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the pointer on the third dial will stand, and in caused by the cock being turned at one. Thin, in turn, with an entire partially round again so un to open the revolution, indientes that 100,000 feet vent. Imperfect stop-cocks are for have been consumed. Taking the thin reason, dangerous, and should be three dinte in connection, the exact at once removed. amount of cubio foet may thun be us- The next thing to do in order to certained, commencing anew every detect a leak in to try the joints of the time 100,000 toet huve run through the gam-littings. The sense of smell will meter and been consumed.

Frequently be mutlicient by bringing Now, to ascertain the exact amount the face near the mu preoted joint; u of gas which will be consumed during lighted taper or match held near the the coming month, inspect the dials of joint in a more certain plan. If you the meter on the first of the month. in escaping, it will take tire at the leak, The pointer on the left hand dial per. or it too little to burn steadily, it will hapa mtands between the figures 6 and momentarily cuteh and extinguish in 7, indicating 60,000 feet. The pointer little pulli. on the middle dial stands between 6 Hometimes the gan escapes from the und 6, indicating 0000 feet, and the joints or importoct piping between the pointer on the right-hand wal stands oeiling and Hoor, or bohind the walls between 7 and 8, indicating 700 feet. or casings. You thus have a total of 10,700 feet If benonth the floor, the sense of of gas previously consumed. Het the smell will generally detect the section figurow down, and at the end of the of the floor under which the leak is, month again inspect the dial. The as it encapou owing to its levity upright-hand dial Hande, perhaps, nearly wards through the crevices of the

before, and still lodionten 60,000 floor, and penetrates the carpet, if feet. The middle one has moved on, there be one. If bracket or wide burnand stands between 17 und 8, indicating or aro unod, and the escaping gas in 7000. The right-hand one has made a behind the walls or ouning, the ore number of revolutions, and stands be icon in the cusinge, or the opening tween 1 and 2, indicating 100 foot. We where the pipe enters the room, will then have a total of 07,100 toet. Hublot the crouping gan enter the room tract from this the number net down suficiently at thone points to indicate at the beginning of the month, and somewhat nourly the location of the you have 1400 foot of gas consumed. lenk. Multiply thin by the price per oubio In nuoh OneCN, the proper way is foot, and you have your pas bill for the never to apply a light to the crevioen month. It housekeepers would take or casings, but to turn off the gas at the trouble to do this thomselves, they the meter and send for « granlitter, would satinly themselves, and be sure otherwise an explosion may ocour, to guard against mintak on.

involving serious consequences. In How to Deteot Escaping Gas. -- ordinary leaks of gam-lixtures and If your gum bills neem too high, or you pipes, whether at the joints or at the have the evidence of owonping gas by utiachment of the burner, the fitting Honge of smell, but not positively so, or burner should be unscrewed, and take a rending of the moter when no white lead or common bur Noap rubbed burners are in time, and aftor an hour in the threads, and then screwed home or no repeat the reading, and if yun is again. This can often be done with oscnping it will be whown. To detect out any nid from a guslitter. the locality of the leuk is often a more How to Detoot Counterfeit Notes ditticult matter. The first thing in to Dexamine the vignette and pictures Hee that no burners have beon left on the noto; see if the incon look natu turned on by nocident, which is often ral. The oyes should be no perfect that the onse whore the cock hu no stop, the white is clear and the pupil dig

tinct. The clothing should fit well, following, which he says he has pracand show the folds clearly, and should ticed for forty years : Place the hand, have an easy, graceful appearance. The with the fingers closely pressed one aby should be clear, or soft and even against the other, close to a lighted This would indicate a genuine pote. lamp, or candle; if alive, the tissues But if, instead of the above, the fea- will be observed to be of a transparent, tures are indistinct, the eyes dull, the or a rosy hue, and the capillary circuclothing stiff and ill-fitting, a coun- lation of life in full play; if, on the terfeit may be presumed.

contrary, the hand of a dead person All circular ornaments, or rulings be placed in the same relation to light, around or on which figures are printer, none of the phenomena are obrerved should be uniform and regular; the – we see but a hand as of marble, shading or parallel ruling and the fine without circulation, without life. lines and curves in genuine notes are To Light a Dark Room, in which perfect, but in counterfeit poter there the darkness is caused by its being is an absence of uniformity and finish. situated on a narrow street or lane.

