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Liquid Blacking. -- 1. Ivory black | situation (if you have no rubber hose and molasses, of each, one pound; to conduct the water the barrels should sweet oil and oil of vitriol, of each, a be placed near the pump or the quarter of a pound. Put the first three hydrant), put about six inches of water together until the oil is perfectly mixed in each barrel, this will soon be frozen or " killed ;" then add the oil of vitriol, solid, when four or six inches more diluted with three times its weight of water may be added occasionally until water, and after standing three hours the barrel is full. A few days of cold add one quart of water or sour beer. weather will give you all the ice you 2. In larger quantity it may be made need for family use, the only limit as follows: Ivory black, three hundred- being the number of barrels. It is not weight; molasses, two hundredweight; necessary that these barrels be water linseed oil, three gallons; oil of vitriol, tight, for the water freezing in the twenty pounds; water, eighty gallons. joints will soon effect this. When the Mix as above directed.

barrel is frozen full of ice it may be Driving Nails. — Within a year we rolled into the ice-house or place where have seen it stated, as a new truth, you intend to keep it. Eight barrels that if a nail were wetted in the mouth, filled in this way will give a family ten and if, in addition, the narrow edge pounds of ice each day for four months. was placed with the grain of the wood, MEM. The barrels being round, it it would seldom split the board into is easy to remove the ice to its storage which it was driven.

place, and then, it preferred, the hoops of A Cheap Ice-House. – An inex- | the barrels may be broken and the barrels pensive ice-house may be easily made: | taken ott; but this is not necessary:

We any farmer can construct his own prefer to pack it away in the barrel, without any difficulty. Lay some rails being careful to fill all the spaces between or poles on a piece of ground, suf- the barrels with shaving8, sawdust etc., and ficiently inclined to carry off water, remove a barrel and out it into pieces as fill the crevices with sawdust, and we want to use the ice. cover with old boards or slabs. Get Strength of Ice. - As people are from the saw-mill a few loads of slabs; a little timid about travelling on the take four about twelve feet long, notch ice at times, we give the capacity of the corners as for a log-house, set them the ice as furnished by the U.S. Ordon the platform, and you have a crib nance Department, which is correct. about ten and a half feet square by the Ice two inches thick will bear inwidth of the slab deep; fill this crib fantry; four inches, cavalry with light with sawdust and pack it down hard. guns; six inches, heavy field guns; Cut your ice so that it will pack close, and eight inches, the heaviest siege lay it on the sawdust, put on another guns with one thousand pounds weight crib of slabs, and fill up and pack hard to a square inch. with sawdust all around, and so go on CEMENTS. — The term cement inuntil you get up six or eight feet; then cludes all those substances employed put a foot and a halfof sawdust on top. for the purpose of causing the adheOver this put a shed roof of slabs sion of two or more bodies, whether one end of the slabs nearly to the ice, originally separate, or divided by an raising the other three feet. Ice will accidental fracture. A cement that keep in such a house as well as in a answers admirably under one set of more elaborate structure.

circumstances may be perfectly useless Home-made Ice. - In some places in others. A vast number of cements remote from fresh water, or ponds, it are known and used in the various is difficult to procure ice; a cheap and arts, but they may all be referred to a convenient way is as follows: Procure few classes ; and our object in this a number of barrels-old four barrels paper will be to describe the manufacanswer well-place them in an exposed ture and use of the best of each class.


It is an important rule, that the less sive sublimate, previously rubbed to cement in a joint the stronger it is, powder in a mortur, the whole to be Domestio manipulators usually reverse well mixed; this, if prevented from this, by letting as much cement as pos drying, by being kept in a covered sible remain in the joint, which is, pot, remains good any length of time, therefore, necessarily a weak one, А and is therefore conveniunt; but un. thick, nearly solid cement, which can fortunately it is extremely poisonous, not be presned out of the joint, is al- though its excessively nuuscous taste ways interior to a thinner one, of would prevent its being swallowed acwhich merely a connecting film re- cidentally; it possesses the great admains between the united surfaces. vantage of not being liable to the at

