learntry this simple experiment.

ing to swim, may be thus made: Never leavessukile or draught horses, Take a yard and three-quarters of while in use, by themselves; nor go strong jean, double, and divide it immediately behind a led horse, as he into nine compartments. Let there is xpt to kick

be a space of two inches after each Do not ride on footways.

third compartment. Fill the comBe wary of children, whether they partments with very fine cuttings of are up or in bed; and particularly cork, which may be made by cutting when they are near the fire, an element up old corks, or (still better) purwith which they are very apt to amuse

chased at the corkcutter's. Work eyethemselves.

let holes at the bottom of each cotoLeave nothing poisonous open or partment, to let the water drain out. accessible; and never omit to write Attach a neck-band and waist-strings the word " Poison" in large letters of stout boot-web, and sew them on upon it, wherever it may be placed. strongly.

In walking the streets keep out of ANOTHER. Cut open an old boa, the line of the cellars, and never look or victorine, and line it with fine corkone way and walk another.

cuttings instead of wool. For ladies Never throw pieces of orange-peel, going to see these are excellent, as or broken glass bottles, into the streets. they may be worn in stormy weather,

Never meddle with gunpowder by without giving appearance of alarm candle-light.

in danger. They may be fastened to In trimming a lamp with naphtha, / the body by ribbons or tapes, of the never fill it. Lenve space for the spirit color of the fur. Gentlemen's waistto expand with warmth.

coats may be lined the same way. Never quit a room leaving the poker Charcoal Fumes. --- The usual remin the fire.

edies for persons overcome with the When the braise rod of the stair- fumes of charcoal in a close apartcarpet becomes loose, fasten it iinme- ment are, to throw cold water on the diately.

head, and to bleed immediately; also In opening effervescing drinks, such apply mustard or hartshorn to the as soda water, hold the cork in your soles of the feet. hand.

Cautions in Visiting the Sick. Quit your house with care on a Do not visit the sick when you are fafrosty morning.

tigued, or when in a state of perspiraHave your horses shoes roughed tion, or with the stomach empty -- for directly there are indications of frost. in such conditions you are liable to

Keep lucifer matches in their cases, take the infection. When the disease and never let them be strewed about. is very contagious, place yourself at

Accidents in Carriages. It is the side of the patient which is nearest safer, as a general rule, to keep your to the window. Do not enter the room place than to jump out. (tetting out the first thing in the morning, before over the back, provided you can hold it has been aired; and when you come on a little while, and run, is safer than away, take some food, change your springing from the side. But it is best clothing immediately, and expose the to keep your place, and hold fast. In ac- latter to the air for some days. Tocidents people act not so much from bacco smoke is a preventive of malaria. reason as from excitement: but good Children and Cutlery.-- Serious rules, firmly impressed upon the mind, accidents having occurred to babies generally rise uppermost, even in the through their catching hold of the midst of fear.

blades of sharp instruments, the forLife Belts.-An excellent and cheap lowing hint will be useful :-If a child life belt, for persons proceeding to sea, lay hold of a knife or razor, do not try to pull it away, or to force open the and throw it on the part which is in hard; but, holding the child's hand flames. thut is empty, offer to its other hand SHOULD A FIRE BREAK OUT IN THE anything nice or pretty, and it will | KITCHEN CHIMNEY, or any other, a immediately open the hand, and let | wetted blanket should be nailed to the the dangerous instrument fall.

upper ends of the mantlepiece, so as to Directing Letters. - It may sound cover the opening entirely; the fire will like being over particular, but we re- then go out of itself: for this purpose two commend persons to make a practice knobs should be permanently fixed in of fully addressing notes, etc., on all the upper ends of the mantlepiece, on occasions; when, in case of their being which the blanket may he hitched. dropped by careless messengers (which SHOULD the bed or window curtains is not a rare occurrence), it is evident be on fire, lay hold of any woollen garfor whom they are intended, without ment, and beat it on the flames until undergoing the inspection of any other extinguished. parties bearing a similar name.

AVOID LEAVING THE WINDOW OR Prevention of Fires. — The follow- DOOR OPEN in the room where the fire ing simple suggestions are worthy of has broken out, as the current of air observation : Add one ounce of alum increases the force of the fire. to the last water used to rinse chil- SHOULD THE STAIRCASE BE BURNdren's dresses, and they will be ren- ING, so as to cut off all communication, dered uninflammable, or so slightly endeavor to escape by means of a trapcombustible that they would take fire door in the roof, a ladder leading to very slowly, if at all, and would not which should always be at hand. flame. This is a simple precaution,

Avoid HURRY AND CONFUSION; no which may be adopted in families of person except a fireman, friend, or children. Bed curtains, and linen in neighbor should be admitted. general, may also be treated in the IT A LADY'S DRESS TAKES FIRE, she same way. Since the occurrence of should endeavor to roll herself in a rug, many lamentable deaths by fire, arising carpet, or the first woollen garment she partly from the fashion of wearing meets with. crinoline, the tungstate of soda has IT IS A Good PRECAUTION to have been recommended for the purpose of always at hand a large piece of baize, to rendering any article of female dress throw over a female whose dress is incombustible. A patent starch is also burning, or to be wetted and thrown sold, with which the tungstate of soda over a fire that has recently broken out. is incorporated. The starch should be A SOLUTION OF PEARLASH IN used whenever it can be procured; and WATER, thrown upon a fire, extinany chemist will intimate to the pur- guishes it instantly. The proportion chaser the manner in which the tung- is a quarter of a pound, dissolved in state of soda should be employed. some hot water, and then poured into

Precautions in Case of Fire.--The a bucket of common water. following precautions should be im- IT IS RECOMMENDED TO HOUSEpressed upon the memory of all our HOLDERS to have two or three firereaders :

buckets and a carriage-mop with a long SHOULD a fire break out, send off to handle near at hand; they will be the nearest engine or police station. found essentially useful in case of fire.

FILL BUCKETS WITH WATER, carry ALL HOUSEHOLDERS, but particuthom as near the fire as possible, dip a larly hotel, tavern, and inn-keepers, mop into the water, and throw it'in should exercise a wise precaution by showers on the fire, until assistance directing that the last person up should arrives.

perambulate the premises previous to IF A FIRE IS VIOLENT, wet a blanket, going to rest, to ascertain that all fires

are safe and lights extinguished.

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