The letters and figures should be if the glass of a window in such a uniform and regular, the lines and room is placed several inches within curve of which they are composed the outer face of the wall, as is the without breaks, and parallel with each general custom in building houses, it other. All small figures and letters on will admit very little light—that which a genuine note are always well exe- it gets being only the reflection from euted, but in counterfeits not so. the walls of the opposite house. If,

The signatures should be well ex- however, for the window be cubstituted amined-the genuine has a free, smooth another in which all the panes of glass stroke. Counterfeit- uwually have a are roughly ground on the outside, and cramped appearance; and even when flush with the outer wall, the light they are lithographed, they have to be from the whole of the visible sky and traced over with ink; this gives a from the remotest parts of the opposite ragyad edge to the lines and an irregu- wall will be introduced into the apartlar stroke.

ment, reflected from the innumerable fogometimes a note is altered by rais, faces or facets which the rough grinding the amount; this is done by cutting ing of the glass has produced. The out the genuine figures, and inserting whole window will appear as if the sky or painting in figures of a larger de- were beyond it, and from every point Domination. In such case, the dif- of thix luminous surface light will ra. ierence in the paper and the color of diate into all parts of the room. the ink may be seen; but the best and To Solder Lead Pipe. It some kurest way to detect these altered notes timer happens that lead pipes are acciis to hold the note up to the light; the dentally cut in excavations and other parts pasted in can be seen.

places, and the water cannot be conAs counterfeit money is generally veniently shut off to repair it. First taken in a hurry, and during a press stop the leak by a bandage around the of business, or through carelomness, pipe, or cut it in two, and drive a plug all hurry and confusion when taking into each end of the pipe, then place a mmey should be avoided, for with or few quarts of powdered' ice and salt dinary care counterfeits may be de- around each end of the pipe. In a rextend

few minutes the water in the pipes Simple Method of Ascertaining will be frozen. Then remove the Death. -- Dr. Carrière, of St. Jean du plugs, and solder the joint as quickly Gard, in reply to the offer of the Mar- as you can; the ice will soon thaw out quia d'Orches, of a premium of twenty of the pipe, and the water flow through thousand franes for a practical method it as usual. of determining death, furnished the Pipe Joints to Water - Closets, Washbools, Ninks, rto. - The old plan of hand alone. A hole bored may he cementing the lead pipes to closet easily enlarged by # round file. The Dans, etc., is very objectionable. Take tagged celges of glass versele may also about four inches of rubber tubing, in-be smoothed thus with a flat file. Flat sert the lead pipe in one end, and window glass may be easily ruwed draw the other end over the arm or with a watoh-spring saw, by aid of neck of the pan, and bind each end | this solution. In short, the most britwith a few turns of copper wire. In tle glass can be wrought almost as this way u cheap, durable, and water- easily as brass by the use of cutting tiglit joint is obtained.

tools kept constantly moist with the Marking Cutlery - Take a quarter camphorizecl oil of turpentine, Oude each of alumn, blue stone (sula To Cut (lass to any shape, with phate of copper), and common salt, out diamond, hold it quite level pound all together and dissolve in a under water, and with #pair of strong, quarter pint of vinegar. Cover that scissors clip it away by small bits from portion of the article to be marked the eilges, with wax, then draw the letters with a Ventilating Waterproof Cloth. large neulle through the wax down to India-rubber and oil-cloth capes and the surface of the metal; now into coats, although perfectly waterproof, the lines pour some of the above mix- are unfit for wearing during warm ture, and allow it to remain half an rainy weather, because they retain the hour, then clean all oft, and the metal perspiration and prevent the necessary will be found permanently etched as ventilation required for the body. The marked with the needle.