Mouth Glue, -- A very useful prepa- tacks of insects, ration is sold by many stationers under TO MAKE L'ANTE THAT WILL KEEP this title; it is merely a thin cake of FOR A YWAR. - Dinaolve slowly in soluble glue, which, when moistened water two square inches of glue and with the tongue, furnishes a ready an equal quantity of ulum. Mix and means of uniting papers, etc. It is boil with four as usual, and when made by dissolving one pound of mine Beurly cold stir in two teaspoonfils of glue o gelatine in water, and, adding oil ot' cloves or lavender, the whole to half

a pound of brown sugar, boiling make a pint of paste, Keep in a wellthe whole until it is sufficiently thick covered vessel, to become solid on cooling; it is then Liquid Glue.- Meveral preparations poured into moulds, or a slab were inuch in vogue a few years since slightly greased, and cut into the re- under this title. The liquid glue of quired shape when cool,

the shop is made by dissolving shellac PASTE is ally made by rubbing in water, by boiling it along with borax, up tour with cold water, and boiling which possenses the peculiar property it a little alum is mixed before boil. of causing the solution of the resinous ing it is much improved, being less lae. This preparation is convenient clammy, working more freely in the trom its cheapness and freedom from brush, and thinner, a lens quantity is smell; but it gives way it exposed to required, and it is therefore stronger. long-continued damp, which that made It required in large quantity, as for with naphtha resists. Or the use of papering rooms, it may be made by common glue very little need be suid mixing one quartern of flour, one quar it should always be prepared in a glueter of a pound of alum, and a little pot or double pendel, to prevent ita warin water; when mixed, the requi. being burned, which injures it very site quantity of boiling water should materially; the objection to the use be poured on while the mixture is of this contrivance" in, that it renders being stirred. l'ante is only adapted it impossible to heat the glue in the to cementing paper; when used it inner vessel to the boiling point; this whould be spread on one side of the inconvenience can be obvinted by em. paper, which should then be folded ploying in the outer vennel some liquid with the pasted side inwards, and al- which boils at a higher temperature lowed to remain a few minutes before than pure water, such as a naturated being opened and used; this swells solution of salt (made by adding onethe paper, and permits its being more third as much salt as water). This smoothly and securely attached. Kept boils at 224" Fahr., 120 above the heat for a few days, paste becomes mouldy,and of boiling water, and enables the glue after a short time putrid; this inconve- in the inner vessel to be hented to a nience may be obviated by the use of much higher temperature than when

PERMANENT PANTA Made by add- pure water is employed. It'a unturated ing to ench bull pint of tour paste solution of nitre is used, the temper without alum, fifteen grains of corro- ture rises still higher,

Diamond Cement. - Soak isinglass / Lime and Egg Cement is frequently in water till it is soft; then dissolve it made by moistening the edges to bo in the smallest possible quantity of united with white of egg, dusting on proof-spirit, by the aid of a gentle some lime from a piece of muslin, and heat; in two ounces of this mixture bringing the edges into contact. A dissolve ten grains of ammoniacum, much better mode is to slack some and while still liquid, add half a dram freshly-burned lime with a small quanof mastic, dissolved in three drams of tity of boiling water; this occasions it rectified spirit; stir well together, and to fall into a very tine dry powder, if put into small bottles for sale.-- Direc- excess of water has not been added. tions for Use. ---Liquefy the cement by The white of egg used should be inplunging the bottle in hot water, and timately and thoroughly mixed, by use it directly. The cement improves beating with an equal bulk of water, the oftener the bottle is thus warmed; and the slacked lime added to the it resists the action of water and mois mixture, so as to form a thin paste, ture perfectly.

which should be used speedily, as it Rice Flour Cement.--An excellent soon sets. This is a valuable cement, cement may be made from rice flour, possessed of great strength, and capawhich is at present used for that pur- ble of withstanding boiling water. pose in China and Japan. It is only Cements made with lime and blood, necessary to mix the rice flour inti- scraped cheese, or curd, may be romately with cold water, and gently garded as inferior varieties of it. simmer it over a fire, when it readily Cracked vessels of earthenware and forms a delicate and durable cement, glass may often be usefully, though not only answering all the purposes of not ornamentally, repaired by white common paste, but adınirably adapted | lend spread on strips of calico, and sefor joining together paper, cards, etc., cured with bands of twine. But, in in forming the various beautiful and point of strength, all ordinary cements tasteful ornaments which afford much yield the palm to Jeffery's Patent Maemployment and amusement to the rine Glue. It is not attócted by water. ladies. When made of the consistence it is made as follows: - Take one of plaster-clay, models, busts, bas-re- pound of India-rubber, cut it into lievos, etc., may be formed of it; and small pieces, and dissolve it in about the articles, when dry, are susceptible four gallons of coal-tar naphtha, the of high polish, and very durable. mixture being well stirred for some