best light capes for soldiers and trave To soften Hard Water. - Professor ellers when marching during wat Olarke of Scotland has obtained a weather, are made of what is called patent for softening water obtained "Tweed cloth," prepared as follows: from chalk or lime formations, by Take two pounds and four ounces of means of quicklime itself, which pre alum, and dissolve it in ten gallons of cipitates the soluble carbonate boy water; in like manner dissolve the converting it into an insoluble-into same quantity of sugar of lead in a whiting, in fact and so deprives the similar quantity of water, and mix water of its hardness,

the two together. The cloth is imTo Cut Iron or Brass, Take the meded for one hour in the solutioni, steel spring from an old corset and and stirred occasionally, when it is hack it on the edge with an old chisel taken out, dried in the shale, washed 111 knife, making the teeth as near in clean water, and dried again. This targether as possible, and uniform in preparation enables the cloth to repel size. This is easily done by placing water like the feathers of m dack's the chisel on the edge of the spring back, and yet allows the perspiration and striking it lightly with a ham to pass somewhat freely through it, mer; then place the chisel as near the which is not the case with gutta percha (ut omale as the riilge forined by or Indis-rubber cloth. the chisel will allow, again strike with The sulphate of lead is formed in the hammer, and continue the opera- this manner, and enters into the poter tion until you have three or four of the clothí It is an insoluble salt; inches in length. With the saw so hence, the reason why it took the made and a little kerosene (oil) a bar cloth waterproof, while, at the same of iron can soon be out in two

time, there is sufficient toom in the How to Bore Holes in Glass. interstices to allow the perspiration Any hard steel tool will out glass with and heat from the body to escape, great facility when wet freely with Tweed cloth is light, and not expen. camphor, dissolved in turpentine. A sive, it is also soft and pliable, and drill bore may be used, or even the capable of being rolled up into small bulk without permanent wrinkles tender ? — Because in young animals being formed in it. We have fre- fat is dispersed through the muscles, quently prepared cloth in this man- but in old animals it is laid in masses ner, and have found it to answer an on the outside of the flesh, excellent purpose in rainy weather ; Why is some flesh white and other while at the same time, in color and flesh red ? - White flesh contains a appearance, it does not differ from un- larger proportion of albumen (similar prepared cloth.

to the white of egg) than that which À Grindstone should not be ex- is red. The amount of blood retained posed to the weather, as it not only in- in the flesh also influences its color. jures the woodwork, but the sun's rays Why are raw oysters more wholesome harden the stone so much as, in time, than those that are cooked ! — When to render it useless. Neither should cooked they are partly deprived of it stand in the water in which it runs, salt water, which promotes their digesas the part remaining in water softens tion; their albumen becomes hard so much that it wears unequally, and (like hard-boiled eggs). this is a very common cause of grind- Why have some oysters a green tinge ! stones becoming "out of true." The -This has been erroneously attributed grindstone is a self-sharpening tool, to the effects of copper; but it arises and after having been turned for some from the oyster feeding upon small time in one direction (if a hard stone) green sen-weeds, which grow where the motion should be reversed. Sand such oysters are found. of the right grit applied occasionally Why is cabbage rendered more wholeto a hard stone will render it quite some by being boiled in two waters? effectual.

Because cabbages contain an oil, which Permanent Ink for Writing in | is apt to produce bad effects, and Relief on Zinc. -- Bichloride of pla- prevents some persons from eating tinum, dry, one part; gum arabic, one "green" vegetables. When boiled in part; distilled water, ten parts. The two waters, the first boiling carries off letters traced upon zinc with this solu- the greater part of this oil. tion turn black immediately. The Why should horseradish be scraped black characters resist the action of for the table only just before it is reweak acids, of rain, or of the elements quired ? - Because the peculiar oil of in general, and the liquid is thus horseradish is very volatile; it quickly adapted for marking signs, labels, or evaporates, and leaves the vegetable tags which are liable to exposure. To substance dry and insipid. bring out the letters in relief, immerse Why is mint eaten with pea soup -the zinc tag in a weak acid for a few The properties of mint are stomachic moments. The writing is not attacked, and antispasmodic. It is therefore while the metal is dissolved away. useful to prevent the flatulencies that

Cure for Cold in the Head. - In-might arise, especially from soups made hale hartshorn through the nostrils of green or dried peas. six or eight times a minute until re- Why is apple sauce eaten with pork lief is obtained. Then after an hour and goose ? — Because it is slightly or so repeat again. This remedy is laxative, and therefore tends to counused in France with good results, teract the effects of rich and stimu

Domestic Hints. - Why is the flesh | lating meats. The acid of the apples of sheep that are fed near the sea more also neutralizes the oily nature of the nutritious than that of others ?-Because fat, and prevents biliousness. the saline particles (sea salt) which Why does milk turn sour during they find with their green food gives thunder - storms ? Because, in purity to their blood and flesh. electric condition of the atmosphere,

Why does the marbled appearance of ozone is generated. Ozone is oxygen fat in meat indicate that it is young and in a state of great intensity; and oxy


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gou is a weneral aoiditter of many the bitter extraed supplied by the organio subalanes, poiling mille pro: tannie avid of tea. venis is becoming sour, Levaung it Why does a head-lireas of sky-blue ompels the oxygen,

boom # tuir persun --- llevaune ligne Why does the phurning of arvum or blue is the complementary color of

plecause the pale orange, which is the foundation action of Aliring, together with a of the blonde complexion and hair, moderate degree of warmth, causes the Why are yellow, orange, or red solara polls in which the butter is continoul to suitable to a person of Hard hair and but the disengaged that collects in complexion Hovause those colors, by tahes, and ultimately coheres in large contrast with the darle skin and hair, magna,

show to the greater advantage thems What is the hue moulil which appears solves, while they enrich the hue of sometimes won channel! -- It is a species black, of fungus, or minute voyotable, which Why is a delimute green furorable to may be liatinotly apen when examined pale blonde compteriona = Hause it by # magnitying glass,

imparte a fasineas to such complexions Why are some of the Himax of birds Foll, ita complementary wolor, being more fonder than others The lendler rellevied upon green, Hot or toughness of teel is deter: Why Is Myht green unfavorable to imined by the amount of exercise the rully complodono - llenause it in: muaclea have undergone, Ilonoe the reason the rodneas, and has the pileer wing of a bind that Chietly walls, and of producing an overheat appears the log of' a bird that obietly thipa, are Ane, the most tender,

Why do wolet an unfavorable outor for Why does 14 frequently pure hond puery kind of complexion Hovawas acher - llevausd, lay ile stimulant mos Follecting yollow, they augment that tion on the general ciroulation, in wint when it is present in the skin or which the brain participates, the hair, change blue into groell, and give nervous congpations are overcome, to all olive complexion # jaundiwed

Why are clothes of smooth and shining look, surfum beat alapter for hot weather Why blue suitable to brunettes Ilonause they rollovt or turu back loonuse it rollerte orange, and mulda to the rays of the sun, which are thus tho clarkness of the complexion, preventeu nom penetrating them, Why do blue wild porno the cuma

Hecause they diminiali the tight articles of dream llevarlso the foot of the sporening rays of light, loose loon ondloses # stratum of warm iust as the blue wings over photo air, which the right dress shuts outi rankio studios diminialis the one for the same reason, woollon article, of portalu rays that would injure the though not warmer in themselves, delicato processes of photograply, appear so, by keeping warm air mear A New Cure for Pever and Ague to the body,

Just as the chill is coming ou, lai I'My show the water poured upon ton at the top of a long light of stairs and be at the boiling points -- llevause it praw down on your hands and feel, veluines the temperature of boiling heal foremost, You never din handler water to patract the populiar oil of work in your life, and when you arrive ten

at the bottom, instead of sluding, you Why does the first infusion of tipa will find yourself putting, rol in the paraes More arome thus the aprender tee, and perspiring holy, from the Hepause the first infusion, if the water strongest prortions made in the effe Hoed in all the boiling temperature, to support yourself. It will affeta eure, takes up the assential oil of the fa, beyond a doubt, but whether from this while the sound water receives only vanisp or drom that, we will never tell

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