The White of an Egg, well beaten time, till perfect solution has taken with quicklime, and a small quantity place. After ten or twelve days, when of very old cheese, forms an excellent the liquid has acquired the consistence substitute for cement, when wanted in of cream, two parts, by weight, of a hurry, either for broken china or old shellac are added to one of the liquid. ornamental glassware.

This mixture is put into an iron vesCement for Broken China, Glass, sel having a discharge. pipe at the etc. — The following recipe, from ex- bottom, and heat applied, the whole perience, we know to be a good one; being kept well stirred. The liquid and being nearly colorless, it possesses which flows out of the pipe is spread advantages which liquid glue and other upon slabs, and preserved in the form cements do not: -Dissolve half an of plates. When required for use it is ounce of gum acacia in a wineglass of heated in an iron pot to about 218° boiling water; add plaster of Paris Fahr., and applied hot with a brush. suflicient to form a thick paste, and The Red Cement, which is emapply it with a brush to the parts re- ployed by instrument-makers for cequired to be cemented together. Several menting glass to metals, and which is articles upon our toilet table have been very cheap, and exceedingly useful for repaired most effectually by this recipe. | a variety of purposes, is made by melt


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ing five parle of week tosin, one part Coment for Leather and cloth of yellow wall, and then stirring in All give material fur wiling the gradually one part of tell white or parte of bute and see, 911 fut the

sogins of article of clothing, my love viously well trivit This ement re- made thus, Take one pui of gutter guires the tellet lefore yee, and percha, fuur omness of Twig-rubber, it where heller if the objects to wo einen of pitch, une ounce of shel which it is applied are warmel. A Tam, two out of oil, the ingredie soft sement, Of #summewhat similar ents are to be metal together, #001 elgrantet, my he found you for envering the fatke of preserved fruit, BDLIME - Iske any quentily and other butlles, and it is made ly of linseed wil, say hell a pint put it muelling yellow wall with an ophal into an old put it any weecal that will quantily of resill, en of eenmaan lur-stand the fire without breaking: 'Ilig pentine (not wil of turpentine, but the v posel must went bemute than one teilt), using the latter for a very soft third full, that it on a slim fire, stiril sement, ami atitring in, na hefure, summo driel Venetian reiti Hearing in mini 49 torni, this will loo kuwa hry out introductory remarks, it will be avuling the stiek in water, and trying soon that to white broken sultaneo it with the fingere, it is likt ti maka will q tiek penent is liegel van it rather handler than fur yee; Then Ingers, the opet bring to bring the peut it into cold water. It en ligne surface asclusely together as posible: brought back to the sensitomy te As an illustration of # right and quired with a little Archangel tat: wrong way of woming, we will sup: MUULLAGE - Take warter pose u plaster of Paris figure broken and of gamerele, put into stile The wrong way to mentit is hy a think with half a pint of walat, stir it *# paste of plaster, which makes, hot asionally; hext day it will be fit furt joint, but a buitel: 'The right way to use. This is the mucilage antidin lumea, iuen it is by means of sume well-mate MUDAM por LAPELA. Mauale carpenter's glue, which, being alisurlul five parts of gered glue in eighteenth in the parents plaster, leave merely a twenty parts of water for a day, 9w1 ## film envering the two surfaces and if the liquid well mine parts of took my well done, the ligure is stronger there and three parts of gum arghie: 'The than pleewhere,

miature can be brushed upin patient Magtie Coment,

while lukewarm ; it keep well, 1. played for making a superior dating net stick together, and when weten! tu inside walls, Inat met uit be un where firmly to battlea; founded with the rpoin muelia: 16 is labels of sua tot peltot water twitter, inale lry mixing twent parts of well. It is well to prepare a taste of em washed and sillall shiny and with tye flere and glup, to which lingeoil dril, two parts of litlar and one of varmisht, am turpentine have livet freshly-harnel and stsekuid quicklime, added in the proportion of holl en in fine dry powiter: This is in de into ounce of such to the prend labele #puny, luy tieing with disper oil prepared in the latter way do tust fall It sols in # Pis to bere, having the apoft in dompellare, pearamouf light stemme, and we mention To Mako Paper Stiek to White it, as it may be frequently employal washed Wallo," Maka siring of with silvanie in 'topairing bruken met geloo am waitt, of the enti stone worked as stopie), by Alling up the silenty of lineam wil, om apply with mniaing parts: "The simplaymorit of brush to the wall, living areful ) Itemmen dement, plaator, ele for man yn over every part, the hip and burst: sury work, harily one within the wom whole have paniglitantisti, limits of domestie manipulatinti Apply the paper in the usual way.

To Softon Putty, and Remove almost as simple as telling the time of Paint.--To destroy paint on old doors, day by a clock, and may be acquired etc., and to soften putty in window by any person of common intelligence frames, so that the glass may be taken in ten minutes. Below we give a brief out without breaking and cutting, take explanation, ono pound of American pearlash, three At the top of the meter is placed a pounds of quick-stone lime, slack the small tin cuno, three or four inches limo in water, add the pearlash, and long, which opens by means of a little make the whole about the consistence door in front, and discloses a plate of paint. Apply it to both sides of with three small dials, about an inch the glass, and let it remain for twelve in diameter, which are furnished with hours, when the putty will be softened one pointer apioco, moved by coge so that the glass may be taken out of wheels and pinions on the inside, the frame without being out, and with which, in turn, are made to revolve by the greatest facility. To destroy paint, a largo whool propelled by the passago lay the above over the whole body of the gas. The circle on the dial is with an old brush (as it will spoil a divided into ten spaces, numbered new one); let it remain for twelve or around the edges with figures like the fourteen hours, when the paint can be dial of a clock. The dial on the easily scraped off

extreme right indicates, by means of To Remove old Putty:-Dip. A ith pointer, the burning of 100 foot of small brush in nitric or muriatic acid, gas; the dial in the middle indicatos and with it anoint or print over the the burning of 1000 feet; and the dial dry putty that adheres to the broken on the left the burning of 10,000 foot. glass and frames of your windows; For instance, the three pointers all after an hour's interval, the putty will stand at cipher. The pointer on the have become so soft as to be onsily re- right hand dial having moved from movable.

cipher to tigure one, indicates that 100 Remedy for Smoky Chimneys.-- Peot of gas have been consumed. If it If a chimney is built near a wall, or move to the two, 200 feet, and so on, any other obstruction to the passage of until the pointer has gone around the wind when it is blowing from the the circle, and again reached the side on which the chimney is orectal, cipher, when 1000 foet have been conthe compression of the air in the via sumed. cinity of the wall is such that it will When this point has been reached, seek' every crevice, stovo-pipe and the eye will be directed to the next chimney through which to escape, dial, when it will be found that the thus producing a draft the wrong way: pointer has moved to the figure ono, To prevent this, raise the top of the indicating that 1000 foot have been chimney above surrounding objects ;

consumed. The pointer on the first this is generally effectual.

dial continues on, and still marking How to Read a Gas Moter. -- Thọ the amount pausing. Suppose that at veracity of gas companies is often the end of the first month the pointer called in question by consumers of that on the first dial stands at eight, that article, though with how much justico on the second between one and two,

it is not, of course, for us to decide. is easy to understand that 1800 feet The employés of the company main- have been consumed. When the tain that they deal honestly by their pointer on the second dial reaches customers, and the lattor, knowing two, that on the first is again at that they are in the power of the ciphor, indicating that 2000 feet have company, often pay thoir bills feeling been consumed. Thus it goes on until dissatisfaction. The matter of disent the pointer on the second dial has isfaction might be easily romodiod. made the circuit, which indicates that The process of reading a motor is 10,000 feet have boon oonsumed, when

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